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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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beyond the occupy wall street protest movement it's spreads rapidly across the u.s. continually gaining steam thousands have flooded onto the streets angry over the influence of big business on government demonstrators say that's what's caused the ongoing economic downturn so far hundreds are being arrested in the big movement the gang but rallies are still plugged and supported by workers' unions nationwide and it's also used on a truck and i found out in new york the protesters say they're being neglected by the mainstream media. taking the big apple by storm. getting arrested by the hundreds. getting netted and pepper sprayed in the face. spending night and day on the far from welcoming streets of the financial district . that's the price these demonstrators are paying to get their outrage across to those holding reins of financial and political power common americans who make up
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most of this country who don't have access to corporate power and the media don't have many options to get their voices heard those who take specific steps fight for change in the u.s. are largely getting awards and marginalized this artist and activist has been arrested twice i didn't expect to be arrested i didn't expect to get beat by the police i didn't expect to get locked up incarcerated for hours and hours and i was willing to do that for both good cause and for this movement. ignored for the first two weeks of occupying wall street the peaceful movement started taking tougher measures by getting bigger and louder the only way to get the media to know this is to be disobedient you have to stir it up to the people who noticed. the mass arrests have built up popular support for the movement. you know them for putting us through some type of abuse because it's. you know it's bringing me. some have
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sacrificed more than hours in jail to fight against wall street and many people have quit their jobs that have come here that's already happened the corporate media we three into the camp outside there does not pay much attention here the sunday front pages of some of america's most read newspapers or ridicules both the form and the substance of the gathering it is equal parts but truly body odor and you're and they're more concerned with. brainwashing people american idol sports drama and pretty much anything to serve as its traction rather than the important issue right now this is a big report unnoticed by the corporate and political elite it's tougher than ever for those against the system to get attention with even some police officers ready to admit this protest is the way you know that's. the only. way to do what i imagine the occupy wall street movement promises to grow in the months to come and history shows that the voice of the people can't be neglected forever and as i said
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r.t.e. new york meantime professor alex batali who asked me took part in the new york street protests claims that they were met with extreme. he says to demonstrate his ultimate aim is to achieve change in the political landscape of america. mystery about what's going on down there there's a clear sense the united states the power of wall street is clearly out of control and that they are responsible for a commune merican economy and i think young people in particular feel that their futures have been working age to pay for the our ages salaries and bonuses earned by these wall street executives and they're looking for long term solutions i don't think they have term measures that they are healing or government to address i think in large or what they're trying to do is to create a political climate where a number of political actors can start to talk seriously about significant reforms that hopefully can break this kind of marriage between economic and political leaks
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in the united states. all right so now your chance to get involved without going on to the streets of the big apple that we're always keen to know your opinions on the today subject the poll and the survey now here in the protest wave that's raging through new york who do you think are the participants if you look on to our web site www dot com you can take part in our latest poll let's have a look at the numbers right now and again we're asking who are the activists in this so-called occupy wall street movement so far the popular response is that they are america's own arab spring some of you also say they are victims of police repression that's the view that comes second and some say they're just a rent a crowd agents or just a bunch of troublemakers make sure you can't you both go online and controversy today. but i still have for you this hour here on r.t. in the line of forces loyal to libya's new rulers continue their fight for control of the country it's civilians who bear the prime. minister's tell us why they live
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in fear for their lives. eurozone finance chiefs once again that pushed back a final decision over the release of bailout funds for cash strapped greece so this time until november that was after athens announced it would be unable to meet its debt containment targets greece desperately needs the next tranche of eight billion euros to pay its everyday bills if the money doesn't arrive by mid october the country won't be able to pay its debts and may have to declare bankruptcy and that's in spite of government efforts to adhere to tough e.u. and i.m.f. demands by bringing in the highly unpopular austerity measures for weeks the country has been hit by angry public protests and strikes correspondent sara first has more from the greek capital. here on syntagma square the the most dramatic side of this economic crisis in greece has been played out as time and
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again we've seen people putting out of the parliament building the protest against the bill states measures they say that they unsettle we find ourselves back in a position where people now really are just old has been achieved by implementing these are the measures the government has just admitted that it wants to be able to tell me it's deficit reduction target. the whole usa really about what the implications of that will be the greek government have also things imagine that thirty thousand civil servants will miss a little made of a dungeon in the salary for a year. at the end of the year the possibility of dismissal there are great ways where do you think that. really in your own need it is the country to stay late to play quoted to care in the culture that may be trying to hammer out the details of that now has to be such that at this stage it will be only should he get that
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money because it. will be felt. good about the police at this point is also about the rest of the year as a country and indeed the global economy that is a little misleading a lot of people are now well. come up with realistic solutions to get the country out of the situation there has been criticism from some of the analysts we spoke to you hear it out there saying that we've seen job losses we've seen the cut wages and pensions these are people who no longer be able to pay cut to people who are struggling to pay the taxes and yet the government still seem to be suffering as a solution to the floods the big deficit in the budget so there are concerns really about the practicalities of any of these measures. having any of that laws are told about the possibility of politics and as we said a lot of public anger at the people here he felt that their lives are being put in
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a situation that is simply untenable that they can't live with the big concerns really about whether you know if they needed a gang to be able to pull the country out of the situation. right there well i mean time investment advisor patrick young says that the e.u. needs to act much more quickly on the greek crisis if and if it hopes to remain intact sensually the european union are trying to tick fiscal control of greece because they think that's the only way they can actually control the crisis and you know what they're probably right about probably is the only way to get the crisis under control if they're going to try and keep things in greece within the euro zone the european union is too slow in doing it there's too little leadership and there is a big headed intransigence particularly amongst the finance ministers but they're specially amongst the leaders of the european union nations in terms of understanding that they needed to move a lot faster on this crisis they still need to move much faster and ultimately time
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is running out because greece is leading the contagion that is going to kill the euro by the end of the year if we don't see positive and rough production realistically that action means that greece needs to leave the euro because the problem is we cannot leave citizens of the european union to starve to death because it suits a troika of international lenders. i don't know ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you with. libya's new rulers have named temporary cabinet ministers to govern the country until it is fully secured i mean while their forces continue to lay siege to the few remaining khadafi strongholds that the national transitional council now controls most of the country but still faces fierce resistance in sirte and bani walid and pockets in the southern desert after a two day cease fire to allow residents to leave t.c. forces attempted further attacks on the alstad colonel's hometown sirte where the
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red cross has one of a humanitarian disaster as the town is running out of medical supplies food and water and one eyewitness to the fighting told us that and seek it off the forces are attacking civilian homes as they push to take over the city at any cost. i don't think we're going to be actually out the two of you are you just becoming a foot in and half even if you want it back you. have to keep in mind anyhow the green flag if you want to get all the furniture then you don't need. to get in a truck if you. don't think you cannot. actually it's not true they. care about it it's going to
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great. you with r.t. now afghan president hamid karzai begins a two day visit to india to sign strategic agreements which could potentially raise tensions with neighboring pakistan it follows a statement by karzai accusing islam about of playing a double sided game in the fight against terrorism with more let's talk results through a professor and vice dean of the school of international affairs. i thank you for joining us today so karzai and his nato allies have been unable to stop the taliban over the last ten years what kind of help do you think india can offer given the current circumstances. india's been largely playing a developmental role it's been providing all kinds of assistance towards infrastructure growth and telecommunications and rules and. and really with and so on. health so it's really you could call it low profile but
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in terms. that it's one of the largest bilateral going to stand so we need has been doing that for a long time but whether it or that actually manage to create any dent in the threat posed by the taliban is not at all clear in fact india has chosen projects that are meant to strengthen regional alliances which are formed in such a way that the account of the taliban's menace i'm sorry but if i jump in if you have a tag i'm going to apologize for interrupting but you say that a lot of the possible the potential help from india will be based on helping to develop infrastructure in afghanistan but if it's as simple as that then why are we getting reports that about and pakistan. basically object to india getting involved they say that this is a threat by india that it basically causes a regional instability but it is just infrastructure why the concern. you are bits because this is a carry forward of the india pakistan be spilled into another neighboring country
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now that afghanistan is part of sark which is a south asian regional organization. believes that indian encroachment in influence will deny what its military planners are always considered to be strategic depth in afghanistan and therefore the object to be infrastructural interventions that india is making but now i think that karzai is visit the game is going to change some war and india is forced by the region circumstances to actually think about playing a more proactive security in afghanistan and the talk is that the partnership agreement that president will sign while he's on this two day trip will eventually . india playing a more proactive role in training the afghan security forces and i think the indians realize that over time what has happened is that if he keeps pressing the pedal off soft he'd it will be insufficient but at the same time there's a lot of resistance in india to a full fledged military intervention which has been touted in some quarters for
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various reasons for one being it could lead to unpopular resistance against what could be seen as really in forces and secondly india doesn't have the stomach for a kind of a full fledged deployment of ground for such as you wouldn't see what you're going to see as i think there is. a fair amount of resistance as you say even though there are small belts of people in the indian authority who are saying you know it could be a full scale intervention that india going into afghanistan although as you say it seems very very unlikely so india helps to rebuild and to build infrastructure in afghanistan that some of the potential role also as you were mentioning a moment ago the india could help to train afghan security forces but correct me if i'm wrong the american troops are staying until two thousand and fourteen they have been and will continue to train afghan e troops isn't that america's job and not india's. you know india iran even russia all these neighboring countries that are affected by be blowed off of
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afghanistan's fundamental need to dig greater responsibility because they have been free riding me in many ways on the us is contributions and as we know the domestic situation the united states is such that the drawdown could be sooner rather than later if we may not even how do eight hundred twenty fourteen if the presidential fortunes of our continue going down so bring the troops back home could become a very urgent situation so inductive there's a likelihood of a power vacuum and then we will have to all the regional actors have to come together in fact i've been arguing that why do we need to have international conferences on the future of afghanistan in rule or in london why not have it in moscow or in there are not in new delhi we're all the parties come together we've had this big jumble really of seven. eighty countries that are involved in many ways gathering investment capital but it is not very much in terms of changing the security realities on the ground and beautiful right now where we're going to be drawn to russia and we'll probably debility i apologize for interrupting you again please to forgive me but you have written as you were just saying there as well that you are proposing
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a moscow terror on a new delhi axis the going to help to bring regional security there that you mentioned tehran in this axis now with america having been in afghanistan with america saying we're going to stay beyond two thousand and fourteen how do you see that working because they're on in washington on exactly the best of friends. that's right but you know pragmatic realities dictated that they have to come together on this issue if you look at books for example by three top arcee called treacherous alliance he's actually looked at periods of iran united states relations even after the islamic revolution of nine hundred seventy nine where they have corporate it on pragmatic issues and the same has to happen if they want to avoid a geopolitical disaster which is not only to the pakistani intelligence services and by the taliban who are sunni fundamentalists and which is to the detriment of iran's own security i think you know i'm going to certainly call the graveyard of empires it can also become a great meeting place for a very unlikely friends iran the united states have shown this pragmatic streak in
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the past and it is possible to overcome the ideological divides the other reason why iran and united states can use i'm going to start as a meeting ground is because israel is not directly involved in the afghan conflict unlike your rants engagements on the other side to its western side in the middle east in central and south asia is really is not really a big factor and therefore i think the ideological animus against iran can be watered down in washington. so when it comes to creating between d.c. for example you say that when it comes to pragmatic partnerships the political sidestepping and political propaganda stuff can actually be put to the side and a pragmatic relationship can work i'm afraid that's all we have time for doctors throughout sharia would love to talk to you further your professor and vice dean of the gentle school of international affairs many thanks indeed. for. what you can find all of our new stories much more on our website that's artsy dot com some of the items waiting for you there are right now a whole new easy you russia's prime minister vladimir putin has published an
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article outlining a plan to build the eurasian union to become a single economic entity. the former vice president dick cheney says he expects barack obama to explain himself and apology. to the bush administration of the comments he made in egypt more than two years ago. today the world the space age of the soviet union launched its first ever. are now twenty past the hour in moscow the soviet republic is known as one of the world's largest producers of cotton but while the industry the government a fortune the people remain stricken by poverty and in trouble reports human rights
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groups say the cotton industry thrives on illegal child labor. such is the fear in the eyes of these children the thing they were picking o.p.m. not compton. united is an idea that centers that have. as of. yet. meanwhile on the other side of the world the produce harvested with illegal child labor is enjoying the glare of flushing cameras will not occur the mother daughter of those bad president is presenting her new collection the forbes magazine ponders on how she's managed to be so commercially successful i graduated from harvard. so it's a very good score you know in terms of you know giving you good grades the tools of
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his back you stone our children as young as seven to work an average of seventy hours a week instead of going to school and then medications not the only thing they're missing out on with no heating proper bats were drinking water. mothers are powerless some of them stood up for their kids protection they were arrested taken to cotton fields they would be forced to work in the day and would be mass raped at night. with a helpful forced child labor was based on produces around one million tonnes of cotton enough to make one billion t. shirts the cortinas sold abroad except to the sixty plus retailers including levi and they have pledged not to buy those but cotton because the harvest is so abusive this boycott sends a message to those government that enslaving children is not shake but good not
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a karate movie was also is back it stands and best suited to the u.n. and the deputy foreign minister refutes the claims and she was also outraged when. new york fashion week banned her collection from the catwalks two weeks ago but human rights groups. it was a terrible message for the fashion industry to be sending that they would lend a high profile platform to the senior official of one of the world's most repressive governments the government about six years ago and gauged in the disproportionate use of force against mostly peaceful protesters in the eastern city of andijon and to jan is the bloodiest chapter in president islam karimov steve decades in all its in two thousand five is forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration killing five thousand people are the so-called dissidents jail sentences are common behind you chad he spent three years in prison for speaking out after his prosperous business was taken over by the president's
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people because. he removes family is an organized criminal mob all sectors of the economy profitable businesses are under his control if you go to wiki leaks you'll see that the u.s. ambassador calls karim daughter and murphy a princess but all this will stay just words while the war continues in afghanistan gary moore is an important ally there and everyone it will close our eyes to his crimes. but leaving egypt and tunisia and where once important allies to however the arab spring showed just how quickly things can change. in the church over our team. are the time for the world update here on our top or some other headlines from around the world this hour an explosion at the gates of a government compound in the somali capital mogadishu reportedly killing at least sixty five people and injuring more than fifty. insurgents have claimed
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responsibility for this attack the group was targeting government buildings in the area i want. say an unidentified vehicle was used to carry out the attack. seventeen people were killed in separate gunfire and a bomb blasts across iraq by the deadliest was almost two hundred kilometers just west of baghdad it's when gunmen stormed a local government compound and took fourteen hostages the town's mayor and the local police chief were among those captured the violence has reportedly increased in iraq as officials in the country had to take over to be opposed to u.s. troops by the end of this year. ok now kareen is here with the latest from the world of business. i want to welcome to our business update this hour economic uncertainty has investors staying away from risky assets and in russia it has people preparing for the worst russians are rushing to sell the ruble as it gets weaker but as business
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artie's knowing the costs are reports the situation is more a reflection of ill informed panic and the current economic environment. sushi you know savings from a national currency to a foreign one may seem like a sign of panic but that's not the case in russia since the ninety's when hyperinflation made it impossible to put prices in rubles many russians used u.s. dollars and euros instead most of russians still have their savings in foreign currencies partly because they don't trust the rubles the bullets and whenever there's any sign all financial turbulence people rush to convert and that is what's happening now but many analysts say that's only making the situation worse the ruble weekend against the dollar extending its worst orderly depreciation in over years it's lost fourteen percent in the past two months but it's still nowhere near the two thousand and nine financial crisis when the russian currency lost
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a third of its value last month transfers reached their highest level in two years equal to four and a half a billion dollars they had a central bank says the ruble has been in the gradual devaluation for about two months bought it bull bounce back soon others suggest the problem is a russia has a lot of net capital inflows and the only domestically fund the banking sector analysts are now open the banks tight monetary policy will help prevent a for the client and in fact the bank already put a billion dollars to defend the ruble and this is prepared to go even further to stabilise of the currency and analysts we've spoken to say that if base with the fresh recession in europe or in the united states russia will come out on top because it has learned from its past mistakes and taking a look at the markets now all is losing grown up to dropping to the lowest in more than a year on monday concerns about global to montreaux upbeat reports on u.s.
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manufacturing and construction spending. one hundred one dollars a barrel. as it turns to six dollars a barrel europeans. stock markets deep in the red the full seas losing over two percent weighed by heavy losses for the banking sector that's up to european authorities delayed a decision on providing more aid to greece world bank of scotland group the biggest fall dropping over seven percent please gave up over six percent dexia leads to cling as with a fifty percent drop to media reports that it will splits split up by the end of two thousand and eleven and russian stocks fall for a third day on concern a contagion from europe's debt crisis will hurt manufacturers and it will demand from its let's take a look at some individual moves on the line six hour energy majors are trading in the negative territory will draw snap down two and a half percent coal miner response guys among the main losers after it posted weak results for the first half of the year and after losses also losing ground despite
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reports the carmaker received a record number of orders for its lot at ground law. that's a business case for for now i'll be back with more in forty five minutes meanwhile stay with us for headline news for. the. wealthy british style. that's not on the type of.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r g. even the books of this ancient land the sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic ritual. on the crossroads of two religion's. safe is strong and spirit is hard.
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if you're just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is. the headlines now spreads all across the united states. to account for the ongoing economic downturn that claim the police are using extremely heavy handed tactics to break up the protests which are being sidelined by the mainstream media. and clouds of uncertainty hanging over greece the eurozone ministers delayed the next release of bailout funds desperately needed to keep the country clear of bankruptcy . it would not be able to meet its debt reducing targets despite. two abusive child labor human rights groups and below that.


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