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grows. protests. and fury has now turned towards the police. ok. we take you on an exhilarating trip to russia's far east get a chance to meet some of the rarest species of animals under the bewitching beauties of the region without. seven thousand kilometers from moscow a group of research has become an expedition through the nature reserve. there's one of the sea eagles a nest close to a small river on the shore of the sea of a whole heap not very far from here low tide compels them to go to the sea to look for food. the stella sea eagle is listed in russia's red book of endangered animals eagles of this type only found in russians for east each year.
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the company reserve ranges in space it's in order to do so the expedition would have to come hundreds of over the course of ten days. just. joined by. a volunteer from scotland they were accompanied by range of. this is where the two rivers meet their totally different the children journey is a deep culture with a strong current the water in the cabin is warm they even different color the challenger is greenish because of floodwaters but the kava always stays brown. still a sea eagles can afford to be free in the. they don't have to worry about food there is no fish in the sea of a halt
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a nearby river has the stella sea eagle is the largest in the area. and is almost seventy centimeters as an adult. kilograms i can feel a branch an egoless behind it. the boat is going to a far corner of the result of. just expect to see chicks that they believe hatched in an eagle's nest a few days ago. the engine noise. upon seeing the new arrivals he backs away and swiftly disappears into the forest the group has no worries has really attacked people during the summer. a telescope is the most important item in the expeditions inventory by attaching a video camera the only phone which is we're used to see what's going on in the eagle's nest even though it only takes a few minutes to get to the nest when it actually comes to climbing the tree
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preparations take a lot longer stella's sea eagles nest above the ground people can are you sure giving a delicate girl that much to carry is a good idea. elsie ashford is the first woman to ever climb a tree in the ski resort in the past. always employ the help of the men in the group. yes. l c is a research a the royal society for the protection of in scotland but nests have been her line of work for several years she has brought all the necessary equipment from scotland because she thinks using familiar equipment in an unfamiliar place is much safer. for the climbing this tree is no easy job it will take elsie at least forty minutes to get to the nest especially if she observes all of the safety rules.
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elsie's progress is blocked she cannot go any further this is where a video camera attached to a rolled comes in handy connection except a key element of the monitoring procedure is inspecting us at the start of the season we need to know how many chips have had him and how many have survived to the end of the season and then if they're mature enough to leave their nest. the film is shot from different angles special care is taken not to scare away at all. otherwise they might never return to the nest and the chicks would die of starvation. elsie takes a look at the footage before she's even got down from the tree. to small white chicks for an eye for me. absent around in the sunshine fighting a battle of each other she speaks like this just like you know the next two very healthy chick. decades ago they were good like prison
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camps and. inmates used to be sent to what is now the nature is to procure a fish and game today people are here but i did me out of a gauche patrolled the territory making his way along narrow trails left by. he always carries a gun with him a trespasser can be easily spotted from this elevation intruders crossing the reserves by injuries as a threat. branches lying close to the paul speak of a campfire and welcome guests or this is what is left of a branch that got caught in a fire even though more than thirty years of cost i still shudder when i think back to that inferno. the swiftest way of getting to any part of the reserve in an emergency is by helicopter. when
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a fire flares up the helicopters will have to make dozens of trips a day but even that does little to help. the tiger may remain a blaze for weeks on end sometimes far as come to such a large area that farm in from all over the market and region come to help quick controlling five is especially difficult intended for us forests it takes many years to recover from such a blaze floods are just as dangerous as fire. into early spring transporting fuel and basic necessities to reserve stuff is an extreme and often life threatening task which is more than. one occasion snowmobiles broke down and we had to walk scores of kilometers such incidents would have made many others quit this job but something keeps us going i think it gives us adrenaline i'm happy it's part of my life. it's a challenge that keeps you in good shape. the following morning the weather changes
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abruptly it is clear from the four cos that the rain will keep coming down for almost a week we all are followed just decide against inspecting of a sea eagle nests but they don't want to waste that time so they begin looking through the video they filmed the day before this is just going to put some of these i would like to take a closer look at what you filmed. i couldn't see it clearly in the sunlight. well i didn't expect to see that the chicks i saw were older and they behaved in a very different way. now this this is the first time i've seen chicks fighting all the time they're behaving naturally as they should it's not like they saw you with your camera it was hidden after all the. l.c.s. food began learning russian a few months before arriving in the mega time region while in the reserve each day
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she notes down new words she his from her russian colleagues at work it's important if you're working that you don't learn too many every day because you can't remember them you need to have a few months you practice so you can use them when you need them quickly. a day later and time is running out the expedition now has to move to another sector of the reserve. didn't go through the second phase of the expedition is about to begin and will visit the coney peninsula on the on ski irelands for the maritime sector is will see eagle ness check the bears and tags the lines for now this part of the trip is done with. our world. three hundred kilometers from the previous campsite and talk by fashion into an
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expedition vessel has entered the sea of cortes. through several killer whales of the ship they seem to be to which the ship's captain many happy returns for his sixty fifth birthday get the boat ready for a large check point is on the horizon. the station on the peninsula is home to ranges of the maritime sector of the state nature reserve the environment is very harsh. accompanies the group of researches at this stage of the expedition with a service record of more than twenty years is one of the reserves for veterans sergei began his career as a rank and file employee now he is in charge of the ranges guarding the reserves maritime sector they are on duty for about a month at a time the rangers are a self-sufficient community. apart from guarding the territory they keep records of
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the natural environment was the situation no money nothing to speak of little significant no intruders apart from some of the little animals. and what about the stellar sea eagles a couple who come from there cheering low tide you'll see them. low tide doesn't come until several hours later at that time a mountain stream flowing into the sea of a halt can be crossed normally the title current is so strong that it is impossible to keep one's balance the water is all year round and falling in would be dangerous there are no signs of life in the eagles miss its owner is away hunting for food but soon it appears on the horizon. look even though. the climate here is almost completely different to the previous location. even in the height of summer the weather poses a challenge it's a little bit cold. but it's not winter it's this summer so it's for
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me it's like. winter in scotland maybe. you can feel. the rain just take two dogs on the daily twelve kilometer patrol the dogs begin barking as soon as they smell a bag they are just as indispensable when rangers look for peaches hunting. often the poachers have better equipment than the reserve personnel. month or the poachers carry weapons their boats have powerful engines and most of the work and on top of the lawyers provide legal protection or your own likely to find any eyewitnesses here a ranger would have to work very hard before the offender could be brought to trial which he wouldn't but the words. as soon as the expedition ship leaves plus the
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station a family of humpback whales appears the captain still is the vessel along the shore as the researches take stock of the best inhabiting the connie and until i can see a female bear down there and a little compass nearby. when the bears a spotted their exact location will be mocked on the map while the researches conduct their work the ship moves at the slow speed. but wood's evening the captain steps on the gas as they head for the ski islands it's crucial that the ship reached its destination while the weather is still good. are. we hearing because.
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this is the land belongs to. will if they are still going to be thinking. and going chosen people will not believe that god is real estate agent say look at the stand is this for you guys and this guy this is. you know this is the one this is my final.
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days of the stuff of the expedition the islands but still a long way away but the expedition has already run out of freshwater rain just. looks for a spot on the boat see that there's the eagle. the sea is quite shallow off shore sergey raises the outboard engine and covers the last few meters using or was once he is on shore he realizes that trespassers have visited the protected area only recently. well this water canister tells me they left the place only a short time ago. the bear came later it's clear it's been a good deal of time here sharpening its claws i'm quite sure the guys wasted no time either. potion most likely. there are no people around but there
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are fresh tracks on the ground left by a bad soon the animal is spotted through binoculars but it pays no attention to the expedition a bit later the only follow just see another stella segal a short distance away meanwhile the ranger returns from his rounds of the territory he says he has found no poachers. some say the series here in the north is very monotonous but in fact it is very beautiful this is rhododendron our springtime flower which is listed in russia's red book endangered plants and animals this one began to bloom just a few days ago. when the rising tide comes they will need to collect some two hundred liters of fresh water this supply should last until the end of the trip many of the expedition participants have been suffering from dehydration this is the only chance to replenish the water supply for as long as the ship remains at
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sea. this water is absolutely fresh because it comes here from the snow fields the water is cold but it's pure completely clean and very good for drinking and it's smooth till. the water is now on board and the ship's anchor is raised the weather is ideal for making observations half an hour later. taken to an eagle's nest which is not on the map but he will mark it is new the eagle seems to be alone the nest is very tiny. the weather rapidly deteriorates and the birds head to the rocks watching them becomes impossible moreover the fog makes sailing in these conditions dangerous so the ship comes to a halt. of gets into a motor boat to have the cape town game are called for an old friend of his is in
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charge of a lighthouse. so gay lives there with his wife the cape covers an area of just over one square kilometer. or else you want to. keep or. not to hello there hello i haven't seen you in ages how are you. this is. the nearest settlement sixty kilometers from cape to you know i made some pies fresh from the oven and make some tea if you wait a minute oh thank you my idea nadezhda misty takes care of the household chores sergey is responsible for maintaining the lighthouse he has to be a jack of all trades there is nobody to help if something goes wrong. will we are proud to live here even if it means living so far away. just as we
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are like border guards. there is like living at the end of the world that's true there are rocks on one side and sea on the other there are no people around here you see nobody but beasts and even they are very tame. before dusk goes to the lighthouse there are more than two hundred time one steps in the spiral staircase. in the soviet union the lighthouse was a strategic naval installation and was guarded accordingly a sentry was on round the clock duty at the entrance. much has changed since then but the litel still requires daily maintenance specially designed lenses enable the light to be seen from twelve nautical miles away even though the power of the lamps is five hundred watts with us is this i was a child when my parents brought me here in one thousand nine hundred sixty two.
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that's when i took a fancy to this place when i grew up i brought my kids here they too have grown up here as such i might call my family a dynasty of sorts. towards evening the ship departs for the ski arlen's. the only follow this will meet with fellow scientists studying sea lions. we're now approaching my to kill island the main destination of our trip the place is very beautiful and interesting here the sea is about one hundred meters deep ships are best to steer clear of this place during a storm or change inside there is no telling what tricks it may have in store for you. but. the pacific's northernmost habitats of sea lions is all meant to kill island in the late one nine hundred eighty s. scientists raise the alarm after discovering
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a dramatic form in the number of these mammals. since then an international group of scientists has come to the mc arlen's each year. to begin with all the adults he learns to shoot away from the beach then they were called the pups so as to estimate the size of the population more accurately the newborns of intact and given a number. the procedure makes it possible to track the animals movements in the sea of a halt and. roughly twenty years which is the average life span of a sea lawyer. fortunately she wouldn't just because obviously the animals don't like being disturbed but then it's only one day during their mating season was set a particular day aside when the harm done to the sea lion population is reduced to a minimum since the procedure has been perfected down to the smallest detail to start vets administer an anaesthetic to the sea law and pups to ensure
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a painless operation. but not the sea lions breathe in a special gas for about three minutes he falls asleep and wake seps and ten minutes later it doesn't take long to recover from the anaesthetic. just move with him i am going to take some blood samples if he sees it because the blood test will tell us something about the state of the newborns fell for you to see if they're healthy enough that's all right dear they have a chance the job involves a good deal of physical labor and unfortunately the team is short handed this year . the expedition is grateful to the ashford for help as the tolls it is not easy a one week old sea lion weighs an average of twenty seven kilograms stay special it's like when these animals that it's quite nice to me because. i can just help us carry an animal so i can be useful and it helps get what you know most
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likely. as biologists label the seal and pups the adults in the water the scientists need to make haste to finish the job as soon as they can this year the expedition has brought together researchers from japan russia and the united states they have to solve the language barrier as they go. really important for us to work us in an american colleagues and russian colleagues because still our sea lions don't look at the border and say oh stuff it was america over there and russia over here they swim across the border quite frequently so we have to work in cooperation to better understand how the nature that goes across the borders is doing whether they're doing well or not what we need to do to manage them. in early spring sealants come to the beach almost to kill island over the ice males of the first two or roy they have to fight for a place on the beach. this ruling sound means the sea lion has laid claim to the
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area that i'm with what are the theme i have been working with such animals for more than twenty years but i'm still and they said their behavior sea lions on shore behave very differently at sea. but given us you up with me when they're on the beach they're agile like birds but at sea they get very inquisitive they approached divers in sync with them for some sign up with they tried to touch him especially if they're wearing shiny objects by sea lions attacking humans no that has never happened but the. the scientists have labeled two hundred c. laws. pops. has difficulty recording the individual characteristics. humans were never here. on the beach going to sea in search of food their pups. to the departure of their colleagues the following
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morning. of the state nature resumed. in the day. to kill island. but even people shouting at the top of the voices can hardly be. more than four million. even though it's six square kilometers they are few and far between in the south because the wind is a strong cliffs it's the central part of the truck's most interest. there's a difference between nesting habits will look for example occupy narrow cliff cornices while buzzards make their nests among rocks this means that there are no free plots of land and the birds occupy the entire island. research. it is a very hard place to get to
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a previous expedition into haiti. and to return to results this time. of the scientists everybody works together. and it's not it's not difficult it's not like. historic sea voyage where you have no water. and many health problems i see even more than i expected because i've been very lucky to be here at the time when there are many different interesting projects. the ship leaves. during low tide just before dusk in the mess room food learns how to cook traditional russian borsch. puts potatoes on the boil for ten minutes and then add to this to. the expedition members unknown the last night with the ship it is obvious that everyone is toilet but everyone is reflecting on the vivid impressions of the trip even those that
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have been here before the captain says jokingly that next time elsie ashford will combine both jobs as research and a cook meanwhile a captain's mate sets of course back to my get. whale again appears on the horizon just like during the voyage to the islands the expedition to the megatons key nature reserve is nearing its end it has covered more than a thousand kilometers in ten days and collected a wealth of material for the study. the team's mission is complete.
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deadly situation develops in northern cause of a nato. to kill orders to demolish roads. near a disputed checkpoint. people living in tripoli take to the streets the form of rebels carrying guns in the city people in one of the few remaining khadafi strongholds suffer from a deepening humanitarian crisis. also operation occupy wall street it grows in the us soil against inequality corporate influence and people's fear returns and now to the police it's following a series of arrests and cases of brutal behavior. on the media makes its judgment on the russian political future in the wake of interview over his decision not to seek a second.


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