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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EDT

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in broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is r t i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us. russia and china have vetoed the u.n. resolution on syria urging political dialogue instead of proposed tough sanctions on bashar al assad's regime the move caused outrage from the u.s. . brings us in the details from new york. russia and china joined forces on the international stage both casting a veto against a proposed u.n. security council resolution that calls for condemnation against the syrian government and opens the door for potential sanctions against damascus russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin said the draft was too one sided he described the resolution as a confrontational approach taken by the european delegation and against the
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peaceful settlement to the crisis now this draft resolution was proposed by france with the support of portugal the u.k. and germany but the one part of the text that many countries seem to disagree with was that called for syria to comply with the resolution within thirty days and it if not complied then the council would quote consider its options including unspecified quote measures many council members including china russia brazil south africa interpreted these vague terms as leaving the door open to sanctions now of course russia's one is one of many countries that has been opposed to international sanctions against syria ambassador churkin says moscow believes the violence should be stopped through internal reforms and political
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dialogue not external sanctions or military intervention such as the case of libya you put in you see what you broke the drone. was not supposed to do was be used on an entirely different from. the philosophy of confrontation we cannot agree with this one so you don't accuse you should use against the must. we believe the truth of implementing sanctions against the syrian government is. this approach contradicts the principle of a peaceful settlement of the crisis greece and a common syrian national dialogue our proposals in the freezing of the unacceptability of a foreign military intervention were not taken into account and considering the well new intervention in north africa can only be alarming that we were doing proposals to the opposition and people to them to disassociate themselves from extremists is also alarming but. brazil india
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south africa and lebannon abstained from voting on the resolution but it was the united states that voiced extreme disappointment that the security council did not bolt of atlee adopt the resolution the united states is outraged that this council has utterly failed to address an urgent moral challenge and a growing threat to regional peace and security we deeply regret that some members of the council have prevented us from taking a principled stand against the syrian regime's brutal oppression of its people moving forward russia and china said that they will be working on a resolution to gather that they say will be more balanced in the case of syria now we do know that some council members wanted not only the syrian government condemned for the violence but also a condemnation against all the anti-government protesters that may have been
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claiming the violence that has been breaking out over the course of six months but that is a measure that the europeans did not want included in this resolution brazil had noted that had the sponsors waited a little bit longer before a vote was called the divisions could have possibly be. bridged within the security council but as mentioned russia and china said that they will move forward to try to come up with a more balanced resolution on syria. reporting for us there and there was a more drama to come at the security council meeting after these comments from the syrian ambassador. to. the u.s. is used to veto fifty times to protect israel and it continues to threaten to use the veto power this could be considered pretty king in genocide because they
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clearly furious american delegation to walk out of the meeting in protest the syrian envoy was referring to the recent u.n. general assembly meeting when palestinian leader mahmoud abbas made a bid for full recognition by the united nations then announced that the u.s. would veto any resolution to grant statehood saying that such a move could only come through peace talks with israel. in greece protests over austerity measures have now spilled over into a twenty four hour strike reports suggest up to four hundred thousand doctors teachers and lawyers will walk off the job for the entire day air traffic controllers were the first to take part meaning all flights to and from greece were grounded beginning at midnight local time the country's main airport will be shut for the rest of wednesday it comes days after the country's finance ministry unveiled plans to put it to put suspend thirty thousand public sector jobs as a means of cutting costs meanwhile euro zone finance ministers have once again
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delayed a decision on whether to give greece its next tranche of bailout cash till mid november. despite ongoing rumors of the euro finance ministers have rejected the possibility greece will default on its loans but investor adviser patrick young says athens it needs to leave a single currency if it wants to save its economy. the european union are trying to take fiscal control of greece because they think that's the only way they can actually control the crisis essentially what is being fought at the moment is a battle for the sovereignty of greece the european union is too slow in doing it there's too little leadership and there is a pig headed in trying to germans particularly amongst the finance ministers but they're specially amongst the leaders of the european union nations in terms of understanding but they needed to move a lot faster on this crisis they still need to move much faster and ultimately time is running out because greece is leading the contagion that is going to kill the
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euro by the end of the year if we don't see that auction realistically about action means that greece needs to leave the euro because the problem is we cannot leave citizens of the european union to starve to death because it suits the troika of international lenders. and you are with r t coming up later this hour forcing it children out of school and into the cotton fields. human rights groups and speak out against of the former soviet republic of respect a stand after highlighting how the state uses child slave labor to pick the cotton that's worn all around the world the full details just ahead. tit for tat china slams a u.s. senate debate on ways to punish beijing for undervaluing its currency and taking away american jobs all the details are coming out. libya's new leaders have
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named a temporary cabinet of ministers to govern the country until it's fully secured the national transitional council now controls most of the country but there is still heavy resistance in some areas after a two day ceasefire to allow residents to leave anti kadafi troops continue attacks on his besieged hometown of sered the red cross is warning of a humanitarian crisis as of the town that runs out of essential. plies. here a spokesperson for the organization who visited the region says that the situation remains dire. we managed to get in the hospital and spend a few hours to check on the hospital however the security situation did not allow us to move inside the town and see the situation of the civilians we managed to talk to the presented to us of the civilians to understand the situation they talk about the lack of food for there is no electricity there is a lack of fuel in the city and there is very difficult access to medical care and know at this same time while talking to families going out of the city of sirte i
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have been on the eastern side where i've talked to families displaced to the desert out on third or to villages that cut out why and other surrounding villages and my colleagues from the west as well are looking at they in turn to be displaced families these people as well are living in difficult conditions because they are they are leaving just their houses to flee the ongoing fighting in the city of sirte and they are being displaced into the desert. living in high difficult high dunnit conditions and having no access to medical care and no potable water we have been calling up on all parties to the conflict despair as much as possible to civilian people and to always distinguish between military and civilian targets fury over corporate power in the u.s. is spreading from new york across the country thousands have joined the occupy wall street movement angered by economic slump and the role of big business in it. demonstrations with names like occupy los angeles occupy chicago and occupy boston
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were staged in front of a federal reserve of buildings in those cities this despite the fact that hundreds of protesters were arrested on brooklyn bridge on the weekend i canna mr richard wolffe explains that what is driving people onto the streets. the ideas coming out of wall. street are very good as an economist a professional i can assure you of that they want to change for example the tax system so that people at the top do not get away with paying fuel or low taxes they have proposals also to change how the business is of america are run that if you want to society that works equally then the businesses have to be run not by a handful of people at the top big shareholders boards of directors but in a democratic way by all the people who work there and by the people in the communities that intra depend with these companies they have proposals for a democratization of the workplace so there are both older and newer original
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proposals i think you'll see them worked out in the weeks to come to a very good program but not one hatched in the brains of this or that expert one that comes out of a diverse social movement in the early phases of its birth the people at the top are paying very close attention i can assure you from personal experience the leading bankers the leading corporate executives are very worried that this is the beginning of a mass movement that will change american politics and influence the bottom line of their companies. china has slammed the u.s. senate debate on ways to punish beijing for under valuing its currency and taking away american jobs it would allow the government to impose duties on products from countries with specific currencies china has told us to abandon protectionism and stop politicizing economic issues web journalist edward harrison says america is just trying to spread the blame for the global economic crisis to other countries.
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well the reason to bring it up now is to show that the united states government is . in order to create a self-sustaining recovery therefore the problem must be elsewhere that is the problem must be in europe it must be in china elsewhere it's not because our policies have failed per se. that's really what is going on now the reality is that the us government's policies have not been successful as a result they're looking for other places to play boards to share the blame for the economic crisis that is global at this point and i think that it's very true that this the epicenter of the crisis is in europe but nonetheless really the united states believes that you know it's really cute trade deficit not just with china but with the other countries because the private sector is low and if the
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u.s. wants to address the problem of deficit that is trade deficit it really needs to look at creating policies that raise private sector savings time for world news in brief this hour. a helicopter with five on board has plunged into the east river into new york with one woman confirmed dead and two other people seriously injured the privately owned aircraft is said to have spun out of control before crashing it near midtown manhattan shortly after takeoff unconfirmed reports say the passengers were tourists from the u k. a huge car bomb has exploded outside a government building in the somali capital mogadishu killing at least seventy and wounding dozens the explosion went off near the ministry of education where students were reportedly sitting a foreign scholarship exam eyewitnesses say in an identified vehicle was used to carry out the attack al shabab insurgents which have links to al qaeda said they
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were behind the assault. here in southwestern pakistan gunmen on motorbikes have executed twelve people and injured seven mostly shia muslims they stopped a bus forced the people off made them stand in a line and then opened fire sunni militants with links to al qaeda and the taliban have carried out scores of attacks against the minority in recent years but the past couple of weeks have seen an escalation. of the former soviet republic of dagestan as one of the world's biggest cotton producers and while the industry brings the government fortune the axe soviet state is accused of violating human rights. reports campaigners say it's children who are doing all the hard work. such is the fear in the eyes of these children being they were picking opium not. going to come out of this was that the plan. that was.
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going to united an idea that sent us there. meanwhile on the other side of the world the produce harvested with illegal labor is enjoying the glare of flushing cameras will not occur the mother daughter of those dead president is presenting her new collection in his forbes magazine hundreds on how she's managed to be so commercially successful i go to harvard. so it's a really good school you know. in terms of you know giving you great tools the tools of us back a stone our children as young as seven who work an average of seventy hours a week instead of going to school and an education is not the only thing they're missing out on with no heating proper bats were drinking water. mothers are powerless some of them stood up for their kids protection they were
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arrested taken to cotton fields they would be forced to work in the day and would be mass raped at night. would be helpful force child labor was based on produces around one million tonnes of cotton enough to make one billion t. shirts the cotton a sold abroad except to the sixty plus retailers including levi and they have pledged not to buy those but cotton because the harvest is so abusive this boycott sends a message to those government that enslaving children is not shake but good not a crazy mover who's also is back a stance and best suited to the un and the deputy foreign minister refutes the claims and she was also outraged when new york fashion week banned her collection from the catwalks two weeks ago but human rights groups applaud it it was a terrible message for the fashion industry to be sending that they would lend a high profile platform to the senior official of one of the world's most
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repressive governments the government about six years ago engaged in the disproportionate use of force against mostly peaceful protesters in the eastern city of andijon under john is the bloodiest chapter in president islam karimov stew decades in office in two thousand and five he's forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration killing five thousand people or other so-called dissidents jail sentences are common behind you the charity spent three years in prison. for speaking out after his prosperous business was taken over by the president's people because. kerry moves family is an organized criminal mob all sik does of the economy profitable businesses are under his control if you go to wiki leaks you'll see that the us ambassador calls karim and matthew a princess but all this will stay just woods while the war continues in afghanistan
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. is an important ally that and everyone will close eyes to his crimes. but leaving egypt and tunisia where once important allies to holler at the arab spring showed just how quickly things can change. in the direction of a r t. and you can find more on all of our stories that are to dot com here's a look at what else we have online for you right now. israeli aggression mounts that new u.n. statistics show an alarming rise in the amount of anti palestinian violence in the occupied areas of gaza and the west bank more on that on line. also history falls a victim to political correctness in france to look at what pages are being removed from textbooks and why. clash of the titans two russian tycoon go head to head in court this week as former media mogul boris berezovsky sues
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chelsea football club owner roman abramovich for more than five billion dollars find out why at r.t. dot com. fifty . five. now as the u.s. and the eurozone continue to struggle financially the worst could be yet to come next we speak to senior sociology scholar at yale you. versity emmanuel wallerstein who believes that the real crash will take place in the next few years.
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thank you very much for being with us today. so exactly two years ago you told me that the real economic crash is still a couple of years down the line is that with us right now. i know it's a year or two still down the line but it's but it's very clearly to me what was the biggest trouble at this point the united states. not just the rest of the world.
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actually everybody's in trouble but the united states is clearly in trouble the european union is in trouble i think it's in worse trouble than the united states but it's in trouble but i eat i think also that the so-called newly emerging countries or the emergent countries brazil india china are also in trouble so i don't see anybody who isn't in trouble so i care saying the global financial system is clearly broken what is wrong with a modern capitalism that's a very long story but i mean modern capitalism in my view but that's a long. story reach the end of its rope and it cannot survive as a system and what we are seeing is the structural crisis of the system so the structural crisis goes on for a long time it really started in my view more or less in the one nine hundred seventy s. it will go on for another twenty thirty forty years it's not a crisis of a year or of a short moment it's a major structural unfolding of
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a system and we're in transition to another system and in fact the real political struggle that's going on in the world though most people refuse to recognize it is not about capitalism should we have it or should we not have it should replace it. and of course you can have two very different kinds of views should replace it. well i would like a more relatively democratic more relatively a gala tarion world that's one view we've never had that of the world. it's possible the other view is that you have a very. polarizing exploitive system doesn't have to be capitalism capitalism is that but you can do that in many other ways some of which maybe fall worse than capitalism so that's the way i see
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this of the political struggle that's technically called. a system so bifurcation capitalistic system is directly linked to yes its roots are in many ways the impossibility of continuing the basic principle of capitalism which is. ceaseless accumulation of capital. and that's the whole point of capitalism as a system and it's it's worked in some ways marvelously well for five hundred years it's been a. extremely successful system and what it has tried to do it has undone itself as all systems do but it's a dangerous social if you. look at it what are the pros and cons if you mean is it dangerous to you and to me yes it's extremely dangerous to you and to me. in fact. one of my books i called it hell on earth it's
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a system in which everything is relatively short term unpredictable and people can live with predictability in the short run and live with unpredictability in the long run we can adjust to that but if you don't know what's going to happen the next day or the next year then you don't know what to do and you get paralyzed and that's basically what we're seeing in the world economy right now is a paralysis nobody's investing really because they're not sure that three years from now they'll get their money back so when you're not sure three years from now you get your money back you don't invest and if you don't invest that makes the situation even worse but people don't feel they don't have much choice they're right they don't have too much choice the options are few and they like you said we are and. we have no choice but to be in it but do you see
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a way out well it's not a question of a way we view what happens when applied for cation at some point. till we get into a new relatively stable situation the crisis is over we're in a new system but we don't know which one it will be. thank you very much for this interview. wealthy british style. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. part. we here because i had shouts that. god time is them this is the land belongs to our. will if they are still going to be thinking. and going chosen people will believe that god is real estate agent say look at this that is just for you guys disguised as. this is. this or might buy that.
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in broadcasting live direct from our studios in central moscow this is our team glad to have you with us let's take a look right now at your top headlines. you bring you see would be a pretty good relation which has not passed today was based on an entirely different philosophy the philosophy of confrontation with russia and china voted against the draft u.n. security council resolution on syria saying that sanctions could lead to a libya style military intervention moscow and beijing announce a new resolution should safeguard syrian sovereignty and allow time for internal reforms the u.s. says it is outraged at the outcome of the vote. in other news that libya gets a new cabinet to govern the country until elections are held.


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