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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 1:01pm-1:31pm EDT

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it's just after nine pm here in the russian capital you're watching our t.v. now fury over corporate power in the u.s. is spreading from new york across the country thousands of joy the occupy wall street movement to anger by the economic slump as well as the role of big business in it well hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested but artie's and to see a choking of reports america's mainstream media has been largely ignoring the rapidly growing movement. taking the big apple by storm. getting arrested by the hundreds. getting netted and pepper sprayed in the face. spending night and day on the far from welcoming streets of the financial district . that's the price these demonstrators are paying to get their outrage across to those holding reins of financial and political power common americans who make up
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most of this country who don't have access to corporate power and the media don't have many options to get their way since her those who take specific steps to fight for change in the west are largely getting ignored and marginalized this artist and activist has been arrested twice i didn't expect to be arrested i didn't expect to get beat by the police i didn't expect to get locked up incarcerated for four hours and i was now as to where i would say do that for both good cause of for this movement. ignored for the first two weeks of occupying wall street the peaceful movement started taking tougher measures by getting bigger and louder the only way to get the media to notice is to be disobedient yet the stir it up to the people who noticed. the mass arrests have built up popular support for the movement. you know them for putting us through some type of abuse because it's hope. you know it's bringing more work you will. some have sacrificed more than hours in jail to
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fight against wall street many people have quit their jobs have come here that's already happened the corporate media week three into the campout either does not pay much attention here the sunday front pages of some of america's most read newspapers or ridicules both the form and the substance of the gathering it is equal parts but truly body odor and you're and they're more concerned with. brainwashing people marry good night sports drama pretty much anything to serve as a traction rather than the important issue. right now this is a big of a noticed by the corporate and political elite it's tougher than ever for those against the system to get attention with even some police officers ready to admit this protest is the way to the only. way to do what i imagine the occupy wall street movement promises to grow in the months to come and history shows that the voice of the people can't be neglected forever since the r.t.e.
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new york's greece has once again been left hanging well this time until mid november here's our ministers have pushed back a decision on handing over more bailout cash lothians has admitted it won't meet deficit deadlines despite crippling cuts but the greek finance minister has said that the nation can't wait another month for rescue r.t. sarah for a reports from the assertive capital athens has been here all the syntagma square that the motor must take side of this economic crisis singly has played out its time and again we've seen people turning up outside the part of the building to protest against the severe austerity measures they say that they untenable we find ourselves back in a position with people now a really big just waltz has been achieved by implementing these are steps the measures to flee government custom it's a good way to be able to me it's tough deficit reduction target. throughout the whole. you know you say really about what the implications of that will be the
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greek government have also approved a measure to put thirty thousand civil servants. that'll mean of the dutch in in the salary for a year. at the end of the year the possibility of dismissal there are great. what do you think that. really and hearing needed if the country were to stay if labor tree quote it to care in the cockpit that may be trying to hammer out the details of that now it has to be said at this stage it will be only should you get that money because. that would be felt. bad for greece at this point it's also bad for the rest of the eurozone countries in a day with global economy that is that it this would have a lot of people are really asking now whether the euro is a need is it going to be able to come up with realistic solutions to get the country out of the situation that has been criticism from some of the analysts we
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spoke into here in athens they said that we've seen these job losses we've seen the cuts in wages and pensions of these are people who no longer be able to pay cuts to people who are struggling to pay the taxes and yet the government still seem to be subtlest touch based solution to plug the big deficit in the budget so there are concerns really about the practicalities of any of these measures having any effect we'll also talk about the possibility of default take and as we said still a lot of public anger at the people did he feel that their lives are being put in a situation that is simply untenable that they called live with so we can see more of that strike action that we've seen so much over the last year or so happening against my big concerns really about whether a year it's a need is a going to be able to pull the country out of the situation now libya's new rulers have named a new cabinet to govern the country until it's fully secured the national transitional council. now controls most of the country but there are still pockets of heavy
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resistance well after a two day ceasefire to allow residents to leave and to get off the troops continue the talks home town of sirte the red cross is warning of a humanitarian crisis as the town runs out of essential supplies for more of the situation in libya we're now joined by adana williams from human rights watch so really have you been near sir top bad is the a situation there. well it's hard to know exactly the situation in pound people coming to be. called the heart. and that actually has been news. there but it's a crime to see. that there is no electricity and it's also been. water. but in any case because people are leaving or trying to leave every day and that brings its own difficulties leave because there's firing from post because
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some people say. get out the oil it's one of the stop leaving that is difficult to confirm but in general i would say it's pretty dire all right well let's talk about the via trial city think unaided eye witnesses claiming that they are being attacked what kind of atrocities have you seen or at least of the people you've spoken to and is it fair to say that they're being carried out by all sides involved. well i don't think they trust in jesus christ because yes what they're what they say is that to leave their homes is a dangerous some say that they get out the loose don't want the civilians also do tribal divides in the town so some people are programmed out these people and they get out the and this group rather complicates relations among the people and between the people and the gadhafi forces that are defending the town furthermore of course the rebels are firing into the town they fear that the foreign mostly as
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far as i could see it let me hasten that i wasn't didn't see everything building three and four story buildings on the periphery where they think people are so far far out for all. i can see where people are buying from. as i'm sure in russia they know when they took those girls and he's taking a city it's not physical rebels don't have the where with all like the russian army to go literally bombard. like spirits as the russian market grows and. they're having difficulty figure out how to take this yet so you have the picture you're painting there is one as you want to chaos in the you're seeing it in the you see some people who are pro get off the summer and to get off and it's clearly is very hard to say who is on which side where does that put the nato humanitarian mission it makes it very chaotic on the ground you know their mission was apparently aimed at protecting civilians so where does that put the entire humanitarian mission. well the nato is also in
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a minute. to bomb the town from the air in order to. to destroy the military's positions and. this calls you know if this is a war of pickup trucks with heavy weaponry mounted on the facts they move around it's fairly tense as far as the buildings and so on so indeed. using jets to give cover to the entry of the revolutionaries as they call themselves is in fact a rather difficult situation and therefore there hasn't been. some sort of carpet bombing to do a sion but in fact it's my impression that i find it difficult to use air power to cover the entry of rebels in the south ok mr williams and the country as a whole do you think the a national transitional council is successfully controlling its former fighters on
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the ground. i think not so this is the the rebels were groups. are you sure it is mostly on training from different parts of the country and that they continue mostly to answer to their own command is what the suffered very heavily under a siege by gadhafi forces they pretty much run their own show here and don't refer much to orders from the national transitional council ok well thanks very much for that too mr dan williams from human rights watch talking to us from the libyan city of misrata thank you. alright well live going back to our top story well i agree says a second bailout has been delayed by eurozone finance ministers are investigators in the country who are assessing the economic situation of the country well let's now talk to patrick meant for the. nomics professor of cardiff business school mr
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man for at first a greece was saying that it can only pay its bills until october this was apparently a problem for inspectors but now it can last until mid november so i realistically speaking how long do you think that's going to really stave off a default. well i don't really know and i don't think anybody does because their accounts are very problematic really knows what the truth is so i think there will be a default and soon a really that it happens the better for everybody but at the moment playing this game of not giving greece the money but pretending that somehow greece will put its accounts in order so maybe it doesn't need to default but this game of pretense must come to an end soon i think because it's simply damaging everybody with the uncertainty damaging everybody in that sense contagion has always been a fear economists and politicians alike have been raising these fears of from the
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very start why then are euro zone leaders delaying the next pay a lot installment is there a long term purpose to this. well i think it's all to do with german politics that . european politics as well because a lot of countries haven't yet ratified the fund that is going to carry the bills for these debts the european financial stability fund. in germany the politics is very difficult and so mrs merkel is trying to delay as much as she can so as to give herself as she sees it more room for maneuver but unfortunately all that happens is that it makes the crisis worse and the pressures on the politicians greater so really they would be better off trying to come to a decision on a greek default but they don't want to do this because they're frightened that if there is a formal to fold this will create a domino effect and bring down portugal and maybe island. starts
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to get problematic for spain and italy so they're trying to avoid a default as long as possible in the hope that something will turn up to avoiding a default by trying to come up with more funds the future and then you were talking about german politics as well as european politics your zone countries they are moving closer to increasing the currency unions bailiff on almost four fold again the question arises which was asked before how fair is it on the germans who contribute more than any other country to ask them to pay for their for their family neighbors or will they benefit from this. well not really i don't think so because that will put more and more money into a country greece which is really not going to pay back i mean greece is basically broke it has no revenues hasn't hasn't got enough revenues people don't pay taxes they're refusing to cooperate in the expenditure cops so nobody can really see any
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prospect that greece will pay any money back and so germans i think feel that if they pay any more money to greece they won't get it back and that is correct and so really the best course for germany is for greece to default and then if there are some problems in german banks then the german government can help bail out their own banks which would be less expensive than just passing money to greece that they'll never see again well thanks very much for your analysis there patrick meant for an economics professor from cardiff business school thanks again. now the former soviet republic of was back a stunt as one of the world's leading cotton exporters and while the government kashrus and the country's most vulnerable are paying the price as hard as it got that you know gosh over reports human rights groups say the cotton industry is thriving on illegal child labor. such is the fear in the eyes of these children if you think they were picking. up. i thought i'm going to come out of this is that
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the state of the. matter is. that of your majesty than i do you sent us there have. meanwhile on the other side of the world the produce harvested with illegal child labor is enjoying the glare of flushing cameras will not occur the moment daughter of those very hard to dentists presenting her new collection to his forbes magazine ponders on how she's managed to be so commercially successful i graduated from harvard. so it's a really good score you know in terms of you know giving you good grades the tools of his backers john are children as young as seven who work an average of seventy hours a week instead of going to school and then medications not the only thing they're missing out on with no heating proper bats were drinking water i did to be
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mothers are powerless some of them stood up for their kids protection they were arrested and taken to cotton fields they would be forced to work in the day and would be mass raped at night and. would be helpful forced child labor was based on produces around one million tonnes of cotton enough to make one billion t. shirt. the cortinas sold abroad except to the sixty plus retailers including levi and they have pledged not to buy those but cotton because the harvest is so abusive this boycott sends a message to those government that enslaving children is not shake but good not a karate move was also as black it stands and best suited to the u.n. and the deputy foreign minister refutes the claims and she was also outraged when new york fashion week banned her collection from the catwalks two weeks ago but human rights group. it was
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a terrible message for the fashion industry to be sending that they would lend a high profile platform to the senior official of one of the world's most repressive governments the government about six years ago gauged in the disproportionate use of force against mostly peaceful protesters in the eastern city of andijon and the jan is the bloodiest chapter in president islam karimov still decades in all its in two thousand fine is forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration killing five thousand people or other so-called dissidents jail sentences are common behind you to spend three years in prison for speaking out after his prosperous business was taken over by the president's people because. he removes family as an organized criminal. of the economy profitable businesses are under his control if you go to wiki leaks you'll
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see that the u.s. ambassador calls. m f e a princess but all this will stay just words while the war continues in afghanistan. is an important ally that everyone will close eyes to his crimes. but libya egypt and tunisia where once important allies to however the arab spring showed just how quickly things can change. in the church over our team. you can find more on all our stories that are dot com here's a look at what else we have on live for you right now israeli aggression amounts is new you want to stick show and i want to rise and be about the back to palestinian violence in the occupied areas of gaza and the west bag or more of that online. and the clash of the tie that still russian tycoon is go head to head in court this week as former media mogul but it's been a substance use chelsea football club owner roman abramovich. for more than fifty
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five billion dollars will find out why at our dot com plus check out all our best videos on our you tube channel. is. the official. video. blog.
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now here's a look at world news in brief this hour a huge car bomb has exploded outside a government building in the somali capital mogadishu killing at least seventy and wounding dozens the explosion went off near the ministry of education where students were reportedly setting for a foreign scholarship exam i went to say an identified field goal was used to carry out the attack al shabab insurgents which have links to al qaida said they were behind us salt. a top u.s. commander in afghanistan has promised american forces will stay in the region for a long time to twenty fourteen was set as the deadline to withdraw all seventy thousand troops currently deployed in the country president obama wants a third gone by next summer but general john allen said the exact number of troops that will remain to advise the afghan security forces is yet to be determined. the
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family of murdered british student meredith kercher say once again they have no answers as to how she died that's out there in italian court cleared american amanda knox of murdering her two thousand and seven should already served four years in jail when her appeal was accepted on monday the judge ruled that evidence of sexual assault and murder were unreliable and overturned the original guilty verdict. southwestern pakistan gunmen on motorbikes have executed twelve people and injured seven mostly shiite muslims and they stopped a bus forced the people off made them sat in a line and then opened fire sunni militants with links to al qaida and the taliban have carried out scores of attacks against the minorities in recent years but the past couple of weeks have seen an escalation. it's time now for this business news with dmitri.
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thanks to turmoil in the stock markets continues to press on the ruble the russian currency has lost thirteen percent of its value against the u.s. just this autumn. for scarboro russia outlines the main reasons for the current deeper issues. of course the main signal was the falling price of crude fundamentals three men remain quite strong every shreyas solve for urals is quite comfortable level for russian economy but it seems that russian banks and corporate sector are buying dollars in order to pay off debt obligations they have to pay till the end of the year more than twenty billion dollars but all the signals prove that should get all and it means that. should be my strong of that now. so you get the markets what's going on at the moment to start with commodities oil is still losing ground after dropping to the
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lowest level in more than a year on monday concerns about global demand trumped up reports in u.s. manufacturing and construction spending brant is just below one hundred one dollars per barrel light sweet as at seventy six ninety two. u.s. stocks remain the sharply lower tuesday after the release of the reserve chairman ben bernanke is prepared testimony before congress banks are seeing a bump expecting the worst but tech stocks are faring better apple is point one percent lower as it's expected to unveil its new i phone product. this is the closing picture for tuesday session in europe and the course stocks ended the day in the red as you can see there the footsies down two point six percent away by the banking sector that's after the european authorities delayed a decision on providing more aid to greece which a bank was there one hundred percent the dax after wards where to achieve its twenty eleven pretax profit target of ten billion euros. and it was another black
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day on the russian market as in the outyears my six losing more than five percent of their value on fears that contagion may spread from europe's debt crisis hurting manufacturers. and a roading demand for commodities if we look at the main movers or should i say loses on the russian market because of course energy shares down six point four percent of the cloning crude price. is among the main loses after it posted weak results for the first half of this year and hydro electricity producer ross hydro was performing a tad better than the market just four percent after its first half net profit rose twenty six percent to eight hundred thirty million dollars if you get your modified out the capital wraps up today's trade. gloom approach cross all financial markets and. well we're seeing. this year's law seen march sixteenth as record for this year's law. with your raise going to
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beat harder with the u.s. dollar going close to eighty points so basically it's really turmoil and there is no safe have probably except for the euro as door looks like european authorities are acting too slowly. given the market sometime to fall into slump and in case in case they're too late we may see even deeper fall later in the week the fear of yet another global recession or see many pull money out of a risky merging markets but russian railways presence on the minute you couldn't says cash generation from public offering means every structure best that's awesome . we. blazed bones in european markets and that were quite successful attempts to syphilis a divorce in palms of stirrings was one of the most perfect in the
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history of more than russia a man called the company's profit or not profit from this point a few infrastructure is attractive instrument to invest the bodies because money is on the cards in the period of crisis or pre-crisis those monies are lost money is on the sport business r.t. will be back in around fifty five minutes time with nothing there live the next with the tacit experience but.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. the san antonio ways can trouble. the problem. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet can you tell me that that
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sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on archie. world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've gone to the future are covered in india g.'s available in the grand central shirts in limbo and the taj mahal someone buying polish president but short of fame which results in no no beatriz old book clothes a go. hold her till. the summer of her turn to punish her to close the meridian and leave them to join. shirts in new delhi who took the money they beat her to marry collection the mode of clothes and the maidens hotel. goes on louis don't read this and shift it was punished for three months.
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welcome back here's a recap of the main stories we're covering today on our protest against wall street and corporate greed go nationwide in the us and despite hundreds of arrests demonstrators say that the mainstream media is ignoring the rapidly growing campaign. euro zone's finance minister has put off a decision on a crucial bailout loan for greece after athens admitted it won't meet deficit deadlines but i agree greeks already claimed the a sturdy measures imposed by the government are untouchable. libya's transitional leaders name a new cabinet to govern the country until its full is secured meanwhile and to gadhafi troops continue to bomb the colonel's missing stronghold of sirte which the red cross says is suffering from a humanitarian crisis. next we offer you an investigation by a journalist who explains how.


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