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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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week's top stories on our top job intrigue and president medvedev and prime minister putin could swap the joy of the start of the two thousand and twelve presidential election pledging there will continue to work for russia. emotions running high as palestinians bid for statehood at the u.n. with a standing ovation in new york put classes of the border and the west bank. a finish creech speaking out against a chechen terrorist website finds himself a defrocked and just scrapes with his plight ignored by the mainstream media. and a greek default is inevitable and even it's official as no it leaked reports reveal
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the recession could go even deeper than first. but the stories that made headlines this week you watching the weekly with me will receive shame on a saturday the biggest secret in russian politics was exposed and. me the prime minister vladimir putin will run for the presidency in two thousand and twelve speaking at a ruling united russia party convention that is that happened yesterday that the current president dmitri medvedev made the announcement on agreeing to head the party in parliamentary elections he also said he is ready to lead the government if they went out in cities and witness the historic speech in its first hand. the wait is over. i believe it would be right for the convention to support the candidacy of
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london mayor putin and the presidential election the but be by . this implores means i don't have to explain what kind of experience under thirty and soon as. i'm going to see something else as there's been a split within our tandem i can see that this is a well thought through decision. putin is running for president. but like to express my gratitude to you for supporting my candidacy to run for president it's a great honor. if you like it. and with the parliamentary elections coming in december i'd like to ask all russian citizens to support the united russia party with.
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you. but i'm convinced to become prime minister continue to fairly modernize our society. the tandem now running on a platform of taking russia through the next decade promising more growth and stability but their party united russia in december's parliamentary elections and next year's presidential run both putin and medvedev have their work cut out united russia's popularity has been falling in recent years by making such a move. as you say they will send a political message to the russians as well to the best of the world that if he. is not outdated it is not absolute this is a reliable construction which again has been worked for years you see it is quite effective and so was the announcement even the delegates were seriously
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taken aback when they were not only concerned of course everybody expected it but it must count as one of the best kept secrets really in recent political history the west has all. readies started emphasizing how much the move lacks surprise i'm sure that some of the opposition political commentators have mentioned so you throw out some say he's of course the risk of political stagnation and also all these country members very well the. of the seventy's in the eighty's especially one the communist party leadership didn't see the change there and they all stay there and see all the way to five years old now i would rather disagree with those who predict stagnation in russian politics for one simple fact. and this is a healthy skiers meaning a so-called western style democracy might not be the way for russia something we are seeing the us especially push for across one of the world's most unstable
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regions i think it's really disgusting of us as use the arab spring to try to use it to put in their new dictators their new friends and their fictitious democracies to be able to control the oil and control these populations. countries like russia just want stability and stability is something russia knows this dynamic duo can deliver at least so far russian g.d.p. has almost doubled the level of life in russia alone russia not only the capitals has improved but putin and medvedev want to take it to the next step with a reshuffle in united russia already under way new faces transparency less corruption and more growth are all part of a platform for the intrigue is dead and now the real work begins united russia has to convince the country they are the party to move past the ability towards further development and still the as russia has a right to its own style democracy and he's now r.t.
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moscow russia still has a many problems the future president will need to tackle adrian pabst a professor of politics at the university of kent in england says the crucial investment from abroad was at stake. i think for the best and would only be forthcoming in much greater scope when corruption and the rule of law you know are changed too much rampant corruption and too little rule of law. i think it has the authority to do something about that i think after. presently he needs to strengthen those institutions need to govern and they can implement with presidents . becoming prime minister that might be possible but it's not just changing course now you need to also change policy and you need to implement across the country. ministry capacities around russia unfortunately still reality must consider peace with your vibrant city was perhaps not the case for the region you really need much
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greater determination and implementation it's up to the ruling tandon to make that happen and on our website r.t. got a call with time for you to get involved we're asking you what will happen if president and prime minister putin do switch jobs let's see how you're voting right now almost half of you believing the reshuffle will be a success because it will give people what they want twenty nine percent think this what would vote was and actually strengthen the opposition twenty three field it will attract foreign investment to russia but not much of. those going to our web site r.t. dot com just a few clicks away you tell us what you think. history was made this week at the u.n. as president mahmoud abbas delivered the palestinian bid for statehood and received a standing ovation as he addressed the general assembly cheering crowds gathered in ramallah to give him a hero's welcome as he arrived from new york addressing the rally he declared at
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the beginning of the palestinian spring when he spoke to the un assembly on friday jubilant scenes played out across the palestinian territories but words a quick return to violence on the west by border culminating in clashes between police and palestinians his policy has the story. and historic movement after decades of struggle tens of thousands of weight across palestine after president mahmoud abbas admits of requests to the united nations to recognize palestine a state that has feared it wasn't all cheers and on side the celebrations violence clashes have erupted across the west bank as fears grow of a third intifada we are here in ramallah where there is a scandal between the israeli army and palestinian protesters just a short distance down the road there are tires burning everywhere the army is not using a new round of mights known as the scream at which unbearable sound now the situation here is very very tense be clashes have spread across the west bank one palestinian
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has been killed now what we understand happened is that country hundred israeli settlers started burning the trees belonging to palestinians in the village the army was called in and the result was one palestinian shot and killed in the mc. four months the israeli army has been preparing for these exact scenes and palestinians worry tel aviv will now use these clashes as an excuse to beef up its army presence in the west bank and possibly even punish palestinians by withholding tax money it clicks on their behalf for weeks the army has been pointing land mines on israel's northern borders to prevent the columbia checkpoint scenes from unfolding here the mines are not necessarily. to deal with people who have peaceful intentions of minds or a legitimate form of the fence many countries have mines on their borders for that reason but the locals are outraged now they are going to mines. it maybe it's not. for putting them at the heart of the clashes are
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israeli settlers and palestinians both claim claim to the same piece of land jacob taylor has been farming deep in the hip on heels for more than twenty years he says the land is his and he has the papers to prove it we are the only people in the low that have got a roof a document a document that these. internet you know it is advertised. but not so why make the same claim he insists the land has been in his family for some eight hundred years but now this is the closest he can get to it and it's eating him up watching jacob farm it is a very hard feeling but what can i do nothing illicit drug resistant forces and after a surplus as was said something the army will come immediately and arrest us this feigns cuts through your calls farm meaning that right now i am standing inside
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palestine and as i walk through here. i'm now in israel it's one thing to declare a state and another to determine where its orders will be policy r t. so let's discuss this story for an author and i joined our life wrong ramallah by political activist nora. i thank you for joining us today so the palestinian president mahmoud abbas arrived home to crowds of his supporters here welcoming him after the historic bid for statehood at the u.n. but with a veto or excuse me the vote i should say has been delayed for several weeks so the u.s. pledging the time to veto it has anything actually been achieved at this point. well indeed first of all as the palestinian president said the power of palestine has been reborn the palestinian leadership headed by president mahmoud abbas is speaking for the people reflecting their aspirations and telling the international community that it is their moment of truth they must now decide on which side of
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history they stand and tell the palestinian people clearly whether they stand in support of their just claims in support of their rights to self-determination or against it as palestinians we have a very heightened sense of national pride at this moment and even though we know the veto is most likely coming out whether it's next week or the other it really makes no difference but there is a very high sense of national at cheve meant at this point because for one softer of those very disappointing years of the so-called peace process the political leadership and the popular popular public opinion are in line very much on on one side of the political debate if you will now certainly as you were saying we have been seeing recent days in recent weeks certainly a swelling of support among palestinians for this u.n. but although america and israel seem absolutely determined to block at every step of the way the mideast quartet has called for peace talks to resume within
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a month and and reach an agreement by the end of next year but now the beauty is in i will palestinians agree to go back to the negotiating table it hasn't on the much good in the past. well let me tell you something as far as the national campaign for palestine state one nine four is concerned and the public opinion really and we heard it again reiterated by the palestinian president going back to negotiations is not something palestinians oppose on principle but if we go back to negotiations with our occupiers and that's what israel is without any terms of reference without israel clearly committing to international law clearly committing to its obligations according to international law and relevant u.n. resolutions then it's purely pointless the quartet has fallen short of that they have really not met their obligations towards the keeping international peace and security in the region they have not defined the terms of reference they have not demanded that israel comply with international law and cease supplements activities
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if we're going to go back to negotiations israel has to be very clear where those two states are going to be established at this point they're supplementary gene which is illegal controls about fifty percent of that was the bank so you can see why it would seem counter-intuitive for palestinians to go back to negotiations given the status quo and we've heard some analysts comparing you know when it comes to palestinians and israelis bartering going to go shooting over a certain amount of land that actually the land is getting smaller and smaller and as the palestinians try to go forward the israelis like a piece of cheese continues either way by the end of the day they won't be much left before they continue here we are seeing clashes up on the border as the bid was presented at the u.n. but if it is vetoed will there be more violence because if there is more violence along the border surely that would restore and justify israel israel would just a voice saying well you know what. we can both peacefully co-exist look at the policy on the border when we try to help them with the u.n. . look the source of violence right now in occupied palestine there's only one
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source of violence and that is the israeli occupation forces and are busy players who have been given carte blanche to unleash their violence their watchdogs their weapons on are an armed palestinian civilians across the occupied west bank the israeli army is there to protect them and palestinians have proven time and again that they are a peaceful people that they all they want and desire is to have their whites just like any other people in the world they want a free state of their own and they want to be able to exercise their rights to fulfill their obligations towards their children for a safe and prosperous future the international borders between palestine and israel have been defined by the united nations it is not up to the world to make sure that israel respect the will of the international community and not palestine now we've got two main factions when it comes when it comes to the palestinian leadership because hamas will go fatah and hamas of all radical wing some might say of the
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palestinian government didn't back that bid for statehood. but i think it's very unfortunate and the palestinian public has really been disappointed with hamas for getting caught up in petty politics at such a historic moment fortunately a lot of senior how much figures have come out in support of the palestinian bid they followed the president personally telling him that they so forth what do you miss telling him that they were very impressed by that historic speech in front of the general assembly of the u.n. so there isn't agreement among us ranks but we've heard from the palestinian president that there will be dialogue very serious dialogue about the days i had about palestinian future with hamas and i think there is an increasing realisation that the palestinian public will not forgive any political party that will that plays small politics and jeopardizes the future of the palestinian people this is not i deplore not a bit of politicians this is the. plenty of people have been we are one hundred
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percent behind this we want the world to step in and protect not just our rights but also really the credibility of the entire international system if this united nations existed to resolve conflicts peacefully that it must prove that it is worthy of that reputation and it must prove that palestinians are not the exception to history by stepping in and making clear exactly where it stands by spelling out the naming calling it naming who stands in violation of international law and that's certainly not the problem will sort of be keeping our eyes on the united nations in the coming weeks as the developments continue here live from ramallah political activist and nor thank you very much. a finnish priest has been temporarily defrocked for speaking out against one of the world's most wanted terrorist talk who model pastor you have mollari denounce the kafka center website which he believes acts as a mouthpiece who bought of stephanie campaign finnish human rights activist johan
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backman says the author already has a sheltering militants by protecting their websites are pretty. actually maurice only repeating what is said about the activities of all of this terrorist organization by united nations by the usa by russia by the international media so actually you are morally cannot repeat the same information in finland which is the set of international media about these terrorist organizations the person who is responsible over this. he has organized some way grecian all of the militants from turkey to finland or no he is facing charges he's prosecuted in finland over the same time he has a very strong support on the highest level of the finnish. and also the finnish government so the situation is really strange film of these actually protecting these militants and they are all going i think their activities
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on the territory of finland so i know there is a lot more on that story on our website article com including your blog on the controversial website and its activity he claims that the cast and has already written about two hundred insulting articles about all the details on that. dot com . nearly twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow this is the weekly talks of a possible greek default grew louder this week leaked reports suggest that some of the eurozone finance ministers already regard the country's economy as a lost cause the i.m.f. has reportedly given a new country in six weeks to build up a financial fire war to protect themselves from the shock wave of the greek default comes amid rising fears of a double dip recession after the world markets all their worst week since two thousand and eight patrick young the executive director of an investment advisory
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from the repeat of the global financial crisis looks inevitable at this stage. well let's look at it in the united states of america growth is basically any match in europe or of these very low or it's going backwards in all of them if you're economies and also we've got this terrible terrible north sideslip beach issue with the lights increase and if we look at somewhere like china which has been a huge engine of the global economy well they've had some pretty bad manufacturing numbers come alive and that too is leading to a big fear that maybe china is finally hitting the buffers at least for the time being it's had a huge credit expansion in the last two years that looks really rather like europe and the us looked in sort of two thousand and five two thousand and six two thousand and seven and i really fear that i mean if we see that happening in china then ultimately all over all the world economy is in for a very very difficult year in two thousand and twelve. crisis however bad it may
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turn out to be is unlikely to affect russia's economy but that's the view of russian finance minister aleksey could read and watch an exclusive interview with him in just over an hour's time here but for now a preview. with exact prices still spread it does not affect us too much at least directly because our banks do not hold any of the history books with what trends and german banks on your heart will suffer greatly because they will have on their hands that would not be cleared by us will cause problems within these banks problems with these credits and overall problems on these markets because banks are after all the leading players. and watching the weekly here on r.t. and another high profile killing shook afghanistan this week the country's former president of the peace talks with the taliban it was assassinated on tuesday in a suicide attack but one of the in that rabbi was killed by
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a militant who had hidden the explosive device in his turban all the while claiming to be a taliban envoy rabbani who had led the country in the ninety's was the key figure in current peace talks with the militants thousands of mourners gathered in the afghan capital kabul on friday for his funeral but the bombing are followed a string of high profile targeted killings including the murder of the current president's half brother in july the taliban are stepping up its attacks in afghanistan all the time that one of their main sources of income is in full bloom but nato isn't doing anything about it is that he's eager to prescribe. the penalty for drinking beer in kabul a sixty whips on the back part of the clique it is a very traditional muslim society or is it there are dozens of people if not more for doing drugs right there all of this bridge in the center of the seat with the use of the media and staring at them. in the same conditions we don't rubbish the
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wait here where we're standing right now this is just incredible to see. carol when . it's all cooked and mixed injected or small to write a more on these piles of rubbish no one policeman anywhere near. but that not all or it's all these people don't just come here to do drugs i mean on them all the score is done and you can hear we don't have any job we don't have any editing to do if you can't pay for the war or you have a. hell of a study commissioned by the u.s. state department shores each family has at least one drug user all beers are found in breast milk and all kids even newborns at morphine are aboard there's no doubt that the area of contagion song with narcotic crops has increased since military hostilities started the afghanistan i believe that the war was the root cause that
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forced afghan people to turn to poppy growing their own ninety percent of all the opiates in the world are produced in afghanistan into a ball cleans the markets global trade turnover has long surpassed the five hundred billion dollar mark russia is one of the worst affected streets who are around eighty tons of heroin a newly settle in the country. it's tragic that despite the enormous resources nato has put into afghanistan including military force drug production is just phenomenal moreover the head of nato military committee person told me fighting drug production is not their goal there is no such directive. many experts find this a bit strange given the fact that a large part of revenues from drug money is used to sponsor the taliban needles key enemy in the region meanwhile the international community annually spends billions of dollars to fight of the sands drug traffic but since the needle has no legal way to coordinate the funds are spent with very little for their results well officials
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say the multi-billion dollar afghan drug network has the whole world and its grip you're just going off kabul afghanistan and that plenty more stories always available for you at r.t. dot com here are some of the other items you got my nothing about right now this autumn russia is heading back to mars after a twenty year of course a scientific progress blasting off the red planet and out the mission details that are to dot com. others britney spears kicks off her world tour in russia we speak exclusively to the american pop diva herself find out why she sees herself as an underground star we're going to r.t. dot com. ok just a quick pause in the weekly here on r.t. i'll be back with a recap of the week's top stories in just a moment. this
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was a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand people working for general motors. or a job that depended on general motors. general motors is if it's not
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relationship you it might be your neighbor or somebody you knew it was kind of family run business you know myself i'm third generation my father was working there and you have a lot of two three and four generation families there their first let's understand that it is that this is a man doesn't have. any should not. it is not who are they. made into work with. i think for a long time this notion in america that bigger was better was simply an undisputed fact in the twenty first century smarter didn't get better general motors simply became too large for their own good it's so many brands that they couldn't even keep up with they just as who became a dinosaur. was. just.
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in the far away land where human life is ruled by nature. of planet earth is carefully preserved one of her. international modes lie hidden in the deep permafrost. and for those who knew with them restored times are still not over. if. would be soon which bryson. song from phones to. police for instance on t.v. come. down the official auntie affleck
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