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head of the twenty twelve presidential election that is in this in hours across what's happening in the last couple of hours has been fast moving the last hour and a half or so and if so take a so what happened as you know it told all started with the weekend's big news that lady may or putin will in fact be running for president in two thousand and twelve and you'd like president medvedev to go on to become his prime minister of finance minister former i think we can say now of course finance minister alexei kudrin it's comments about that news him saying that he doesn't see himself working in images governmental his lead talking about him possibly becoming prime minister the president not happy about those comments that were made in the u.s. interest there and a visit he calls them utterly inappropriate and this is what he had to say when he sat down. and yes that was if you think your views on russia's economic agenda differ from mine as president you can resign but you have to answer right here and now are you going to resign that this should be in your what's the. furnish the
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gist of my opinions do differ from yours but on only take such a decision after i've talked to the prime minister listen to say the shifting of most of the scale of what you can talk to whoever you want including the prime minister but as long as i'm the president i make these decisions you have to decide very quickly and give me an answer today if you reconsider the differences you're talking of and all if these differences do exist i see no other way than for you to resign although this would be an unpleasant outcome would be a still very harsh words there from president medvedev as you could tell except on the spot there is a missile the position now open but what this means that. through a process politics no one can really say oh we're going to see some reaction of course on the markets and for all those that were saying after the weekend's news that brussels politics are stacked boring high it might just be that they were very wrong this is just the beginning of the flight ok so there were no code red.
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thought of a possible future should tell the most the rest the world been saying across the weekend about this potential job swap as the news filtered through the reaction has been very mixed here in russia and france the globe of course social media was just a buzz feed. if you look at twitter and lots of comments both positive and negative if we just go stateside and that's not very unexpected western media really guardian on their criticism about russia and its democracy i just want to take you through one of the tweets that was written by a u.s. senator john mccain known for his anti russian rhetoric by nancy putin in specific rhetoric saying surprise surprise shocking news which it is running for president again in the back here in moscow the presidential aide to madrid you have our party to our quote which he writes but nothing to be cheerful about it's better to play ice hockey stick a stadium that of course is where the big announcement was made on the weekend and he goes on to write it's high time to switch to a sports channel now with that said it's no secret that both putin and medvedev and
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their so-called tandem enjoy very high support here in russia putin as president is known for bringing stability to the turbulent ninety's next we'll tell you that he is very much seen as a strong leader here in the country and that's part of this new life for region and made it on a ticket bringing a united russia to the parliamentary elections in december and then on to the presidential election next to this approach of it all goes to plan as they see it anyway missionary thanks very much for bringing us up to date there from central moscow and see what his departure what effect his departure has had on the russian stock markets today a book of a is that he's business testers who can catch up with her now you leery of a. yes capital here last been happening how is this news going down softer noone. could risk resignation was announced after the market closes because it became clear by meet often and that's courage and will leave his post and of course it's bad news for the russian market says so. quitter's departure is expected by many in
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the is to deliver a severe blow to russia's investment climate as he's highly respected by the international business community and also by the domestic business community as well and also can say that some of his creditors also steering russia through the two thousand and eight financial crisis so there's a lot of uncertainty on the markets right now with a lot of investors question themselves who's going to be next and what's going to happen so we can say that the markets record negatively to the prospect of his departure and now we know that he's departing and the markets dropped from the peaks earlier in the day in finally the r.t.s. closed flights to negative while the mice it's against lightly about one and a half percent but i think we're going to see more reaction from the markets as they reopen on tuesday all right the you're looking forward to seeing you again the full business bulletin about fifteen minutes time here on earth thanks for your update. eurozone leaders are working against the clock to sort of an extensive
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rescue plan for the region to head off from plunging the global economy into a new recession the idea now is to apparently boost the size of the euro zone to two trillion euros that's after may not be able to help out the bigger european economies leaders are also planning to write off half of greece's staggering. default are still on the cards greece has been hit by another wave of public protests against the public cuts meanwhile but the priority now is to prevent the so-called too big to fail countries talk about it tilly and spain for being dragged down to and as art is gone each and you can reports the global lender is being accused of disproportionate policy. the leadership has changed but the methods have not for a desperate economy the i.m.f. still are first the same bitter medicine of draconian budget belt tightening reeses push to redouble its austerity efforts at a time of deep economic recession and to sell a vast chunk of public assets at. fire sale prices some have no choice but to cut
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dificid know the i.m.f. for my hand domenic stress collins said that forcing greece to pay back its debts would on acceptably impoverished the country and that everyone must be willing to accept losses on greek debt but feel lancer p. has never been the i.m.f. strongpoint it's an institution where my main shareholder is the united states of america well any dollar any euro that is invested in the fund goes buck to the member principle and interest we not in the business obsess of subsidies we're not in the business of giving grants the u.s. and europe are holding the most votes in the organization and veto power despite the fact that emerging economies have been the engine of global growth in recent years the organization's policymaking is been under fire for being biased in favor of its top shareholders one of the functions of the i.m.f. is crisis warning and prevention but when three years ago the financial crisis in
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the u.s. was sending devastating shock waves throughout the world the organization proved completely redundant in the case of united they should have taken a much stronger position warning about the build up financial in the private economy is that right. then that will completely drop the ball and it must be able to monitor the rich. united states as well as it will only lose its credibility some experts see the intimacy between the i.m.f. and u.s. corporations as a matter of concern all of the big decisions at the i.m.f. are made by the us treasury department well even the head of the world bank has accused the top advanced economies of hypocrisy in their policies when countries with large fiscal deficits preach fiscal discipline the poor countries what are they really saying. do what i say not what i do when countries pay homage to free trade but hold back developing countries with barriers what do they really say do
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what i say not what i do a do what i say not what i do world will fracture to the detriment of all the old ways can and must change with the arguments wealthiest members themselves facing their own problems many doubt whether the organization will be able to take adequate measures to work off possibly another global crisis as well lending money to the world's weaker connelly's the i.m.f. is still facing the challenge of offering viable solutions that do not come with crippling measures but one thing is clear the world demands an i.m.f. that does not work solely for the benefit of the few i'm going to check out with forty four more parties. well with cuts of more cut similarly only recipe coming from the i.m.f. pretty sure wimp a david campbell bottom and told me people living in the euro zone won't take being forced into further austerity. but i think what's happening is democracy is
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reasserting itself a lot of countries are saying no you're getting real trouble on the streets of greece the cia actually prophesies that agree a military government in greece is a possibility god forbid. there are serious political movements in spain amongst young people in italy i think the democratic price will be more as is potentially too great and that actually takes us really to the edge when it comes to the euro is a very serious situation this is the a move in the right direction to stabilize things but democracy may just not have it the world is very interconnected it which is why this is all happening in the banking sector particularly is very interconnected i think french growing some particular very exposed to greek i think i seen a figure of forty five percent of greek debt actually been due to french banks so there is concern about the knock on effects to those growing in france and elsewhere of course it hits french banks it hits all the part banks around the
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world we're very interconnected and so yes there is real concern here. is a few minutes on this channel r.t. tonight to protect and to subdue british police powers to blanket bad marches and demos as wide paranoia leads to a rollback in the rights of expression we report for blood that in just a few. we've seen palestinians optimism over the un statehood bid very much so last week but now they'll have to play the waiting game of course as the security council considers the proposal the organizations expected to study the requests for several weeks of port knives across the latest in new york. it's no secret that the united states has promised to veto the palestinian bid for u.n. membership and state but nonetheless palestinian president mahmoud abbas made history on friday submitting an application for palestinian statehood and the security council haas to consider that application and that as you mentioned is
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a process that is beginning today security council members will meet for closed door consultations that's a process that can last for weeks we do know that there are six security council members that have already thrown their weight behind the palestinian bid needs to be nine out of fifteen security council members to approve it for it to pass but we do know that the u.s. said that they would wield their veto if they have to now washington doesn't really want to be put in a position to do this because its credibility and influence in the middle east is at stake and that is why the obama administration worked tirelessly all last week to try to convince the palestinian leader to not present the op with his application for u.n. membership and statehood now there is another option if this fails in the security council there can be a vote in the general assembly the majority of u.n. members to support the palestinian campaign for membership and statehood at the
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u.n. it would elevate palestine to nonmember observer status and that would allow palestine to join and participate many forums and file lawsuits with the international criminal court president mahmoud abbas said he will only return to the negotiation table if israel halts settlement construction and accept the nineteen sixty seven lines on a basis for talks those guidelines were not put out by the middle east quartet and as a result of that and israel has not has not stopped or. building settlements as a result of that president abbas said there is no point doing business as usual and this has been a process that has lasted for nearly two decades so at this point it doesn't look like the palestinians are being very receptive to the middle east force quartet statement that allowed both parties to go back to negotiation table within one
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month and then have everything settled within one year right now all eyes are on the u.n. to see if the palestinian bid for u.n. membership and statehood will and will in essence go through report correspondent in new york thoughts about this story from dr. advisor to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas very good to have you on the program tonight sir thank you for taking the time to be with us the security council debates expected to last maybe four weeks how do you expect this to pan out in all reality. reality it looks like the israeli position is crumbling of his support for the palestinian position is its maximum and we certainly hope it would work out positively as you know this is going to exhaust about thirty five days in process but i don't think anybody in palestine is patient enough to. ensure there would be a lot of developments to come all this was going to say i mean palestinian hopes of
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emotions running very hard we all witnessed especially last week how long though may be before the frustration. to anger if this drags out more more and. well i don't think it will turn into anger unless the united states decide to use the veto so far the palestinians are so anxious to see the palestinian state being established and as you know everybody feels that independence should have happened yesterday so the feeling is. going in the direction of not retracting not giving in rather push forward for a full vote at the security council but this is a formula so complicated and so many offers are being thrown at the table one of which is sort of. the last of which was the quote it's. just about all ought to be all are to be discussed the executive committee of the p.l.o. is executive going to want to come to that of many but i just want to pressure again the jubilation that we saw last week and i know you're saying you don't think
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it's going to frustration even violence but you know are you sure that we're not going to see violence in the west bank of palestine isn't made a u.n. member soon get and gets that statehood recognized crucially by the u.n. . well there's a slight difference between or maybe a big difference between frustration and violence or frustration yes maybe the process is going to take longer than anticipated there will be a lot of push and pull but as far as violence is concerned i don't think the palestinians will ever get into that circle especially the realizing the fact that netanyahu is in trouble is indeed looking for a way to explode his problems so he is indeed looking for maybe a new battle on the field on the ground so to distract attention from what's happening at the u. and but so far the palestinians are still they have not engaged in any retaliation even though most are being burnt by thugs of settlers and on the west bank and even though israel seems to be pushing the brink it's amassing weapons and tanks around
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some palestinian look at it is and maybe pushing the limits of what i think the palestinians are much more true much more mature than anticipated they see that the political vision is paying off and that indeed they are waiting for a diplomatic outcome you know your country in a mood to talk mideast peace quartet including very much russia in that quarter calling you palestinians to return to peace talks within a month is that going to happen. well i don't like to jump the gun i would like to wait for the executive committee to take it but this is what i have to tell you there's a big feeling here and i have to tell you this honestly that a big feeling here that the quartet has to change its position change the course of action and maybe stop being hijacked and turned into a one tatt the palestinians rather would like to see a quote it with effective russia with the fact of europe with a fact of view and not only slowly. going its way as you know the world is
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indifferent about the palestinian position you saw the speech was well received so there is a consensus among the member states of the u.n. to give palestine a state so i think it's about time and it's about time that we see a different. ok doctor surgeries so them for example if you're thought through a pleasure to have you on the program advisor as you are to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. people of britain have long been able to march in protest but those voices are being silenced in parts of london for the entire month the government is letting police blanket ban on public gatherings in some areas for service putting freedom of expression under threat of course. reports from. the view of workers activists on the home office ban on marching is clear it's an attack on the basic democratic rights working people in this country through september in six areas of london anyone marching like these people did last winter
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is liable to be arrested and fined or even imprisoned. the ban was prompted by plans by the anti muslim english defense league seen here in luton in february to march through tower hamlets the area with the highest concentration of muslims in the country but instead of banning one march on one day the home office banned all marches in six bars for an entire month activist richard seymour sees a wider motive once the ban is pastor doesn't necessarily mean to say that march isn't going to happen it just means that the police more powers and that's part of the wider problem but if you're restricted to a static demonstration the police have a right to pen you in. a restroom very. small fences or non-offensive these people behind me are amongst the lucky few they still can march just by pure accident of geography we're here in lumberton which is not one
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of the six bars affected by the ban but if as many fear the government extend and widen the ban to take in more parts of london the scenes that you see behind me both small and large marches through london and many other cities. across the country could be a thing of the past the ban comes hot on the heels of widespread rioting in many english cities in august it also coincides with the introduction of government austerity measures which some say amounts to the dismantling of the entire welfare state many say public fear of civil unrest is being manipulated to prevent unions from turning out to protest fierce cuts and patrick regan from the workers revolutionary party says it's just the tip of the iceberg to the area curfews talk about shutting down facebook social network sites. talking about it or your civil war measures because what we're doing in britain is creating historic change which
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inevitably. the majority of the population will oppose and the home office can only stop marching its powerless to prevent people from gathering but workers organizations argue it's no good just standing there you've got to be able to march to make a statement as the unions did in march when more than a quarter of a million people turned out to protest the cuts activists say that's exactly what the government's trying to stop just in terms of where we are at the moment in this country with the process of a stir to being pushed through by the government trade unions or one of the major box opposed to the public or the legislation does tend to be used against striking workers i mean that's been very clear. there's been some recent examples of people being pulled off the picket lines. obviously we can see any resistance to. freedom of expression and dissociation are enshrined in u.k. and european law with the u.k.
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renowned for its powerful union organizations but the ban gives police the ultimate power to step in and arrest demonstrators merely for exercising their right to speak out against the government and that's a dangerous precedent to set your emmet r.t. london. more stories like that more hearted amusin exclusive footage available our website r t dot com around the clock for you got lined up few tonight in fact a couple of stories that i've picked for you might be interested in if you haven't checked out our web site today so far it is estimated to have racked up or whopping two point seven billion dollars tab over libya so far that's seven times more than planned taxpayers now want to know exactly how much the military shelling out that story interesting it's almost like world war i and also meet russia's state of the art mars probe but this is the ship that set to go on a major mission to dig into martian moon and reveal the secrets of its soil science
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and technology news and a lot more to it r.t. dot com and of course as well the you tube channel a lot more admissible stories that. it's nine twenty three pm moscow time a couple of world news stories in brief we'd like to tell you about first to syria where the anti-government protests crackdown is now into its seventh month tanks have become bombarding the strategic opposition city of stand in the west it's injured at least three people the latest accounts the u.n. believes more than two thousand seven hundred go have died since the country's violence began this year in battle president assad insists terrorists are to blame and that his security forces protecting citizens. the first african woman to win the nobel peace prize has died while undergoing cancer treatment one guarded math i was seventy one founded the green belt movement which has planted millions of trees across the continent she also campaigned for democracy human rights in particular women's rights became an m.p. in two thousand and two and served as a minister in the kenyan government. and to gadhafi fighters event of the colonel's
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hometown now as this three day long assault continues certain lies between the capital and the eastern city of bend garci both now held by the national transitional council and it's one of gadhafi loyalists most stubborn strongholds still hundreds of civilians fled the war zone as revolution. forces fired tank volleys into the city from the front lines monday. very soon tonight about five minutes or so we're heading off to a tiny baltic state that's making big radical moves right now to distance itself from its soviet past first though business up there with more reaction to the departure of russia's finance minister in the last few hours. hello it's time to delve into the world of business and as we've been reporting alexei could run has resigned as russia's finance minister that follows a disagreement with president medvedev sparked by cooter and publicly stating he
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would not work until midnight if in the next administration well could transpose a commission was announced after the markets had closed it became clear by mid-afternoon quick transposition was no longer tenable correspondent peter all of a brings us the market's reaction. when somebody who's as big a play hours alexy could today intend as their resignation the effects will inevitably be felt on the markets when that announcement was made that there was an ultimatum being issued from president made yet of two cogent to get on board with may get its policies all to tender his resignation then the both the my six and the r.t.s. dropped by one percentage point no alexy couldn't is a highly respected figure in the financial world not just here in russia but also internationally he was credited with being one of the people to bring financial stability back to russia following the dark days of the mid ninety's. know he's also one of those people credited with setting up a
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a reserve fund an oil reserve fund where excess oil revenue would be stored now that reserve fund became incredibly important in two thousand and eight when the global financial crisis hit the phone being in place meant this russia didn't suffer as badly as it perhaps would have done had that money not been there now the announcement selfhood that ins resignation came at the end of the business day here in russia the markets had already closed but from mid afternoon it had been pretty confident that his position was untenable untenable and that he would be leaving the post so the markets dealt with not for a couple of hours before close with pretty much the knowledge that this was going to happen we did see some sales taking place almost to my six on the r.t.s. but. due to the volatile nature of the international markets at the moment it is very difficult to to say for sure what is the driving forces when it comes to
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seeing the markets go up and go down now will be interesting to see on tuesday morning when markets here in moscow reopen if they'll be any further changes in if they see the resignation all of them. because you couldn't will be driving first day in the making differences all the russian markets. did let's now have a look at those figures the russian markets closed makes the r.t.s. ended flat to negative and the minus six was one and a half percent at the close so have a look at some of the individual moves in the white sox most energy majors were on the rise with oil gaining two and a whole cent slipped into the negative territory in the end of the trading session of the telecom giant telecom also turned into red this comes as the company's listing twenty five percent of it shares and london. stocks are rising as investors bought that the european central bank will take action to prop up the region's unstable economy though the nasdaq is down about one percent and the european
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markets have ended monday's trading session in the blood bank and stocks were high although miners were under pressure due to we could come or to prices. and oil prices are higher this hour investors speculating that europe's overindebted prices will cut fuel demand ample supplies brant land is over one hundred four dollars a barrel while a light switch is it's about eighty dollars a barrel. that's all we have time for knowledge join me in lost in all this time for another business update and get more from our website our team dot com slash business.
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world. renewed the latest in this. from the realms. we've gone to the future of coverage. in some petersburg she's available in hotels a story an. ambassador. hotel a trip on a sotto her true school toto. still. see it come this. visit.
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live from moscow you're watching r t international top stories tonight the first fallout from. putin's presidential plans as russia's finance minister is fine but. the treasury treif said on sunday that he couldn't serve and to a new government russia's leading. credit. to scramble for a rescue plan to stave off the euro collapse new wave of global recession the international monetary fund. countries. prescribe small cuts while doing. the most powerful body prepares for talks over the palestinian statehood bid which president mahmoud abbas handed in last week but the u.s. and israel are being blamed for still wanting to be historic.


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