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in broadcasting live direct from our central studios in moscow do you see is r.t. on chance honest let's take a look at your top headlines nato peacekeepers are ready to enforce a shoot to kill orders in a northern kosovo and be potentially explosive stand off with ethnic serbs over disputed border posts but you crossings that link of the on clay but with serbia were seized by pristina two weeks ago sparking new trouble. and the u.s. demonstrations on wall street against corporate political influence a spill out onto the brooklyn bridge shutting down traffic in one direction around
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four hundred people have reportedly been detained amid allegations officers used excessive force when making these arrests. and protests break out in tripoli as residents anger boils over at the behavior of armed and like it often troops roaming the streets of the capital this comes as serious one of the last gadhafi stronghold series reportedly surrounded by the former rebel forces deepening the humanitarian crisis in the stricken city. coming up in about thirty minutes time my colleague marina joshie will be with you with a full look at your news but now it's time for our special report our crew goes out to the former soviet republic of the stony a country which twenty years ago sought out a peaceful succession and nowadays tends to reject any symbols of its soviet past. this is the only place in the world where two ancient fortresses stand so close to
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each other. in the middle ages russia's border run along the shore with another over his head that even borders an old russian fortress was built opposite nanda a living room castle. in the mid twentieth century eastern india was part of the soviet union a friendship bridge linked the two towns. and even go out in effect forms a single municipality with a common infrastructure and transport system estonians and russians lived here side by side when a stunning achieved independence in one thousand nine hundred one the border along another over river was reinstated to the so-called friendship bridge and came a checkpoint with flags of two different states once again flying over the old fortresses.
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before studio one independence in one thousand nine hundred one the struggle for secession from the soviet union in this republic was exceptionally peaceful. and the country managed to avoid the bloodshed that was characteristic of its cultic neighbors if you when you are not feeling. well that this is the historical whitehall all feast parliament. came here in. the late summer of one thousand nine hundred ninety one to declare recognition of the three baltic republics but yeltsin said here flanked by the chairmen of their parliaments garman off represented
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latvia last previous from lithuania in early till from historia he also made a speech here he signed three treaties with the baltic states. estonian historian mark lara began his struggle for his country's independence in the mid 1980's he organized and took part in numerous acts of protest. the most high profile of them was the famous baltic way. on august twenty third one thousand nine hundred nine people in the three soviet baltic republics of lithuania latvia and estonia formed a six hundred kilometer human chain linking the three capitals. and reserve and you and i began my struggle against communism when i was still a college student at the same time i campaigned for a stony as independence which was a logical thing to do and if we had lost our freedom as a result of a pact between two regimes that ism and communism. as
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a staunch opponent of communism markel our twice held the post of premier after estonia obtained independence now he is the country's defense minister. in the soviet union victory in world war two was celebrated on may the ninth mark long as one of those responsible for instituting a new date for a stone it thinks is a there is marched in a european style on may eighth but celebrations on that date or of an entirely different kind. ask what we are freedom fighters. sixty six years ago today. on may eighth one thousand nine hundred forty five. a world war two. officially came to an analyst. by freedom fighters the defense minister means the few surviving veterans of the
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twentieth estonian s.s. division and all those who fought on the side of nazi germany the veterans have been brought to the german cemetery on the outskirts of tal and where their brothers in arms are very. violent and. god. and. the police band speeches by representatives of public organizations wreaths from the government and other official agencies. on the same evening the chairman of the anti fascist coalition of a stone year retired colonel demian matelot so was making preparations for victory day kyra hello karl this is miguel it's a speaking how are you remember what we have agreed to do you're wearing all your medals right and that's because he you and i are going to be taking the main
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wreaths to the bronze soldier monument saw that will that public displays of soviet symbols are banned in stone yet even though an exception has been made for veterans on may the eighth and ninth they were at risk if they venture out into the streets wearing their medals on victory day you see you know it on previous occasions youngsters would come up to you and spill your face there are cases like that. but that's not the way they wear the medals now that's the situation here. then you is not an honor any longer. the russian military cemetery in tallinn this memorial symbolizes the country's liberation from fascist troops it is informally known as the bronze soldier may the ninth is not a public holiday in a stone year thousands of people seek to obtain permission to be absent from work
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in order to come to the monument and greet the veterans. thank you thank you lori to our joy here and. up until two thousand and seven the memorial stood on tony's mighty square in central talon in two thousand and six this tony and government relocated the bronze soldier there were strong protests by the rest of phone population russian speakers account for one third of the republic's tokyo hundreds even a stone stone to protest. what we call on the people to make legal protests without violating the constitution or laws of the stonier dimitri linter is the organizer of the night watch movement and the public organization sought to have the government repeal its decision to relocate the bronze soldier activists all the noise around the clock vigil near the monument when it was dismantled people came
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to protest. oh. it's it is race it's it is drinks it's a disgrace. to put out some of this there were five or six thousand people there but it's not only. was. the marching i had two kids with me. police launched a special operation to push the crowd back plain clothes men came up to me pointed to the snipers or that over the building and said i better leave this place but it's the sharpshooters were over there and there. and also in that tower. the windows were open. and i would the following morning i was arrested in my home and put in prison after me. a lesson in
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night watch activists didn't affect the situation in any radical way. the day after the dispersal of the first i'm straight thousands of people came to the monks again this time police used tougher methods to break up the crowds with flash bang grenades and take. more than one hundred fifty people were injured in two days of clashes with police one man died in hospital all that happened in the early hours of april twenty seventh two thousand and seven which has since become known in a certain year as the drums night. to me trillin so it was already in prison at that time the guns but this is talon central prison much of the world mysel was number five on the second floor. they kept main difference els but here we can see it. was charged with spreading lies in media interviews about tough police behavior and accused of spreading anti-government
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sentiment. it all came under article two three eight of the criminal code concerning the organization of mass protests me dmitri spent seven months in prison one vest a geisha was in progress in the end all charges against him were lifted. finnish historian and head of the anti fascist center in helsinki johan back when has published a work which he says proves the soviet troops didn't occupy stonier. so i reject the occupation myth regrettably this is me it is the basis of the policy of our current hide in a stoney a twenty one year. deal one back when was deprived of the right to enter estonia he had visitors on many occasions before and when he arrived
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at the port of talon by ferry he was immediately detained and led to the headquarters of the border service. there i was told that i was no longer allowed to interest tony because of what they describe is anti as tony an activity i just don't use present policies are indicative of an i pod hydrazine people there are divided into two groups citizens and non-citizens citizens are those who have all political and other rights and that society non-citizens are those who are deprived of those rights they hold great passports. only seven owns a minor television channel and programmes often show watch official estonian or thirties tend to ignore. and two thousand and eight was able to worm his way into the confidence of the family in the village a valid legal. i met with the farm owner
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that's him and. he invites friends who fought on the side of the third reich to his place in. it they are always welcome in the farmer's home they can stay for the night there. he has a big collection of old german films he shows them to his guests telling them that if the other side had won the war maybe life would be better now it's very many young people visit them judging by the pictures they look like skinheads. the owner of the farm also as what is called a pizzeria in a nearby village nobody has ever seen it open all guests entering. its windows display a picture of a soldier of nazi germany. filth or she's just not the thousands of protesters who gathered on thomas maggy square in two thousand and seven the bronze
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soldier monument to the liberators of talent was moved to the sitting out skirts today there is nothing but law suits old sport. we never thought we would live to hear my grandfather asking for advice on whether he should wear his medals when he goes out on may ninth. and never occurred to us that a public display of decorations awarded for the fight against fascism might be banned in europe bashes them he was responsible for the loss of so many lives their . own victory day may the ninth people still bring flowers not only to the military cemetery but also to the square the former location of the ground soldier.
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just. to. see. from. the. wealthy british sign on the sign it's sometimes a surprise. for the.
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markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on r t. a student who was the first former soviet republic to join the eurozone. herman but obama is president of the talent institute for economics and management he knows only too well the price the a stallion government had to pay for overcoming economic problems and meeting the terms required for joining mirrors or. risky. everything was done to make it seem that the budget had a very low deficit and prevent inflation all pensions expensive medical care growth and exercisers and the like it is good that we became more attractive for
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investors. but actually there are the poorest sections of the type relation had to pay for all that. member of parliament he malenko agreed to take part in an experiment suggested by journalists on a popular internet site his task was to see how he would survive on a subsistence wage for a month shopping was something of an ordeal for him a link he couldn't afford to spend even one cent above his budget because otherwise he would have ruined the experiment. just the minimum a subsistence wage in a story a was sixty four euros that comes down to two euros the day i bought these pastries or telling central marketplace this morning what both cost fifty euro cents. i won't miss not these locally grown cabbages are the cheapest here i eat them for
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vitamins and here is the cheapest cheese at least for the. nearly every day he posted reports on his expenditures on the internet by the end of the month the whole nation was following his daily reports he received hundreds of letters with people offering advice support. the idea of experiment was even reported by the international media i think that's why i was certain the story and government checked out living wage quite thirteen euro seventy seven. at least if i don't forget that this son could buy me neither a soup nor toothpaste nothing but food reward oil. and instead see a guy who changed spends almost all of a pension to pay for utilities now she can only rely on a small part of land ten kilometers from town she cycles there several times
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a week to see how a crop is fairing. that area well i'm too old for walking in. my to my bike takes me there thing gotta have it. off we go my darling my. that's a good boy. and it's just see here is a russian by nationality when a stone declared independence in one thousand nine hundred one she backed the idea and even voted for secession in a referendum she has lived in a stone year for many years as a good commander of this tony and language she received a blue passport after a problem free process of naturalization. when the bronze soldier affair broke out and they expose themselves as a people harboring ill will. i no longer wanted to be a citizen or support such ball the size of venue that i thought it was
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a disgrace. so i gave up a stone in citizenship but of course. no other is a town a stone years northwestern border. nearly all major industrial plants have been closed down here in the past ten years. this channel is the only leftover from the soviet union of ten lathes only one is to the operation one thousand three hundred jobs have been cut down to sixty. i'm lucky to see that this plant is still operational even turns out some new products that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the stonier. being a production manager i won't be able to find a job anywhere else this is the only tannery here and many other people also will be able find a different job. nearly fifty percent of
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novice population is jobless most of us attorneys russians are so-called non-citizens they grade passports given the right to enter russia without a visa. selling cheaper russian goods on the black market mostly cigarettes and liquor is one of the most common forms of making living here people avoid bringing in more than a permitted amount of time so as not to be detained at the border. we shall all six or seven times a day it's a small business you know half of the people in town live off it if the border were blocked i can't imagine how things would work out here. but pack of cheap cigarettes costs less than fifty euro cents in russia and no other old women standing outside shops all day long sell them at double the price expensive cigarettes are not brought in there is almost no demand for them people holding great passports have difficulty finding jobs outside of the till. the great
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passport alone infringes upon my civil rights i was born here i am entitled to a citizens' passport nobody wants me to be able to vote they see no point in that we are slaves here that's all there is to it. history and government plan to introduce goal reform by two thousand and seven. as prime objective was to make sure that all of the country's high schools including russian language ones used as sternly and in the classroom. put pressure from the e.u. brought about an amendment to the education law the abrupt change in legislation allows other languages to. when you when the apparent liberalism of a study in school legislation has been handsomely made up for by the severity of municipal and government bureaucrats not one of the high schools is since been able to use its right to teach in another language not even such schools as push in high school which is more than one hundred years old in. the high school named
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after the russian author pushkin the town of tar two is the pride of the stone is russian language schools even parents from neighboring population centers have sort of mission for their children. totally unable react in a mathematician was appointed head of the school's teaching department in one thousand and four while she was in that post the school acquired a distinctive and special style of teaching moreover it became a center of russian culture in talking in two thousand and three however the education ministry fired the school's principal. and the brief example spirit changed radically with the arrival of the new principal. that changed the march through the teachers were afraid of talking to me. they didn't want to the principal to see that they were still on good terms with me their career year
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victoria tried to keep the spirit of the school alive but in the end she gave up and quit her job. if. i didn't like the new principal saying that the all that democracy should be scaled down. that she would say the russians needed to be promoted all the time. it's pains me to see my teachers losing their sense of dignity. you see. what's especially appalling is that simulated teachers had to face their pupils adequately over this many years have passed but i still recall those things with tears in my eyes.
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many ethnic a stand in seek employment abroad precisely because they speak russian finland is actively promoting relations with russia with each year the number of tourists visiting both countries grows. so. when you russian speaking drivers when they were tourists go to russia it's important that there is skill drivers with a good command of russian they find it easier to get around there if they speak russian when russian tourists come to finland they always get a russian speaking driver who can tell them about the place and give advice. to weeks in finland on week at home this is the operating schedule of the estonian driver all the color after he got employment with a finnish bus company in two thousand and nine it was a house his cherished dream the money here was enough to buy a thought of land pay for the design of building process takes all his free time all the cooler must finish everything before winter to settle down with his family
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in a new house. not for wages in western countries are three to four times higher than a stone i quit my job of my own accord to earn a little money while i was still a young man with many of my friends work in finland summer drivers others are construction workers still others work in norway. there was a time when dimitri lim said one a thriving business in talent selling exotic goods from india but in a surprise move estonian police began putting pressure on his business in the aftermath of his active participation in the two thousand and seven protests. the trees my partners gave in to pressure by special services and broke contracts with me as well they were quite open about it. today dimitri cannot find either a job or this false start up a business in the stone instead he makes
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a living in russia once a month even if it's his home country to see his son. be careful there. we use the as a very sharp. what your hands both of you take your shirt off until the morning is very. good after spending a couple of days at home to meet again goes abroad to earn money. this trip is that one day the people of hysteria will no longer be divided into friends and foes but his energy and entrepreneurial talent once again be required in his home country.
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