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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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deadly situation develops in northern cause of a nato influenced shoot to kill orders to don't want to throw. the reduced speed checkpoint. people living in tripoli take to the streets former rebels carrying guns in the city hall people in one of the few remaining strongholds suffer from a deepening humanitarian crisis. also operation occupy wall street grows in the u.s. soil against inequality corporate influence and people's fear returns and now to the police it's following a series of arrests and cases of brutal behavior. on the media makes its judgment
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on russia's political future in the wake of the interview over is just not to see a second. just after seven o'clock saturday night here in moscow this is r.t. with me will receive shape in northern cause of nato peacekeepers have used shoot to kill threats to break a roadblock by protesters on the border earlier attempts to remove it this week failed and left several serbs injured. he is close to the action and he filed this report. on friday the k. four troops removed one of the barricades which because it was set up in order to block the police and make a fortress from gaining access to the area and we understand that more than one hundred twenty four troops came over there pointed their guns at the serbs
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blockading this particular area and ordered them that they should believe the serbs obeyed and retreated peacefully with no violence and set up another a manmade checkpoint and two large trucks on a bridge that's blocking the road the access ok for troops into the northern part of course there was still more than ten people remain in local hospitals in me that i would say in the town of. after being injured into these clashes with the k. four troops we managed to pay them a visit and ask them what exactly happened on tuesday. of this. we were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us i didn't know what we were shooting with so i got scared and started running away and i was hit on the shoulder and it turned out to be a perforating wound of my lung. the most interesting fact here is that the k. four troops and nato have been trying to convince everybody that they only used
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rubber bullets and tear gas grenades against the angry mob to pacify them but doctors in local hospitals told us that they those people who were injured in those clashes were delivered to hospitals carrying gunshot wounds to his room. seven men in heavy condition gunshot wounds fractures and bruises they were not from rubber bullets not a single of them had a rubber hold those wounds were caused by regular bullets which we extracted from their bodies and now the service may have lost one of their checkpoints but they have lots more around the area we've counted more than ten different checkpoints the determination of the sort of people is very strong now to show that they do not want to be part of the course of a republic. they are telling us to leave but we have no way to leave this is because constable is our land our home and our life it seems that we are on our
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own now and we will stand our ground. there has been very harsh international response on the actions of this week here in the course of war with the united states using the course of a service of provoking violence and the russian foreign ministry expressing deepest concerns over the situation here saying that this may seem as a small as a minor border crossing dispute but in reality this could destabilize the situation in the whole region. just the reporting right meantime the actions of the nato peacekeepers that may only provoke cannot prevent violence that's according to belgrade based political analyst alexander. they've totally and openly stepped out of the un mandate and they're really really now just like three in one nine hundred ninety nine during the bombing when there were the air force for the albanian separatists are now acting as their infantry so this is what we have is this is
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a clear breach of the u.n. charter and of the resolution twelve forty four all they're doing right now is that they're actually. destabilizing the situation they're actually bringing conflict. everything was reasonably peaceful until they gave the green light for albanian special police forces to forcibly take the administrative border back in july and ever since then they've been giving them full support securing courage and actually the government and prishtina headed by ha shem toci who was wanted for various charges from organ trafficking to drug trafficking and that they're encouraging him to more violence that they're not a peace factor at all they're total factor of war and the stabilization. well there are things i like that a show he is in cause of he'll be bringing us all the updates as and when they happen meanwhile you can head to our tease free video page to get the freshest
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pictures of this ongoing order so you can watch their them there or even download them in broadcast quality for free check out at a preview dot com. mission. could you take three. more charges. coming from three. three. three. three bronte medio for your media project free media party dot com. you're watching r.t. live from moscow now people in tripoli have been protesting against the revolutionary troops that took over the city angry that hundreds of armed men are still cruising the streets after capturing a city in late august locals argue that their presence provides little security no particular order to fire off their weapons at will harry is the editor of the
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internet investigative magazine a consortium of news he thinks people are now realizing the cost of blindly supporting the revolutionary forces. there is evidence even going back to the very beginning that the eastern part of libya was a part of islamic radicalism some of these people have been connected to. one of the al-qaeda leaders who was killed recently a cheer was a libyan and he came from this general area and now we know that one of the leaders of the rebel forces that took tripoli was also considered very close to al qaeda and was in the. united states for some time before he was allowed to go free so it appears that. the libyan rebels are not a government or people who have this very mixed background it's not clear how do you know when you get down to the point of the country under the control of this of
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this force which side of this force will will be predominant. meantime libyan revolutionary forces say they have surrounded the city of sirte a gadhafi stronghold meanwhile aid agencies are alarmed at the thousands of civilians fleeing the besieged people being driven from their homes by fierce fighting and an overall lack of supplies rob lyons the deputy editor of the independent online magazine spiked says the situation has only been made worse by nature. and this is the inevitable consequence of the think things that they got rolling back in february the year that a kind of half hearted intervention was always going to end up with last stand by gadhafi forces in fact this is the kind of last stand that we expected in tripoli a few weeks ago that never happened and it is clearly there's a lot of this thing about the role of the international community no could be making things worse not simply by bombarding the city but boy actually having made such a fuss about civilians being injured on her sleeve those likely to harvey but by
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saying that if given the khadafi forces a real sense of to keep keep those civilians in the city. probably against their will i'm sure that you're going to be there would like to get out of there no. effect if you become a kind of a shield by which the they can they can stay there for a. bit longer well with no end in sight to the ongoing libyan conflict when you're warning it could follow the path of the afghan war that's now been raging for a decade later in the program here at r.t. we asked people in new york what they think ten years of fighting in afghanistan has achieved. i don't see a goal really see anything changing even if we see there another hundred years for a war there for there long better be for solving it we've got to get something out of it the thing that's going to happen. more opinions on the worthiness of the afghan war from the big apple coming your way in just a few minutes time. was one of the worst droughts in decades for the
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number of farmers in india who take their own lives look at why their families blame the state and not mother nature. just one in ten minutes past the hour now here in moscow french president nicolas sarkozy has admitted the financial failure of greece would actually be the failure of all of europe and again called on e.u. partners not to leave athens without help following a meeting with the country's prime minister in paris sarkozy's words however not being backed by the eurozone is still delaying its decision on whether to release more of the money international inspectors are trying to wade through the tide of public anger to assess whether athens deserves another shot by the greek government needs i must push through pension cuts and extra taxes to try and please its creditors william dartmouth an m.e.p. for the u.k. independence party says the e.u.'s obsessions with the euro can only end in
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disaster. as far as the greek people are concerned adherents to the single currency means higher taxes low gov expenditure and cuts in their standard of living and also for that also even even for a country like germany in fact specifically a country like germany and here is the single currency means massive transfer payments paid to countries in southern europe and what's happening is that the germans are no longer putting up with it we shouldn't be where we are not that it is because of the fanaticism of this european elite and we should look very carefully at what they have to say in future these are usually men and they are discredited my what. very worrying is that as my as my father used to say to me when i was a young man he said if you make a financial guarantee the nature of five financial guarantees is that they get cooled and there is a limit to how much even a country like germany can produce because a country like france is actually much much less and there will be a long term question marks over the credit credit worthiness of france and germany
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if the multiple trillions of yours which are required are actually paid up and called on. and it's not only greeks up in arms about the situation they've been dumped into and u.s. is also witnessing angry moves right in the nation's financial hub hundreds of throwing their weight behind the latest demonstrations called occupy wall street and sold out a protest against the huge influence on the bad behavior of corporations and billionaires parties and shock and i was there for us that good testers are here for a simple reason to do so and defrauded by the system that street pick up the financial meltdown that led to the comic collapse and six americans currently living in poverty bankers were held down accounts of people that suffer this could be the skeleton you know the beginning of one possibly as high profile activists and scholars started joining these crowds it became harder for the media to ignore
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these demonstrations it also became hard for most americans to not take these crowd seriously as police brutality started after her last weekend over eighty protesters are arrested several women were surrounded by police nabbed and nice with pepper spray but these protesters say they're willing to pay any price to get their voices heard a lot of people are on the one percent you know and you know a fraction of the one percent that have all the money and really all of our if you think about it because would they say goes they influenced a lot of decisions which doesn't help anyone else but them so that's why everyone else is interested in the protests to get there first and separately are beginning to wonder if this is becoming this is what americans sign wisconsin's one hundred seventy thousand people essentially sports capital will take because they're not going to get the union support that has to have.
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any of these demonstrators are planning to see fear and grow in numbers until a real peace and revolution after all if the air. arab spring was applauded by the powers that be why not say it was right for. the future to be or. thora these are accused of trying to silence the angry voice on wall street but also use a very own max keiser and stacy hubbard refusing to stay quiet let's have a look at why some are so keen to put an end to financial freedom. the bank of bev the b o e all agree we can't talk the truth here in the financial world here's a little bit ago cliff i want to turn to and this is the former greek finance minister yeah no proper antonio and he is that talking about this rumor is that a fifty percent. haircut in greek debt should a solution require a fifty percent haircut as as i believe the current finance minister has suggested . you know that this is closer because if you think this and this it beams use of
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a dangerous position for greece yes pop antonio financial harpies i mean that's and he doesn't want to talk about it understandably but the cure for financial herpes yanis pap and tonio is you got to talk about it you've got to go to the doctor or whatever and you've got to take care of your financial harpies i realize it's embarrassing and he should have been fornicating with the i.m.f. they gave me the financial harpies now you're a private. charter now seven to fifteen pm here in moscow the russian press is a cheering over president if that latest interview where he explained his decision not to enter the upcoming presidential race the president admitted that he shares common goals with a lot of important the current prime minister's high popularity levels make him the best man for the candidacy he got this going off and has the reaction from the
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papers. well the president's interview with the heads of the three biggest t.v. stations in russia did focus on some of the most important the latest political events in the country such as his decision not to run for a second term in office his recommendation of prime minister rudd even if we didn't for the top job and to the sudden dismissal of former finance minister ali secretly and so there's last fall elss and opinions in salaries press in russia opinions both positive and not so positive let's start with the economist a newspaper really worried well known here in russia and it's published an article trying to show you this. article under the title of what were you after what's your ambition and the analysts that the newspaper was talking to have been saying that even though the the media has finally announced his political plans and the plans
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of his stand them with prime minister why do important there's still a lot of uncertainty since the official political programs for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections still have not been anywhere else toward this point of view is not shared by the analysts that he's this did newspaper or school to use another well known big newspaper in russia it's well wisher not to go under the title of how significant is the timing and its analysts have been saying that the media has finally managed to close a deal list of the biggest weird during that upcoming presidential election next mortgage lots of focus is definitely on the sudden business or there is no former finance minister and excluding who is always thought to be the key ally both of the governments and of the president's administration the commerce newspaper says that step to dismiss him like receiving more questions into what else could happen while
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meeting with if he's still in office. whatever there are analysts will see. the dismissals shows that the president is serious in his ambitions just remind you the following cio action will be held in russia in samara and the presidential poll will be held next more cheney didn't happen still affording to meet indeed if it's still going to be up to the people to decide who gets to run the country next despite any recommendation to me you see. right there i mean time political analyst. told us here at r.t. that the logic and mission of maybe a tough decision was clear the very day it was announced and now i think this situation is pretty logical. representing this same political force united russia not being similar and not being poor as in politics they're still pretty close to
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logically and politically at this point is needed if explained. is more popular then we did of himself and the question is about winning the next presidential election will not come automatically it will be a fight and put it as more equipped to lead the united russia in their. presidential struggle at the same time you did it for years keeping his position as an important political figure potential prime minister and potential leader of the united russia which makes him a politician with great perspective. future. and you can watch the full version of the interview of course are twenty four seven see that. devastated by drought and crops killed by chemicals farmers in india face a battle for survival one of the driest seasons in decades has left thousands of
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farmers across the country with little crops and big debt it's even prompting some to take their own lives and as artie's a prius rita reports the government's ignoring this ongoing and blossoming problem . the sun is shining on these farm lands in southern india commonly known as the country's rice bowl they may look bush but the grass is far from greener out here farmers are killing themselves in the thousands concept was a lot of those moves to the farmers are committing suicide due to the other farmers who committed suicide rama locksmiths husband is one of many who succumbed to drought and debt and took his own life some of the driest seasons in decades and an increase in pesticides and fertilizers have rendered their land bare for the grieving families left behind the future is graeme but how should i carry on with my life nothing is good for me and my children and there is no one to help us how
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do i bear this trouble someone has to help us. while the government has attempted to deal with a high number of farmer suicides by compensating two thousand dollars to affected families and many families say they haven't received any money and even those who have say it's not enough studies show that during the ninety's farmers were able to make around sixty dollars per acre of land every year of today just about forty dollars for almost four acres of land the government has pledged billions of dollars in relief packages to farmers and promised to increase the minimum rate on certain acts towards but many believe the farmers are being ignored. the government is neglecting agriculture basic information like wind power will be there will not is not available for the farmers government is not providing sufficient loans which is for seafoam as it was of money lenders. those who've tried to beat the drought themselves took out huge loans to dig wells but for many it's in vain.
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we are losing by making these wells but we are surviving because we are determined not to come. it's a resort we from leaving a very sad life just sinking water levels mean these walls are useless but have left a deep hole in farmers' pockets the state beings turned their backs on those who couldn't repay their dads the loan sharks are now demanding high interest rates and won't take no for an answer you have to work for money lenders and financiers are frequently visiting or home and torturing your house we want to be a huge tsunami we don't like drama lection we are now the bride winners tending to two acres of desolate farmland and rolling cigarettes to earn money to feed her children like her late husband she has no one to turn to and no way our a lonely life even though there are thousands just like her preassure either artsy
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talent gonna india. twenty four hours a day seven days a week website is there for you with plenty of our top stories there are some of the items waiting for you on line right now going to get the rest of it on our to dot com high wire hello world famous tight rope walker tries to cross the moscow river both there's no sign his rope beginning. to find out if his death defying attempt proved successful or not there are two dot com plus. a portrait of the russian prime minister vladimir putin created from thousands of tiny photos of the mona lisa log on to r.t. dot com for more photos from the international our must go.
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back with r.t. i'm a real research a quick look now at some other international headlines for you the world update here somali pirates are fully kidnapped a wheelchair bound french woman near the kenyan resort of the moon by the navy and police chase the boat carrying the victim but fate in attack could actually end with a seventy five year old woman drowning the kidnapping comes less than a month after somali pirates abducted a british woman and killed her husband in the same area. the second time food in just a week is battering the rain soaked northern philippines forcing hundreds of thousands . of the first quarter landslides across the region and left at least one person there forecasters predict the typhoon will become more powerful as it heads now towards vietnam. allied aircraft crashed into a ferris wheel at a festival in eastern australia leaving two children trapped on the right amazingly no one was seriously injured to them just before the crash happened rain had forced
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the majority of people off the ride i mean time the pilot said he never even saw the room before smashing headfirst into. it almost ten years since american troops led the invasion into afghanistan a decade of fighting has led to thousands of u.s. soldiers and afghan civilians being killed lorri halfassed people on the new york's main streets if they believe this war story will ever have a happy ending. it's been ten years since the us armed afghanistan as a prelude to an ongoing war i think a leader has it been worth it this week let's talk about that for wars as. to what is a school doing there for ten years i don't know what the heck they do and i don't know it's probably another vietnam. war where there probably is not a we're not. going to win it's just
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a case of more and more americans and others going at things clearcut see that it's not worth it i don't see a goal and really see anything changing even if we stay there another hundred years it was worth it to hunt down al qaeda but i think we did there at the start with our special forces and for the past nine years i don't think we've accomplished much at all very controversial question there is present constant situation what are the pros the pros is i think that we have to make a statement that we aren't able to. say things sitting down that we have a voice and whether it's there's more peaceful ways to present that probably how does that go on for ten years that you take a stand for ten years it's a hornet's nest there's no winner over there we have great. we're in there with them but what we have to do. well eventually we got to bring peace and i mean that's such a nebulous thing right like why we really bringing peace to afghanistan well only
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time will tell you know i don't really know enough about it to say whether it was worth it and i know you think that's crazy that your country's been at war for ten years and you don't know anything about it that is a problem. but yeah do you think most americans feel that way you know i'm sure a lot of americans there are your pro and anti i'll look at this right now and for . for a war there for that long i mean it better be for something and we better get something out of it do you think that's going to happen now it seems like most people don't feel like the u.s. war in afghanistan has been worth it unfortunately no one in power seems to be listening. just a few minutes away right yeah. on
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