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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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hello and welcome to the program on this week show we continue our exploration of the old many built out of a bag ok today in the northwest of russia after st petersburg it's a popular tourist destination because seoul hematology old cobbled streets and its arrest orthodox cathedrals there's plenty to see and to do in the region. typical it looks like there's a storm coming here soon and with the umbrellas always a good thing for tourists to have joining autumn in russia and weather aside one
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thing that is certain iraq to be big recently is growth opportunity and an increase in visitors the bench is an important transport hub connected by the railway network to st petersburg moscow karelia m finland about one hundred thirty kilometers northwest of the former capital roughly five express trains a day leave from the finance the station and take almost two hours to reach the berg trains also connect here from moscow many visitors can come here from now sinking talent further afield by boat or bus the first railway station of the bank opened in eight hundred sixty nine was part of the railway track connecting same petersburg i'm guessing force as house was then called the ground where we station we see now is the project of architects from st petersburg built in one thousand fifty three in the typical grand stalinist style sieberg is one of the biggest and most beautiful towns in the leningrad region the name consists of two parts the word bird meaning a town a fortress and is part of many european towns now. names and the word v.
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which is said to come from the old german language meaning st the history of the book started in the eleventh century when a small settlement here once part of sweden and finland and now russia every centuries the fusion of cultures and traditions has become only too apparent attractions and architectural monuments are closely connected with this history wow what an amazing view and now the big attracts many tourists with stunning history and amazing architecture ok some of it is a little groggy and rundown but i think that's what gives this place its character also there are many different cultural events and festivals that take place during the us if you want to enjoy all of them do you check the dates before you visit. you can easily say it's like an open air museum along the cobbled lanes with the birds medieval castle walk around and a sports vacations or explore the branch of the hematology museum the location has also had many famous guests including russian composing the child link up on the bow street leader vladimir lenin as one of the most european russian locations
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locals are obviously proud of their homeland. i think peter the great wisely chose this area to be. as it's a focal point for country with great legal strength. makes up it's time to eat and we've arrived at what's called the fast because the restaurant located in a large circular tower is one of the oldest in town that's how it itself was built in the middle of the sixteenth century and since then hasn't many different pieces first part of a massive fortification with time it became a pharmacy and then i mean mission store it was used even as a prison in the beginning of the twentieth century after the town grew in the tower appeared to be right in the center of the book there were plans to destroy it but the architecture of monuments it was in the end preserved and turned into a restaurant. with international dishes can be tasty and well cooked. entries of
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their origin like sushi in japan or specially can the carcasses so don't try to show off like some restaurants instead offering traditional russian and european because the end. inside the mediƦval interior is in some interesting entertainments . these mommas are prickly quite current the restaurant is decorated with new orleans to pick from the history of the dark with inscriptions in finnish swedish latin and russian join the water towers close to the restaurant reopened in one thousand seventy six since then has become one of the make anything of any use in debug. if you're looking for a popular place to eat in the bird this restaurant is a great choice not only do they serve delicious food but there's also live entertainment today there's a many tons sherry there are many dishes on offer to have come for the traditional
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residency and the many is are all printed in english and finish which is ideal for me i was trying to say. absolutely delicious. so what other tourist sites can be decided in the back there are several museums on the grounds of the boscastle and one of them is a museum of torture the rather dog display features contraptions used to punish interrogate and execute people during the middle ages although the museum founders say none of the actual exhibits have enemies in the car so and they are all replicas. of cities with as the diesel engines represent the epoch which is called the late middle ages there are also solutions from a later period but generally they were not used after the thirty years war in the first half of the seventeenth century we've tried to depict some of the most popular medieval means of execution prevalent in the majority of european turns of
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the time but. there are several restaurants in d'iberville your pinku scene. is a bit restaurant in the old town its name comes from the legend connected with the first owner bought cars who also had wine cellars in debug he attracted visitors to his venue offering the largest portions in town also the pile was served to every guest it was promised that the luckiest one could find inside one of them the pastry with bells gimmick is long gone but the portions in the restaurant still generous. another restaurant which attracts tourists in the back is cool could it lead to more located in a quaint area in the old historical part of the city the atmosphere in this art cafe as the others call it is quiet and relaxed. when the weather is nice they have an outside terrace and live music on weekends you can also create additional self choosing from the list of ingredients provided on the menu there are several hotels
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in beaver granting for modest accommodation to more expensive hotels the victoria hotel and business center is a newly built complex in the city center offering panoramic views of the bay and the castle there are sixty rooms of various types including apartments and studios and also several conference halls of our restaurants and a fitness center. grooving to nature now and after several hours of entertainment and sizing it's time for some fresh air and relaxation one of the main landmarks of debug and the surrounding area is the manrico park and estate and it's all space occupying about one hundred eighty actors of land various species of plants can be found in the reserve it's for the inside verse in the park attracts many wild animals and birds but the main the natural attraction the park is its rocky landscape and geological formations which can be found anywhere else in the world. by mickey it. is a valuable part of the art of ground parks and estates from the eighty to ninety
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eight centuries it's a park on the rocks it features a lot of cliffs stones and granite and trees here grow right on the stones. this park is situated on a picturesque islands two kilometers from the city center i was where the biggest estate ensembles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries preserved in the north leningrad region with its nature wildlife story buildings and unique landscape a trip here is well worth the effort. funded by the officer in charge of the book it was soon acquired by the governor of the province he used to value sing spectacular feasts it was named. french for my rest my leisure. and rest it does provide that with incredible scenery nature. and while flush this this is supposed to end the fear in this park is will amazing it's relaxing and invigorating and like a century it's very positive. and journey back into
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time splendid example of european russia moving into the next phase of its life medieval consuls and historic estates are slowly and surely being renovated one by one. millions might not have heard of the book but as an upcoming european destination this peaceful recent town is certainly one to watch. that we haven't already the russian of the russians how vbac is over i'll see you again at the same time next week i will be back in the research council and select from the rest of the curve by. nature and discover its beauty.
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communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just. san antonio in trouble. the problem. you can get involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper
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radio stations television stations the cable but you told me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. are. we here because our. god promised them this the land belongs to us. we'll if they are still going to be thinking. and gone chosen people will believe that god is real estate say look at this that is this for you guys and this is. this or. this or my then.
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twenty years ago the largest country in the world disintegrated. what had been a tremendous that each began a journey. where did it take them. even the rocks of this and should land the sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic ritual. on the crossroads of two religion's. safe is strong and spirit is hard.
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the northern nato troops are. getting into the upcoming political challenges facing. the. brink of a humanitarian catastrophe with civilians being driven out of the. headlines here and now i'm joined by. thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes. to his side school three tries in the
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defeat. of the world cup. plus man city boss mancini forgets to focus on the english premier league. and rookie vegas shows his class in vegas. on the p.g.a. tour. stop the rugby world cup the news has quit russia coach he made the announcement after his side of the tournament with a sixty eight twenty two defeat to his trailer russia had lost all their games prior to this one and were expected to be beaten had believe but they did salvage some pride after only losing the second half twenty one points to seventy which tries coming through. said he had made the decision to step down some weeks. the quarter finals with. a hamstring injury elsewhere france lost the tong at nineteen fourteen but. point
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to take the runners up for group a behind new zealand while england and scotland are taking on each other in a do or die matching group and it's the scots who need nine three with the second half just getting underway the english need to win. a place in the last eight while scotland need to win by eight points to keep their hopes alive. to win the pacific open in tokyo a six three six two victory for the twenty two year old against the russian you've gone two games in the first that but then she lost to form someone. picking up a winner three hundred sixty thousand dollars. i'm up to twelfth in the world rankings. and in the russian premier league today i had the chance to draw with draw level with second place. the blue and white space in the dark and i win for the muscovites but also move them to within two points of lead is any strike you
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kevin could on your return for dinner after completing a one match suspension. for the nominee only top eight side playing today elsewhere terry start life with. a former sparta goalkeeper. defeated to last time at. travel to. and then the england manager to city have rejected a bit by west ham to take trouble to strike a colorist have is the origin time has been suspended since refusing to come off the subs bench against bind in the champions league however coach roberto mancini says he's not dwelling on what happened and is focused on today's clash with black believing as a manager he will be judged on results. first morning was finished. to draw or more.
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because if you get. started very. important the more. i will do the job. because it will be very different. in other games today ladies manchester united are going to nora to liverpool travel to everton for the darby that unbeaten villa housework and wolves will try and stop their recent slump when they take on newcastle that morning mall in new unsung land and to rob. not talks are continuing to solve a payday could threaten the start of the n.b.a. season on november the first the players' association is meeting with the n.b.a. club owners again after talks failed to find a solution on friday all stars such as kevin durant le bron james comey the anthony and dwayne wade were at the discussions a club owners want to cap salaries and trim the amount of money plays are safe and revenues from fifty seven percent to less than half of this is already running for
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three months and training camps and preseason games have been called off and no one is predicting a solution any time soon. going every meeting with the idea that we will begin their. work. places. as well as we do and i guess we also use the group uses. a lot of players we. were able to pick up the perspective of the owners of a lot of owners were here and they were. respectable good players and were meeting for more. of the. candidates. running away with the military g.p. championship at the moment and he is just playing this tent pole of the season. will be at the front of the grid for the race on sunday at the japanese graeme prix the repsol home to ride it was two tenths of
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a second quicker than your. last time is tonight dovizioso third fast stoner has a forty four point lead at the top of the standings going into the final four races of the season. meanwhile three plays share the lead after the second round in las vegas kevin are charlie we and jonathan vegas are all twelve under par the justin timberlake shriners hospitals the children open vegas was the leader after the opening day on the roof right at the front of the four under sixty seven a great pain there from now i had a bogey free sixty three to date but it is well we went around in sixty six. and on the european tour upcoming goal for tommy fleetwood has a share of the lead at the alfred dunhill links championship the twenty year old shot a nine under par sixty three yesterday that puts him on top of the leaderboard with michael holmes on twelve. meanwhile the russian cup has finished golfers took
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part well golfers who took part may not be household names at the moment but there was plenty of talent normal less as the tournament attracts russia's best as constantine patel reports. this year's final day of the russian cup turned out to be a true unpredictable three one thanks to its match play form and the first surprise was sprung in the woman semifinals where the men are who are close now to one stroke. however two thousand and five russian champion managed to explode it in a battle against. doing the. playoffs i. first . deserved to win i was upset but it's ok. for a second. really.
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hurt. that one so i had to tough much as it. was. and to the. phrase throw a twenty two year old monarch and i went close to repeating her semifinal success but the score was level after eighteen holes meaning again a playoff would be needed to determine the new owner of the cup on this occasion it was a three time russian champion mr owen who shoulder acquired poise to add yet another trophy cabinet. and really had it to him today i'm glad that i had to play against in africa and gentile around damn much it was a real challenge. is my favorite talent as match. and i like it meanwhile no one was surprised to see in the men's decider the nineteen year old demonstrating solid blame the face of pressure throughout the tournament eventually
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battling his way to a final with a man he shares his trainer with you gay walk of the kalash thing tonight on the four hundred nine but teenager who was a run of two years ago would finally take the overall victory a strong early on the seventeenth. there's all this that and the tournament was very tough especially the first two days i wasn't satisfied with my flying but i made the cuts and then felt more confident i like much play as you get the experience to play one on one with the opponent. golf is a sport which has yet to capture the imagination of the masses here with full ice hockey and basketball very much ruled the roost but with such intriguing to an end says the russian cup the hope is that the next lee westwood or any concerns them will emerge in the tease soon. or achieve. a man is the sport for the moment more later.
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even the. sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a prayer. or a shamanistic ritual. crossroads of two hundred agents. safe and strong and spirit is hot. wealthy british style sign it's time to.
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market. candles find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. very first verses of the bible to all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or knowledge is. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier territories was to do with deterrents doing what we call making our presence felt you go out should some bozo they hear a knock on some doors run to the other corner and they don't know the house religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed
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a few one. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a feat if you have to be either extremely naive or extremely stupid do you not to be a shill religious jew calling another joe a not not the way they really are. in the czech republic he's available in a hotel assayas central hotel. most full stop. i'm a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. and out of each. foot you know. in serbia multis available in. regency.
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more violence erupts in northern kos it was nato troops adopt a shoot to kill policy toward serbian protesters demonstrating against the caesar of a disputed checkpoint. newspaper is already getting their teeth into the upcoming political challenges facing russia as president may be and assess bush's popularity makes him the best candidate for the top job. and human rights groups raising alarm over a growing number of revenge abuses by revolutionary fighters in libya the claims comus could obvious last stronghold sink into a humanitarian crisis. one pm of the russian capital you're watching our team.


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