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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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long. new york police got heavy handed with thousands of angry protesters demanding social and economic reform in the u.s. . back from the dead the syrian woman reported as the first female victim of the government's pro-democracy crackdown turns up alive and well forcing several media into backtracking. prescribes to halt the biggest twenty four hour nationwide strike in three months turns violent as the cuts to be brought to cash still runs out.
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in moscow i'm not treasurer good to have you with us here on r t our top story police in the u.s. have been filmed beating back protesters out of mass demonstration in new york in the biggest event yet in the three week long rally called occupy wall street but also reports pepper spray was used against the crowd and police have confirmed they've made dozens of arrests at the rally thousands were taking part in sustained protests to demand social and economic change activists say they're fed up with breaking their backs at work while wall street bankers route big bonuses argues marina horton has more. than twenty thousand demonstrators were out on the street but we want to we're being a little you may have actually ranks on of the crowds part of the crowd is that here in the lower manhattan five last street surged past barricades around the new
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york stock exchange and officers moved james you can see in the protesters trying what we saw on that video. officers swatted protesters a times. with mace pepper spray according to some reports even one local news reporter who is sprayed with pepper spray his however man was hit with a baton things clearly i getting violent down wall street as this demonstration was carrying on all day long cops how arrested dozens of protesters but the final tally is not yet known or t. has checked in with the new york city police department and they don't have a final tally yet now let's remind our viewers this is not the first clash between police officers and wall street protesters and saw last saturday nearly eight hundred of them were arrested in one day when i've been working hard and peaceful
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protest against corporate influence on u.s. politics against what they call corporate greed wall street greed the week before we we also saw several anti wall street protesters that are part of this whole occupy wall street they were me soon the face by a police officer police officers had our initial netting to how to get to these protesters that they say are acting disobedient civil disobedience is the term the police have used here in new york but before one of these clashes took place we should inform everyone that this demonstration that took place in new york was on the president it was the biggest one and us for our job i occupy wall street at matts because it doesn't believe or unions joined occupy wall street we saw transport workers we signed nurses we saw teachers students from universities in
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new york city and throughout the country all walked out of class at a certain time to join the movement that is the. held in high in new york by occupy wall street now this this movement we should remind our viewers is not just limited to new york avis caught on in cities throughout the country such as boston was angeles chicago on gets just to name a few we know one is being planned and maintained in washington d.c. and in next few days now this is this is clearly an enormous momentum and it's not just a group of activists these are the now frustrated americans coming together with grievances about the way the u.s. system is structured and that way the economy is in decline and not benefiting from the common day merits. for more perspective on the events in the u.s. from international affairs commentator gregory clark thank you very much for
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joining us here so how do you expect the police reactions might be influencing the demonstrations in new york and even across the country who clearly are very angry. if you are going to lose. their will. in the. new some forms of the fortune. you've been billionaire investor george soros says he understands the protesters anger why do you think they're largely being nord by wall street and washington well we have a. it's ceilings on economic policy and there are a few people who know what will that leave good instructions when one of the fact
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that susan that the mayor of new york is a millionaire a multimillionaire billionaire so you know. we cooperated i guess. thousands have rallied in new york and washington numerous times in the past do you think they managed to achieve anything significant both for their protests and this kind of i think it's different. thinking of the fact that. the inspiration to go on so long on nationwide i think this is in. one of the this will go on i don't know. why do you think that. genuine is content i mean i'm not affected i. didn't. feel this complaint the whole system is. out of kilter it's. this imbalance between the. only one that's so there is none of
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funds it's where the banks and. companies and the living standards are actually all interference in years ago when the moment when. the demonstrators have lost sight that this is how in many ways capitalism works corporations make decisions while workers bring in profit do you think there is maybe a shift in the moods of americans toward the current system and there's definitely satisfaction with capitalism in the sense is that. see you have a small number of people who have basically have a monopoly on the leaders of the economy and they do not exercise them in the not easily. since the civil contract was clearly broken. and. there was a competition between people who had this monopoly to. gain greater
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wealth. some protesters say they drew inspiration from the recent revolutions in the arab world how far do you think that these protests may really go. but it is a significant fact. there also the urgency and i think that's. an even greater effect. also. policy. and i think it's in. america all right gregory clark live from tokyo thank you very much for your insight and you were closely following the protests in new york on our web site at r.t. dot com you can find latest articles and are constantly updated blogging you can also find latest videos on our you tube channel stay with us.
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today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. corp. syria least six people reported killed in the latest clashes between protesters and security forces human rights groups continue sounding the alarm over multiple arrests and killings but one high profile victim has made an amazing reappearance of his ivory better reports on the media's quick fire reactions at the expense of backtracking him believe the suffering under president bashar assad's brutal regime at least that's what much of the western media said after the apparent butchering and zeinab alcohols name we have pictures of what was done to scripts and they are simply too gruesome there are several western media outlets
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who are quick to report salvos in these gruesome deaths apparently the first woman killed in government custody but now it appears she's miraculously back from the date even being interviewed on syrian t.v. . back into the police station to see the truth this what i say to those lines channels i'm now still alive not dead human rights groups like amnesty international jumped on the bandwagon to reporting out was tortured murdered and mutilated believin claim to a mother found the body in a morgue last month all assertions is now being forced to backtrack on this we will endeavor to be more cautious and phrase things a little bit more nuanced the state broadcaster says the interviews to dispel what it labels fabrications by foreign media to serve western interests and stories like this that have been used to prop up calls from the us britain and france for un sanctions to be slapped on syria for their foundations are now looking shaky than
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ever this footage religiously shows an armed pro sound civilians being targeted by gun toting rebels so perhaps not the peaceful opposition they are from made out to be by the west that only seems to look one way. this notion that the u. has is now part of this pro-democracy receipt regime is ridiculous they are jumping on that bandwagon is an opportunity to get out front of it and create this deceptive of parents while at the same time there's supporting the dictatorships that are aligned with them in the united nations and it's part of their empire russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution for syria seeing through it as a potential cover for another libyan style intervention so they may not be any oil this time but there's always not syria motive but it's important to use as a political factor right next to israel a country which obviously america and britain and the other western powers strongly support so that would be the political motive would be to use
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a followed by security council will count from america over remarks during the syrian invoiced speech that the u.s. promised to be back with another resolution and undoubtedly more dramatic evidence to drive the point home either bennett's r.t. london. stay with us here on r.t. still to come a step closer to being part of the u.n. . it for full recognition of the world body where they've just been given the nod to join its cultural or. but first greece's latest twenty four hour a nationwide strike turned violent with police firing tear gas tear gas and angry crowds of protesters the country all but ground to a halt as greeks made their feelings known about the extra cuts they face so the country can try to plug its massive three hundred fifty billion euro debt arche sorry for more for athens. anger in athens syntagma square once again bearing witness ok clashes between riot police here is a protest is. that. right.
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and the pensions really been writing as the police moved in to clear the crowds and shocking things at one point the police chasing protesters into the metro station many others hit and kicked by they supposed to be keeping control. of the message being sent by the government as one for oppression and fear. seems like this is raise serious questions about the level of force being used. prior is a forty three year old journalist he's reported for many conflicts but it was in his own country where he sustained his worst injury. i just remember thinking is this really happening increase to shelter in an enclosure just. on one policeman who was the commander asked in a very rude taking pictures i told him i was a journalist but he gave an order and. these are some pictures i took you know
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the place he taken shelter amplified the sound of the flash bang causing always takes all day this injury which is his job. after the attack i won't call it an accident it was an attack like a small. investigation was launched into the incident but progress has been slow i find the latest tells the countless cases against heavy handed police tactics any to any kind of result we witness for ourselves the lack of discrimination when the police lash out when journalists along with his camera to the ground the rise in the level of aggression seen by place police and the more extreme groups the protest is causing serious concern with the government continuing to implement surveillance there as you measure is limited to receive the fan cash tensions looks set to keep escalating i think we are approaching fast. and easy to explain from. the first reaction.
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from europe from. experience. of the press from the impact of the financial crisis is being played out play by play well some tightness where there are now fears that the financial crisis turn into an economic recession could bring entire year is a look just to bring people to their knees. greece's financial processes being worsened by the admission it by its budget targets economic analyst martin and he thinks the only way for the country to survive is to default and start fresh. if they default it may actually not be the thing and not just greed i would think if you did it it falls or may also not be the same because then they are they can start again debt free they don't have to increase taxes they can devalue their currency is have
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a lot of says become more competitive again saw. that may actually be potentially the best solution on the other hand it is a very large everything you would sacrifice in the currency is that realty of the euro who we think is the most likely cause or b. if the leaders for example in germany are managing to sell their tools or to the public. they are most likely to print and sacrifice currencies ability in order to avoid this uncontrolled collapse which would be quite difficult for politicians to tear people your money in the bank is gone. stay with us here on r t still to come this hour keeping fit officially report from pens a region where the governors fit monterey's keeping the population healthy. plus. the palestinians have made another inroad into the u.n. by moving a step closer to joining the heritage group unesco they can now submit bids for approval by the end of the month it will then allow the palestinians to try to get
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their monuments listed as world heritage sites and it was green lighted despite opposition from the united states it's a key diplomatic victory for palestinians out of world body and comes ahead of the vote for its full faith that palestinian leader mahmoud abbas applied to the security council for full u.n. membership in september it's now working its way through the process. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe co-founder of the copper computer steve jobs has died after an eight year battle with pancreatic cancer and he led apple to becoming the world's biggest computer firm and presided over an empire that revolutionized computing mobile communications and even how we listen to music jobs he was fifty six only stepped down from apple a few weeks ago leaving the company with a bigger pile of cash on hand than the u.s. government built on the back of an earring products from the i phone the i pod to the i pad. mass graves containing around nine hundred bodies have been
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discovered by authorities in the libyan capital they're believed to be the victims of clashes between former rebels and gadhafi loyalists in tripoli the new governments fighters are now pushing towards the center of sirte the colonel's hometown and one of his last strongholds the conflict has claimed more than thirty thousand lives since it began in february. the afghan intelligence agency has arrested six men with conspiring to assassinate president karzai the group which is linked with al-qaeda had were routed one of karzai bodyguards for the operation they confessed in training to use guns rockets and suicide attacks and targeting top government officials last month a former karzai envoy and former president burhanuddin rabbani was killed by a suicide bomber pretending to be a taliban peace negotiator. time to take in more of russia close up today one health care.
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or in the pens a region in the east european plane over most of its territory lies in the volga highlands the capital also called panzer was founded as a small fortress in the seventeenth century and has been growing ever sense today the city is striving to be one of the healthiest and safest in russia by order of the governor argues you are going to find out why. almost every day the government is telling is that we should eat more fruit and vegetables drink less exercise more of course many people ignore these recommendations in fact working for the government will be very frustrating always telling people to do stuff but having no way of enforcing it now what would happen if you could actually make people follow through i'd be more healthy well officials are no longer have to wonder because in penza that's exactly what the government has done is introduced a new ambitious and often compulsory program forcing people to be healthier now for the results seen report getting healthier whether they like it or not
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every weekday morning attorney am the tannoy in state institutions across plans and begins a familiar announcement. cheerful voice research what are by now familiar exercises the governor's instructions no one is allowed to slack off some go beyond what's required. so. this has returned me to my youth and my youth to me we love our governor's initiatives if you like. officials in this district have been told to leave the company car in the carriage and get on their bikes and now all government business has to form from the saddle. the head of the local administration so the initiative has not only improved health but brought officials closer to the people so i ask the governor can you have one more car to help us with her and she sees he said you can have three to scooters and to buy so
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the tree officials can observe people see who is up to what who is leading rubbish outside for example. some critics have said the government's compulsory initiatives reminiscent of those in soviet times violate people's rights but a sports mad for the motor bike rider denies the accusations. of using human rights the only way i'm abusing human rights is by not giving people the opportunity to do even more physical exercise. as the clock strikes then. the police are out in force looking for bad children the governor has imposed a curfew for unsupervised under sixteen i do not think it is a waste of police time tar those children were arrested and returned to their homes we haven't seen them out on the streets again and in this day there are no violators at all as the. whole round of public can sleep well at
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a safe in the knowledge that with passing day they're healthier. and the streets are increasingly free or failed you. and there is more of russia if you discover if you click on our web site r.t. dot com here's what's a click away right now the king of talk shows american larry king speaks with r.t. about one of his final primetime interviews with russia's prime minister vladimir putin. and why and over what we could see the world's longest running said on the simpsons drawing to a close. we
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have syria's future with a former ambassador to the country in a few minutes but first let's get the business update with kareen. hello welcome to law business stopped by the south thanks for joining me russia's second largest lender of d.t.b. kicks off its calling investment for on the road show as a part of russia's effort to attract foreign investment this comes at a time when the country is suffering heavy capital also due to financial uncertainty worldwide now business artie's marina closely is for us hello to you good morning marina well as i've said the forum is intended to attract foreign capital but that's a tough sell as that. it is a tough sell but there's no doubt about it especially after what we've seen good progress in markets plus of the group or dropped to its weakest level i guess the u.s. dollar in over two years and this happened just this wednesday and according to the latest report cautious an increase of eighteen percent of foreign direct investment
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last year and that was important thirty five billion dollars but since the beginning of this here fifty billion dollars has left the country and that is already three times more than in two thousand and seven and want to discuss this further i'm now joined by the global c.e.o. of the to be capital mr alexander previously thanks very much for joining us now can you tell us why do you think we're seeing so much capital flight to see here. first of all and move forward here it is of course the certain you are still. here because this is great. if you. think you. bring the second factor of the mystical political uncertainty in when you duck will be elections that is partially an i'll be in will just be addressed all this is no doubt something that will be discussed here at the forum got to think can be done to make the market conditions more favorable in russia i think the most important domestic factor is the overall improvement in the investment climate below the
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government has done if you very important things in the last three years in this direction there's still. a lot of work that needs to be done you know present has articulated the fairly ambitious structural reform agenda and investors will be looking to see whether this information that will be implemented in the next few years of domestic structural reform is the key most important factor coming from exports to balance the capital alex clothes that i mentioned earlier but at the same time person due to the effect on innocent life and their goods and one supine brushed off them that's the right balance thing. i think the right balance again is the structural reform agenda is very important. you know fiscal stability is very important and generally monthly magritte in the mix ability is hugely important you know but the world is changing very rapidly in the western markets to further trouble russia does look very strong in this context and it's important the russian government the one thing that's the building investors will appreciate that as well said the strong but the global has taken
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a hit that's when the how much longer do you think the central bank will have to defend it is a good advantage we have compared to the thousand made is that the central bank has moved to pick the float in exchange rate so they've allowed for the flexibility and the prevented the big credit that showed up in the in the interest rates this is actually overall positive this actually allows the government a month in macroeconomic stability it clearly as i said for as long as the global uncertainty here persists and obviously depending on the direction of the more you phrase is there are some pushes wrists the to the ruble but generally we do believe that the central bank is in position to one thing relative herbal stability just considering the change in reserves are significant over half a trillion and again bets that's a big it's a big help just time so that russia is in a better position that it wasn't two thousand names well do you think that russia is also better prepared to handle another financial crisis if it of course comes to that i think it is i think that with a difference you have now is first of all flexible exchange rate second your poor
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person or a much much better shape the less leverage the effects the composition of the perform is a much more favorable. this year your banking system is much better get the lawyers the government knows the ways things work with you and has actually started to do so so i think all these characters are actually both pretty well hard global c.e.o. gets a big capital so let's say you're pretty thank you very much and please more for joining us thank you very much well later in the day we'll of course also be hearing from prime minister vladimir putin and it will be his first major after announcing that he will be run in the upcoming presidential elections are moving you all the latest updates as soon as we get them. ok that was going to cultural reporting from russia calling investment for now let's take a look at how the markets are doing now all of this trading near forty high as investors bet that lower crude stockpiles in the u.s. to indicate that fuel demand make nice is largest economy brant is trading at one hundred two dollars per barrel while it's obvious guy is that he dropped the barrel
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. and in asia japanese stocks jumped on thursday on the back of overnight gains in the u.s. tech exporters and financials not believing about their sony is over three percent computer memory from lp their games six point eight percent tech for i phones this . stuff among financials nomura holding is three point eight percent die of a securities was caused by hong kong stocks john choppy as well with the hang sun rising over four percent this hour. pushing more kids have opened in the black following strong gains in asia on wall street's both the r.t.s. and wise it's adding almost two percent. that's all we have time for now i'll be back with more in forty minutes time.
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some. of them is. peace.


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