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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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explosive applause greets the palestinian bid for statehood and the u.n. but the celebrations on the west bank are marred by clashes at the israeli border all boosting hopes stalled peace talks will resume. education stagnation shock new figures reveal one of five british youngsters leave school without basic literacy and a struggling to find jobs as a result also. russia's ruling party holds its annual convention as speculation mounts whether these could be the place time the time to announce who will stand for the presidency in twenty two balls. and market meltdown it's the
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worst trading week in europe and the u.s. since the crisis of two thousand and eight as fears of a double dip recession grow despite the efforts of the i.m.f. and world bank. watching r.t. coming to live from moscow i'm marina josh welcome to the program and an era dogs in a palestinian quest for statehood after its president submitted a formal request for recognition to the united nations and impassioned speech by mahmoud abbas was greeted with rockets applause by representatives of the international community while the israeli delegation chose to walk out in protest art is very important i was watching it for us in new york. the palestinians have a lease submitted their application for u.n. membership and statehood that application is going to be discussed by the security council on monday when the palestinian president mahmoud abbas walked into the
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general assembly he received a round of applause lasted for more than a minute that's not something that's often seen lots of delegation stood up and gave them a standing ovation and they did this several times throughout his speech a speech lasted about forty minutes and he addressed the desires of the arab people their desires for independence and for democracy referring to the arab spring and he said the time has come for palestinians to bring about how does that mean independence when he held up his papers showing a copy of the official offer kishen he had submitted to the secretary general that's when he received another sending ovation within a half hour or so after that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the general assembly he said he was not there to get around a ripoff as he was there to speak the truth peace of the truth is that israel does want peace but israel is not going to compromise its security and he believes that no u.n. resolution can bring about
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a palestinian state without negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians the middle east quartet issued a statement outlining somewhat of a timetable that would bring the israelis and the palestinians back to the negotiation table and continue start up reignite some violent or all talks at this time table works as follows within one month the quartet would like to see both parties the six gallon together at the negotiation table by three months both sides need to outline their proposals regarding territory and security quartet representative tony blair said that with al russia's support. and help in reaching a consensus this statement could not have been reached a timeline not outlined here's a little. but of what mr blair had to say. the international community as a whole saying we understand you've lost the application with the united nations but coming to go she and he has
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a specific thing we want you to do within this three month period table the comprehensive proposals on borders and security the must do conference i hope will come at a certain point in this process and allow us to review the progress within six months it is very sensible i think to have a conference in moscow russia played a constructive part in bringing all this together this week and therefore it makes sense to hold that conference in moscow and the united states has stated several times that it will use its veto power for the house to block the palestinian bid for statehood so clearly a lot of things unfolding all at once right of ordinary reporting there as mahmoud abbas result of his case to the un enormous crowds a lot of the streets of ramallah and across the palestinian territories to west but as far as his policy records what began as do i celebration was soon marred by clashes. well there has been overwhelming support among palestinians for this historic good for statehood at the united nations there have been celebrations for
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the last few hours here in ramallah as well as in the all the major palestinian cities in hebron nablus bay for him to car in what those palestinians that i've been talking to by and large say is that they feel that years and decades of struggle have finally borne fruit and this bridge at the united nations is that food really for palestinians it's a done deal but certainly tensions are running high on both sides of the borders both israelis and palestinians all concerned that what we saw today friday is just the beginning of what will come in the next days and months and what we saw today was one palestinian killed in clashes between palestinians and say this there are reports of israelis who have been killed in clashes so all of these kind of reports just pointing to what the israeli army was afraid would happen but at the same time palestinians say that the israeli army has been preparing for this violence and almost in their paper ration it's as if once it and once that violence to happen
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palestinians are concerned that the israeli army will now crack down heavily in terms of security in the west bank they'll make it more difficult for pilots the palestinians passing through security checkpoints and border controls and also as a form of almost punishment the israeli government will withhold taxes that it can make some behalf of the palestinian authority one of the questions that people here are asking is what is the political implications of all of this for the palestinian president mahmoud abbas now there has been an outpouring of support for him among most palestinians he's never been this popular before but what people say is that this might be short lived because it is not a done deal in prep a done deal is that the united nations security council will not recognize the palestinian state and the questions being asked about what is the long term future of the palestinian president at the same time it is. and to note that one must has not come on board with the must prime minister ismail haniya saying that the
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palestinians you do not need to big the international community for recognition and so there are very real concerns about how will the future palestinian state work when you have hamas and palestinians here in the west bank so much in disagreement there is also of course the question of negotiations with palestinians now in disarray he's saying they're going to step down within the next month according to what the call to it is asking for there all those who do believe that the palestinian president has given in to pressure from both the united states and israel that they should have been a vote that happened and that their vote should have happened today policy are reporting there now to get more perspective on how the bid might affect the turbulent political landscape of the middle east i'm now joined by javier i've read advisor to the palestinian authority through much for being here with us well here's the situation that we're looking at the bit has been submitted his popularity is sky high but what's next i mean the reaction from israel has been less than friendly. what will stop the countries from say showing their power are
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we likely to see in retribution from israelis for this. well first of all i like the speech of president by birth was very moving for all the palestinian people and having third saw i think that connects us to basically the very first question of every single one of those now are those who basically can force this international vision of a two state solution on the ninety six i'm going to get most important message of the lever of president mahmoud abbas yesterday at the general assembly is that this should be a moment of truth. spoke for sixty four years of absence of palestine in the united nations and therefore the moment of truth means is the international community willing to enforce international law and you want solutions in palestine or not if they are really in force that can force the young people. in just a little refugee issue based on international law they ignore exactly what they have to do and the first is to recall those by this line of me the state of
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palestine in the united nations well that's absolutely so but you know what reaction might we get from the israelis after. well it's true allows very confortable with the thought of all over the speech of president but what are birth israel has enjoyed a culture of impunity as president our bus said yesterday israel has been as they have all of the law and that's something that should not international community should not feel very proud of we are talking about forty four you want a solution is violated but used for all this time what is israel going to do they've been threatening if through the media that they are going to take some action against it i just think is that what else can we do want to reoccupy areas and be in the in the west bank they have to take care not all of the security but all sort of all our social services they want to not allow. us to return to the occupied palestinian estate well fine let them build
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a let's see what's going to happen with the international community there is absolutely nothing that is true and can do because palestine has sewage all it's a strategy towards and non violent the strategy popular astroids including popular the restoration is in the process all the one branches with and therefore i think the most important moment we are leaving now is the palestine after so many years has taken the upper hand we are going to we are going from the very last through in the course even for multilateral spectrum in the fall of the international community support that nowadays seventy five percent of the walls population leave one country that have recognize the state of palestine one of them of course russia whoever has not recognized palestine there are public or people are calling for the recognition of the state of palestine and therefore i think we are experiencing now i am very a story mormon not only for palestine but for the whole region. well as you have said earlier i mean the negotiations have been tough and the peace talks have been
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going on for decades there but how. justified do you think is the israeli attitude towards the occupied territory and where does the attitude come from i mean many may have the impression that they have a very superior attitude towards palestinians. well if you and i don't think that will destroy a government or the position of this or your government after this it's more hard work they're going to be very very happy with it i think the most important is to understand what happened yesterday at a turning point rather than an isolated event this speech has to be a turning point whereby the international community will not always support palestinian rights but also israel accountable for their actions and i think that's something very important you mention michael shisha policy means we're not against negotiations with the king is what kind of middle season we're not willing to negotiate for the sake of negotiating that's what about
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a game of the season we've been playing for the last one hundred years but unfortunately even though we enter negotiations in good faith it serves as a corporate or israel to almost double the number of settlers to continue the corner you vision of the land which is a war crime according with international law and therefore we are not against negotiation with president abbas a very clear is we want to negotiate what they would have agreed is implemented and the most important here is of course the freeze of illegal israeli settlements and of course that we opening our policy own solutions in occupied is to sell them as well to have clear terms of reference it's why is israel stalled my apple my apple is the west bank and gaza and they told me i want to negotiate with you over this up and while at the same time eating my own up with that's basically the message of visiting the well yesterday and that's a matter that asked of you was there by all the international community. now that the palestinian issue is so widely discussed on the international arena in your
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opinion how ready are palestinians to take control of their country how ready are ready for the state and how ready is the interest rocker and the institution for that. well i think there has been some misunderstanding on our bill we are not saying but we are declaring a state of palestine and therefore we are in control over all the treaty what we are saying is that we have the fine borders but the international community recognizes even though we are under israeli occupation it's not a state over which is less than thirty one percent of the occupied palestinian territory but rather it is a bit willing to make the international community to reinforce the ninety six seven border is the border between palestine and mr little start with and therefore you should not expect me to be led by policy mistakes will be declared an area three of a year it will be a turning point whereby palestine apparently will be able to get to these areas
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even pulse adjust but the overwhelming majority of our people support going to the u.n. in over two thirds of the only full support palestine picks action in areas like building schools with the hospitals the police if you going i would hate to do so regarding the building process i think it's all the a matter of looking into the record to me by the european union by the world bank where the international monetary fund regarding the status of political institutions they also do the same it is basically time for probably thing to be free but institutions are really poor it is fatal but the most important here is let's not misunderstand the concepts not in any people in the walls you don't have to show our credentials but we are good enough to be free if we have shown very good provincials but the most important is not about institution building the most important is about the overdue right of the palestinian people to sort of their mission we've been waiting for sixty four years that we have the largest refugee
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group in the war you have all this military occupation modern history that something has to stop. right mr have you have read advisor to the palestinian authority thanks very much for your thoughts here in our city. thank you for. watching r.t. live from moscow still a calm in the program splashing out on dinner. hillary clinton billions because i love her but obama now obama a year ago sure if you love going to party ask people on the streets of new york how much they would spend to dine out with obama. and could this be the solution for exhausted air travelers a russian company unveils the sleeve box a peaceful shelter for airport hustle and bustle. levels of literacy in the veld countries is something that is often taken for granted by the recent surge in the u.k. has revealed an alarming number of school years even basic skills reading and numeracy points to
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a bleak future for young people there together with the rising use unemployment rate is lower and try to trace the roots of the problem. reading writing and arithmetic the cornerstones of a basic education but one in five young people in the u.k. leave school without them and that hasn't improved since the one nine hundred sixty s. teachers salim roger picks up the pieces schools have dropped teaching sixteen to nineteen year olds wholly unprepared for the job market is surely going to individual themselves again it's interlinked with bringing the family reasons i'm sore sometimes it could be a piece of personally. they want to show that no i'm not smart i'm not study type of person i just can't get along with people and that is actually be a problem as well salim teaches small classes of school leavers who realize they can't get a job with their level of writing and math these students are managing to stay the
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course despite a thirty percent dropout rate and a poor school record i missed out. here ten so in year eleven i didn't really get a chance to rise much and get the much help can often cause destruction. it was a law student. really destructive i was able to keep my english and math was just just like you know i'm not really into. kind of messed up the girls both want jobs in retail they're in the right place and they're not alone in their lack of literacy newmans one of the most deprived areas in the u.k. where more than two thirds of children live in low income families it's also now home to the pick stadio earns the recently opened westfield stratford city which is europe's largest shopping center westfield wanted to hire five thousand local
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people almost half of them from the ranks of the long term unemployed candidates managers say were enthusiastic but it was soon disk. but more than three hundred of them couldn't read all right enough to fill out a basic thought westfield is giving remedial classes to its new recruits in the hopes their enthusiasm will carry them through there's a comrade survey shows companies all over the city feel the education system right up to university is letting them down to fifty eight percent of london business leaders who often graduates in london lack basic literacy and numeracy skills this is we're talking about people who spend three or four years in higher education so that that means that it's a very very damning indictment of the education system at large and it leaves one wondering what what what those who haven't been to university of work and meanwhile the number of unemployed eighteen to twenty four year old keeps on rising the
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latest figures show nearly eight hundred thousand now out of work but if businesses can't count on them to be able to add up and read instructions there are likely to want to risk hiring them laurette it r.t. london. let's get more on this in any of the other stories we're covering it always log on to our website r t v dot com here's a quick look at what's available there for you. maurice bad to lessen difference a cape crusader has been to improve communities in russia's northern california who's the calm superhero in saying that is also in line i see myself as. a ground star. thank you thank you what parties interview was britney spears as a pop prince's gears up for her show in moscow. the
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markets both in europe and the u.s. have seen their worst week since the financial crisis of two thousand and eight heightening fears of a double dip recession massive losses came despite reassuring words from the world bank and the international monetary fund it has of the lending institutions gathered for their annual meeting in washington to discuss ways to deal with the european debt crisis and the slowdown of global economic growth but there is no good way out of the crisis as long as it's not a policy that worldwide are dominated by greedy bankers that's according to paul craig roberts a columnist and former under secretary of the treasury under ronald reagan. the trouble is that the policy makers in united states and europe are in the hands of the bankers and so the bankers who don't want to lose one euro or a one dollar are using the policy of europe and united states to bail themselves out and they're being bailed out regardless of the cause to the general
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public and the various countries or the cost to the national economies of the various countries to match the basic problem so as long as policymakers it focused on building out the banks. the rest of the economy will suffer and continue to worsen it's not up to the i.m.f. or whether greece defaults we have to be very careful that the i.m.f. doesn't become the governor of these countries and the best solution for greece would be to thought because if they default it means their loans have to be restructured to what they can pay and the banks then have to write down the losses and if the losses in danger the banks then the european central bank turn its attention to what it takes to save the banks that is low is the european central bank and the g twenty and the i.m.f.
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and the federal reserve and united states are focused on saving the banks at all cost you know sensible outcome as possible as financial stocks in the u.s. remain in a marriage is that a fund raising dinner for barack obama cost him that watering thirty five thousand dollars perhaps or are going to ask people on the streets of new york. to dine to night out was a u.s. president. president obama held a dinner that individuals could attend for just over thirty five thousand dollars how much money would you spend to have dinner with a world leader this week let's talk about that how much would you spend zero by how much how do the job he's doing. for you. but i think joining dollars twenty back by ten bucks. hillary clinton or billions because i love her
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but obama now obama a year ago sure paid a lot of money now actually if you can play for a thousand dollars on taking that money feed all the homeless or here there will be good like a one thousand. because that's what i can afford is there anyone you would spend more that dinner well. maybe michelle cheney i would love to spend money to talk to me actually get the truth of what happened for those two years but again you won't get any truth out and i want some kind of input and who. really just something for mankind and you know i think thousands do that i don't think they're doing that too much thing it would of. course and what would it be thirty five thousand dollars. worth of. this were useful spend for a campaign funds for. your and yeah.
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definitely how much would you spend to have dinner with the pope and spend thirty five goes in for the long to give to charity do you think that would guarantee us even have been well yeah yeah thank you but i think he's got a good call with god yes is it politics and government has reached such levels of this and it's partly due to all of the money that's involved with this that no i don't think i would spend money on that i don't think that's i'd rather somebody spend thirty five thousand dollars on edge. patient or some direct way of actually helping people instead of just getting in good with a lobbyist no matter how much money you'd spend to have dinner with a world leader let's just hope that at the end of it they'd pick up a check. russian politics is coming to live a have december's parliamentary elections the ruling did not of russia party had by prime minister of the reporting is holding its annual conference with around ten thousand participants are just looks into the main intrigue of the meeting. well
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it's the peak of the election season and of course all eyes are on these congress it's the last of the year early conventions of russia's largest party ahead of the december for column entry election and the upcoming presidential vote in march next year so people are waiting for president medvedev and prime minister putin to drop hints about their political future about their presidential plans if not make an outcry depravation all our two sources say that to me from a bet it will clearly address the congress on its second day today and you should be able to make a twenty minute speech just ahead of what prime minister putin is our long address the big question is will make that if announce whether he plans to run for a second term conscious all of these questions this summer with some analysts claiming that a decision between big bet if and putin was reached privately in july there are two main reasons for this convention the first is to outline the party's election
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program which of which oblige him or putin as its chairman will do in his speech today the second is legal to determine a list of all united russia candidates for pollens and according to russian daily use of a step preliminarily as have already been leaked to the press with all six hundred names save for the top two candidates already determined and according to the daily those two are being safe or of a better conclusion and if that is true that means that whoever told us the list will be a telling indicator of who will run for president since voters aren't just electing the party they're voting for its cuts however there are those who claim that the question of election will simply be avoided at the convention and one unidentified prominent official was quoted as saying that you know nz months would wait until the end of the year as it was in two thousand and seven since both members of the tons and are interested in keeping up the sponsor as long as possible but one thing
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for sure whether or not the presidential plans are aired today there will be some interesting talk in the corridors. as i would tell reporting there as it is here on the go and need a quick nap a new russian design my just have the solution it's called the sleeve box ready hotels to help exhausted adventurous past forty ways. tested out. what can be cuter than a sleeping baby a baby sleeping in comfort and airports and real way stations are now the best place for it. and i'm too young russian architects have decided to change that with this lead box soundproof and air conditioned it's a mobile hotel room for a quick rest and the demand for them is already even over the requests for me from all over the world in the future and in europe i see that. here is a cultural go for still in the e.u. spain similar concept capsule hotels were invented in japan some thirty years ago
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but never became popular elsewhere and this neatly designed conference will cost you about gender our well deserved rest who will business experts say see boxes could be a goldmine. for transit passengers or foreign students even it's a great idea taking into consideration always unpredictable transport collapses it said sure they have much higher standard capsule hotels and the only one installed so four is already drawing attention all those traveling through moscow for the longest flight i've ever been on lasted for twenty three hours or two stops i don't think there's a need to explain how desperate i was for a power nap just couple moments to add something for the rest my eyes right now i'm going to check out what it would be like to sleep in one of these just acknowledge . she had a good time there well just ahead here on r t a spotlight interviews that's how the
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talk of her from rolling stone magazine before that all dating on the headlines stick that. machine to beasts.


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