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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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states. offer or is spread across the united states as thousands of angry americans demand a corporate lobby be held accountable for the country's economic downturn. greece's future hangs in the balance as eurozone ministers delay the next release of bailout funds desperately needed to keep the country clear of bankruptcy. and from the glitz and glamour of high fashion catwalk to abuse of child labor a human rights groups blow the whistle potus back his dance card industry which earns the government a fortune. it
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watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program from new york to boston to los angeles chicago and beyond the occupy wall street protest movement spreads rapidly across the united states thousands have flooded into the streets demanding an answer to the influence wielding on government by big business that what activists blame for america's economic turmoil in the big apple where the protests began hundreds have been arrested but more demonstrations are still planned and they're supported by nationwide workers' unions in new york artes necessary trick and i met some americans who say protest is the best way to get their message across. taking the big apple by storm. by the hundreds. getting netted and pepper sprayed in the. base.
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spending night and day on the far from welcome the streets of the financial district. that's the price these demonstrators are paying to get their outrage across to those holding reins a financial and political power common americans who make up most of this country who don't have access to corporate power and the media don't have many options to get their voices heard those who teach specific steps fight for change in the west are largely getting ignored and marginalized this artist and activist has been arrested twice i didn't expect to be arrested i didn't expect to get beat by the police it is like the little get locked up incarcerated for always and always knows . good cause and for this movement. ignored for the first two weeks of occupying wall street the peaceful movement started taking tougher measures by getting bigger and louder the only way to get the media to notice is to
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be disobedient. to the people who noticed. the mass arrests have built up popular support for the movement but you know them for putting us through some type of abuse because it's hoping our you know is bringing more work some have sacrificed more than hours in jail to fight against wall street and many people have quit their jobs that have come here that's already happened to corporate media we three into the camp outside our does not pay much attention here the sunday front pages of some of america's most read newspapers or ridicules both the form and the substance of the gathering it is equal parts but surely body odor and urine they are more concerned with. brainwashing people american idol sports drama and pretty much anything to surface attraction but it hit me important issues right now this is a big aboard and noticed by the corporate and political elite it's tougher than ever for those against the. system to get attention but even some police officers
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ready to admit this protest is the way you know that's. the only real world way to do it i know neither the occupy wall street movement promises to grow in the months to come and history shows that the voice of the people can't be neglected forever is this in turkey archie new york all the latest and most gripping videos of the protests the rage in new york are available for you twenty four seven on our you tube channel. four news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. professor alex mentality who took part in the new york protests claims they were
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met with extreme police violence he says the demonstrators ultimate aim is to achieve change in the political landscape of america. what's going on down there there's a clear sense the united states the power of wall street is completely out of control and they're responsible for an economy and i think young people particularly with their futures a big mortgage to pay for the our region's salaries and bonuses are these small tree executors you're looking for long term solutions i don't think the short term measures of your government to address anything more for what they're trying to do is to create a political climate where a number of political actors can start to talk seriously about significant reforms that hopefully can break this kind of crap marriage between economic and political we. still have for us our in the line of fire forces loyal to lidia's the
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worst continue there are five for control of the country it's civilians who bear the brunt later eyewitnesses tell our team why they live in fear of their lives. here is own finance chiefs have a camp pushed back the final decision over the release of further bailout funds for cash strapped greece this time until november that was after athens announced it would be unable to meet its debt containment targets greece desperately needs the next tranche of a billion euros to pates everyday bills and if the money doesn't arrive by made it to work the country will not be able to pay its debts and they have to declare bankruptcy that's in spite of government efforts to adhere to tough e.u. and i.m.f. demands by bringing in highly unpopular matters for weeks the country has been hit by angry public protests and strikes our sponsor further has more details from happens. this thing here. the it's a must be excited it's
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economic quite distinctly played out as time and again we've seen people setting up the part of the building that. there was a basic safety. to be unsettled we find ourselves back in the position with people now really are just holes has been achieved by implementing these assassinations the government has just a little bit once been able to me it's our deficit reduction target. the whole usa really about what the implications of that will be good government have also things imagine that thirty thousand civil service call me double may never touch in the salary for a year. at the end of the year the possibility of dismissal another outbreak in the quiz what do you think. it's a country to stay up late to treat quote it to care in the cockpit that may be trying to hammer out the details of how this has to be such that. the only
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sure you get about money. will be tell. the police at this point it's also got the rest of us a country that indeed the global economy that is this little not one of the people only now well the good old come up with realistic solutions to get the country out of the situation that has been criticism from some of the analysts we spoke to you hear nothing they say that we see job losses these things because wages and pensions these are people who no longer be able to pay cut to people who are struggling to pay their taxes and yet the government still seem to be selfless a solution to plug the big deficit in the budget so there are concerns really about the practicality of any of these measures having any effect you'll also talk about the possibility of the call taker and as we said still
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a lot of public anger at the people bill but the laws are being put in a situation that is simply untenable that they called live with big concerns me. about well you're right they needed a gang to be able to pull the country out of this situation so our first report and their economists joe's are going on believes the problem sam from a lack of central fiscal authority and that the european central bank should step in to take the lead. many years because countries throughout the euro zone. have borrowed a budget deficit they were not supposed to be able to run under if they were allowed to run and of course it's come back to bite them i think and each step along the way the europeans resisted moving to a central school authority common taxing and spending decisions. and they've resisted but they've done just enough to get time. to raise the amount the part but
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it's still not quite enough. right now with the only institution that has the potential to step in and fix things if they want to but it's really a difficult issue i mean the politicians. the city is worried about bailing out governments that haven't performed well and libya's new rulers have named temporary cabinet ministers to govern the country until it is fully secured meanwhile their forces continue to lay siege to the few remaining strongholds the national transitional council now controls most of the country but still faces fierce resistance in syria defining lead and pockets in the southern desert after a two day cease fire to allow residents to leave and to see forces cham to further attacks on the alst occurence hometown of syria the red cross has warned of a humanitarian disaster as the town is running out of medical supplies food and water one eyewitness to the firing told r.t.
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that and to get off the forces are attacking civilian homes as they push to take over the city at any cost. in fact. if you aren't just because. you. actually. read. it. and you cannot. think. author and journalist optionor tansey says the only point of the libyan campaign is to divide the country's resources between nato allies this is what nato
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are involved in an action which is obviously contrary to the u.n. resolution which is supposedly mandating it to go in and overthrow the government of gadhafi we're getting reports of electric torture electric shock torture being used by these revolutionaries who exactly are the people that are fighting nato because they may not like it they're free they may not like the nato backed troops it's very interesting that they're the most advanced arsenal in the world of nato is six months on and they still haven't won the country this is all about the idea that these great powers as evolved can divide up the resources and the future of the libyan people why they're quiet about it the media kind of got bored after the initial explosions and the so-called attack that they're not even reporting the bombing of hospitals in certain. you can find all our new stories and much more on our website our team dot com and here's what's in line for you right now the i am asked all for all the nine billion euro loan to bella was promised
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a sudden change in minsk where and oppositional year was swiftly you were in the east from jail last. for a vice president dick cheney says he expects barack obama to explain himself and apologize to the bush administration over comments he made in egypt more than two years ago. on this day the world entered the space age as a saudi launched its first ever sport they.
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are appropriate for your. we hear it because our. god promised them this is lynn belongs to. will if they are still going to be thinking. of going chosen people will believe that god is. the kids that is for you guys and this guy is. going to be with this is the world. this is my them.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. watching our team a former soviet republic it was back to stand as bass now as one of the world's largest producers of cotton but while the is free brings the government a fortune because that people remain stricken by poverty as art is about her child reports human rise were up save the cotton industry thrives on illegal child labor
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such is the fear in the eyes of these children if you think they were picking opium not. going out. was that when the gives the drug that was not used and you magic is going to do you send us there. meanwhile on the other side of the world the rogers harvested with illegal labor is enjoying the glare of flushing cameras we're not equating of the daughter of those very hard didn't is presenting her new collection forbes magazine ponders on how she's managed to be so commercially successful i get is for perverts. so it's a really good score you know in terms of you know giving your great tools the tools of us back on our children as young as seven who work an average of seventy hours
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a week instead of going to school and an education is not the only thing they're missing out on with no heating proper bats were drinking water into the despair mothers are powerless some of them stood up for their kids' protection they were arrested taken to cotton fields they would be forced to work in the day and would mass rape at night. would the hell full force child labor was based on produces around one million tons of cotton enough to make one billion sheesh. the cortinas sold abroad except for the sixty plus retailers including levi and they turned them have pledged not to buy was cotton because the harvest is so abusive this boycott sends a nicety to those that government that is leaving children is not shake how good not a pretty model was also was by chris townsend best suited to the un and the deputy foreign minister refutes the claims and she was also outraged when new york fashion
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week banned her collection from the catwalks two weeks ago but human rights groups applauded. it was a terrible message for the fashion industry to be sending if they would lend a high profile platform to the senior official of one of the world's most repressive governments the government about six. years ago engaged in. the disproportionate use of force against mostly peaceful protesters in the eastern city of under john and john is the bloodiest chapter in president islam karimov still decades in office in two thousand by his forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration killing five thousand people or other so-called dissidents jail sentences are common but i've spent three years in prison for speaking out after his prosperous business was taken over by bad presidents people and the. very most family is an organized criminal not all sectors of the
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economy profitable businesses are under his control i think there's a wiki leaks you'll see that the us ambassador calls karim daughter and mafia princess but all this will stay just words while the war continues in afghanistan carrying all of is an important ally there and everyone will close our eyes to his crimes. but leave egypt and tunisia and were once important allies to however the arab spring showed just how quickly things can change. in the direction of a are today. take a look at some other news from around the world seventeen people were killed in separate gunfire and bomb attacks across iraq the deadliest was almost two hundred kilometers west of baghdad when gunmen stormed a local government compound and to fourteen hostages the town's mayor and the local police chief were among those captured violence has reportedly increased in iraq as
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officials in the country prepare to take over after the proposed departure of u.s. troops by the end of this year. over in afghanistan american soldiers will remain even after two thousand and fourteen and that's according to the top u.s. commander in the country i was the deadline originally said by nato for their withdrawal of all foreign forces the white house and promised that all u.s. troops would be out by then at any cost there are some ninety thousand americans currently serving in afghanistan. the news came as afghan leader hamid karzai criticized pakistan for playing a double sided game in the fight against terrorism karzai is in india for a key talks over strategic agreements on security and development aid his visit follows a series of high profile attacks across the country very of which are blamed on pakistani militants indian officials have already pledged two billion dollars to afghanistan's needs. and to the u.s.
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now where emergency crews have almost contained a huge chemical plant fires south of the city of dallas it spread quickly throughout the facility causing a chain of explosions all staff were evacuated along with local residents and students from nearby schools the flames and fumes were so intense that crews had to withdraw for a while to let the blaze burn self out officials say that initial air quality tests show nowhere but instead dangerous contamination in the area. i'll be back with a recap of today's man lines in just a few minutes before that it will take a little tapping in the world of business with kareena. i would welcome to our business update this hour thanks for joining me the u.s. car giant ford plans to triple production in russia to three hundred thousand cars annually over the weekend the company kicked off operations of its russian joint
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venture ford sollars which was for its production capacity in the country to three plants but speaking to our team forward to see the lease says the company is well prepared for possible crisis that slammed into. well clearly it is. a lot of uncertainty in the world today but the really good news here is that their world economy is growing and so you know we took action very aggressive action to restructure our stores and also to size our production to the lower demand so we're probably in the best condition that we've ever been in the end as far as our operating performance tonight we clearly can't. deal with the with another crisis we continue to improve our balance sheet we're getting very close to our meet their guidance sort of having about ten billion dollars in debt which we think is about the right for a chemical structure so. you know we're clearly almost right there where we get
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a financially. if an asia pacific region what are the main similarities and differences over that markets and the russian one russia and brazil and india and china are the fastest growing markets worldwide and so we always will have more mature markets like europe and the united states we're very well established but our plan is to accelerate our growth in the developing markets what's your outlook for the rational car market in terms of growth i think you know we think it's going to be growing a little east of five or six percent and you're going for. let's take a look at how the markets are doing right now all those losing ground up there dropping to the lowest in more than a year on monday concerns about global demand from reports on u.s. manufacturing and construction spending friends plant is trading at almost one hundred one dollars a barrel of. that around seventy seven dollars
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a barrel and stocks in asia x. then steep losses from the previous session as you have stepped was way off the sentiment japan's nikkei and with a one one percent loss at hong kong's hang seng traded down three point four percent adding to its fall after european markets opened up to losses. steel makers are notably weaker with e.j. at the holdings down four percent and the point steel corporation losing two point eight percent in tokyo know it's cross over to europe where markets opened lower the continue to worry about the greek debt situation dexia let decliners would have fifteen percent drop out to media reports that it would split up by the end of two thousand and eleven along banks stores or bankroll three point eight percent of the start of the trading at will bank of scotland group dropped three point six percent . here in russia stocks are trading lower following losses on wall street triggered by concerns over greece's default let's take a look at some individual shareholders on them isaac this hour energy majors are
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trading in negative territory with ross now down over two percent coal miner was scots because among the main losers out there was posted weak results for the first half of the year and up the bosses before the slightly better than the market following reports saying it's received a record number of orders from its grant top model all linked much profit from the t.v. capital gives his advice on the current best bets on the market. so this was hard to hard to. there i think warren jeffs is probably your best choice obviously it's not a hobby to play to the stocks to recover if things become rosy you know as we close the first year of the new deal who's the world's are they from a safe safer bet a very very reasonable about. the political process currency now russians are rushing to sell the ruble as it gets weaker less not transfers reach their highest level in two years equal to four and
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a half billion dollars however it's still much lower than during the financial downturn who was close to a two year low against the dollar economic uncertainty tamed investor appetite for risky assets. well that's our business update for this hour by don't forget you can always find all stories just log on to our website r g dot com slash business join me in forty five minutes for more.
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