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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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well back to the big picture i'm coming up in this half hour i can talk continues on wall street details and live thousands more could join the occupiers of lower manhattan and federal reserve chairman ben bernanke he told congress to get to work helping the unemployed find jobs but there's something that bernanke and the rest of the power players wash and just don't yet know what that is and ideally take the first let's go back to the one. we have with. neil. neil mccabe i'm sorry i'm sorry carl fresh and bright and you washington post poll confirms that what the american people have known i think all along that who cares
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about the haves and the have nots right ok. they have nots fifteen percent the first poll they were asking who the obama administration is looking for fifteen percent so they have twenty percent say they have nots forty five percent said the obama administration is treating this but that stands in contrast to what people are saying when they were asked about who the republicans are looking out for whopping forty seven percent of the ads publicans loved the ads only seven percent said they have not thirty two percent said treating the same so nearly half the country believes the republicans are only looking out for the super rich are they well i think you should take those independent numbers and add it to the republicans most independents are republicans but if i too embarrassed because of the social pressures on campuses that's what it was about obama that he won't again i mean honestly the paul you're citing these poll numbers and i do think that republicans maybe favor the house because they want everybody. they want everybody
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to have a job they love capitalism they love the free market why do you have a job why why does rick scott get applause when he's one of the rags of atlanta fifteen thousand people but because people don't want they don't like big government they don't like to see money squandered by state and teachers and he were applauding hers. firefighting convey literally laid other teachers laws torture workers so that they could concentrate on helping children you really and truly are in favor of the you think americans should make progress unless the rest of us you think that is the private sector has moved from good jobs down to taco bell wages and the public sector should do the same what i'm saying is that teachers who want to teach if it comes a point where the budget won't support it they should say our love of teaching and helping children is more important than our material benefit bankers who want to bank because they so love banking if they can't get the two billion dollars a year we should we should get very very concerned about that i don't think there's a direct connection i thought we're talking about teachers and i think i think what
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is honestly you know the truth is that a republicans don't like unions the republicans don't like public education you know they don't believe that the government has any role in that and it should be left up to a couple parents in the garage. and we if we want to invest in our economy this is where you do it don't give the tax cuts to the billionaires and millionaires in oil companies put those monies into schools where we're going to be getting a long term revealed out of it out of the teachers should be teaching for taco bell wages because they love teaching doctor all reasonably should be doctoring to reargue i want to see any articles about teachers leaving the profession because they weren't making enough and there's a real problem a lot of the money to good portion of money goes not to teachers not in the classroom it goes to bureaucrats because the teachers unions set up these massive bureaucracies that are sucking up money so you're not spending money on actual teachers that are talking to kids it's a bunch of lazy bureaucrat actually teachers who are laid off yet and have bureaucracy with teachers in europe. don't get laid off nothing for example
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everybody in the health insurance industry the private for profit health insurer media have the greatest teachers in the world are actually nuns who have taken an oath of poverty so i think it has nothing to do with celery and chastity so if you want to teach america here's your solution will it work supreme or the children supreme court justice clarence thomas is a group of twenty house democrats have called on the department of justice to launch an investigation into what thomas is up to there is this thing called the ethics and government act which was passed back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which said that supreme court justices now the supreme court has recused itself or not because of it has it has taken itself out of the federal code of judicial ethics so they've been breaking the federal code you know just i mean you know like a school duck hunting with dick cheney two weeks before he was deciding this case if any other federal judge did that they would find themselves in jail right this supreme court has said that doesn't count but this law specifically names the
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supreme court is having to comply with and and it says that they have to raise reveal expose as income and yet thomas for almost a decade to see six years i believe was failed to reveal that his wife was taking over seven hundred thousand dollars from the heritage foundation i've heard of and i think you have some affiliation with a high threat of oedipal is that right and and you know he has. and thomas himself that fifteen thousand dollars in the american enterprise institute and and then ruled three times in favor of them in cases before the court. this is and he's been on a coke brothers junket and you know it was goes on and on so wouldn't we be better off without corrupt justices like clarence thomas and all he's not i mean we all know that his wife i mean it wasn't a secret that she was working at the heritage foundation for one thing and second of all was the secret how much money she was right now he's disclosed that he it's a paperwork error that he corrected no are we going to. pretty well. just cannot
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effectively fill out their own paperwork what are they doing on the budget and the like i hear secretary treasury i understand ordered ways and means i understand he doesn't you know like to talk on the bench but at least i figured he'd get his paperwork for all right so we have you're saying that that's a conflict what about justice kagan the fact that you practically wrote and she definitely worked for an administration and helped craft obamacare yet she's going to be deciding cases on oh you know if she's going to do what is it also is she we also don't know thomas all europe and the justice department has already recused herself from one case that she has refused or for a cell from obamacare and we know she won with that had cases that come before the supreme court happening here was he knows the future ok but you would dissipate the chill withdraw from that case i would expect that she probably will and that and thomas should and i hope he will because you know which is very well yeah there's no way she will it's too important to her former boss that put her on the court i mean we all know that kagan is tom her purpose on the court is to be an advocate
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for the obama administration was and that's why it wasn't only in a kagan against whom this you know who was asked to be investigated by the justice moore by thirty members of congress it was clarence thomas and all the kids and democrats are just democrats and his wife has spent over has taken over one hundred fifty thousand dollars to lobby specifically against obamacare right isn't there a problem here that this is not new for the thomases by the way. ginni thomas has been part of every major right wing interest going back a couple decades and she's deeply involved in the efforts behind the tea party so we know that we know there's going to be capital we know that we know that she's a partisan what we didn't know was what she was being paid and to conceal something like that i mean part of the reason these laws even exist is to expose that type of potential conflict of interest to hide is anybody really believe that clarence thomas if there's anybody out there is going to come out in this case i mean we all know that. as
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a constitutional conservative we know where alito is going to come out you know where roberts is going to be so they have to say that all of you here all have to accept that women work in this society and that these conflicts are going to happen if we want to choose the right best intentions only mortgage children carl if she was staying home in the kitchen you would have no problem unfortunately these are skills that listen i was disappointed to hear i like what i heard that there's something very interesting from bryant the heritage foundation in eighty seven came out with a paper saying the individual mandate was constitutional in fact it was their idea they called her it was their idea now yesterday they got all the talking points memo i got back there and show it to you know familiar with the same calling that the heritage plan referring to is there with a memo they congratulated romney when he put a. program and in fact the heritage foundation's been in favor of a mandate in fact when when the clinton administration came out with their program heritage supported newt gingrich's plan which was an individual mandate all the along the heritage foundation and all the conservatives have been going home for an
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individual mandate until we get a democrat the white house i don't get it well one of the constitution i mean it's not as if the constitution suddenly changed you know if you go look at the heritage foundation website right now you'll find a paper that discusses why it's on condit was an internet name. you'll find it there no we didn't write anything about the legal aspects of forcing mel americans to buy a product in private commerce i mean if you if you allow the federal government to force people to buy health care if there's no got morse yes there is mandate has no penalties associate if you don't do anything if you are forced to buy health care you know you will if you ignore about anything that you don't want you don't get hurt but once you change your system you can voluntarily pay that seven hundred dollars but you there's no mechanism to punish them where you know where does the punishment come in that well it's a good question i mean you know probably a decision is when you actually show up at the emergency room and they look you up in the computer and they say oh by the way you will as angry and that's what happens to fifty thousand americans or you know you have to go. ok let's talk about
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the calls to us postal workers across the nation gathered to try to save the postal service four hundred twenty two for many different sites the back in two thousand and six the bush administration passed this very bizarre piece of legislation some democrats were on board on this i think people got snookered that said that the post postal service uniquely it is the largest unionized employer in the united states it's the second largest employer this is number one unionized so of course the republicans are going to take a train take a bite out of their broads and the post office uniquely over ten year period would have to set aside by billion dollars a year to pay to fund the health benefits of retirees seventy five years from now we're not yet even born there will be no other company in america does this you know whether they will be born until twenty fifty seven ok so some people who will not be born until twenty fifty seven the post office right now has to set aside their retirement funds this was clearly a poison pill an attempt to bankrupt the post office and you know there's a good effort now being made by people now as representatives to repeal that law so
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the post office can be funded like every other rational business in america and well no i'm talking about it. because unions are not increasing the cost and when you go into a post on this gotten you never had to wade into this or do always know you has the most obvious would have a lot of billion dollars surplus it in the black every year until this happened in tel they put this in since one nine hundred seventy three when they changed the law saying the post office from fund itself through postal stamps has been in the black and in two thousand and seven the first year that this law was in effect they were in the red for the first time ever in that period they have been in the black and they've it nobody ever thought but the post office they could make it through rain sleet or snow would be tripped up and killed off by the republican party if it's in the constitution well i mean the only authority we have to build roads is because they can have the money was a huge postal strike with a national guard was. every male and that's why nixon in congress had to take it
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sort of out of its constitutional place where it was no longer a cabinet position and it has been changed since then that that reform in two thousand and six was supposed to put it on strong footing and this is poison pill this pain shit is just strong push to do sherry responsibility that is i think if this is what makes anything worse i think to make business to do this for all of their work we got to move to the quick question and we figured ok it looks like to see baggers are fading fast no more rallies the public is kind of turned against them and now the occupy wall street movement seems to be capturing the discontent in america to get back in the headlines and tea baggers are looking for a name change which they probably should have been a long time ago so what will it be a the zombie corporate force that will take down president obama's brownshirts also known as america or be the kansas kitchen clan aka the k.k.k. or c. big dick army's army. do you guys i don't think we say tea baggers i don't know if you know this tom but actually it was used by conservatives so you will find that of ok so you don't mean you know that i would call them the we party because you
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get the double entendre just like you do with the tea party ok and you call them the winter party because if you party won in the last what me and they're going to win and the guys are doing ok and my answer in part responding in response to what you'll have to say is on the screen. you can't read it can you but i'm not going to like you it's like. the deal. karl thank you for your time spent with them but if you. coming out the occupy wall street protests is picking up speed the latest details of the movement after the break. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who made the decision to break through and through and made who can you trust no one who is human view with a global mission. we'd see where we had
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a state controlled capitalism school satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. for. the occupy wall street movement is picking up some critical support demonstrators have been camped out for thirteen straight days now in lower manhattan for reinforcements are on the way top unions and progressive organizations like the you
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united federation of teachers and the transport workers unions as well as move on dot org and a slew of others frankly have pledged to join the demonstrators next week transit workers union alone which voted unanimously to support the occupy wall street movement on wednesday it's a membership of thirty eight thousand people with this new support the number of people on the streets could swell by the thousands each day this goes on it's looking more and more like something big really is happening in america for the latest on this i'm joined by jay meyers investigative reporter contributor to alter net jay welcome back. thanks for having me back thanks for keeping up to date on this with with us and for us it was reported today that over one hundred new york police department officers are refusing to come into work in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement and these reports are true. i haven't gotten confirmation from then my p.d.
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but it sure makes sense right i mean if we're facing austerity budgets because of wall street nefariousness and fraudulence it stands to reason that all public workers have to fear for their pensions and police know that they're one unemployment away from being right there with so if it's not true it certainly ought to be what do you think about these new endorsements from labor unions and progressive groups what do you think it's going to mean for those who've been camped out there. oh it's going to mean everything if there is institutional support by groups with any sort of political power and any sort of organizing power then that means that it's a perpetuation of the movement i don't know if you've seen occupy together dot org but it's got a list of all of the solidarity occupations that are going on across the united states and even some abroad that this movement is really really picking up steam today in liberty plaza park there was no room to move there was no room to sit it was i would say forty five hundred people and then they all virtually all of them had a silent march past police plaza. in protest of the police matelote encouraged
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last week this is really starting to capture the imagination of america and all of the progressive organizations that work to make a fair economy are seeing that this is what's really energized this is not an organizational superstructure it is grassroots activism at its finest and they all want to help out for obvious reasons jay. back in the early days of mahatma gandhi's protests protest is not anywhere near a strong enough word but you know his taking on the machine of the british government. he he made it very clear to the people who were with him that even when they were being whipped from horseback even when they were being beaten and those things happened as you well know that if if they respond if they lifted a hand in response he said one i'm paraphrasing here but basically he said one one
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violent response to their violence one small but violent response their violence is the equivalent of a drop of arsenic in a glass of water it turns a sour and it's a poison how what is being done you know assuming that you share that promise with gandhi what is being done by the groups in zuccotti park to prove it's. crazy. these among them to prevent or not crazies just people who think that they righteously have a. reason to respond to violence with violence. well they've had nonviolence trainings i mean part of what made such a such an effective tool and part of what made snick and the s.d.l.c. such effective organizations in the civil rights movement is that they took time to very diligently ensure that anything that could interrupt the group's message was provided against right if the sit ins woolworth counters had turned violent it
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would that would have been the headline right and then the civil rights message and the equality message would have been completely lost now today we had a really interesting illustration of this because mayor bloomberg was on the radio this morning and he said that sure protestors have a right to protest but we also have a right to make sure that people can walk down the street unmolested which was news that he was such an ardent supporter of being able to walk down the street unmolested to many people who were beaten and had their hair it done had put in their face by officer tony baloney last week. but the fact is that all passers by are offered to come in have some free food discuss the issues there has not been a single instance of any. violence or assault or even really hostility from the members of this community that's living in liberty plaza park this is a community that is doctrinally against violence and all of its actions show it and
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it takes great care to train its its participants in how to be nonviolent in case of arrest in case of harassment how to do that because it's critical for advancing the message that this remain a nonviolent protest the weekend seemed to be the time when the press isn't looking even a lot of the weekend shows the news to be about news shows are recorded on. friday afternoon and they play on the weekends. and it was last weekend the soft serve that you talked about you know. attacked this woman with mace or pepper spray. do you have any plans for this weekend. i plan to be there i mean i'm going on tomorrow i'm going on with chris hayes on amiss and you see in the morning because he's he's. covering it and i'll be on with allison kilkenny of the nation and citizen radio so it is getting some press over the weekend the other thing about the weekend is that it's a time when people aren't working right and so that's the time when the numbers in
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liberty plaza park find themselves spiking a lot because they will be hard as the larger question here is that you know it seems like the possibility of a violent confrontation with police is greater on the weekend for all these reasons our. plans to prevent that or are you anticipating that. today i talked with the executive director of the n y c o u who. this whole week we've been in conversation about having observers there to make to sort of supplant the media as the sort of a botched roll i that can make cops apprehensive about using violence but today she told me that actually folks have been my seal you're gathering that it's not going to be a very vent for weekend on that front so here's open it's a good sign i mean you know it was because it was last week and with so many ok last question we have just a little less than a minute what's going on with the other occupy programs all around the country. oh they're taking the country by storm and even the world by storm seattle is about to
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start new orleans is starting my friends i'll call across the country or are going to these protests he said in chicago's going well boston is going well people should go to occupy together dot org and see what a movement this is smart the front page of the times yesterday had to think about how this is part of an international mood of protest that spans from israel to india and right on back again to wall street so this is a very exciting moment anyone who's in new york who hasn't gotten down there must it's the american spring j. thank you for being with us here's thanks tom thank you it looks like corporate greed crony capitalism and the for the rich by the rich economy they have finally reached a tipping point here in the united states of america. i. it's there's something seriously wrong with our economy and federal reserve chairman ben
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bernanke he acknowledged as much yesterday in cleveland. this unemployment situation we have the job situation is really a national crisis. we've had now you know close to ten percent unemployment now for you know a number of years and of the people who are unemployed about forty five percent if they got a ploy for six months or more this is unheard of this is never happened in the post-war period in the united states and it went on to ask congress to get to work helping the unemployed but what ben bernanke he and speaker john boehner and even president obama just don't seem to get is that our economy will never improve and so we end our insane so called free trade policies that's one of the stimulus package but it's better than doing nothing won't do nearly enough to get our economy back on track take for example president obama's two thousand and nine stimulus package well it did inject billions of dollars into the hands of working
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people and small businesses the problem is that the stimulus didn't work in the classical keynesian way the way that it did work back in the one nine hundred thirty s. back in the thirty's when the government paid workers to plant trees or build dams for the c.c.c. or the t.v. a those workers would then spend that money in local stores to buy clothes manufactured by americans in american factories by american workers who then took that money as pay and bought more american made stuff in stores making so in things made by americans the money kept circulating from hand to hand from business to business for years all the while staying right here in the united states so a dollar a stimulus back then could over many years produce many many dollars of stimulation of the economy. with the obama stimulus since so many of our factories have been packed up and shipped off to mexico china vietnam and dozens of other low wage countries over the past two decades because of so-called free trade the money
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american spent buying things is not going back into american businesses anymore so it ends up stimulating the economy of those other countries and so ours and even want to spend here for products so sensibly made here the profits often end up offshore because of so-called free trade for example if people went out and bought a new cd ninety seven percent of that money went offshore if they went to a movie seventy five percent of that money went offshore or if they just wanted to relax and take their mind off economic troubles by purchasing a bottle of wine in a good book in that case sixty four percent of the money spent purchasing in the run went offshore and sixty three percent of the money in the book run by by using the profits in a way anything anybody brought that was made of rubber fifty three percent of that money went outside the u.s. . the simple fact is since our nation got conned into and our sovereignty over to
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trans national corporations under the guise of free trade we no longer make computers or t.v.'s or clothes or power tools or toys or pretty much anything in the us anymore except military hardware junk food and burgers so unless you are using your stimulus money to buy a cruise missile or lunch at a seven eleven then more than likely that money was just going to go to a foreign business to pay taxes to foreign governments and employ foreign workers who then go out and buy foreign flicks all the while the c.e.o.'s of what used to be american corporations but are now transnational giants are making more and more money paying slipping americans and hiring workers in bangladesh for a tenth of the price where by the way they can also pollute pollute all they want our economy used to be focused on empowering american industries and empowering american workers but now the focus is on paying them less and less to compete with former labor as sir james goldsmith one of the richest men in the world at the time noted in his book the trap in the great days of the usa that henry ford stated that
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he wanted to pay high wages to his employees so that they could become his customers why as cars today we're proud of the fact that we pay low wages we have forgotten that the economy is a tool to serve the needs of society and not the reverse the ultimate purpose of the economy is to create prosperity with stability. and that purpose is best served through government policies like tariffs and the support of labor unions but protect american industries and make sure americans have good wages and good benefits as i talk about my book on equal protection when our government is hijacked by corporate people so-called people with huge armies of lobbyists and the purpose of an economy shifts to serving the needs of the corporations and it no longer serves actual human people with free trade does is peel away government protections of national industries and thus let go of global billionaires and transnational corporations dive in to feast on the goods and that's where we are
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today with our economy being devoured by transnational corporations who have no allegiance whatsoever to america but instead only the profits to cold hard cash and that's it and so are lawmakers most of whom have either been bought off or drank the free trade kool-aid realize this fact that no stimulus will ever truly help our economy and therefore our economy will never improve over the long term every stimulus effort will last only a few weeks or months the few weeks or months it takes for somebody to take the wages from the stimulus job into a walmart and buy something made overseas poof goes the money poof goes the stimulus we need to wake up and ditch so-called free trade before it's too late as the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered this is our web sites of thom hartmann dot com free speech or there are also check out for you tube channels there are links of thom hartmann dot com and her show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes free thom hartmann i phone or i pad app of the
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store he sends for you that feedback at twitter at tom underscore hartman on facebook it's on those for don't forget their marker see to give you tag you're it see them or. more news today fallen since vosa game flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china for asians or the day.


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