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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 7:01am-7:31am EDT

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twenty four hour global news live from moscow this is artsy with me research from new york to chicago l.a. and beyond the occupy wall street protest movement spreads rapidly across the united states thousands of flooded onto the streets angry over the influence of big business on government demonstrators say that's what's caused the ongoing economic downturn hundreds have been arrested in the big apple where the movement began but more rallies are still planned and they are supported by workers' unions nationwide and as aussies anastasio found out in new york the protesters say they're being neglected by the mainstream media. taking the big apple by storm. getting arrested by the hundreds. getting netted and pepper sprayed in the face. spending night and day on the far from welcoming streets of the financial district
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. that's the price these demonstrators are paying to get their outrage across to those holding reins of financial and political power common americans who make up most of this country who don't have access to corporate power and the media don't have many options to get their voices heard those who take specific steps and fight for change in the west are largely getting annoyed and marginalized this artist and activist has been arrested twice i didn't expect to be arrested i didn't expect to get beat by the police i didn't expect to get locked up in incarcerated for always and always knows when to do that for good cause and for this movement. ignored for the first two weeks of occupying wall street the peaceful movement started taking tougher measures by getting bigger and louder the only way to get the media to notice is to be disobedient you have to stir it up to the people who noticed. the mass arrests have built up popular support for the movement. you know
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them for putting us through some type of abuse because it's hope. you know is bringing more work some have sacrificed more than hours in jail to fight against wall street many people have quit their jobs that have come here that's already happened the corporate media week three into the campout cy there does not pay much attention here the sunday front pages of some of america's most read newspapers or ridicules both the form and the substance of the gathering it is equal parts but surely body odor and you're and they're more concerned with. brainwashing people american idol and sports drama and pretty much anything to serve as a true. the important issue. right now this is a big report unnoticed by the corporate and political elite it's tougher than ever for those against the system to get attention with even some police officers ready to admit this protest is the way. the only. way to do what i imagine
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the occupy wall street movement promises to grow in the months to come and history shows that the voice of the people can't be neglected forever. r.t.e. new york meantime professor alex fatai who actually took part in the new york protests claims that they were met with extreme police violence he says demonstrators ultimate aim for the meantime is to achieve change in the political landscape of america. well there is not a lot of mystery about what's going on down there there's a clear sense the united states that our wall street is completely out of control and that they are responsible for an economy and i think young people in particular feel that their futures have been. before the our region's salaries and bonuses by these wall street executives and they're looking for long term solutions i don't think they have a set of short term measures that they are healing government to address i think in
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large or what they're trying to do is to create a political climate where a number of political actors can start to talk seriously about six million reforms that hopefully can break out this kind of corrupt marriage between economic and political elites in our city it's. time now for you to get involved there were always came to know your opinions on today subject is the protest way of that's raging through new york city if you click on to our website he taught com you can take part in our latest poll today we're asking who are the occupy wall street activists let's check out the numbers right here so far the most popular response is that they are america's own arab spring others say they are victims of police for oppression that's coming in second and some say they're just rent a crowd agents or a bunch of troublemakers go online have your say dot com. when you are without a live from moscow are still ahead for you this hour in the life. as forces loyal to libya's new rulers continue that fight for control of the country it's civilians
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that the eyewitnesses tell us directly why they live in fear for their lives. eurozone finance chiefs have again pushed back the final decision over the release of bailout funds for cash strapped to greece this time until november that was off to athens announced it would be unable to meet its debt containment talk it's greece desperately needs the next tranche of eight billion euros to pay its regular bills athens it says it can wait until. after that he won't be able to pay his debts and may have to declare bankruptcy that's all in spite of government efforts to adhere to tough e.u. and i.m.f. demands by bringing in highly unpopular austerity measures for weeks now the country's being hit by angry public protests and strikes our correspondent in the area sarah first now reports from. the more dramatic side of this economic crisis has been played out as time and
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again we see people cutting out of the parliament building the place to get the message they say has to be untouchable we find ourselves back in a position with people now i really just hope has been achieved by implementing these are the measures the government has just to. be able to tell me it's deficit reduction target. the whole usa really about what the implications of that will be . thirty thousand civil servants. in the salary for a year. at the end of the year the possibility of dismissal there are great. do you think that. if the country played. here in the cockpit that maybe trying to hammer out the details of now has to be.
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the only should you get that money. would be dealt. with at this point it's also about the rest of your function in the global economy that is that this leaders want to keep louis when. they come up with realistic solutions to get the country out of the situation there has been criticism from some of the analysts we spoke. they said that we. well plus with these things the cut it wait isn't it tensions at these the people who no longer be able to take it because of the struggling to pay the taxes and yet the government still seem to be pessimistic that they solution to the flood that think deficit in the budget so there are concerns really about the practicality of any of these measures having any effect lots of talk about the possibility of the whole thing and as we've said a lot of public anger at the people here he felt that their lives are being put in
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a situation that is simply untenable that they can't live with the big concerns really about whether you know if they needed a gang to be able to pull the country out of the situation. right there in our investment advisor patrick young he says of the european union it needs to act much more quickly on the greek crisis if it hopes to remain into. the european union are trying to tick fiscal control of greece because they think that's the only way they can actually control the crisis essentially what is being fought at the moment is a battle for the sovereignty of greece the european union is too slow in doing there's too little leadership and there is a big headed in trying to germs particularly amongst the finance ministers but they're specially amongst the leaders of the european union asians in terms of understanding that they needed to move a lot faster on this crisis they still need to move much faster and ultimately time
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is running because greece is leading the contingent that is going to kill the euro by the end of the year if we don't see the do the right production realistically but action means that greece needs to leave the euro because the problem is we cannot leave citizens of the european union to starve to death because it suits a troika of international lenders. now ten minutes past the hour here in moscow you with the libya's new rulers have named a temporary cabinet ministers to govern the country until it is fully secured meanwhile their forces continue to lay siege to the few remaining khadafi strongholds the national transitional council now controls most of the country but still faces fierce resistance in sirte and bani walid and pockets in the south. after a two day cease fire to allow residents to leave and to see forces attempted further attacks on the ousted connell's hometown of the red cross meantime as one of a humanitarian disaster of the town is running out of metal medical supplies food
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and water one eyewitness to the fighting told us that at and t. could offer forces are attacking civilian homes as they push to take over the city at any cost. can. i don't think we're going to be actually. be true if you are you just become a foot in and half even if you don't like you. have to. run. all the critically needed. to get it through. something you cannot. conclude and don't want people to. care about three hundred two point three. zero we had
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a chance to speak to author and journalist afshin rattansi he says that the only point of the entire libyan campaign is to divide the country's resources between nato allies. this is what nato are involved in an action which is obviously contrary to the u.n. resolution which is supposedly mandated to go in and overthrow the government of gadhafi we're getting reports of electric torture electric shock torture being used by these revolutionaries who exactly other people that are fighting nato because they may not like it effie they may not like the nato backed troops it's very interesting that the most advanced at all in the world of nato is six months on and they still haven't won the country this is all about the idea that these great powers as of old can divide up the resources and the future of the libyan people why they're quiet about it the media kind of got bored after the initial explosions and the so-called attack that they don't even reporting the bombing of hospitals and. without
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a life from moscow and you can find all of our news stories on some much more on our website on dot com i hear some of the items on line for you right now i'll hold you eat you russia's prime minister vladimir putin has published an article outlining a plan to build your union to become a single economic entity. and former vice president dick cheney says that he expects barack obama to explain himself and apologize to the bush administration over comments that he made in egypt more than two years ago. and on this day the space age really began for the soviet union to launching its first ever satellite.
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are. we here because our. god promised them. belongs to our. will if they are still going to be thinking. gone chosen people will believe that god is real estate they look at this that is this for you guys and this guy this is. this is. this are my then.
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well. wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. here in moscow this is the former soviet republic of iran is known as one of the world's largest producers of cotton but while the lucrative industry the government
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a fortune people remain stricken by poverty and. reports human rights groups say the history thrives on illegal child labor. such is the fear in the eyes of these children you'd think they were picking opium not cotton but i bet i got out. of that. magic is an idea that sent us that i have. not yet. meanwhile on the other side of the world the produce harvested with illegal child labor is enjoying the glare of flashing cameras will not occur the mother daughter of those bed president is presenting her new collection of forbes magazine pointers on how she's managed to be so commercially successful i graduated from harvard.
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so it's a very good score you know in terms of you know giving you good grades the tools of his back you stan our children as young as seven to work an average of seventy hours a week instead of going to school and medications not the only thing they're missing out on with no heating proper bats were drinking water. and mothers are powerless some of them stood up for their kids' protection they were arrested and taken to cotton fields they would be forced to work in the day and would be mass raped at night. with the help of course child labor was based on produces around one million tons of cotton enough to make one t. shirt. the cotton a sold abroad except to the sixty plus retailers including levi and they have pledged not to buy cotton because the harvest is so abusive this boycott sends
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a message to those government that enslaving children is not shake but good not a karate move was also stands a besuited to the u.n. and the deputy foreign minister refutes the claims and she was also outraged when new york fashion week banned her collection from the catwalks two weeks ago but human rights groups ruled out it was a terrible message for the fashion industry to be sending that they would lend a high profile platform to the senior official of one of the world's most repressive governments the government about six years ago engaged in the disproportionate use of force against mostly peaceful protesters in the eastern city of andijon under john is the bloodiest chapter in president islam karimov steve decades in all its in two thousand five is forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration killing five thousand people or other so-called
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dissidents jail sentences are common behind you spent three years in prison for speaking out after his prosperous business was taken over by the president's people because. he removes family as an organized criminal. sectors of the economy profitable businesses are under his control if you go to wiki leaks you'll see that the u.s. ambassador cole is karim m f e a princess but all this will stay just words while the war continues in afghanistan carry more is an important ally day and every one of it will close our eyes to his crimes. but leaving egypt and tunisia and were once important allies to however the arab spring showed just how weakly things can change. in the church over our two. years are nearly time for the business with a korean a but for now the world update here on r.t. an explosion in the the gates of
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a government compound in the somali capital mogadishu reportedly killing at least seventy and injuring more than fifty people. insurgents have claimed responsibility for the attack the group was targeting government buildings in the area according to eyewitnesses they say that an unidentified vehicle was used to carry out the blast. seventeen people were killed in separate gunfire and a bomb attacks across iraq the deadliest was almost two hundred kilometers west of baghdad when gunmen stormed a local government building and took fourteen hostages other town's mayor the local police chief were among those captured violence was reported with the increased in iraq as officials in the country prepared to take over after the proposed departure of u.s. troops by the end of this year. and over in afghanistan american soldiers will remain even after two thousand and fourteen that's according to the top u.s. commander that was the deadline originally set by nato for all the withdrawal of foreign forces by the white house meantime had even promised that all u.s.
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troops would be out by then at any cost there are some ninety thousand americans currently serving in afghanistan. for that use actually came as a afghan leader hamid karzai criticized pakistan for playing a double sided game in the fight against terrorism karzai is in india for key talks over strategic agreements on security and development aid the visit follows a series of high profile attacks across the country many of which are blamed on pakistani militants india has already pledged to billion dollars to afghanistan's needs. i told you stay with us now it's time for your business update with kareena . welcome to our business update this hour economic concessions he hasn't best staying away from risky assets and in russia has people preparing for the worst russians are rushing to sell the ruble as it gets weaker but business r.t.
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is going to force the situation is more a reflection of ill informed panic and the current economic environment. switching your savings from a national currency to a foreign one may seem like a sign of panic but that's not the case in russia since the ninety's when hyperinflation made it impossible to put prices in rubles many russians used u.s. dollars and euros instead lots of russians still have their savings in foreign currencies partly because they don't trust the rubles the bullets and whenever there's any sign all point to actual turbulence people rush to convert and that is what's happening now but many analysts say that's only making the situation worse the ruble weakened against the dollar extending its worst orderly depreciation in over years it's lost fourteen percent in the past two months but it's still nowhere near the two thousand and nine financial crisis when the russian currency lost a third of its value last month transfers reached their highest level in two years
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equal to four and a half a billion dollars they had over a central bank says ruble has been in the gradual devaluation for about two months spots it will bounce back soon all the suggests the problem is a russia has a lot of net capital inflows and the only domestically funded the banking sector analysts are now open the banks like monetary policy will help prevent a for the quiet and in fact the bank already put a billion dollars to defend the ruble and this prepared to go even further to stabilise of the currency and analysts we've spoken to say that if place with a fresh recession in europe or in the united states russia will come out on small because it has learned from its past mistakes. and looking at the markets now was losing ground after dropping the lowest in more than a year on monday concerns about global demand trumped before selling u.s. manufacturing and construction spending in this trading at one hundred dollars
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a barrel while the around seventy six or seventy six dollars an hour here. in stock markets deep in the red the pussies down away by heavy losses for the banking sector that's after european authorities delayed a decision on providing more aid to greece royal bank of scotland group the biggest ball was dropping seven point three percent barclays also giving up its gains and is down is that up six point four percent and bank is losing over six percent on the dax after it and warned tuesday that it won't achieve its target for two thousand and eleven pretax profit from core businesses of ten billion euros. and russia stocks are also deep in the red bull third day investors are concerned that contagion from europe's debt crisis will hurt manufacturers and it will demand for commodities let's take a look at some individual share moves on the rise it's right now energy majors are trading in the negative territory with raul snap down almost four percent coal miner response guy is among the main losers after posted weak results for the first
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half of the year and after boss is also using drum despite reports the car maker received a record number of orders for its lot at runtime model other costs of from b. to b. capital gives his advice on the current best bets on the market. so obviously hard to hard to talk big right now if you need any scenario i think will and guess is probably your best choice oversleeps not a high bidder play move the stocks to recover if things become rosy go over sweet stuff like steel and utilities but the walls are be fully a safe safer bed and they're very very reason. that's the business update for now but don't forget you can always find more stories on our web site talk to dot com slash business or join us in forty five minutes for.
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hand up top. wealthy british style sign. on. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. even the. sacred.
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magic is the essence of life. whether it is a produced press. or a shamanistic which are. crossroads of two hundred agents. safe is strong and spirit is hot. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just from. the san antonio control. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet can you tell me that that
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sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on archie. league.
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needed to keep the country. the human rights groups.


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