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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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technology from the realm. the. state. of florida spreads across the united states as thousands of angry americans demand the corporate lobby be held accountable for the country's economic downturn. greece hangs in the balance as eurozone ministers delay the next release of bailout funds desperately needed to keep the country clear of bankruptcy. last from the glitz and glamour of high fashion cow walks to abuse of child labor human rights groups blow the whistle on his back he stands cognate history which earns the government a fortune. and business is it going to become
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a conservative force investors just do we stay away from risky assets russian people for the work throwing me for the job or. not i am in the russian capital you're watching our t.v. arena joshie welcome to the program from new york to boston to los angeles chicago and beyond the occupy wall street protest movement spreads rapidly across the united states thousands half a lot of them to the streets demanding and then to the corporate influence on government that activists blame for america's economic turmoil in the big apple where the protests began and hundreds have been arrested for the up to the still planned more demonstrations which are supported by nationwide workers' unions any your art he's an associate you're going to some americans who say civil disobedience is the only way to get their message across. taking the big apple by
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storm. getting arrested by the hundreds. getting netted and pepper sprayed in the face. spending night and day on the far from well from the streets of the financial district. that's the price these demonstrators are paying to get their outrage across to those holding reins a financial and political power on americans who make up most of this country who don't have access to corporate power and the media don't have many options to get their voices heard those who take specific steps fight for change in the west are largely getting ignored and marginalized this artist and activist has been arrested twice i didn't expect to be arrested and it's worth it to be one of the police i didn't expect to get locked up incarcerated for always and always knows with a. good cause and for this movement. ignored for the first two weeks of
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occupying wall street the peaceful movement started taking tougher measures by getting bigger and louder the only way to get the media to notice is to be disobedient. to the people who noticed. the mass arrests have built up popular support for the movement. you know them for putting us through some of the abuse because it's hope. you know is bringing more working with some have sacrificed more than hours in jail to fight against wall street many people have put their jobs that have come here that's already happened the corporate media week three into the camp out there does not pay much attention here the sunday front pages of some of america's most read newspapers or ridicules both the form and the substance of the gathering it is equal parts but truly body odor and urine they're more concerned with. brainwashing people american idol sports drama and
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pretty much anything to serve as attraction other than the important issues right now this is a big boy. unnoticed by the corporate and political elite it's tougher than ever for those against the system to get attention with even some police officers ready to admit this protest is the way you know that's. the only. way to do it or very much the occupy wall street movement promises to grow in the months to come and history shows that the voice of the people can't be neglected forever and there's a church in our archie new york all the latest and most gripping videos of the protests the rage in new york are available for you twenty four seven on our you tube channel. four news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing operations room today. this is our t.v. professor alex i tell you who took part in the new york protests claims they were met with extreme police violence he says the demonstrators all of them an aim is to achieve change in the political landscape of america. history about what's going on down there there's a clear sense the united states the power of wall street is completely out of control in the. economy and i think young people in particular feel that their futures have been. before the our region our reasons are these wall street executives you're looking for long term solutions i don't think. term measures of your feeling for government to address i think more for what they're trying to do is to create a political climate where a number of political actors can start to talk seriously about real reforms and
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hopefully can break this kind of marriage between economic and political elites and . so i have this hour here in our team clash of the titans two russian billionaires take their feud to one court as exiled tycoon boris berezovsky soon as former friend ramada bromwich over a business deal gone sour. the euro zone has postponed a decision on the next release of bailout funds for cash strapped greece that was after athens announcer would not be able to mean that containment targets greece desperately needs an extraction of a billion euros to pay its everyday bills and if the mine doesn't arrive by medical the country will not be able to pay its debts and may have to declare bankruptcy that's in spite of government efforts to adhere to tough demands by bringing in highly unpopular measures for weeks a country has been hit by great public protests and strikes our sponsor further has
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more details from athens. here. the more dramatic side of this economic crisis simply played out as time and again we've seen people turning up. part of the building the place to get the feeling that it's basically they say. that it will you find us. back in the position with people now really are just old has been achieved by implementing these assassinations the government has just a little bit once a week for me it's tough that's it reduction target. the whole usa really about what the implications of that will be the good. news imagine that thirty thousand civil servants only a little made of it but in the salary for you. at the end of the year the possibility of dismissal wait till. you think yet.
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here i needed it the country to stay late literally quoted here in the culture that maybe trying to hammer out the details of that now has to be such that. the only sure you get that money. would be. a good place at this point is also bad the rest of the year is a country and indeed the global economy that is it is this little one that people only are not led to. come up with realistic solutions to get the country out of the situation that has been criticism from some of the analysts we spoke to you hear nothing they say that we've seen job losses we've seen the cut wages and pensions these are people who no longer be able to pay cut to people who were struggling to pay the taxes and yet the government still seem to be selfless a solution to the flood the big deficit in the budget so there are concerns really
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about the practicality of any of these measures having any effect you'll also talk about the possibility of we all take and as we said still a lot of public anger at the people bill that the laws are being put in a situation that is to mankind a little bit they called live with big concerns really about whether the years they needed to be able to pull the country out of the situation. economists tales of going on believes the problems stem from a lack of sandro fiscal sorty and our european central bank should step in and take the lead. the problems go back many years because countries throughout the eurozone. have large budget deficits that they were not supposed to be able to run under the ontarian but they were allowed to run and of course has come back to bite them i think in each step along the way the europeans have resisted moving to a central school authorities common taxing and spending decisions and they've
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resisted but they've done just enough to get time to raise the raise the amount apart but it's still not quite enough and the e.c.b. right now is the only institution that has the potential to step in and fix things if they want to but it's really a difficult issue i mean the politicians. the seabees are worried about bailing out governments that haven't performed well. the former soviet republic it was back to stand is best known as one of the world's largest producers of cotton while the industry brings the government a fortune the us back people remain stricken by poverty are he's catching a child that human rights groups say the cod ministry thrives on illegal child labor. such is the fear in the eyes of these children if you think they were speaking. about. the family.
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that was understood then. i just don't argue that. there. was. meanwhile on the other side of the world the project is harvested with illegal child labor is enjoying the glare of flash and cameras will not acquire the mother daughter of those dead president is presenting her new collection of forbes magazine ponders on how she's managed to be so commercially successful i graduated from harvard so. it's a so it's a really good score you know in terms of you know giving you great tools the tools that was like a stone our children as young as seven for work an average of seventy hours a week instead of going to school and an education is not the only thing they're missing out on with no heating propagandists were drinking water. in the
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mothers are powerless some of them stood up for their kids protection they were arrested taken to cotton fields they would be forced to work in the day and with mass raped at night. with the help of course child labor was based on produces around one million tonnes of cotton enough to make one billion t. shirts the cotton a sold abroad except to the sixty plus retailers including levi and they turned them per kludged not so biased but cotton because the harvest is so abusive this boycott sends a message to those government that enslaving children is not hers. but will not occur the member who is also is vikas stans and best suited to the un and the deputy foreign minister refutes the claims and she was also outraged when new york fashion week bans for a collection from the catwalks two weeks ago but human rights groups applauded. it was a terrible message for the fashion industry to be sending that they would lend
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a high profile platform to the senior official of one of the world's most repressive governments the government about sex. years ago engaged in the disproportionate use of force against mostly peaceful protesters in the eastern city of andi john and john is the bloodiest chapter in president islam karimov stew decades in office in two thousand and five is forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration killing five thousand people or other so-called dissidents jail sentences are common but i've spent three years in prison for speaking out after his prosperous business was taken over by the president's people to make. very most family is an organized criminal mob all sectors of the economy profitable businesses are under his control i think there is a wiki leaks we'll see that the u.s. ambassador calls karim or his daughter and that here princess but all this will
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stay just words while the war continues in afghanistan korean war is an important ally there and everyone will close our eyes to his crimes. but leave egypt and tunisia and were once important allies to however the arab spring showed just how quickly things can change so what today appears to be nothing more than a failed fashion show tomorrow become a failed state swept away by those silenced for too long. r t. leaving us posted obviously terrorists have a point of tampering cabinet ministers to govern until the contrary is fully secured but no member of the national transitional council will be allowed to serve in the u.s. the post revolution government once liberation is complete meanwhile and the t.c. forces have gained control of most of the country but still face fierce resistance
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in syria bani walid and pockets in the southern desert the former rebels attempted to launch attacks on syria the hometown of the current gadhafi were battles have dragged on for weeks one eyewitness to the firing told r.t. that civilians are being targeted and killed by the revolutionary forces. act. i don't think we're going to be actually out to. just because he put it through traffic and if you want. i think. anyhow i think we've run it in the fridge to continually keep the country. or if it's not it will be an effort because one. cannot be. acting when we. are acting for me. and
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the. author and journalist afshin rattansi says the only point of the libyan campaign is to divide the country's resources between nato allies. this is what nato are involved in an action which is obviously contrary to the u.n. resolution which is supposedly mandated to go in and overthrow the government of gadhafi we're getting reports of electric torture electric shock torture being used by these revolutionaries who exactly other people that are fighting nato because they may not like it after they may not like the nature of troops it's very interesting that they are the most advanced arsenal in the world of nature's six months on and they still haven't won the country this is all about the idea that these great powers as of old can divide up the resources and the future of the libyan people why they're quiet about it the media kind of got bored after the
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initial explosions and the so-called attack the not even reporting the bombing of hospitals inserter. it was an r.q. life in moscow coming up in the program a cell phone video of patients in a russian psychiatric hospital sparks outrage apple lack of care for the wheel raises questions of why it should be done to help out. two of russia's most prominent tycoons how to get a better legal battle in a london court the billionaire owner of chelsea football club or a mob or a mob which is being sued by former associate boris berezovsky for of course fined and have billion dollars artie's lore and it has the details. who is a really extraordinary story and we're talking about here what's become two persons richest man and as you say this is a case that involves around five and a half billion dollars we've got i'm on a mortgage on the one hand he's become a household name in this country of course we all know him as the owner of chelsea
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but he's also the former governor of process to quote wait in arms one of russia's most influential men and then the other hand we've got but it's not he who is also hasn't had a hypothetical profile in moscow and he was immediate local he was then russia and was. awarded asylum here in the u.k. russia have made various attempts to extradite him and in fact he's in big since head of investments in absentia so what happens here is the results keep claims that that super friends but at the friendship of the partnership collapses when he says wealth and influence became more important than loyalty has been he claimed that i hope it's just him out of more than three billion dollars by intimidation and basically they suggest that he met they met in france and he possibly physically intimidated him into selling in the city at an oil company that they had
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created together with a partner for a fraction of fair market value and a similar thing and also happened which says in a russian aluminum company a result of a promotion course his lawyers are saying about the life that's you know prepared any kind of intimidation to place his new document haitian to show it now this is the case this is not going to be a quick quick we're seeing in the first month but it's also giving his evidence and they say any an early november or mortgage will take the stand and say what he's going to say so we're expecting this case to go it's at least twelve weeks if not longer so it's really brought a bottle between two enormous russians into the court here in london. florimond reporting there now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world pakistani police says gunmen have killed twelve shiite muslims. in attack in the country's southwest officials say militants on motorbikes stopped the boss on the outskirts of the city of quetta then ordered people out and opened fire on them killing a dozen and wounding six local shiites blocked
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a main highway to protest the killings and set fire to the bus that carried the dead and wounded to hospital. again it seems president hamid karzai is expected in india for key talks over strategic agreements on security and development a visit comes after a cardinal's interior raiding relations with pakistan and a series of high profile attacks across the country indian officials have already pledged two billion dollars to get it stands needs. to the u.s. now where emergency crews have almost completely contained a huge chemical plant fire south of the city of dallas and spread quickly through of the facility causing a chain of explosions all staff were evacuated along with local residents and students from nearby schools the flames and fumes were so intense that crews had to withdraw for a while to let the blaze burn itself out officials say that initial air quality tests showed no evidence of dangerous contamination in the area. a cell phone
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scandal involving patients at a mental illness institution and a word attendant has again exposed the long lasting issue psychiatric care in russia low wages and lack of reform are blamed for the problem but are way out of the situation is much less clear you may find some of the images dollars reports distressing. scenes of psychiatric patients kissing and fighting with each other in a mental health facility in siberia these images were shot by a hospital employee something which has angered local people. of course it's more about what on earth was he thinking if those people are ill there are people with disabilities how could someone abuse them like this and not just. an internal investigation found ward attendant of was the man behind the camera he's now being dismissed from his position but insists that he didn't force the patients to take
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part nevertheless questions have been raised regarding the ethics of filming ill people in this way showing people kissing and i turned on the camera and captured it i wanted to delete the footage but i guess i forgot and how the media got hold of the footage is a mystery to me that others have leapt to be defensible heard of saying people have been too quick to point the finger of blame but. you don't see the attendant provoking or forcing the patients to do all those things the footage merely features patients of the ward were behaving this way all by themselves probably because of their mental disorders. in order tendons in psychiatric hospitals like this one and not pay very well in rural areas wages can be as low as one hundred dollars a month yearly serving as russia's representative to the world psychiatric association with over fifty years of experience he believes that rages can draw the wrong people to work in hospitals with it's all
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a matter of how much you paid your lease their salaries are incredibly low so you can figure out for yourself what kind of people take that job and some cases they are shady individuals who seek to gratify their base instincts to make money off the patients. support right the wrongs in mental health care are on the way however experts in the field believe that this. stigma still attached to mental illness means that they don't receive enough help. the former pro worry reform has been on and off since the late ninety's people make huge plans and it seems like the government allocates substantial funds but what comes out of it is zilch a total washout much of it is because psychiatry has always been a highly controversial issue. the case of blood to me it is currently in the hands of law enforcement officials trying to determine if there's enough evidence to press ahead with criminal proceedings should be charged with abusing those in his
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care he could face up to three months in jail. well there's all of our news and much more to be found on our website if you know com but here's what's the line for you right now. the i.m.f. offer of a nine billion euro along to belarus prompts a sudden change in minsk were an opposition in the euro was quickly released from jail plus. former vice president dick cheney says he expects rock obama to explain himself and apologize to the bush administration over comments he made in egypt more than two years ago. and on this day the world and or the space age at the soviet union launched its first ever sputnik are.
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now time to take a look what's happening in business korea is here with us. hello and welcome to our business update this hour economic uncertainty has investors staying away from risky assets and in russia it has people preparing for the worst russians are rushing to sell the ruble as it gets weaker but as business r.t. is moving acosta reports the situation is more a reflection of ill informed panic and the current economic environment. switching your savings from and national currency to a foreign one may seem like a sign of panic but that's not the case in russia since the ninety's when hyperinflation made it impossible to put prices in rubles many people use the euros and he was dollars instead lots of russians still have their savings in foreign currencies partly because they don't trust the ruble stability and when there is any hints of financial turbulence people rush to convert which is what's happening
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now but analysts say that's making the situation worse the ruble weekend against the dollar at standing its worst quarterly depreciation in suv years it's lost fourteen percent in the past two months but it's nowhere near the two thousand and nine financial crisis when the russian currency it lost a third of its reality last month transfers reached their highest level in sioux years equal to four and a half a billion dollars they had a brush essential bank says the google has been in a gradual devaluation for about two months and it will bounce back soon other such as the problem is russia's lack of net capital inflows since the crisis began and fully domestically from the banking sector analysts are hoping the banks tight monetary policy will prevent a further decline the bank has already spent over two billion dollars the bending the ruble and this with parents who go further it's
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a stabilize the currency analysts we've spoken to say that if russia was faced with a fast recession in europe or the united states it would come out on top because it has learned from its past mistakes. let's take a look at the markets now all is losing ground after dropping to the lowest in more than a year on monday concerns about global demand trunks of big reports on u.s. manufacturing and construction spending friend blenders trading at almost one hundred and one dollars a barrel. world of the tie is a concern at seventy six dollars a barrel asian shares extend steep losses from the previous session and financials and exporters are losing i mean growing concerns about europe's debt troubles in japan memorial holdings down three point three percent well it's a vicious financial group dropped three and a half percent on kong's list and banks however managed to trade mostly high with modest gains though china mercians bank was an exception it lost three point six percent. no less than one hour ahead of the opening bell in moscow russian stocks
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ended monday's trading session deep in the red following their biggest quarterly decline since two thousand and eight the report by a margin for for your fund research indicated that the funds investing in russia stocks have seen cash flow almost triple interest one week. that's our business our paper to join me in about forty five minutes for more and i'm just starting.
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