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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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right from the heart of moscow this is r.t. glad to have you with us let's get right to your top stories in athens angry protesters have been clashing with police who have fired tear gas at them thousands have been gathering outside the greek parliament furious at the level of spending cuts twenty four hour public sector strike brought the country to a halt greek airports were closed and hospitals are relying on emergency staff or to sarah further reports from africa. we saw the scenes on the streets at this day on syntagma square outside the main parliament building really escalating again as the tensions pulled a village the angry protesters and the riot police clashing we saw at a gas being fired we also saw some people needing medical attention the riot police moving on to syntagma square and trying to clear the protesters out of that area and really since very aggressive scenes of the clashes between the two sides that we saw the police moving into the metro station chasing some of the protesters here on syntagma the match
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a worker on strike and actually intervening to push back the riot police certainly a very very tense situation we've seen more and more these are starting measures being passed and that's really raise the level of public anger head at the beginning of the day the main parties in the country had let thousands of work is public sector workers on to the streets to protest against these measures and again like we said we saw a day scenes that escalating quite dramatically throughout the day people are really losing trust in the eurozone leaders ability to take the country out of this crisis into measures in place that are actually realistic and can be met now what we've seen over the last couple of weeks is the greek government passing more and more of these asperity measures to try and keep the international lenders on side to try and prove to them that they're able to take these steps to try and plug the deficit in their budget the property tax that we saw passed last week and the announcement of possible job losses. on top of people who already in the country
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having had their salaries cut dramatically most people up to about thirty percent of the salaries of being cut tend to have these extra taxes it's really raised the level of anger amongst the public here he said they simply can't manage that now we've seen this little say quite disconcertingly spreading throughout the usa and from the sovereign debt crisis needing now into the banking sector as well and there are fears of a repeat of what we saw a couple of years back and you know once again we're hearing what people are saying is the steps in the measures that were put in place at that time after he saw the collapse of lehman brothers you know what was the key for that because we find ourselves back in the same situation certainly here in greece we've already seen it's really being downgraded by midis and this david for midi said that that happened as a result of lack of trust in the year are you saying governments really that sentiment could not be echoed anymore clearly by the public here is well that's exactly how they feel they just lost trust in the u.s.
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any disability to get them out of this situation and face now really that we're going to see this meeting for the financial crisis into a very severe economic recession possibly not just because the rest of the year is a countries as well so for three porting there now euro zone leaders have given themselves until mid november to decide on the next a tranche of the greek bailout it will only rive if the country meets its deficit targets but thomas from the merchant banking believes athens is being prepared for default there is no real point in keeping on with this bailout exercise and i think over the past one or two months that's become clear to the euro system and the i.m.f. as well so i think that. is a very significant there and it's a chair said there won't be any more bailout payments to greece or that we need another four or five weeks before the difference a purple ration for for the creek to fall can be in place obviously if it happens.
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in controlled way it could be a very destructive event if there are no defensive perpetrations made in the grandstand it could cost the banks other problem and quite dearly. i think that would be the reason why this is going to happen right now but in four or five weeks he said they are now frantic on their way to post to the differences to make money available for bailing out banks and ring fencing the healthier column and save europe when this actually happens so when we live problem i could see within the illusion is that every single interest i have made over the past year or two they all seem to believe that after the bailout there would be a default anyway so that's just throwing your money down a black hole better not do that and start dealing with reality instead. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution on syria the european back to draft called on damascus to end its crackdown on protesters or face targeted measures moscow and beijing are concerned the mandate could pave the way for a libya style military intervention instead moscow wants the u.n.
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to take action to push all sides towards dialogue russia believes the syrians should resolve the crisis themselves without external involvement or international pressure if the veto by two permanent members has split the security council but moscow is can then states action is justified. explains. it's a rare rare case that russia has used its power of veto since nine hundred eighty four it's been seven times only that russia turned to its last resort if you will and in case of syria russia felt it was necessary to be told that resolution to stop this scenario and yet another arab state similar to what happened didn't leave the op should the u.n. mandate to protect civilians the resolution on libya was cost in march with russia abstaining from the vote but this monday it was quickly picked up by nato which sided with time to gadhafi forces helping them to topple the tunnel and russia
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believes that in case of v.b. at the un mandate was misused and this is why it has not to let that happen again just as china russia as well the told me the only two permanent members of the un security council who are actively trying to negotiate a peaceful solution to the crisis russia in particular has hosted representatives of both president bashar al assad and numbers of the opposition trying to notch them into the dialogue and russia things that when you have to armed sides in a conflict what you need to do is to bring them both under the same tent while the whole issue of this resolution on the syria came up after an estimated over two thousand five hundred protesters have been killed in violent crackdowns on anti assad forces since march this year at vishal damascus claims that it's only fighting subuh tours who've been killing their security offices and hundreds r.t.d.
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has obtained a b.t.o. footage which allegedly shows that those that anti assad protesters are actually carrying weapons and using those weapons fire and we cannot very fly these small bulk phone footage these are indeed president assad protested they do not look like the street is only calling the president to step down. so what russia is saying that it is a conflict where it's all because that violence has been carried out on both sides so if you only support one hearted side in that conflict even sending in finest message to one side in these case to opposition forces a message of strong support which will only fuel more tension inside the country. you covered in a grouch over reporting for us there now edmund ghareeb who's a middle east expert from the american university in washington says russia and china's call for further dialogue in syria is the right course for the country and
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the wider region. the regime has recently been saying it is willing to implement. reforms it wants to make changes it wants to talk to. the opposition although there are some who question and are suspicious of some of the statements of the regime in syria nevertheless. they have been saying that they do they are willing to undergo reforms and they want to see changes sanctions are going to be very costly for the not sort of it is jeem as much as for the people of syria that it is the people of syria who are going to end up paying a very heavy price. for the sanctions there are however some elements of opposition some of them have reflected this perspective in istanbul and other places who believe that they cannot communicate with the regime they cannot enter into a dialogue with it and therefore they need to also foreign protection because they
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say the regime is continuing to oppress them and so that's why i think this position that was adopted by russia and china is seeking to open a new way and to prevent using this issue of protection for regime change or other interests still ahead this hour out of touch. british prime minister david cameron tells his party to have can do optimism but we hear from analysts who say he has nothing to be happy about. plus we tour the chechen capital grozny as it celebrates the city day and its miraculous rise from the ruins of just a decade ago. anti wall street protests are continuing to spread across the country after reaching their third week new york is a currently hosting of the biggest rally attracting thousands of people protesters are angered by social injustice and corporate greed that they blame for pushing the
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country into financial meltdown or brings us more from. well at the moment this demonstration is gaining on precedented momentum thousands of people are marching through lower manhattan to join the occupy wall street movement i think this this number is one that nobody has even anticipated in the reason for that is because at this moment you are now seeing the unions join this movement the transport workers union one of the largest unions in new york city that accounts for thirty eight thousand employees has joined this momentum teachers are also out on the street the nation's largest nurses' movement has joined occupy wall street students have walked out of universities in new york and throughout the country to join the occupy wall street demonstration thousands of people are walking down manhattan to join this movement and we have heard some of them speaking to the crowd they
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were saying things such as this is cairo this is tunisia this is a movement taking place not only in the u.s. but one taking place all over the world with the wall street bank we will win these are just some of the things that the demonstrators have been saying to all of those that are gathering and clearly this is a movement that is gaining tremendous momentum and as you mentioned these are frustrated americans right now that have been waiting for the economy to get better that have been waiting for change that have been waiting to reap some kind of benefits or rewards following the two thousand and eight financial crisis and the bank bailout that was given there after the bailouts that were given to the auto industries and at this point when you see unemployment as high as it is in the u.s. these people are coming together. and they want a change they're demanding
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a change i think there's probably two or two i agree. even says that unite all of them one is that there's they're frustrated with the wealth disparity in the united states and the second is that they're very frustrated with corporate influence over u.s. politics now and they believe that because of the massive donations and money that's being spent by corporations into u.s. politics the corporations are getting away with with making the laws that they benefit from let me give you an example let's take a look at the contributions that were made to us president barack obama's campaign when he was running as a candidate goldman sachs was among his top donors the political action movement goldman sachs contributed more than one million dollars to obama j.p. morgan chase more than eight hundred thousand dollars general electric more than a million dollars was contributed to then candidate barack obama now if you take
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a look at the numbers that were released in two thousand and ten j.p. morgan made seventeen point four billion dollars in profits and paid no taxes general electric paid no taxes and received a three point two billion dollar rebate no we don't want to weigh our viewers down with numbers but these numbers indicate why the average american is so frustrated why they're saying that the corporations are benefiting they are winning and it's the every day common american that is living paycheck to paycheck according to statistics that have been released one out of every six americans is signed up for some type of anti poverty. program one including maybe food stamps and more than forty five million americans are on food stamps so many are struggling stew to hold on to their jobs so many are fighting to get a job and when most americans see the profits that are being made by corporations the benefits that wall street is gaining from a government backed
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a tox player. did bail out but it's reached a pinnacle of the aggravation is or how little you can feel it when you're walking through lower manhattan and at this point the aggravation frustration is getting worse it's expanding and all of these americans are coming together to demand that their aleck to fish and change the system and make sure that things are becoming a little bit more fair for every day americans are more important reporting there for us now or to dot com never runs dry of interesting videos and news and blogs because what we've got for you right now. a blitz operation by russia's special services it keeps the country's air defenses under lock and key and uncovers a chinese spy digging for secrets and. the king of interviews iconic american talk show host larry king finds himself on the receiving end of the questions as he gives an interview to our team watch it now only online at r.t.
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dot com. the british prime minister has called for a can do optimism during an anxious time for the country's economy speaking to his conservative party conference david cameron said the threat to the world economy is as serious today as it was in two thousand and eight when global recession loomed gavin hayes who's general security secretary of left wing pressure group compass told me earlier that the priorities of his speech were all wrong. i don't think britain is in a position to be mistaken we are very very disappointed with the prime minister's speech today i think people all across britain would be quickly coming to realise that this is an out of touch prime minister and that we have a seen a thing do nothing governments firstly on the economy because we're very worried about the economy and the prime minister's lack of a plan b. for the economy you know the government was warned
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a year ago that they were. he did run the risk of a double dip recession if they cut public spending as hard and as far as they have to in order to pay off the deficit in his speech today he failed to allude to any plan b. for the u.k. economy secondly he also talked about the need for people to pay off their credit card debts yet on this he also seems entirely out of touch with the british people as nearly ins of people struggle to make ends meet every month struggling to pay fuel bills put food on the table and clothe their kids but we heard absolutely nothing again in david cameron's speech about the need to reform the banking system and sort of cracked down on britain's big banks so i would have liked to have seen much more of
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a focus on making sure those at the top pay their fair share. some other world making news headlines this hour. afghan intelligence officials have arrested six individuals charged with conspiring to assassinate president hamid karzai the group which is reportedly affiliated with al-qaeda managed to recruit one of personal bodyguards for their operation extremists have killed several high profile figures in afghanistan in recent months the last of which being the september twentieth assassination of former afghan president. rabbani. yemen's activists say at least eight people have been killed and over one hundred fifty injured in the past twenty four hours in the southern city of tire government forces shelled residential areas while opposition led armed tribesmen supporting that a man for president saleh to go joined in the fire fight thousands continue to take
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to the streets across the country protesting his decades long regime the uprising in yemen that started in february and has reportedly claimed the lives of over fifteen hundred people. the nobel prize in chemistry has gone to an israeli researcher for his discovery of crystals the complex structural form was previously thought to be impossible because the atoms were arranged in a manner contrary to the laws of nature a seventy year old daniel shechtman will receive around one and a half million dollar award at a ceremony in december. it is a big batch for the chechen capital tonight with massive celebrations marking city day but there is more than one day of shows to impress visitors to grozny the city has gone through a massive transformation since being devastated by two conflicts against extremists in the one nine hundred ninety s. . went to have a look. just ten years has passed and good listening has gone from this is this.
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president sometimes on candid enough is known beyond his hometown view doesn't. thore terran ruler in the west but and fact of manager to many fellow chechens the proudest achievement is girls in the city a complex of international class hotels and business centers when they were first per post so there was a lot of skepticism they would average build many thought it was just a pipe dream but there there are five be leaning towers there at the heart of the reconstruction of bros the and ours that is recovery following the destruction wrought at the beginning of the mindanao but cut do you know if wants to do more than just put out building he's aiming to raise the city's profile on a global scale says the still much of the yankees attempted to grab the world's attention by inviting stars from the world of sports and show business to spend time in grozny so. we've opened a stadium a youth center an ice palace in
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a few cinemas so people those see other places on t.v. you think is better there than here in the country we want people to come to us. it's not the first time grozny has been rocked by big scale events in may legendary footballers diego maradona and luis figo took part in the grand opening of the city star before that other international stars including roberto carlos came to the region some turned years ago it would have been hard to believe that anything so glamorous and high profile could average take place on the chechen soil but now it's almost become a tradition mind you no question you are reporting from crossing. the news looks at tonight now the north caucuses remains russia's most volatile region with terror attacks happening almost daily corruption and a poor quality of life are often blamed for causing the violence next hour to talk to the president's special envoy to the north caucasus about how the situation in
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the region is being improved. this disappointing thank you so much for being with us today thank you president medvedev said that one of the key problems many countries including bhatia face
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today is interesting tension and criminality many russians associate the root of these problems with the kook phase you were entrusted to supervise what can we do about it. so it works i strongly object to your putting it this way that the caucus is the epicenter of the ethnic crime unfortunately and it has repeatedly been stressed crime has no national identity i would support those of the opinion that the criminal group in question is of no particular ethnic origin with you in august a high ranking french delegation visited the north caucuses and announce their decision to invest considerable funds in developing tourism that good this result in building a cluster of tourist resorts disconnected from the rest of the region where misery and lawlessness still persist are you saying that there will be a zone where law and order will be installed and chaos and misery everywhere outside that zone i'm asking if this scenario was possible you know piers of course not it i want you to understand that we are not reinventing the wheel here we are
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not inventing constructions that have never been heard. it is perfectly obvious that unless the local population is integrated into the tourism cluster development process all our attempts to build ski lives and five star hotels will inevitably fall flat if we disenfranchise the indigenous population the local population must be involved in all of these developments but how do we do that first of all we must gather what i call the starship troopers that's up to ten thousand young people who will be employed in the tourism and service sector these people must be local and live in the areas where these mountain skiing clusters will be developed a second from any residential areas located around those skiing posters we are going to select young people teach them and do our best to help them set up small and medium businesses sometimes with the help of the state they may open small hotels for tourists we want people to be able to make money if people feel involved and integrated in this process i see no problems at all austria had the same
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experience a while back austria's vice chancellor said at a conference that there were also explosions in austria while infrastructure was being built the local population he said was also terribly upset until authorities managed to involve locals in what was going on before dot the project had incurred great difficulty. for mystical porn and you found the peace through to many in the business people and even state officials paid terrorists to ensure that fay fifty and then that money later of used to finance terrorist attacks can be done about dot when even state official or than civilians have to pay terrorists but that a player of the greater proportion of all i would say it has to do with a certain lack of trust that business people have in the ability of federal authorities to protect them from criminal extortion networks recently active in the caucasus this situation however is changing now and we are working actively to explain to people that aiding and abetting terrorism is a crime just as destructive as terrorism itself and that any money given to
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terrorists can be seen as a crime equal to carrying out a terrorist attack today. we have many cases of local citizens and business people cooperating with law enforcement the results are improving gradually but again this is a long process i've talked to several leaders of north caucuses republics and their opinions differ some of them say negotiations with terrorists are necessary while on a thing that there is no talking to terrorists do you think authorities must negotiate with terrorists. i believe there's nothing to negotiate with terrorists but we should talk and negotiate with parents of those children who have left for the woods and haven't committed any crimes yet if there is a chance to bring them back in the woods with the help of our religious leaders or their parents and families elders councils and any other social institutions we should be doing our utmost to take it we should encourage those who report to us and inform on these people those who are willing to lay down their arms and start living a peaceful life we should consolidate our efforts but once they take
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a gun and commit a crime there's nothing to talk to them about. how many terrorists operate throughout the north caucuses today. we like giving numbers but it's actually very difficult to make a difference between bandits and terrorists or the overall number that i usually give to media agencies for both small groups of five to six members and large groups of twenty to thirty is up to one thousand people in all the north caucuses republics we are aware of these gang leaders and we've been working thoroughly on their cases i will form and they funded from within the conscious by of the country . with a. recent analysis shows the abroad domestic funding ratio is about ten to ninety the latter being russia they don't need to support of international organizations and other worldwide terror networks such as al-qaeda the money they extort from business representatives can fund them this actually means that it's not so much terrorism as banditry at the same time i want to stress again that there is indeed a funding inflow from western foundations charities and human rights organizations
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these phones are you. among other things to finance radical religious literature and a number of bondage leaders who exploit children for prophets in the caucasus mystical opinion thank you very much for this interview. even the role of this game should land a sacred. magic is the life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic mature. crossroads of two minute chunks. safe and strong a spirit is hard. on
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. the losing. the. wealthy british style it's time to cut back on the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports.
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broadcasting live from moscow this is our team glad to have you with us let's take a look at your top headlines. in athens police used tear gas to battle stone throwers as. the demonstrations get out of control on a day of nationwide strikes that paralyzed the country the one day walkout by public sector staff angry at huge cuts in pay and pensions the shutdown airports and schools. conflict resolution russia and china vetoed proposed to europeans plan it to enforce u.n. sanctions against syria with moscow and beijing instead urging talks between the country's warring parties moscow says targeted sanctions against damascus would it lead to confrontation and possibly.


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