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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2011 10:01am-10:31am EDT

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headquarters in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said no way it's six pm here in the russian capital ten am in new york where pepper spray and but tons have been used against thousands of occupy wall street protesters people are angry with their government for favoring banks and corporations while doing little to help them and they've been rallying all over the country for the third week running report and i is in new york monitoring the situation and now joins us live rena we've seen the response to the protests turning ugly take us through how it all happened. a nice of this is the scene that's becoming all too familiar in new york city ever since wall street protesters have been turning out to take part in demonstrations that what happened most recently is that during a demonstration there was a certain amount of protesters that try to push through barricades and at that point police started swinging their baton and spraying pepper spray at protesters i mean you could just see that in the video it was
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a bit of mayhem we heard people in the crowd screaming the officers were telling protesters get back move back clearly there were injuries and overall from what is being reported so far twenty eight people were arrested arrested but dozens clearly were injured or near people that were injured because it was quite chaotic now this of course is not the first incident that we've seen of clashes between police officers officers and protesters we know last week nearly eight hundred people were arrested in one day that came out to protest against our corporate influence on u.s. politics and and as they call gold street greed the week before we saw. anti wall street protesters just standing around when a police officer came up and mace those women in the face you know this incident that took place most recently of course came after five hours of new york city's
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biggest demonstration thus far to take place by or going to be organized by this group called occupy wall street not only activists out on the street but members of thirty different unions joined the fight so did students students in new york city and throughout the country organized a walkout so we saw between ten and twenty thousand people walking through lower manhattan joining this this fight against corporate influence over u.s. politics against what they call wall street. greed demanding that their election elected officials start working on behalf of all americans not just the richest once. and it really does seem to be gaining momentum it's now a nationwide movement but what the road testers actually hope to achieve what have they been telling you. well you know i did have a chance to go down to the wall street camp to camp the area where these purchases
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have been sort of sleeping for nearly three weeks and i will tell you this they are they are well read they are very internet socially savvy and they all feel frustrated and franchised when it comes to what is happening with the economy in their own country they're very matter of the corporate influence over u.s. politics the amount of money corporations and financial institutions donate to political candidates presidential candidates and then they say that favors are returned back and that is why they believe that corporations and banking institutions are profiting now are paying zero taxes or very little taxes and while the common american is struggling three years after the financial crisis forty five million americans on food stamps fourteen million americans without a job and those that have a job in this country many of them are struggling to hold onto it what they want
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right now is accountability they they want the wealth disparity in the u.s. to close for things to become a little bit more balance for not just the richest one percent of the u.s. to reap the rewards they want for this country to be more economically and socially balanced and that's what they're demanding and clearly you see that this is a frustration that's being shared by many people of many ages not just in new york city but all over the country and we of course will continue to keep our eye on the situation in new york for now are to use more important covering the occupy wall street protests thanks for that. well on our website r.t. dot com we're asking viewers what the outcome of those u.s. rallies might be so far the majority is sure there will be a lot of noise but very little action aquarter think the anger will boil over and provoke clashes with the national guard a fifth of the voters see it as the end for president obama's hopes for
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a second term and only fourteen percent believe it will actually be reformed we want to know what you think about our conduct problems and have your say. several people are reported dead in the latest clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces in syria human rights groups continue to sound the alarm over multiple arrests and killings but one high profile victim has made an amazing reappearance our days are over bennett reports on the media's quickfire reaction to a dramatic story at the expense of checking facts she was hailed as the flower of syria the symbol of the suffering under president bashar assad's brutal regime at least that's what much of the western media said after the apparent butchering of zeinab al hosni we view pictures of what was done to xena corpse and they are simply too gruesome to air several western media outlets were quick to report child
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holes in these gruesome deaths apparently the first woman killed in government custody but now it appears she's miraculously back from the dead even being interviewed on syrian t.v. . i came to the police station to see the truth this what i see to those line channels i'm now still alive not dead human rights groups like amnesty international jumped on the bandwagon to reporting out hosni was tortured murdered and mutilated it even claimed mother found the body in a morgue last month all assertions is now being forced to backtrack on this we will endeavor to be more cautious and phrase things a little bit more nuanced the state broadcaster says the interviews to dispel what it labels fabrications by foreign media to serve western interests in stories like this that have been used to prop up calls from the u.s. britain and france for un sanctions to be slapped on syria but their foundations are now looking shaky or the never this footage religiously shows unarmed assad
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civilians being targeted by gun toting rebels say perhaps not the peaceful opposition there are often made out to be by the west that only seems to look one way this notion that the u.s. is now part of this pro-democracy russi regime is ridiculous they are jumping on their way again is an opportunity to get out front of it and create this deceptive appearance while at the same time there's a porting the dictatorships that are aligned with them in the united nations and it's part of their empire russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution for syria seeing through it as a potential cover for another libyan style intervention so it may not be any oil this time but there's always an ulterior motive it's important as a geopolitical factor right next to israel a country which obviously america and britain and the other western powers strongly support so that would be the altar into a political motive the vetoes of followed by a security council walkout from america over remarks during the syrian envoy speech
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but the u.s. promised to be back with another resolution and undoubtedly more dramatic evidence to drive the point home. on the bennetts see london. russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution on syria over concerns the mandate could pave the way for a libya style military intervention moscow said nato's actions in there be a did not save civilians but caused more casualties instead so bucko mokhtari president of the arab boyer's association says the people's lives were never at the heart of nato campaign. you have to remember that the resolution of the u.n. was only confined to a no fly zones to imposing a no fly zones it was there to protect civilians and the end of the day we end up with nato actually going to war against the people of libya obviously the dictatorship which prevails there is no reason to declare war on the people off
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libya buying ito i think the usa britain france and the western powers are hiding now behind nato so that no one can point a finger but the figures of the casualties caused by nato bombing is really mounting two weeks ago and the human rights council in geneva the commission which was asked to investigate the situation in libya came with a report saying that they have discussed with nato but nato has confirmed to go call it that they have not had any targeting against the civilians i think nato is continuing its war against the libyan people albeit that they got rid of the dictatorship but we seem to be heading to the same exercise they have done in iraq and i think russia was right in taking the position that he syria because we don't want a repeat performance whereby the un took the position in iraq and then took the position
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in the u. n. is not there to change regimes it may protect humanitarian purposes it might protect civilians it might stop wars but it is definitely not to change regimes. there's plenty ahead for you this hour here on our t.v. and exercise a day not only keeps the doctor away but also helps you work better at least that's what authorities say russia's penza region they've instructed all state workers to do a workout right there in their offices more on that coming up in our russian close up series. but first as concern grows that the eurozone is falling deeper into recession finance chiefs are how mering out plans to safeguard the region's banks you commission president jose manuel barroso said there were plans to recapitalize them there's doubt that the next bailout installment for greece will actually go ahead and the fallout from the country's resulting default would
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feel a severe blow to europe's banking sector in greece itself the latest twenty four hour nationwide strike turned violent as police fired tear gas on angry crowds and yesterday protesters the government is imposing more cops on people like a massive debt some three hundred fifty billion euros the country ground to a halt there's workers walked out in a general strike leaving quite round hospitals with. the staff parties our first witness the greek capital as it boiled over. syntagma square once again bearing witness to clashes between what police here is a protest is that was going to take that back about a very good. deal for the central area. and the tensions really been my thing as the police moved in to clear the crowds some shocking seeing this one point the police chasing protests is into the metro station many of the hit and kicks by they
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supposed to be keeping control of the block but the message being sent by the government is going to repression and fear. scenes like this raise serious questions about the level of fools being used. capri. ayers is a forty three year old journalist who's reported from many conflicts but it was in his own country where he sustained his worst injury. i just remember thinking is this really happening please i took shelter in an enclosure just or syntagma and one policeman who i think was a commander asked in a very rude taking pictures i told him i was a journalist but he gave an order and i had one of the flash bangs thrown at me these are some of the pictures i took. the place he taken shelter amplified the sound of the flash bang causing always takes all deafness and injury which is his job. after the attack i won't call it an accident it was an attack my life's been like a small hell. an investigation was launched into the incident but progress has been
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slow a finalist tells us the countless cases against heavy handed police tactics and need to have any kind of results we witness for ourselves the lack of discrimination when the police lash out when journalists flung with his camera to the ground the rise in the level of aggression seen by the police and the more extreme groups of protesters is causing serious concern with the government continuing to implement severe austerity measures in a bid to receive that cash pensions looks set to keep escalating i think we are forced. to explain. you know the first reaction. from europe. has been expressed in july. the impact of the financial crisis is being
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played out blow by blow on syntagma square there are now fears that the financial crisis turn into an economic recession could bring the entire usa not just the greek people to their knees surf city than. euro zone leaders have left greece hanging and now has to wait for rescue until at least november but economic analyst martin hannett he believes athens would be better off if it did default and then start afresh. if they default it may actually not be the thing and not just greece i would think if you did it falls it may also not be the same because then they are off the back and start again debt free they don't have to increase taxes they can devalue their currency is to have lower taxes become more competitive again so. that may actually be potentially the best solution on the other hand if they bear out everything you would sacrifice and their currency stability of the euro will we think is the most likely cause or b.
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if the leaders for example in germany are managing to sell that to the to the public. they are most likely to print and sacrifice currency stability in order to avoid this uncontrolled collapse would be quite difficult for politicians to tear people your money in the bank is gone. that was economic analysts warn headachy with his view on how castro eurozone countries should react to the debt crisis. washington is threatening to leave your nest go without american cash as the world's education and heritage group moves a step closer to allowing palestine to join the u.s. gives is gives tens of millions of dollars to unesco but can't legally fund any un body that admits i'm don de un member the culture group has agreed to put the palestinian bid to its members for approval by the end of the month it's a key diplomatic victory for the palestinians at the u.n. ahead of the vote on that statehood however there is still fierce opposition from
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washington which says a legitimate state can only be achieved through direct talks with israel palestinian leader mahmoud abbas the plight of the security council for full u.n. membership in september. a look at some more world news in brief for you this hour millions around the world mourn apple's co-founding genius steve jobs the man behind of course the iconic i pod i phone and i pad he died peacefully age fifty six years spent battling pancreatic cancer he led apple to its position as the world's biggest computer firm and presided over an empire that revolutionized computing mobile phones and listening to music he said new sparked the biggest online reaction for years reaching ten thousand tweets a second. the nobel prize for literature has gone to a swedish poet thomas tranced romar was praised by the academy for his.
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images which give fresh access to reality is the real books exploring the inner worlds have been translated into almost fifty languages the eighty eighty year old literary master will receive the award at a ceremony in december. the death toll from rancho rains that have battered thailand for months has risen to two hundred thirty seven millions of people in twenty eight time provinces have been displaced by analysts flooding overfilled down south given away any water logged to the country's central region more rain is expected to hit the recovering nation in the coming days. now russia's help to provide security and revive the economy has dominated talks in moscow between the country's leaders to meet the needs of an alexander uncle bob focused on the challenges facing the caucasus republic which is still recovering from its long struggle for independence from georgia. has the details.
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during the meeting of course a very wide variety of issues was discussed ranging anywhere from social can all make to matters of border control in cooperation between the two countries but as you have mentioned most important issue of course was the issue of security moskos goodbyes to following the one nine hundred ninety s. war machine of a president in georgia in two thousand a toll in george's attack on south the city up because it was here for all of that it may be next that's when russia recognized pass' independence and just as a president with dread it was ratified an agreement to establish military bases both in south the said to and in the. russian peacekeeping forces have a ready been stationed in both republics but beginning with this or to be patient on this agreement bases will be stationed in both are probably explore the next forty eight nine years so the number of papers the number of memorandums and agreements between russian and a pause in presidents in the kremlin today just goes to show that oppose it and
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most will continue on the course of full cooperation in the future as well. for more hard hitting stories and in-depth coverage don't forget to visit our site r t v dot com here's what's lined up for you today r.t. talked to the king of talk shows that's larry king of course to discuss the highlights of his career including his exclusive interview with. many of the russian resorts in sochi prepares to host the twenty fourth winter olympic games an army of volunteers and interpreters gathers to begin playing their part in the city well ahead of the big event. time to take in more of russia in close up and today more on health care.
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we're taking you six hundred kilometers from moscow today to the pens a region famous for its natural beauty and strong cultural traditions the capital also called pens i was founded in the seventeenth century as a small fortress on a narrow strip of river bank today the city sets a shining example of how the safe and happy lives are so easy greg wrote of went to learn the secrets of their success. almost every day the government is telling us that we should eat more fruits and vegetables drink less exercise more of course many people ignore these recommendations and start working for the government will be very frustrating always telling people to do stuff with having no way over the foresee that you know what would happen if you could actually make people follow through be more healthy well officials overall no longer have to wonder because in tens of exactly what the government has done. getting healthier whether they like
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it or not every weekday morning at ten am the tannoy in state institutions across pens are begins a familiar announcement. the non-a most mature full voice recites what are by now familiar exercises of the governor's instructions no one is allowed to slack off. some go beyond what's required. all this this has returned to my youth and my use to me we love our governors initiatives. officials in this district have been told to leave the company car in the garridge and get on their bikes now all government business spits before him from the saddle. the head of the local administration says the initiative has not only improved health but brought officials closer to the people. i asked the governor can we have one more car to help us with our gc's he said you can have three two scooters under by so the tree
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officials can observe people see who is up to what who is leaving rubbish outside for example. some critics have said the government's compulsory initiatives reminiscent of those in soviet times violate people's rights but a sports mad former motorbike rider denies the accusations and my abusing human rights but the only way i am abusing human rights is by not giving people the opportunity to do even more physical exercise. as the clock strikes ten. the police are out in force. looking for bad children the governor has imposed a curfew for unsupervised under sixteen. i do not think it is a waste of police time tell those children with arrest said and return to their homes we haven't seen them out on the streets again and this day. to remove our leaders at all as the youth patrol wraps up with supplied all round the citizens of
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pens they can sleep well at the last safe in the knowledge that with each passing day they're healthier more country and kids and their streets are increasingly free of feral youths you can. see. time now to check on the latest business news we can meet three stay with us. but. the economic priorities of the likely next government in a keynote speech to an investment for moscow the prime minister reassured him versus the country would maintain strict budget discipline and would continue with the process of liberalization of course but i'm ready to cross over is at the forum for business r.t. . i'm a server lot of the airports and i have to say he was optimistic but realistic at the same time he said that russia is still feeling the after effects of the
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financial crisis and that they understand that the risk increases but that russia is now better prepared to handle another financial crisis in europe or the us if the us force comes about but here is that right now the government doesn't that the situation is as bad as other countries make it out to be she says no you explain it is good we see risks. in the u.s. but also in other economies this will have an impact on russia we need to take measures against those negative choices that many experts have already the second wave of the crisis we don't share that opinion and we don't ask others not to make the situation worse by calling. them back prime minister vladimir putin said that russia is in a better position than some other countries because russia's government debt is less than ten percent of g.d.p. and when it comes to the external debt is a three percent now of course this is an investment form and the whole encourage people to bring
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a money and so the russian economy and that's why the prime minister highlights of the importance of privatized they should and he said that the government is on track with those funds and they want to expand them even for their. own strategy is the state should gradually reduce its direct presence in the economy therefore we will gradually withdraw from state corporations through privatization and we'll appoint independent professionals to the boards of companies state ownership all other important points that he made was that the merger between russia's two largest forces the r.t.s. and m i six he believes that it will boost trade and be a key part of a stagnation moscow as a global financial center also he touched upon the w t o membership this said he made it clear that it's no whitesell for russia to become a member. he understands the benefits of through the country but he said that there are obstacles and if you're a parent and he was one rushing to become a member he'll make sure that those obstacles are in lemonade and those were the
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highlights at the forum from the speech of a lot of your points and. so going to the markets now we starts with commodities where oil is slightly coming off after reaching almost a four day hajjis investors but the low crude stop was in the u.s. indicate that she will demand may increase in the world's largest economy however light sweet is correcting ten cents brant is down forty two cents per barrel this. is the opening picture for the u.s. markets and it's pretty flat as u.s. jobless claims rose less than expected last week european central bank president drongo tree share also spoke of increased downside risk to the european region and therefore investors are somewhat limited in their. optimism about the current situation move to europe now european stocks in the black with banks leading the gains although they have come off the highs we've seen the previous dose the
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european central bank is offering new emergency loans to banks to help to steady the financial system and carmakers are also gaining closure situated as one of the biggest names in paris b.m.w. in frankfurt very quickly is take a look at what's happening in russia stock markets there in the black the r.t.s. up my six almost four percent there if you look at the main movers parts goes one of the biggest gainers up nine percent as you said it's suspending talks about selling a forty percent stake in the company energy shares and bags are also. coming up next i'll see the headlines with a nice. if. it's . coming.
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from. the elian. gonzalez the limits to go. to sleep it's. just some a sci fi see . coming.
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it's six thirty pm here in moscow here with our two these are our top stories new york police get tough on thousands of occupy wall street activists furious their taxes are being used to prop up corporate america protestors from stage their biggest rally in three weeks after being joined by big unions. eurozone finance chiefs looked to help out banks that may suffer a blow from greece's burgeoning debt crisis meanwhile in athens violent protests erupt against ever toughening allstar new measures. to syria the woman seen as the symbol of the regimes brutality against its own people reappears alive and well after reportedly being beheaded has for several media tune into.


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