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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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for its terms. of your religious jew calling another jew and mark in the waiting room. tonight the ruling tandem is set for rotation russia's prime minister vladimir putin will run for the presidency next year is kind of the seat was put forward by dmitri medvedev who in turn agreed to lead the ruling party and the country's government. this is r.t. from moscow managed kevin oh it's no nine pm here this saturday night in moscow in one story dominates our coverage as you've heard the breaking news is the prime minister putin will run for the presidency in the twenty twelve elections the announcement was made at the ruling united russia party the annual convention
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president good better of his part so that he'll head the party in parliamentary elections and he's ready to lead the government if they win and if he's innocent i heard the historic speech is first. united russia party russia and the world knew that somehow one way or another in the figure that is to russia the stability that you brought would remain and have some kind of life in the political world here in the country exactly how would i hope no one knew and more importantly no one really expected at least the people here that it would be just a day and that's partly because the session opened with the two leaders coming in to gather it's an opening with his speech saying that we the two of us do know how this will all unfold and what's important is not who does what job and when but the people so that's really been the theme of this day despite we slowly got hints that maybe today was going to be the day and then president medvedev said this. year should. i believe it would be right for the convention to support the candidacy of
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letting their promotion in the presidential election. thank. me so i don't have to explain what kind of experience in authority president putin . thank you sure yes and i'd like to say something else despite rumors that it is going to split with you know in china jim i can say the schools are well thought through decision. and what came out as more of a surprise than the announcement that late in her putin would in fact run for president in twenty twelve was the announcement and the proposal from the lead singer who tend to carry on the tradition of modern day russian political tradition which is that now it looks like is that the incumbent president goes on to become
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the prime minister and also a proposal for timothy mcveigh to go on to be at the top of the list we begin my defroster party into the december parliamentary elections he accepted. i'd like to express my gratitude to you for supporting my candidacy to run for president it's a great honor to meet you thank you but you didn't get it and with the parliamentary elections coming in i'd like to russian citizens to support the you know its aggression party with me. on. the issue you. know that maybe just what i'm convinced to become prime minister continue to throw really modernize our society. to the united russia party which shares a great amount of popularity they still have a lot of work to do because they're their figures have gone down in the past couple of years there's a lot of work to do over the next couple of months and the prime minister
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understands that president medvedev understands that most of the speeches and. speech was not about the presidency who will run it was about what this party needs to do to take russia into the next ten years to cut the country has stability now they need to see developed but that's what today is really about although of course it's been hijacked by this this big news this is a story that it was in europe which it will run for president. dmitry medvedev will be his prime minister. our correspondent in this scenario they will respond to political analyst and cross talk host play lavelle explains what lies ahead now for the team a poet in the united russia party. you know if the guessing game this was all done on purpose i think this was the intention all along at least one variant of it i think it's because of the united russia is going to be facing elections and parliamentary elections in december they're lagging in the polls they need some support and the best juice you can possibly get is the two most popular people in
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the country to agree on something another reason is the turbulence outside russia the economic tsunami that it's ok save the world the russia needs to be a safe haven they need to have these two leaders and this political party is problematic as it is that in my opinion need to show stability and continuity who don't want competition in the in the in the marketplace of ideas ok where united russia has been very complacent since the last election because they do say we're the party of putin we're the party of madrid of and that's all nice and fine but medvedev in memphis and putin will do what they need is executives in the government ok and united russia just wants to hang on to their coattails i'll do it again but you know good coders don't reward complacency they don't reward people they don't know and i think this is an opportunity another opportunity for them to actually start making a name for themselves you cannot have politics of people only you have that strong institution ok and parties are part of that institutional process so it's always been the tandem it's always been about these two men here so if they're going to
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change places also nice and fine because both had the same vision for this country could have political upheaval very quickly very hard very harsh sometimes i'm looking at the entire array of russian history but to actually get those roads built and get that infrastructure built and have them have no health care for everyone i mean somebody very well you know you just have to go outside the city limits about two hundred kilometers and people are not happy and they don't have money i don't have a political party like united russia has to say we're here to help you we can go to moscow we go to the parliament we can be your representative personally i don't see enough of that ok and i think it needs to be done it doesn't have to be a place where you just show your book a your dues and show your for the for the current political establishment have to get out there and roll up their sleeves and actually do something that's what united russia should do because i'll tell you like it or not the communists do that but they do it for the wrong reasons. well if joint is trying to roll of the main story tonight russia's main political news indeed earlier this afternoon russia's prime minister vladimir putin said that he will run for the presidency next year the current president dmitri medvedev gave
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him his full backing while addressing the annual conference of the country's ruling united russia party but will it declare that he'll head the party in the parliamentary election and become prime minister if he wins so that he can continue with the modernization program in what could be considered his first campaign speech putin vowed to boost russia's economic growth to continue tackling corruption he stressed that russia should soon become one of the world's five strongest economies the common continue so globally of say political commentator and member of russia's council for foreign defense policy he told us this move may bring a more liberal edge to the ruling party now. firstly nice to me that it will bring liberal votes for the united russia party because he's of course associated with the liberal agenda and secondly all those things which have been in the russian political agenda such as political modernization and also economic modernization and innovation and innovation as these are things which are normally associated with mr medvedev name so if he becomes
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a reformist prime minister and this super popular president putin that brings ours so a new political reality surprisingly and brings us to a reality where mr putin who is normally associated with sort of strong here on the sort of thing politics coups in fact and indeed inevitably carry out the liberal economic agenda i've been saying that the problem with the lies russia party is that it's not capable of reproducing itself ok it was all talk is to round mr putin's image of this change of generations of course this is not the sort of radical change which people might have expected of united russia is now becoming something similar to what the liberal democrats in japan are into what the p.r.i. party in mexico used to be that is to say it's a ruling party which is capable of reproducing a new generation of leaders this is really something new for russian politics.
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becoming president care may not be the worst option for the west either as they already know him as a partner that's the opinion of fred weary of the christian science monitor. but people will become more certain that there is one. type of system of power in russia and it's here to stay i think that's what this the message to the world is but it's not a bad message i don't think despite some of the troubles of the putin euro you know between the west and east. putin was seen as kind of soul a reliable predictable partner he advanced russian interests very assertively you know that may not see what they'd like to see in the united states but it works for them it's they know him he's a known quantity complete me is predictable he's gotten appreciate or excessive in any way so i think that people will just settle down to the idea that we could put in for at least six more years if not twelve. and build relations with
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russia on that basis. attracting money from abroad is crucial for developing russia's economy adrian peps a professor of politics at the university of kent believes it becomes president he should make out a top priority. i think for the best it will only be forthcoming in much greater scope when corruption and the rule of law you know are changed there's too much rampant corruption and too little rule of law. i think britain has the authority to do something about the i think you are trying to present the need to strengthen those institutions and needs a government i can implement with residents of the haps becoming prime minister that might be possible but it's not just changing now you need to also change policy and you need to implement across the country so we can minister capacities around russia. fortunately there are still a relatively mosque and some people who are vibrant city has but that's not the
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case for the region so you really need much greater determination and implementation to get up to the ruling town and to make that happen. a lot more common to reaction of course all this channel to today's news to come out throughout the forthcoming hours was probably your opinion as well you know if you're selling a website what do you think about this news today about the switching roles of the ruling time when things could have been for the future of russia good idea or not cast your vote this is what you think. will be publishing those two thousand bit later but to go our web site now if you want to have your say. now they've been working together for over ten years day's announcement means that this partnership may be set to stay two r.t. the cattery groucho bridges the background was frequently called the polluted bed in tandem. or is it only goes with what you've got a decent competent person must be elected president of the country. be possible to work in tandem. but four years later the bass in his past in what
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appeared to be an official o.b.'s casual fashion thank you hail from sampras were both at the police were held for ten years now i too have proved that a double headed eagle on the russian flag is not only a number in the two thousand presidential vote to brazil it's a lot isn't putin was named his successor it was determined that it managed his comparing what the world would first hear about five years later when he became first deputy prime minister the same year and in financial business magazine in russia would name him the man of the year overseeing national priority projects with their painted his vision for years to come move away from a resource economy modernize the country get rid of corruption all these would later be put together in his manifesto go russia in december two thousand and seven
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cheering a similar united russia convention was in formally endorsed as a candidate for the country's top job and this time it was putin who delivered his successor it is a successful campaign he's a poor student and that is popularity over seventy percent of the vote and in march two thousand and eight and it was elected president one he regarded as more liberal than his predecessor his term would be remembered for reforms in the traditional system and all enforcement investment in new technology and strengthening civil society he also approved major changes to the constitution by extending the presidential term so if not him or putin makes it to the kremlin in march twenty twelve he will serve six not for years to be a mum. signatured goal russia transformed into go today both models brought the house down and it wasn't simply at president passing the
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baton to a new candidate in stance the two most powerful man in russia simply swapped seats thus proving the worry about us competing in the upcoming vote as which side will reach an agreement between us long before that exceeded the question of r r t moscow. remind you the main news this hour if you just joined us earlier this afternoon prime minister vladimir putin said he will run for president of russia in the twenty twelve election it was revealed at an address to the annual conference of the ruling united russia party but very case posted his full backing while himself planning to head the party in the parliamentary election will then leave the government if it wins and continue his modernization program is probably mr during the conference for democrats had laid out his economic policy in a speech that can now be considered his first campaign address he pledged to structures economy and to tackle corruption. i spoke to andre katun office vice president of the ngo you raise your foundation he told me he hopes will but it will
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find ways to continue his initiatives if it becomes prime minister i would say that it's not just his ideas it's evident that russia needs innovation russia which is the old model is asia new we need to look at the energy economy to knowledge based economy we need to pay much more attention to small business we need to reform and to more modernize our financial system so there always are you know we charge we can protect ourselves against the downturns of global markets and this is something that the new president and the new prime minister will concentrate on thoughts to columnist and political analysts and get stroken who says the support putin receives is justified. really very few people doubt of that the prime minister. as the move influential in the most popular
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political figure he's a charismatic leader as you understand and he has built up his two presidential terms are on the radio of stability which was very important for russians and this is the reason why he won the support not only of power for lead but for fruit faults but also. whether we like the north this is a reality i think that they would make in such a move they do or or or tandem as you say they sent a political message to the russians as a role to the best of the world there to. do it is not our beat it is not absolute this is a rabble construction which. can work for years you see it is quite effective. and if you were standing on a close get full picture of course in a web site r.t. dot com but also don't forget you can follow some facebook they can join the discussion at all and made stories and find updates in all the major news on our
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twitter feed our team of the score can watch the best videos our you tube channel. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets and can that. change what for asians are rooted a. lot learned from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris came some comment to you says putin becoming russia's president of the greater european affairs. there are differences there have been big differences between if and putin one of the. things that people usually say about me if it's these moral somehow pro western and very liberal and so on whereas putin is more hardline that's not my
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view at all it's after a lot of media presence he had left but the russian georgian of war was fought in two thousand meter of the war which radically changed the balance of power we're going to estimate whereas it was under vladimir putin to see that nato enlarged to . include the former soviet republics like you baltic states and of course made his famous question to you grain beyond traditional to make us known for all those things happened under go to persuasion or like to make one point and that is that the international situation that russia will face as. in takes over power again as president next year and as that russia goes into the elections in december is very very uncertain indeed hit me in obvious point to make but i think it's worth recalling that we are looking now as it has been said in the press now for many months at the breakup of the euro in other words we're looking at a seismic shift in the political composition of the european continent and in those
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circumstances of immense upkeep in europe in other words among russia's own neighbors russia's own role in that new configuration can only be decisive. coming from a vote of perform some progressive economic ideas during his time in office michael binyon foreign affairs specialist the times newspaper london told us open a vote of can continue promoting peace as prime minister to. i think to me that if he. continues the prime minister will preside over a very similar policies to what we've been seeing for the past few years the objective factors in russia's behavior has its. resources what is simply needed in economic reform a shake up of the system less polygamy enterprise. and overwhelmingly a real sharp attack on corruption where there's been a lot of talk but very little action along with certainly a challenge for the government yes. various reasons for this one is that it does
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need a little bit more foreign investment or an expertise ok russia has plenty of its own needs. the spectrum of outside interest and the problem is you need a much more competitive edge to some of these. too many monopolies and too many monopoly health is great i'm afraid by corrupt oligarchs. political analysts legal costs told us not see any of the contents popularity in the change in russia under his leadership predetermined today's decision. i have to understand that. has been extremely popular in russia since one thousand nine hundred. minutes to russian federation the before his first presidency and russia has made it agree to a. twelve years russian g.d.p. has almost doubled the level of life in russia all or russia not only the capitals
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has improved significantly the russian economy has been constantly rebuilding. pitches rule and then i'm going to go it's short but you know we did have such a very ambitious goals during his presidency of them with russia are moving russia ahead based on other resources russia has it's very important that russia is an exporting cancian of contre that produces and. global production so in this case russia has a very bright future. well it's not a big day for russian politics then along with the ruling party united russia two other major parties held their conventions to head of december's elections to do most of the lower house of the russian parliament the communist party was one of them as it gathered to work out their election strategy and select their election candidates one of the oldest parties in the country consistently with large number of seats in the parliament with the leader also going to the presidency on a regular basis and this year's election is not likely to be an exceptionally make this whole race is the commonest of the second united russia among other parties
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attempting to make it with just russia the liberal democrats and they recognize them a critical position party. there russia's foreign affairs committee constantine costa chaffed all do see believes today's decision will bring positive changes for the country's foreign policy. i believe there predictability and transparency in what we are doing here inside of united russia party inside of the government the ruling to story this is to be welcomed by anybody else in the world and they believe that the decision ricci's taken by these forty one might quite easy and. we want to thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you russia you have this strong communication will be to continue to your together in
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charge of you know. other capacities got to go to be strong communication is good for russia it's good for the russian foreign policy and i believe it. and as the global economy struggles to break free of its downward spiral that of russia's p.t.b. bank says today's announcement will encourage foreign investment. but i think it's good news for international western community particularly now in the very difficult time getting. reports of investors now can see the stability of the political force the stability of the economy force. the banks in particular the winding leaves for speeding on the growth you mentioned the rate of developing the fall six seven percent of g.d.p. as one of the mean target for. the growth of economy for the next two years is also
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sound quite the numbers keep walking because now we can use you like for the disease like an improvement on infrastructure and many other very important things we can think for into the programme all the parts you. do because these you will be economic force one mr move it will be a prime minister has also been quite exciting decisions all these congress. so it reminds you of russia's main political news today prime minister vladimir putin announced that he will run for president of russia in the twenty twelve election a new scandal in the south enjoying the annual conference of the country's ruling united russia party but vetted fully endorsed clinton's presidency and in turn will lead the party in december's parliamentary election will be cancelled the first campaign speech that in a putin pledged to boost russia's economy and tackle corruption. much more in-depth analysis of the day's news that in our interview show spotlights coming up a special version of that little bit later this hour but before that i'll recap
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today's made news headline for you again in a couple of minutes time. wealthy british scientists scientists sometimes. markets finiteness succumb to. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report on our cheek. looming.
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. the day. this was a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people we had eighty thousand people working for general motors. or drugs that depended on general motors. general motors says if it's not relation to you it might be your neighbor or somebody you knew. family run business myself i'm third generation my father was working there and you have a lot of two three and four generation families their first let's understand it is
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that this is of a man doesn't know what. it is gone. into work the slip. i think for a long time this notion in america that bigger was better was simply an undisputed fact in the twenty first century smarter. general motors simply became too large for their own good it's so many brands that they couldn't even keep up with they just basically became a dinosaur. just. twenty years ago in largest country. to suit their races.
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but how did it change. the speed janitor. where did it take the. very first verses of the bible is that all human beings are created by a set of metal came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or god just. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier in the occupied territories was to do with deterrents doing what we call making our presence so we go out france and poland so they are not going see their wars run to the other corner and get another house religion or nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to bomb guys and kill. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a few you have to be either extremely naive or to be still.


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