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the human rights movement and. the vision to bring peace and stability to the world . to use the president only they have to change. ten thirty pm moscow time and watching r t very good evening for me kevin our top stories tonight america's former top commander in afghanistan says that only halfway to reaching their goals and have no idea how the when the mission successfully comments coming psychic ten years after washington launched its bloody conflict. nato forces launched the biggest isolde yet on. civilians flee in panic same conditions a desperate for those inside the colonel's last remaining strong. and growing anti
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wall street protests in the u.s. capital as thousands expressed and puerile the tax dollars being used to bolster big business i could just say they're fed up with breaking the backs of world war policies flow into the pockets of already wealthy bankers. no modern andrews is to take you on a tour of a stunning collection to be found in the capital's pushkin museum of fine arts moscow out here on r.t. . great. things. come to. germany.
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so different but the. moscow. hello and welcome to the must go out show on this big plays out it's going to famous pushkin museum bush faces life in the heart of the russian capital it opens in one thousand and twelve and looks here will celebrate his one hundredth anniversary so join the last numbers as we take a look at the something collection of all on representing centuries of creativity history and culture. the kooyong which you see here is
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a reproduction of the interior you want to classify as you know influenced the skin the blockade has incredible examples of german medieval art and italian medicinals of the sixteenth century highlights the michelangelo's famous stage in sculpture the museum was founded by the pheasant it sounds to time as the main building was constructed from eight hundred ninety eight pounds it's actually for my climb a machine. names often projects on the spanish it is like to change one hundred thirty years in honor of the russian power it gives hues of the museum a bull's eye breathtaking just like thousands of exhibits on display live casey close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ city cathedral a complex of building this is also known as museum village and how did you come up to his town and whole area because just time measure of this are thriving cultural tourism. when bill's losing was the first of its kind in russia it was officially open this past dysentery celebrations the polish defeat the song look like second
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self in his hands through the revolution to serbia times in the break about the us a song he's able to get so much use times of the last century during world war two for example to grace a positive museum resources were evacuated to novosibirsk a city charm school with major events and celebrations plans for the one hundredth anniversary next year the museum can now look forward to the next one hundred years . when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become an educational institute for local students many of the exhibits on this plains of the museum are exact copies of operation a massive pieces from all around the world and were commissions and created specifically for that cost him his ear in this room for example you can see records of some of the most famous greek statues a sculpture is between the fourth and first centuries basis. in the holiday to
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greece here you can see various boss religious models and gold on a copies designed to introduce you to this and this is just to them a stages in the history of the last dozens of teacher class a costume on display in the room featuring heads or several great philosophers afraid of brilliant insights into the office to creativity thousands of years ago. because of ancient greece is why do you have a sense of it in the museum and the untitled the great young is one of its highlights it showcases examples of architecture from the fish and the centuries b.c. only arts and culture in new york at the time flourished. with somebody who's an exhibit beautiful day to look around the museum but you're interested in sculpture post-impressionist art or gyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but museum also holds many originals to do museum has
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a substantial collection of original vases featuring issued with culturally from the sixth to fifty centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to take various images created to showcase ancient rituals connected with feasts full fuel ceremonies. i think while a little shabby the pushy museum is a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art the many of the heights and hectic the galleries in the west. i really enjoy the city and i wanted to spend my day in the post can you see him and i am really impressed about what these this year has also because there are so many different artists and it's just beautiful i enjoy it this museum is this wonderful way of our next door and the past you have a nice a touch and all things and i should just beautiful. other
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valuable objects from a greaser display or regional items that were found by the japanese cheese yes i actually worked in the nineteenth century the amateur off you are just famously helped excavate the city of troy. during museum there are two hundred fifty items those said century b.c. mainly jewelry. collection of art from ancient egypt in the christian museum is the largest of its cards in russia to features pieces of art and also objects used by the egyptians in their everyday life span thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetics pool as it's called daisy from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from on every feature the naked girl swimming in the sacred lotus flower for the most splendid examples of egyptian decorative ought to go today she egypt or is it pictured as animals with features of an animal like birds heads for example
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egyptians viewed almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with this. some of the most interesting paintings in the museum represent the finest hours of the seventeenth century created mainly to decorate lavish interiors of palaces and to see jewels the fishes paintings are religious the portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens i can rembrandt are all featured in the collection. students from all us now and he's come to study to museums paris on pieces many programs elections for lovers of all ages are also regularly old allies as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's arts scene where one day you'll see lines of people queued up outside every day so why is the museum so popular with muscovites and foreigners. focused on in love with museums artistic if you're looking back to the days of old places or temples of the oxen shared
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a rest from everyday life from the worries of a big city that this museum is my favorite as it gives a great fear on our history depending on who you made your interest you can explore various ages of schools that are consistent in russia without going to moscow in moscow without going to the first special the impressionist parks that are so beautiful the paintings are very well cared for and exhibited whilst. the tree can see the whole thing in the snow glare. the museum is closely altering its display which gives the public a chance to see this enormous collection. the issue tempi exhibitions which should include collection is from a good church five salvador dali canvases are currently on the spot here into the middle of november so easily dolly structured what's been demonstrated to most of the this exhibition off is a unique opportunity to see his paintings judging is on display a p.c. of the dalai fifty museum space putting together such exhibitions crys great
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addition compassion to the corrections and consumer division that she refuse him closely look at ways to destress experience and to discuss the history present and future of the museum to meet this week's guests well it's lovely to meet you guys to meet you thank you for your time but tell me why is the postal museum of fine arts so popular well you know it's a tradition firstly we have such a nice collection. was initiated as the museum of lost his mandate for educational purposes by degrading a developed into a stamp picture gallery with. and number of the very thing was lost to pieces they were not a mixture is a very large year for the museum as it's the one hundredth anniversary yes and it is very remarkable because it has a liberating allison and that is to look back. to the
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whole age of eighty eight he was not a toast. so calm in a rush i would say yes it was really dramatic in sound here it is and not to forget to that music was established just as the author opposed to all the cool and by the way you know with the g.p.s. so much it cost him today exhibitions in our rooms. the but it was never planned split temporarily exhibition and it's not just the art that is stunning a breathtaking here museum but indeed the actual building and hall these are amazing experiences of one of the most remarkable buildings they in moscow i would say look and jap kids it still creates the attempt at claiming the whole was a one else's leading a moscow basket at south the pay of it thank you very much feels hard very welcome and all the best here ivan is it. clearly with regard to sector building
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houses steamy assortment of impressionist post-impressionist and more knowledge many experts agree that museums gracious trisha's must be found in its collection of paintings. the works from the strange here we saw just to screw over your pay and all. the loose contain fascinating works by considered by ghost chasseurs when you walk in the museum a second what's moment she's eleven not only on display looking through such beauty is quite overwhelming especially the most famous pieces that cost millions of dollars to push the museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions why the excellent museums in commerce london or new york visit is something you would suggest. to our absolutely breathtaking the original or long combis white more families painted by mike in eighteen months you know i will vote for sure that's all the time we have on this big party must see you again
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at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew of the state because the museum of fine arts by now. monitary an. historic. friendly. dynamic. plans. months ago.
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least. that's the first step to. see. if say. wealthy british style. is not on the rise. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines just flew into gaza reports on our chief.
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fists. if. you. headlines tonight from archie america's former top commander in afghanistan says that only half way to reaching their goals and no idea where the mission successfully comments coming through ten years of the work she was amongst its bloody war in the country. libyan and nato forces launched the biggest to solve yet from gadhafi his hometown so civilians flee in panic saying conditions are desperate for those inside the colonel's last remaining strong. and growing anti wall street protests in the u.s. capital as thousands expressed fury over tax dollars big used to bolster big business could you say they're fed up with breaking their backs that work governesses flow into the pockets of already wealthy banker. to the two forty five
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more new stores of course i'm one of the artsy dot com here we're talking sport there with you know good evening no i put it to use retiring at twenty five a dream for some but not what others would choose it's headlining with you tonight is certainly is the norris she was former world number one in tennis scavenge she is husband to leave their game because of a bad back more on that coming up plus the rest of the sport. good to have you with us this is sports today plenty ahead of the next ten minutes or so including. night vs footballers are currently attempting to all but wrap up their play said euro two thousand and twelve slovakia the side standing in their way tonight. off court twenty five year olds in orissa often are retired
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from tennis that's according to her brother murray rots. from the mean greens tiger woods returns to the pru goward circuit for the first time in seven weeks at the frys dot com open but describes his day one performance as one of his worst fighting runs ever. let's get going on football we're in a run in hours' time we'll have a further idea or knocks whether russia will be having to euro two thousand and twelve by the automatic roots music out because charges currently tipping on slovakia there is a row and thirty two minutes gone in july it is surely this that's good news for russia who will make a poland and ukraine finals with all its going to play off routes if be counted four points from a possible six the meet minnows giora next week in their final qualifier and or themselves off against arlen's a little later tonight while our media made short work of musta donia earlier the way things stand russia are in slovakia armenia could only get top proof be.
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elsewhere a number of teams can kneeled on their spots at european finals tonight england are one of them fabio capello's charges a way to montenegro the english sit top of group g. half a dozen points clear of their immediate opponents need only a single point to claim their automatic place up the championships wayne rooney he has been confirmed to start the spite his father being arrested in connection with an illegal. betting ring. brings us to tennis where the nora suffer now has retired from the sport that is according to her brother murat the younger sibling is sparkling a long term back injury so often i who see aged just twenty five have been on an indefinite break from the game and now it seems hopes from their former world are the ones phones for the pain of return helping dust for them are outstanding in moscow today that soften and considers the playing period of her life to be over three grand slam final appearances major doubles title lympics of
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a medal just summer so. she. can certainly be a miss to the russian game. that wasn't done to compete after twenty eleven kremmling cup which is due to start next week here in moscow puts a whole host of world stars will be in attendance on an event steadily growing in stature before. this tournament has amassed quite a history over twenty two years of its existence there's no older truman in russia which is taking place on an annual basis from the very day was founded the kremlin cup title is considered very prestigious in the world of tennis the past russian winners of the event are constantly named as the top one hundred players in the world. this the remaining russian tennis player in beijing has been iced that mikail the time to even leave the church in the quarterfinals of the china open thirty two year old to be kicked for meaning composed by trailing five three in the
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first set for a while running that opener seven six after usually challenged his long which turn but today it will to no avail the twenty nine year old russian regaining his footing in the second those kicking it seems senseless but i but the celebrations were short lived the beach which once again fun the key to dominating the last fight in the third. set the one off in head to head meetings with the russian fall of the seven six six seven six games the two. tiger woods has once again still in the gulf thing headlines with his latest return and once again the former world number one looks a pale reflection of his best finishing run one of the friday's dot com open six shots behind leaders brendan still bringing forward not betancourt and guard willis woods early in the first poll before going on the slide the thirty five year old seemingly recording bogeys for being over our efforts on the second and third holes for global game the twelve hour purdie on the fifteenth doing the current world
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number fifty one little good as you were tiger paced eighty six but the moment the dozen shots behind the american force one of which this man barred put himself out for under to take a share all the lead after swiftly teamed up the birdie. if tiger didn't have reason to celebrate there are the tigers certainly did on the baseball diamond the game's aristocrats the new york yankees thier odds of the one for this year's world series after being beaten by detroit in game five of the american league division campaign yankee stadium normally a tough territory for opposing teams leading the tigers on phase as they started as they meant to go on delmon young making it to nothing. the first evening shortly after his partner john kelly opened the scoring built a team weren't going to end the season with a surprise move the trio by just a run in the ninth. which they have already struck alex rodriguez
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a lawyer. finally exhale and begin enjoying this three two victory the texas rangers know the tigers on saturday in the league seven it's. this is what it meant to detroit's the visitors' locker room in the big apple roaring with the sign of victory fifty thousand fans in the bronx had to watch their star label line up for not sure it's a big next crop of tigers baseball players got to celebrate a winning atmosphere first this morning the police used to drench everyone is this time around thankfully of the whole free for that little man he was able to take a drink or. the show on merits is a goal for london twenty twelve after the court of arbitration for sport throughout his. four hundred meter beijing gold specialist served his full twenty one month duping bond but because of a technicality the american still would not have been able to run of the games if the verdict hadn't been overturned today's
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a good day for me you know it's been. almost two years you know since i was able to do what i love to do you know the ruling came out today. i'll be eligible to compete and we're going to next year you know. a lot of track and feel it's my heart so i dream about being able to go back and defend my title at olympic games and it's nothing better than. finally the russian fencing team begin their quest for world championship glory in italy tomorrow the country saber swords people are some of the sport's most decorated and they will be not only aiming to further their standing in ten years but try and book a ticket to the olympics in the process but are among closer if he takes up the story. russia's already strong saber effacing eighteen received a boost a year and a half ago when french specialists questioned balor took charge of both the men's
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and women's teams it's his fourth nationals what after he coached france and one of the big medals with italy and china over his relatively short tenure in russia he stands there is one almost all major national events including the twenty ten world championship in france so it's. very strong and it's. great and. i don't have a good experience with a whole conference strength from zero to ten and trying to tell if. it's really. me. bryant's bauer's arrival in russia i think she already had two world cups on his record as well as a bronze and big metal considered a team leader you can then call continues to perfect his skills under the new coach when all of five tournaments he's taken part in since ballard took charge. big changes have taken place with the arrival of
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a new head coach from friends and it's very interesting to work with him he manages to constantly offer us something new in training. russia's women's team is a notch higher than their male counterparts when it comes to producing silverware for their country so if you have a league is probably the most experienced dancer having already won two world championships the london olympics will be her second attempt for the most prestigious prize in sport after she finished fourth at the beijing games after the world championship is the second most important event have to go in packs and i'm very glad and south so i get to test my abilities every year who won the previous event and hope to improve our individual results this time round. the upcoming world championship in italy will carry ninety six ranking points for the winners will most likely qualify directly for the london summer games in case of a slip up he actually said we'll have a chance to catch up at the three remaining world cup stages where only thirty two points are awarded to the winner and russia's management hope it won't come to that
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store open for. the first songs for it's ok if you have a good trip to the conflict this can be finished and you have one year for proponents again to smoke. this last fight continues. i prefer to finish knowing so we have one that still won. the world championship in cuts on yet it's only will be held from the eighth until the sixteenth of october ramon koester of r.t. moscow region that is all the sport just before i go i can tell you there is no score as yet vs russia not european twenty eight twelve qualifier i'm going to let you go kevin owen is here at the top of the hour with all the news but weather is next. for sure is that so much euthanasia on the market what is the distance between the
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arab spring and arab democracy some people of the arab middle east have demonstrated they can read themselves.
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the closer she has been to the spitzbergen archipelago. for the world's northernmost top she will blend presides over a ghost. town archie goes depends on a group of village volunteers rebuild the columns from roots. for technological breakthrough to save lives. and where people are forced to stay for. the fans or reach russia close up on the party. in india all g.'s of able in the grand central shirt in mumbai the taj mahal the mumbling polish president combining made with prison walls mounted beatriz's public clothes are going to go on taj mahal hotel charges being shown some rough hotel flush toilets.


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