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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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the future of. the. breaking news here on out see the ruling time for rotation russia's prime minister vladimir putin will run for the presidency next year his candidacy was put forward by jimmy treatment who in turn agreed to lead the ruling party and the country's government. the hour here in moscow your thoughts he i'm rover essentially breaking news for you this hour here on our prime minister putin will run for the presidency in the two thousand and twelve elections and i suppose i just made the ruling united
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russia party annual convention meantime the current president said that he will head the party in parliamentary elections and is ready to lead the government if they win he said the historic speech is first. united russia party russia and the world knew that somehow one way or another vladimir putin the figure that we used to russia the stability that would remain and have some kind of life in the political world here in the country exactly how it would unfold no one knew and more importantly no one really expected at least the people here that it would be done to say i'm not part of the because the session opened with the two leaders coming in to gather putin opening with his speech saying that we the two of us do know how this will all unfold and what's important is not who does what job and when but the people and so that's really been the theme of this day despite that we slowly got hints that maybe today was going to be the day and then president medvedev said this. year should. i believe it would be right for
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congress to support to come to the city of. new presidential election i. thought. this implosion means i don't have to explain what kind of experience i'm just. i'm going to say something else despite rumors that there's been a split within our times and i can see that this is a well thought through decision. and what came out as more of a surprise than the announcement that led to her putin would in fact run for president in twenty twelve was the announcement and the proposal from the lead singers who tend to carry on the tradition of modern day boston political tradition which is that now it looks like is that the incumbent president goes on to become the prime minister and also
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a proposal for jimmy they may take it to go on to be at the top of the list the united cross a party into the december parliamentary elections he accepted. the apology like to express my gratitude to you for supporting my candidacy. he to run for president it's a great honor to meet you. if you are but if you didn't respond with the parliamentary elections coming in december i'd like to russian citizens to support the you know its aggression party we can. you. know you may be just what i'm convinced to become prime minister who continue to throw really modernize our society. to the united russia party which shares a great amount of popularity they still have a lot of work to do because they're their figures i'm going down in the past couple of years there's a lot of work to do over the next couple of months in the prime minister
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understands that president medvedev understands that and most of the speeches and i should say place him or put his speech was not about the presidency and who will run it was about what this party needs to do to take russia into the next ten years to cut the country how stability now they need to see develop but that's what today is really about although of course it's being hijacked by this this is big news this is story is that it is in your future that will run for president. dmitri medvedev will become his prime minister. and he's in our reporting right there from the conference where the announcement was made today just a little bit earlier here on our. political analyst crosstalk hospital divel he explains what what lies ahead for a lot of effort in and of the united russia party. purpose i think this was the intention all along at least one variant of it and i think it's because of the united russia is going to be facing elections and parliamentary elections in
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december they're lagging in the polls they need some support and then the best juice you can possibly get is the two most popular people in the country to agree on something another reason is the turbulence outside russia the economic tsunami that is facing the world russia needs to be a safe haven they need to in these two leaders and this political party is problematic as it is in my opinion we need to show stability and continuity the old battle for the parliamentary elections at the end of the it's not good at all it's not all the aussie smiles at the end of the anything a little bit more competition in the in the in the marketplace of ideas ok where united russia has been very complacent since the last election because they do say we're the party of putin we're the party of now that's all nice and fine but me. and putin will do what they need is executives in the government ok in the united russia just wants to hang on to their coattails they'll do it again but you know. voters don't reward complacency they don't reward people they don't know and i think this is an opportunity to do another opportunity for them to actually start making a name for themselves you cannot have politics of people you have to have strong
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institutions it's ok and parties are part of that institutional process it's been a term limit relationship of the person for years and now we see it's poised to continue to turn to the media there and put it. how would you assess some of it as a legacy over the past few years how he's been good for russia he's been good for russia he's a popular politician here it's always been the tandem it's always been about these two men here so if they're going to change places are it's all nice and fine because both of had the same vision for this country the rhetorical so it age difference why maybe one guy likes one rock band and another one like the other organizations what modernization i beating out corruption how does the doubleheader policy has it work it is working very slowly in a country where change comes very slow you can have political people very quickly very hard very harsh sometimes a lot. the entire array of russian history but to actually get those roads built and get that infrastructure built and. care for everyone and he said put it very well you know you just have to go outside the city limits about two hundred
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kilometers and people are not happy and they don't have as we see with the atlas i talk a lot and was saying earlier that moscow itself is an incredibly impressive hub so all financial activity is a big trade as well but the further you go from moscow that's the reality of russia and then we go for full circle here rory and that's where a political party like united russia has to say we're here to help you we can go to moscow we go to the parliament we can be your representative personally i don't see enough of that ok and i think it needs to be done it doesn't have to be a place where you just show your good pay your dues and show you're for the for other kind of political establishment you have to get out there and roll up your sleeves and actually do something that's what united russia should do because i'll tell you like it or not the communists do that but they do it for the wrong reasons so united russia needs to get out there it's either into the structures of russia and really start getting on the common road going to come here they get i mean how do the parliamentary elections and i'll let me and also said right now and some of these are very good ones very honest very transparent they're looking at less than half the population is interested in them ok it's far different than it was before
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was two thirds for in the last place when you talk about half the population or even less not being interested i was going to ask you where is the support for me to medvedev and putin like is this a moscow based support is it a national international support very very national they represent values that russians feel very strongly about they you know again i've said i spoke earlier about leadership qualities this is what something russians very much in value be like a strong leader for good or bad reasons that's part of the political culture here. at the same time it's not just about popularity and being a strong figure it's actually producing the goods ok it's the contract the social contract the government will do this you support us ok if the government doesn't do doesn't come through in a way that people are satisfied that they can they can they can fight battles and we won't vote when you will go through. these are people that there was but i'm just a bit early here in the studio now i mean i'm sort of gabriel offer a political commentator and member of russia's council for foreign and defense policy but he says that this move may bring actually a more liberal to the ruling party. firstly news to me that it will bring liberal
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votes for the united russia party because he's of course associated with the liberal agenda and secondly all those things which have been in the russian political agenda such as political modernization and also economic modernization and innovation innovations these are things which are normally associated with mr medvedev name so if he becomes a reformist prime minister super popular president putin that brings ours so in you political realities surprisingly it brings us to reality where mr putin who is normally associated with sort of strong here on the sort of thing politics coups in fact. indeed inevitably carry out quite a liberal economic agenda i've been saying that the problem with the allies russia party is that it's not capable of reproducing itself ok it was all focused around mr putin the job of the chief of generations of course this is not the sort of
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radical change which people might have expected of united russia he's now becoming something similar to what the little democrats in japan are into what the p.r.i. party in mexico used to be that is to say it's a ruling party which is capable of reproducing a new generation of leaders these eased really something new for russian politics. just a bit earlier he was a political commentator also a member of russia's council for foreign and defense policy now as we continue all of our breaking news here at our to do a quick recap for you now the big news being that russia's prime minister vladimir putin will run for the presidency in the two thousand and twelve election he enjoys at the full backing from incumbent president dmitri medvedev made the announcement and address to the annual congress of the ruling united russia he himself will head the party in a parliamentary election saying he could lead the government if they win and continue his modernization program from about. what essentially is
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a first campaign speech to increase russia's economic growth continue tackling corruption landing new businesses we will bring you all the latest developments and reaction as soon as you get up here on. that is a bit earlier here we learned from the interview have put a marker c. in cooperation and powers and said today's announcement proves the rumors of a rift between the thousand and one much is that right there are differences that have made big differences between if and putin one of the three main things that people usually say about me if it's pretty small group of some of pro western growth brawler and so on worst putin is more hardline that's not my view at all but it's off to a lot of media which president seedless but the russian children's war was fought in two thousand money to derail the war which radically change the balance of power we're going to reveal where as it was under vladimir putin's years see that nato enlarged. and included former soviet republics slightly altered states alone and of
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course made his famous question to you green literally on traditional to me i was known for all those things happened under them to persuasion of going to make one point and that is that the international situation that russia will face as. takes over power again as president next year it is that russia goes into elections in december is very very uncertain indeed it me in obvious point to make but i think it's worth recalling that we are looking now at has been said in the press now for many months as the breakup of the euro in other words we are looking at a seismic shift in the political composition of the european continent and in those circumstances of immense our people in europe in other words among russia's own neighbors russia's own role in that new configuration can only be decisive. meantime michael binyon who's the foreign affairs specialist times and use paper in
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london hopes to me treatment here death can continue his economic policies if indeed he becomes prime minister. commit if he. continues the prime minister will preside over a very similar problem to what we've been seeing for the past few years be objective factors in russia's favor it had to watch. and resort to what is urgent we needed. economic reform a shake up of the system let's create capitalism enterprise. and overwhelmingly a real sharp attack on corruption you know a lot of talk but very little actual know with certainly a challenge for the government here. various reasons for this one is that. need a little bit more foreign investment in foreign activities or by russia has plenty of it. be. spectrum of outside interest i mean the problem is you need a much more competitive edge to some of these. there are too many monopolies and
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too many. held in place i'm afraid by corrupt oligarchy. you are watching r t live from moscow this is the channel where we've been bringing you breaking news all day about the new put incision to run for the presidency next year if you missed anything on air you can always get the full picture on our website of course r c dot com also don't forget you can follow us on facebook where you can join the discussion on all our main stories and five after face on all the major news on our twitter feed our underscore. what i mean i'm adrian pabst a professor of politics at the university of kent he told us that he thinks there will be no significant shift in the tone of the leadership. i don't expect any major shift might be a slight change. in the past. use some rather. strong language remember the security conference in two thousand and
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seven with the announced american. family i think over time. probably has changed he will be more pragmatic. but i don't think she will be any big shift because presidents have been opposed to. national security interest i think on that is probably much more cream and between the two perhaps and some of the economic and social issues that are just a bit earlier and i just spoke to our political analyst mr straw told me earlier that the announcement came as no surprise. very very few people darter the prime minister. as the move influential open the most popular political figure and why his new way to see the most influential why is he the most popular figure when it comes to russian politics well he's a charismatic leader is the understand and he has built up he's still presidential
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terms. of stability which was very important for russians and this is the reason why he won the support not only for a lead but a fruitful. whether we like it or not this is a reality i think that the right making such a move they do or tandem as you say they send a political message to the russians as well to the rest of the world they're to. do it is not outdated it is not absolute this is a rabble construction which again it can work for years you see it is quite effective and we hope that your opinion here on our t.v. is going to our website or you can have your say on what switching roles of the ruling tandem will actually nina for the future of russia but you cast your vote and check out what other viewers think as well that people like. our very own look
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at regret over brings us the background to the put him if he would have had. good to have been working together very closely as political associates for over ten years now well just a short recap reminder of how both made it to russia still jobs in two thousand flights in her putin and. his candidacy by president boris yeltsin there was an election in russia and like him or putin watt inverter lection into the thousand for he was relaxed as the president and dimitri medvedev joined he's the so-called cyprus for a team. in two thousand and five he became russia's for a steady prime minister after a very successful academic career and benteke was largely tasked with overseeing the major modernization and reforms program in russia in two thousand and december two thousand and seven at a similar united russia convention putin may first tense about the policy of what
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he kind of it for russia's next presidential term and it was an informal backing informal backing of the mission but that it has a future president because of these massive support which was that his popularity significantly he won the presidential election in two thousand and eight ever since he's made it has been a wife of modernization program also he introduced some major changes to russia's constitution such as enlarging the presidential term from four to six years so if you have him or putin. the presidential vote in march two thousand and twelve he will stay in office for six years not. well it's been a big day for russian politics today apart from the ruling party united russia other major parties held their conventions ahead of december's elections to the duma the lower house of the russian parliament where the communist and just russia
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party gather to work out their election programs and election kind of it's the communist party of the russian federation is one of the oldest in the country and the latest poll places it second united russia in upcoming elections just russia along with liberal democrats are expected to take a handful of seats in the prima and other recognize the democratic opposition party yabloko has already submitted its list of candidates for the elections. just to remind you of our breaking news this hour here on r.t. it is just a short while ago now here in the very center of moscow that prime minister vladimir putin announced that he will run for the presidency the president of russia for two thousand and twelve he made the announcement when addressing the members of the ruling united russia party if you had to fully endorse putin's presidency and in turn will lead the party in december's parliamentary election in what can be counted as his first campaign speech a lot of. boost to russia's economy and tackle corruption i do stay with us for all
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the latest updates. of head of russia's foreign affairs committee konstantin cause such as he talked to us about what today's news could mean for the country's foreign policy. baby leave their predictability and transparency in what we are doing here inside of united russia party inside of the government the ruling class or it is nice to be welcomed by anybody else in the world and they believe that the decision which is taken by this point might work. and. we want. to. thank. you. because you are in russia to have this strong communication you will need to continue your together busy sharma you know you. hear other capacities got stuck together in this
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strong communication is good for russia it's good for the russian foreign policy and they believe in. my struggles to break free of us downward spiral but ahead of russia's v t v bank says that today's announcement will actually be encouraging to foreign investors. since good news for a national muslim community particularly now in a very trying. very water some verses now can see the stability of the political forces the stability of the konami force and. particular on the line the need for speed economic growth to mention the rate of the wealth of the whole six seven percent of g.d.p. as one of the main targets for. the building of the economy for the next two years is also a song quite the numbers keep walking economic ysu like modernization like an
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improvement on the structure maybe on a very important things we can look forward now into the program the part seems. to be could see all the economic force one mr move it will be a prime minister is also i think quite exciting decisions all these scholars. and i we spoke to our alexandra steele about he says that he had also and did not come as any surprise to. i think it came as no surprise to. everyone in the country and so every one of the suspecting that it happened. i suppose because the political course in the country does not go into change and states in other opiates facts so i was there facing the succession of principles and so i think we're still campaigning will be quite predictable almost all breaking the needs of particular track straw men will make the worth of difference for even the well paid place and i think we shouldn't expect any any you know
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sensations here speaking of the change i think i've just woken up to repeats a lot i speak and. explain it things will change in the country split. up the country and i think it came as no surprise to everyone in the country so explain one of the sixteen of them the country the prime minister and a president will be changing he will be. i think pursuing because i wouldn't be going to be fun. going to. put in the nature. i would say i'd be able to pull it off a united russia so i don't think we will have any more candidates so anyone else being in a political situation the political situation of russia right path. we got a lot for moscow with me show you a quick recap now of our breaking news this hour and russia's prime minister vladimir putin will run for the presidency in the two thousand and twelve election
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enjoying the full backing of current president jimmy treatment yet he made the announcement in an address to the annual congress of the ruling united russia party and yet of himself will head the party in the parliamentary election saying he could lead to the government if they win and continue his modernization program from that post in what essentially is his first campaign speech in value to increase russia's economic growth continue tackling corruption and encourage business ok she was a lot of elements i don't reaction as soon as we get. a recap of our breaking news and just.
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this was a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand people working for general motors. or a job that depended on general motors. general motors is if it's not relation to you it might be your neighbor or somebody you knew it was kind of a family run business you know myself i'm third generation my father was working
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there and you have a lot of two three and four generation families there and their first let's understand that. this is if a man doesn't work. then he should not. it is gone rewarding made into work. i think for a long time this notion in america that bigger was better was simply and on the street in fact in the twenty first century smarter better general motors simply became too large for their own good and so many brands the p. couldn't even keep up with they just as who became a dinosaur. which was. just. twenty years ago the largest country in the. system to crazy to just.
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see. what how did it change. and began the journey. where did it take them.
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