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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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influence grows in the us as protesters head into the week and turn to the police following a series of arrests and allegations of brutal behavior. just some of the headlines on the saturday before you here but next we take you want to picture a town of. a melting pot of russian swedish and finnish culture to stick around. hello and welcome to the program on this week show we continue our exploration of
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the old many built out of the bag ok said in the northwest of russia to st petersburg it's a popular tourist destination because so hematology old cobbled streets and rescue orthodox cathedrals there's plenty to see and to do in the region. typical it looks like there's a storm coming here soon out with the umbrella as always a good thing for tourists to have joining autumn in russia and weather aside one thing that has certain iraq to debug recently is growth opportunity and an increase in businesses the burj is an important transport hub connected by the railway network to st petersburg moscow karelia and finland about one hundred thirty kilometers northwest of the former capital roughly five express trains a day leave from the finland ski station and take almost two hours to reach the burj trains also connect here from moscow many visitors can come here for now sinking talent further afield by boat or bus the first railway station of the bank opens in eight hundred sixty nine was part of the railway track connecting st
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petersburg i'm guessing force as house and he was then called the ground where we station we see now is the project of architects from st petersburg built in one nine hundred fifty three in the typical grand stalinists style sieberg is one of the biggest and most beautiful towns in the leningrad region the name consists of two parts the word bird meaning a town a fortress and a. many european towns names on the word defeat which is said to come from the old german language meaning st the history of the book started in the eleventh century when a small settlement once part of sweden and finland and now russia every centuries the fusion of cultures and traditions has become only too apparent attractions and architectural monuments to a closely connected with its history wow what an amazing view and now the big attracts many tourists with stunning history and amazing architecture ok some of it is a little grotty and rundown but i think that's what gives this place its character also there are many different cultural events and festivals that take place during
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the year so if you want to enjoy all of them do check the dates before you visit. you can easily say the book is like an open air museum walk along the cobbled lanes with the birds medieval castle walk around and a sports vacations or explore the branch of the hematology museum the location has also had many famous guests including russian composing the hard link up on the bow street leader vladimir lenin as one of the most european russian locations locals are obviously proud of their homeland. really great wisely chose this area to be exposed to fusion as it's a focal point for country with great legal strength it. makes up its time to eat and we've arrived at what's called the start because the restaurant located in a large circular tower is one of the oldest in town the tower itself was built in the middle of the sixteenth century and since then has at many different uses first
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part of a massive fortification with tom it became a pharmacy and then i mean ition store it was used even as a prison in the beginning of the twentieth century after the town grew in the tower appeared to be right in the center of the book there were plans to destroy it but the architectural monuments it was in the end preserved and turned into a restaurant. or a national dish is going to taste. stanwell cooked only countries of their origin like sushi in japan or specially can the carcasses so don't try to show off like some restaurants instead offering traditional russian and european cars the end. inside missing mediƦval injurious to some interesting entertainment. least mommas or wrigley quite current the restaurant is decorated with new orleans to pick from the history of iraq with inscriptions in finnish swedish latin and
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french and join the water towers close to the restaurant reopened in one hundred seventy six to stamp has become one of the main anything can use in the drug. if you're looking for a popular place to eat in the baroque this restaurant is a great choice not only do they sell finishes food but there's also live entertainment today many photogs sherry there are many dishes on offer to have gone for the traditional. and the menus are all printed in english and finnish which is ideal for me i was trying to say. absolutely delicious. so what other tourist sites can be to sit in the back there are several museums on the grounds of the boscastle and one of them is a museum of torture the rather dog display features contraptions used to punish interrogate and execute people during the middle ages although the museum founders
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say none of the actual exhibits have enemies in the casa and they are all replicas . of cities with these illusions representing which is called the late middle ages there are also some items from a later period but generally they were not used after the thirty years war in the first half of the seventeenth century we've tried to depict some of the most popular medieval means of execution prevalent in the majority of european turns of the time but. there are several restaurants in your pain cuisine. is a bit restaurant in the old town its name comes from the legend connected with the first owner bought cars who also had wine cellars in the back he attracted visitors to his venue offering the largest portions in town also a pile was served to every guest and it was promised that the luckiest one could find a pearl inside one of them the pastry with tells gimmick is long gone but the portions in the restaurant still generous. another restaurant which
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attracts tourists in the back is cool could it lead to more located in queens area and the old historical part of the city the atmosphere in this art cafe as the others call it is quiet and relaxed. when the weather is nice they have an outside terrace and live music on weekends you can also create additional self choosing from the list of ingredients provided on the menu there are several hotels in beaver grange in for modest accommodation to more expensive hotels the victoria hotel in business center is a newly built complex in the city center offering panoramic views of the bay and the castle there are sixty rooms of various types including apartments and studios and also several conference halls of our restaurants and a fitness center. moving to nature now and after several hours of entertainment and side seeing it's time for some fresh air and relaxation one of the main landmarks of debug and the surrounding area is the one repots park and estate and it's all
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space occupying about one hundred eighty actors of land various species of plants can be found in the reserved seats for the inside verse in the park attracts many wild animals and birds but the main natural attraction the park is its rocky landscape and geological formations which can be found anywhere else in the world. by mickie it. is a valuable part of the art of graham parks and estates from the eighty to ninety centuries it's a park on the rocks it features a lot of cliff stones and granite and trees here grow right on the stones. this park is situated on a picturesque islands two kilometers from the city center of. the state ensembles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries preserved in the north leningrad region with its nature wildlife stock of buildings and unique landscape attribute here is well worth the effort. funded by the officer in charge of the boat it was soon acquired by the governor of the province who used to sing spectacular feasts it was
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named. french for my rest for my leisure. and rest it does provide that was incredible scenery in nature. and while flush this this is of course the atmosphere in this park is will amazing it's relaxing and invigorating and like its energy it's very positive. and shiny back into time splendid example of european russia moving into the next phase of its life medieval castles and historic states are slowly and surely being renovated one by one. millions might not have heard of the book but as an up and coming european destination this peaceful russian town is certainly one to watch. while there we have it all right the ration of the russians how vbac is over i'll see you again the same time next week i will be back in the russian capital it's all out for me and the rest of the curve for by.
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nature and discover its beauty. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you on the. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just. sixty to
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seventy percent of what i did as a common soldier in the occupied territories was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should some bozo the. knock on some doors run to the other corner invade another house religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to bomb guys are and kill. a thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect on their feet you have to be either extremely naive or extremely stupid not to be a religious jew calling another jew on not not the way they really didn't know me. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain.
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these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just the. san antonio ways can trump. the problem. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlets that you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on archie. have brought our hero. we here because of our petty outs. that god promised them this the land belongs to us.
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will if they are still going to be thinking. and gone chosen people will believe that god is real estate say look at this that is just for you guys this guy is. this is. this is my.
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shoot to kill. point the border crossing with. several. people take to the streets. facing a serious humanitarian. operation. grows in the us. police following a series of arrests.
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hello welcome to the sports update this saturday off and then and here at the top stories. summit insights now moscow aim to keep up the pressure all the talk to you is that his presence in the russian premier league. while targeting rovers match to city boss roberto mancini forgets the cost has saga to close in trade on black women in the english premier league. and bang out with pride russia rugby coach nikolai notion steps down often the best score three tries in the final pool seagate seconds why do you australia the world cup. first of all that and third place to moscow have the chance to draw level with second place to sky as they host in the last of saturday's matches in the russian premier league victories of the
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blue and whites would also move them to within two points of leaders and defending champions need striking having put on the returns for dinner after completing a one match suspension. well then i'll be only top eight side playing this saturday elsewhere they was a losing start a new tactic and it's not just the form the spotlight goalkeeper saw his side lose one time to world war two spot on. equal footing to grab the wind six minutes from time the wall of style for taking on clear so that all three beats do not my last time out and i'm calm have travelled to the olga. oh everything and manchester city have rejected a bid by west ham to take back trouble striker cost top as only one in the argentina star has been suspended since apparently refusing to come on off the bench in cities to know defeated by in munich in the champions league on tuesday however coatsworth among chinese says he's want to elena what happened he's focused on this saturday's clash at blackburn and says as
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a manager will be judged on results. thursday morning was finished i knows very. well my job or not. i can understand. because if you get. started very well. and always important that more we do. better because we would be very difficult to call in other games everson host of one of those assigned don't be the toughest off to have some fortunately down to ten and then ron paul saw red after twenty three minutes for what looked like and look she was challenging the restorers but i would say to a dutch account penalty just before half time they'll know that fall asap leaders manchester united are at home to norwich unbeaten aston villa has to wigan sunderland face struggling west brom and walls take on also new castle. stoner
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looks set to reclaim his two thousand and seven moto g.p. crowd as the australian came to a record tent pole position head of sunday's japanese grown pretty well not so much ride just felt at home from a take the track is calling edwards added marco said when charlie slid into the gravel to spoil the qualification rounds but so no it was as confident as ever the repsol honda putting in a stirling last lap to put defending champion who they are going to have to pole sternness to make and that is the zero so will complete the front row and other reps will find dani pedrosa the fast passes time of the day stoner enjoys a comfortable forty four point cushion at the top with just four races to go. has resigned as russia's rugby coach despite guiding the best of the highest scoring debut at the world cup in new zealand russia were the only new side at the showpiece tournament running in eight tries in forty feet and richard from port fleet watch the latest battle in last. russia say their best performance last
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against australia school and made it fairly one sided in all of his favor but then again so is a strength and deb's between the two teams was running free tries one of the best teams in the world and to keep the scoreline to below fifty points in terms of points difference russia they can be extremely proud of their performance. and really has to do to put on a good second half school three tries and posted twenty two points against those trillions is just read through us so we're leaving this world cup with the heads. of it was a fantastic atmosphere coming into the game plenty of green and gold supporting the australians but russia weren't lacking in support eva very few had made the trip from his reasons from russia due to the distances involved in travelling but many of the locals from nelson they did themselves out in russia and would cheer the bears on just like they would try and cheer on the all blacks but when the game would finally get underway the russians were in for a rude awakening as they really find it very difficult to compete with the pace and
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power of the australians and especially at the breakdown and with the australians offloads you know just just a little disappointed we are in oregon really in the first twenty minutes which is natural you know a lot of these guys they only see on the television play in super rugby in training missions but once we overcome the fact that they are human like everybody else we showed what we can do in this experience stand all these players in great stead and you know hopefully the more excuses like we've had this rugby world cup that the better we will become and we will really become challenges at this level well after the initial shell shock the first twenty minutes for bears really came into the game there are some fantastic attacking rugby and the great thing about their performance at this tallman they're learning from their mistakes and also they were really helped on trying to believe passionate crowd many of them who were from new zealand but really were shouted near all for the bears and i gave them fantastic
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support. well the guy in a lot of experience from plying you know why this sort of standard of rugby working where. you know the trying through experience or this you have to ply and i think you know. the guys that apply will be. no use this is an experience that i want to get in hartley go improving on are that i think they've improved as a torn that's gone on so that's a good song i can only get better on a number of rushes plays a really enhanced by reputation soft of his totem and have examined he's probably one of the smallest man this world cup i've only five foot seven he was absolutely outstanding for a while as we speak to grace if you want to second man of the match award against australia at this tournament straight to those two guys you know. with his injury was a blow for us in april and i really didn't expect him to be back to his best thought he could get back to playing with the right treatment and training but to be back to playing is best is great for us in rugby. for the team and show over the years
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in games and victor you know i've worked really hard with this is so much potential for russia going out of a pool stage where they really can be incredibly proud of their first ever world cup put in some fantastic displays for a while didn't want to a lot of friends as well as running an eight chinese just for a first ever world cup and they will learn from their mistakes and will be better prepared in four years time if they manage to qualify and respond hopefully d'arcy nelson new zealand. well australia are through to the quarter finals and so are france despite falling to that humiliating nine hundred fourteen defeat now for the last labor didn't have a vital bonus points to ensure they take the runs that spot him who lay behind new zealand. while england survived a mighty scared to book their personal account stages they were up against scotland who needed to win by a margin of eight points to realistically stay alive in probate and the scots
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didn't. twelve to three athletes that's their score his second penalty soon after the interval but two penalties and a drop goal from jonny wilkinson plus a late trifle chris ashton just three minutes to go there get the job for england sixteen twelve is the way it finished scotland now will get out of the tournament. fine is a goal for defending champion and match play specialist mr won the russian cup on sunday to clinch the title for the said time is constant to top off reports. this year's final day of the russian cup to undergo to be a true unpredictable three one thanks to its match play form and the first surprise was sprawling in the woman simming for elsewhere angling the men are who are close now to one stroke win over anastasia question on the whole however two thousand and five russian champion questioner managed in their third sporty in a battle against. doing the nursery play off i q a boy. i did
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my first phone. call so she deserved it when i was upset but that's ok yes best deserved to the second round after a lot better. seen issues played really. really hard to win that one as well so i had to tough much as it. was the spot. and to the final where my marker phrase girl you know brought me through a twenty two year old monarch of i went close to repeating her semifinal success but the school was level after eighteen holes meaning again a playoff would be needed to determine the new owner of the cup on this occasion it was the three time russian champion mr owen who shoulder acquired poor is to add yet another trophy to her bulging cabinet. i am really happy doing today i'm glad that i have to play against india and africa and gentle around them. it was
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a real challenge. as my parent town and as much slightly different as child and i like meanwhile no one wants surprised to see me in the men's decider the nineteen year old demonstrating solely playing in the face of pressure throughout the tournament eventually battling his way to a final with a man he shares his trainer with you gay walk of the kalash thing tonight on the front nine but teenager who was a runner up two years ago would finally take the overall victory a stroke earlier on the seventeenth. the tournament was very tough especially the first two days i wasn't satisfied with my play but i made the cuts and then felt more confident i like much play as you get the experience to play one on one with the opponent. golf is a sport which has yet to capture the imagination of the masses here with full ice hockey and basketball very much ruling the roost but with such intriguing
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tournament says the russian cup the hope is that the next lee westwood or any concerns them will emerge in the team is soon to climb out of already. as well as post days i've. played and discover its beauty. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you on.
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a deadly situation develops in northern kosovo as nato shoot to kill orders to demolish. checkpoints. people living in tripoli take to the streets their anger to rebel still carrying guns in the city people in one of the few remaining strongholds to suffer from a. humanitarian crisis. grows in the us against inequality and corporate influence people towards the police following a series of. brutal behavior. the media makes its judgment on russia's political future in the wake of dmitri medvedev interview decision not to seek a second.


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