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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hello i'm tom foreman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture the occupy wall street protests are again shaken up by the n.y.p.d. as hundreds of peaceful demonstrators are hauled off to jail but despite the police crackdown the movement is still growing details on who or other fed up americans are camping out and how this moment of activism in america could be utilized to its full and we all know the koch brothers have mastered pumping their ideas and money into right wing think tanks as well as their pollution into the atmosphere that is
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the billionaire duo pumping ash to state sponsors of terrorism as well details on this little show in just a few moments. you need to know this the occupy wall street demonstration turned into a crackdown out of wall street as n.y.p.d. officers disrupted a peaceful march across the brooklyn bridge and arrested more than seven hundred people on saturday demonstrators in lower manhattan zuccotti park the central command of the movement remain undeterred despite the crackdown each day more and more people are streaming into the park renamed liberty square to join the protests against corporate greed and an economy that benefits the one percent over the ninety nine percent and elsewhere around the country similar demonstrations have begun thousands flocked to dewey square park and boston over the weekend to set up
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tents and occupy that city indefinitely until major reforms are made to our economy so after the second straight week end of a police crackdown as this movement hit its peak there is a just beginning in gaining more steam for an update on the latest coming out of new york city and the other occupy demonstrations around the nation i'm joined by sarah jaffe associate editor at alter net sarah welcome. thanks for having me tom so based on your reporting what exactly happened on the brooklyn bridge saturday. well i was on the march for a little while i had showing the gathering in the square or what we're calling it now liberty plaza. at about one thirty in the afternoon and. we gathered talked for a little while the usual sort of mike check. and then went on the march and i don't believe that most people knew where the march was even going it was just there were thousands of people milling around in the square and it was time to go so we walked
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for a few blocks i turned back and was getting text message reports from friends who were still in the march who found themselves on the brooklyn bridge. and were led they say by the police onto the traffic lane so as soon as they reached out the midpoint of the bridge they ran into a line of police now most people that i've talked to were somewhere in the middle of the march they didn't know what had stopped them some people started climbing from the traffic lane on to the pedestrian walkway and were able to get out without being arrested but basically the police shut down the bridge and arrested seven hundred people who were peacefully marching but had shut down the traffic lane now one week ago this last weekend we saw a case where police officers use these orange plastic whatever they're called fences readiness nets you know to basically herd people into groups of five ten fifteen twenty people in the you know if
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a search on what's his name. water balloon and sprayed a couple of young women in the face with mace or pepper gas. is this i'm curious how widespread the practice of basically hurting and containing and punishing or arresting people has been throughout the course those is right now and whether the brooklyn bridge was just a giant version of trying to blow his buddies did we go. well the brooklyn bridge was it was transformed into a giant what they call in london a kettle and we've been seeing a lot of that i have good friends in london have been following the student protest over there and we've seen a lot of they saw a lot of basically barricades put around marches and masses of kids and just penned them there for hours lot of them weren't arrested this was sort of amazing in that they literally penned up seven hundred people and took them away on buses incidentally the transit workers union is now filing
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a complaint about being forced to drive city buses full of arrested protesters because the transit workers union has endorsed the occupy wall street movement that's remarkable police officers from from reading your article going to the police officers have been bored and please confirm this by the city from even taking donuts offered by protesters or any any kind of gift or food not just you know don't it's not to fulfill the story and yet the new york police department took a rather large give from one of the banks can you tell us about those our buddy is a cheapie morgan chase our good friend jamie diamond just recently decided conveniently somewhere in the time while there you know a few hundred people have camped out near his office to donate four point six million dollars to the n.y.p.d. the n.y.p.d. and i just in the last couple weeks yeah just recently. and the n.y.p.d.
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foundation does actually go to buy things for the police department so it is basically privately funded our new york city police department but there's probably a lot to be discussed and not a level but yeah so you've got police officers who are just says that's astoundingly corrupt on both part of the bank and the police were failing and you would think. i would consider it corrupt yeah i understand it's going to be a nationwide student strike this one state you know more details about this. i have not heard about a nationwide student strike i know that here in new york a bunch of unions and community groups are going to march in solidarity with occupy wall street and it's at five o'clock in the lower manhattan and i believe eleven ninety nine sci you thirty two b.j. sci you like to mention for the transit workers and several community groups and the working families party are holding a march here so that's our next excitement and we'll see if the union workers get
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arrested as easily as you know teenagers you know. that's actually going to be a very telling moment i think the yeah the occupy boston thing seems to be going you know well full tilt boogie last friday on my radio program i got calls from several people who who were occupying chicago. guys got calls today from people occupying los angeles to what extent has this spread beyond new york with some substantial reality versus scattered. fragments or shall we say. well i've heard about tents being pitched in some places in new york we're not allowed to have tents so people are sleeping out on mattresses or sleeping bags on the floor with no covering. i have heard about the one i'm interested in personally is that occupy charlotte because that's where bank of america is headquarters are bank of america which of course was where a couple thousand people marched on the one in boston. so but it really it seems
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like it's picking up. people it's getting inside people's heads and in a way you know i hate i don't want to compare it to the tea party but the same way that this that seemed to spread and get inside people's you know people were thinking about it this really seems to be thought of catching on in in i hate to say that collective unconscious because that sounds but ever but it really i know you can you think you can go all young guys out there. and i actually agree with you sarah thank you so much for being asked that i care thank you for having me more and more people are now paying attention what's going on in new york city and elsewhere and the attention is only going to grow as thousands of demonstrators are expected to join the ranks of occupy wall street thanks to influential labor unions and progressive organizations that pledged their support for the cause and are expected to dispatch members to the demonstrations this week for more on how we can take advantage of this budding youth active activism and this moment in time and
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parlay it into real change i'm joined by jim dean chair of democracy for america jim welcome and thanks tom thanks for having me us great to have you great to have you with us jim. first of all before we get into the whole what democracy for america is doing and what it what's going on with the protests surge has raised a really interesting question which is you know is this a replay of the tea party i'm wondering if you and i have a little more longer generational perspective on this in the seventy's sixty's and seventy's there was such a substantial student movement that it eventually took over the democratic party and passed civil rights laws pushed the great society and amended the constitution in seven months to allow eighteen year olds to vote could it be you know i hear from people on the left who are very concerned that the democratic party is trying to co-opt the move movement but historically movements co-operatives not be around could it be that we're seeing a replay of the seventy's rather than the tea party i think they're stronger
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parallels to the to the seventy's on this the difference here that i. i see is that a lot of these folks that are on the streets right now and by the way i'm going to add hartford to this because it's my home state and they're going to do it occupy are for events soon but the folks that are out there are far more politically savvy than i was for example or folks of my generation were a lot of them of already been working on campaigns a lot of them worked in the obama campaign and they've been politically engaged there's quite a strong number of those so they do know how to plug in to issues and in different ways and it's not about who's leading this movement and you're right movements lead parties and i don't think people should look at it that way i think people should let it run its course and get more and more folks involved i think it's a historical walk yes or almost a paranoid one democracy for america a democracy for america dot com is the web site is probably the most well known for your training night school training i taught at one in portland oregon oh yeah well years back my first exposure actually to what you were doing and i thought i was
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just so blown away by it and how people came out of it energized i'm assuming you're still doing these oh yes give us the update what's going on with we're definitely still doing them and we have a new on line organizers so we're going to be going for the on line for the night schools and for the weekend training academies where we were just actually in it and cordial aska finally got up to alaska to do it but what. she did and i didn't get to go to was silly either but you know what this is really about it's hard to do this it's hard to do what you have to do all day whether it's a job or a student and they're going to take care of the folks you love and then try to change your communities for the better by going to a board of education meeting for three hours at night you know our job is really to try to make that easier for folks who are willing to put in some time to make this democracy work better so that's really a great part of our mission and then the other part is to support people when they do take that step whether it's working for a candidate or working on a legislative issue we're working as we are in ohio to repeal s.b.
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five as we really need to support. members who are willing to stick up and stand up and take the time to do this as well as what the folks are doing on the occupy wall street occupy l.a. occupy boston and occupy the country you know two carpenter runs you know you have the democrats of america pretty america is is fond of pointing out that there's an outside game inside game the outside game arguably is what wall street is you know it's only it's an independent party it's what's happening the outside the inside game is getting inside the party whether it's you know joining becoming a committee chairperson running for public office or simply lobbying aggressively you know within your organization. do you have a lot of your training is hard to become the inside game and out approach isn't it but i'm curious to what extent do you think it your trainings and your efforts over the years all the way back to the howard dean campaign which is what the if they grew out of night be part of. you know i'm not asking about
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yourself in the back here but you know but how is this. i said i see a connection between that and what's going on right now frankly i mean just what you're if i most rewarding experiences jointness are talking to people who have taken positions at a party and then work on sometimes very arcane rules and procedures that end up opening up the party's indorsement process to more people and not just incumbents you know my best days are or helping the one we find out that a person who is running for city council for the first time. wins an election or when we get pieces of legislation passed in towns because that's how things happen they don't start out of washington they start because states and towns and cities are stepping up to the plate we've been involved in this hydro fracking issue in pennsylvania. dozens of towns all over the state are passing resolutions against it right now and even though the state has the power to let these drilling companies come in they're able to now voice their support and that's because
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a lot of people with. it's roots level got into the process and i like to think we play a small part of that and but the way that we do we're not we're still going to keep pushing it yeah and you are and to what extent is d.f.a. working with or in support of occupy. is not just occupy wall street anymore the business this fall here look i'm proud to say that they are way ahead of us and that is really cool you know a lot of our members are getting involved with this thing and it's not because of anything we're saying i mentioned occupy harvard i was just a member of ours just sent me an e-mail about that you know there are groups in new york city or down there right now and have been at these demonstrations they're leading the way on this and our job is to make that work better for him so that's the way it should be well jim do you think you thanks so much for being was initiated it was great to see jim despite a media blackout of the protests brutality by police and rough weather the result of the young people who want to transform this nation for the better can not be broken the next cycle of revolution in america frankly is just beginning.
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after the break the koch brothers are allegedly going to great lengths to get what they want why the sibling duo could be in the center of an international rivalries . what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions break through get through people who can you trust no one who is your view with a global mission where we had a state controlled capitalism and score that when nobody dares to ask we do you are a key question more. for.
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will. we know the koch brothers love spending their fortunes on right wing political causes like funding the astroturf tea party but they also love spending their fortunes bribing foreign governments to a new report by bloomberg they do breaking today's a story about an internal investigation of koch industries back in two thousand and eight when an ethics manager with the corporation discovered that a french subsidiary of koch industries was bribing foreign officers to gain favorable contracts person who uncovered the bribes along with it by the name of
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little milla. for enos warned that the koch subsidiaries actions in her words constituted violations of criminal law she reported that the company tried to bribe at least six foreign governments but the investigation go much farther as the koch industries and city or prop promptly hired this internal investigator in two thousand and nine her findings though have just now been made available to the media which raises the possibility the koch's could be tried for violations of the foreign corrupt practices act which prohibits american companies from bribing officials overseas and bloomberg report also details a new allegation that koch industries was doing business with the iranian government to build a methanol plant in that rogue nation or more all of these new allegations and what they may mean i'm joined by cliff schecter national progressive p.r. strategist at liberty to us a little see a nationally syndicated columnist with al-jazeera english as well as the book the author of the book the real mccain put welcome back thanks tom how are you i am
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fine thank you i hope the same is true of you. in the cockpit of the koch brothers . well i don't know that you want me to be honest do you have any department that you know better than us you have fifty billion bucks you know it's hard to hard to dump it. according to bloomberg koch industries is doing business. the ran i remember a year into the bush administration cheney's halliburton was actually accused of the exact same thing and mr cheney and when he was the c.e.o. charges were never filed against dick cheney right although clearly a crime was clear at least it certainly looked like a crisis but yes it doesn't look like a crime was committed here is there a probability or possibility that there will be charges against any of the executives or i would think there is a possibility i hope it's a probability it's much like what cheney did in the case of dick cheney he used a subsidiary of halliburton to do it that's exactly what the koch brothers did they had subsidiaries of their company and i think italy and germany that provided
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materials for the zagg gross petrochemical plant. so that they were able to build this plant and they were able to get around. the trade and that's now been in place since ninety ninety five so again i mean this is the story is explosive this story and that as you pointed out you're going to have to is in cases now we're talking about of bribery possible violation of a nine hundred seventy seven foreign corrupt practices act you know it talks about their four hundred million dollars in fines they've paid for it for violating environmental regulations between one thousand nine hundred three and two thousand and three i mean you go through this it's like a rogues' gallery you know it's we've broken it seems the broken well after another and i would really hope that just as a part of when they see on top of all that what they did in iran again remember this is the axis of one of the members of the axis of evil this is iran according to john mccain you know what lindsey graham and joe lieberman others think we need to barbara but they got it's funding these folks. are the guys who are doing
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business with them interesting the koch brothers companies have paid four hundred million dollars in fines for violating regulations and the tea party that they fund as you want to bring prosperity back to america do away with regulations you think there might be relationship it's amazing i think if you drew of the. you might see a. report on overlaps more seriously though since one thousand nine hundred. convicts that have at least five crimes from reading prices to breaking environmental regulations to wind regulators and i want to case to what had you and i had you were i doubt it would be homicide or not homicide manslaughter two teenagers died as heals all types of and. to the best of my knowledge none of those people certainly david charles but you know nobody has ever gone to jail over this thing over these things why is it in america that corporations rich people. can can do things that cause people to die and break the law and they never go to
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jail you know some some unemployed person with with the joint is pocket could easily marijuana cigarettes or so easily spend the next five years in prison well of course because they're the job creators so as we would call them in our midst if you know because these guys are big corporations which we've had literally almost a fetish for since the reagan years but they can do no wrong so we've consistently deregulate them first of all so they can get away with a lot of this but then since both parties in large part sadly are bought off by these very corporations i mean let's be honest when president obama came in a lot of us look forward to hopefully some prosecutions from what went way dog with wall street in from frankly much the rest of american industry and yet we've got we're not looking backward looking forward so if that's the you know is there any incentive for these guys not to break the law to get their own morality but we've obviously proven they don't have that so beyond that what do they have to fear we've got a two tier system of justice you know i mean some fines you know britney's guys
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made are worth twenty billion dollars each to make up their revenue they had over their profits are going to make one hundred million dollars you know in revenue a year so in the end what is there to it what is there really to fear if they only get a small chunk of that taken away. i understand that in the last few years and i don't remember the time. i'm sam maybe you do the koch industries has spent something like thirty million but it was longer a million a lobbying million lobbying right here in washington d.c. yeah i think it's only there's only five hundred thirty five members of congress how do you spend forty million dollars and five hundred thirty five that's a lot of super bowl parties or you know i don't know i mean it's amazing obviously they you know that they're giving it through their pacs and they're giving money to you know i mean up to filling it to the max but these days and the post you know citizens united world you know there's so many different avenues through which you can give money there's so many different ways that you can that i mean we've got this flood of money obviously that's what's completely corrupting our system and that's what it means that these guys don't have to fear that they're going to be
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prosecutor you talked about the myth of the few minutes ago you mentioned the myth of the job creators we have a number of myths that have been very carefully crafted by people like frank luntz or focus group these that you come up with these phrases from his being hired and this. we didn't even know this for a decade that it was going on but it finally got out of the news the wall errors you know the five of them collectively would be the richest person in the world if they were one person had hired him to change the word inheritance tax to death tax and he succeeded in doing that now job creators. the reagan trickle down myth so much of america is still buying these myths what do you think it's do you think it was you know we've been talking about the occupy wall street movement do you think that this is the beginning of the breaking down of this very carefully and frankly a lab expensively created mythological structure i think it is actually because i
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remember we had a conversation a listserv yesterday and i felt like what i saw i watched the live streaming what was going on on the brooklyn bridge and it just felt like we've perhaps turned a corner at some point with mass unemployment with companies that have huge profits sitting on that money refusing to hire people claiming it's because they can't they're not sure what the regulations are going to be which is just ridiculous. you know we again just like with the justice system we've got this two tiered society with everything else you talk about it's often your show the culture that reigns supreme in this country really up to about nine hundred eighty you know it's almost nonexistent they have so altered it with their corporate funded think tanks and the thoughts news's and talk radio so they've convinced people of these myths people don't know that under you know president eisenhower we top ninety percent top income tax you know that corporations used to be at the top of the average the ratio of corporate salary to worker used to be about thirty to one of these days it's about six hundred seven hundred i don't even know the latest study it would be
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coming a fundamentally different country than the one that we were we believe we were all in this together and yes you could get rich and you had the right to get rich but you had to play by certain rules you respected the public square and you really believed that we were a country you know that we all rose or fell together and that is something that they've seen but i think that's changing because you can only pull the song and dance for so long polls show that people you know are vastly disagree with you know what the koch brothers and their allies want to do they want to protect social security they know that it's ok for automatic oh people want to yes you know it's a fraud that it's insolvent which is ridiculous you know until two thousand and thirty seven it's just part it will be with minor adjustments beyond that i mean the truth you know beyond social security the tax system is ridiculous we've got the lowest taxes on the top earners since about the one nine hundred twenty s. into people people are going to get this and i think when young kids religion enough of them that are not getting jobs and you see these guys have committed that crime on the level the koch brothers have just get away with it and we know we're not looking back we're looking forward i think that what's we're headed is
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hopefully a new world let's hope so cliff being with us tonight for sure if the bloomberg reports are true and it looks like the folks not only spent their fortunes on manufactured astroturf movements like the tea party in america but also in variety in foreign governments and doing business with the likes of auckland. and they call themselves patriots. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think going to bloomberg others may be bribing foreign governments and doing business in iran which brings us to our poll question republicans now refuse the koch brothers money and choices are yes because they won't be able to call themselves patriots or they'll take the money anyway log on to dot com let us know what you think the poll will be open until tomorrow morning.
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yup that would be the good of a very very long how did poorly leave the good california governor jerry brown. took on his state legislature last week that decided it was a priority to pass legislation to allow modern lines to be stuffed to displayed above creating jobs in california brown wrote a letter to lawmakers saying i am signing s.p. seven sixty nine which allows for dead mountainside to be stuffed in display is presumably important bill earned overwhelming support by both republicans and democrats if only that same energetic bipartisan spirit could be applied to creating clean energy jobs and ending tax laws that send jobs out of state. next time he should use the schwarzenegger trick to get his state legislature in line you know a bowie knife right. the bad rick. rick don't google my
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name santorum the republican presidential hopeful is still catching flak for not condemning the audience booed as toward a gay us soldier at the last republican debate he claims he didn't even hear them even though fellow republican hopeful gary johnson who was standing right next to this same forum on the stadium claim he did hear them not to mention a santorum stance of the soldiers question about don't ask don't tell was arguably just as hateful as the boos were santorum is now trying to squash the issue altogether telling the l a times about the booing of a u.s. soldier oh no instead of i wake up nights thinking about this guy gets that's because he stays awake all night thinking about homosexuals or how he could take away the rights of gays in america either one very very ugly and a very very ugly. williams jr the country musician famous for singing the opening. monday night football one parks in france this morning as you can only one minute to compare president obama to get here he is talking about the president's golf
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outing the speaker being. what did you not like about it it seems to be a really pivotal moment for you oh come on be like we're playing golf with netanyahu ok ok no hardly in the country the shape of the shape. of. the i don't understand that actually well that's well i'm glad you don't brother called a lot of people who you know they're the enemy they're the enemy the enemy. oh no. you know you can the three stooges that's only going to. be. a question of who the third stooge is believes comments are so rages the fox and friends gang and carlson do see and kill me this is a valid his comments after the interview you know you're talking crazy when you make box so-called news talking heads. and that's a very very ugly. coming out.


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