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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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a forum for people to speak for themselves anything less than that is a disservice to a democratic society and you are providing some of the very best of the media to me it's it's been great talking with you it's an honor to have you with us thank you so much thanks so much tom for what you do to watch this conversation again as well as other conversations with great minds go to our website conversations with great minds dot com. are you ready to rumble when they come back our friday news rubble panel also got a big issues of the week get your scorecards ready. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions completely break through get through and made who can you trust no one who is you and you who with the global machinery see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t.
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question more. fridays are you ready to rumble of time for this week's big picture rumble where i sit down with three expert political commentators to debate the week's top stories on our panel tonight kerry picket and in the opinion page of the washington times and columnist for the washington times watercooler column eric berne strategic communications consultant bullfight strategies and former president of media
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matters for america and vince holidays home page editor at the daily caller all set let's get started here occupy wall street wall street movement has morphed transformed. spread across the country samuel chicago louisville which to our very encouraged it's thursday and sunday to johnny cash sun the list goes on and on miami poor and six thousand people in portland oregon republicans are quite upset about this however this is what eric cantor it is it. for one and increasingly concerns about the growing occupy wall street and the other cities across the country. and believe it or not some in this town actually condone the pitting of americans against americans pitting of americans against americans let's see it in unionized workers against non-unionized workers pitting
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public sector workers against private sector workers are actually the other way around getting people who depend on government programs against so-called job creators isn't eric cantor the guy who is really guilty of this the fourth ranking house democrat john larson spoke with me a couple days ago actually and he said that this represents an arab spring in america i mean if the rhetoric of those who are now wanting to take at least co-opt the movement and you mentioned i know earlier that there are different forces that are tending to co-opt this movement and make it their own but if john larson one of the most powerful democrats in the country comes out and says this is like the arab spring in america i think that might speak somewhat to cantor's point because in the arab spring you have the overthrow of government whereas the less we assume that a movement like this is of course coming out of peace he simply said i think the comparisons to the arab spring are really about young people that are disenfranchised rising that have a voice without a dictatorship there's not shooting as i was but a lot of this is about what i think is really interesting is that eric cantor the house majority leader is condemning a peaceful protest on wall street where we had two years ago the tea party showing
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up at the for the capital are with guns and you know signs with obama in the way face and spitting on them are excellent both that were was not someone thinking they were not spitting on civil rights they are absolutely no there no no they did not. no no no they're not spitting i thought you know i have no no no i actually said no no no no actually i actually did actually did see the videotape and first of all you're referring to an old man who was speaking to him in a fever and maybe still of an old man but he no cleaver was speaking to him and we also see two old men sometimes and sometimes it all comes out but i didn't know this is a dangerous. if you have a pen here i mean there he was there you were very cute. is this ok carrie is this a mob but one thing we look at the men actually suspended him say ok i'm going to spit at you and actually you thing actually intentional and i don't actually have been here every american looking at what everybody back in march you know that
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every american watch in the margins in the ad look at the battlefield before you know that's not the point that every american watched the. piece that it was the robot that was time talking maybe not mob mentality or that carrot grassing said go home and second i far is this whole occupy wall street movement is concerned there's huge poxy going on here they're saying oh these bank bailouts this heart you know it was out for a horrible but then i'm why is it that these are high wall street movement people are getting. support from these unions who got i want to bailouts i mean i didn't get any bill and so the general motors didn't yet and by the way the unions got the union members got to keep their job on it to be able and all hope to get you know you actually auto union actually do get bailouts and all of you are actually giving money to the on cue i was just looking at you raised the question i think i think you're a very was yours although you raised the question what's going on let's just take a look at a couple of very quick graphs there are these people calling themselves the ninety
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nine percenters here and you see the ninety nine a few indians you can photograph in the sky i think is an abortion pose that here executive pay has skyrocketed since the one nine hundred sixty s. i'm sure. you see if you can see a little to the right of the green spot there is nine hundred eighty is one reagan . dropped the top tax rate and all of a sudden executive pay one number two one percent the top one percent own forty two percent of our entire financial world and if you add the next four and five percent that's ninety percent that's that's about eight percent of us only on seven percent of americans and the other the other twenty percent own ninety three percent. next . one percent we're talking about the top one percent more on more than half of the nation's their stocks and bonds and number four the top one percent are sucking up wealth at a faster rate this is. run up the pleasure it's and
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sure and the top one percent the next right here this is this this right here is the top one percent right here and this is out of all the stocks and bonds in the united states and shouldn't this is the top one percent this is this is the bottom fifty percent this little tiny slice and then the next one here. this is the bottom ninety percent in terms of income gains and this is the top one percent this is nine hundred twenty three nine hundred twenty nine now notice the bottom ninety percent are doing just fine in the sixty's in the seventy's and then reagan came along and changed the tax sort of all of a sudden the really rich and here's where we are now and notice of this is identical to this i mean how how does that make any sense how much of that actually goes toward union pensions and look very little of that birth very little really yes we don't want to get this actually going to say i'm sorry about the way to the top one percent this is this it really does address this graph just shows you it's a proof that supplies that it always does not work that has never worked the key to a healthy economy in this country is
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a is investing in people investing in the middle class investing in education investment infrastructure the things that we did in the nineteen fifties and eight hundred sixty s. that actually created sixty seventy years of economic prosperity that's been squandered by republicans and conservative fiscal policies over the last twenty years occupy wall street movement is made up of different organizations it's not yet clear what they exactly one and it's always good in that way because the media has adopted this there's now and they all seen as an answer to the tea party it's at least as well as hopefully van jones wants it to be an answer to the tea party and there's a lot of other organizations including media organizations shot in the other areas you know one of the looks i was really replace the tea party is that we would hope that then you have you have you have a ron paul supporters and hardline obama supporters are out there mixed together right now i think i think this is the tea party to i think the tea party was saying the same thing we're sick and tired of the one percent screwing us that's you know wall street people actually don't want to corporations to actually be people with the tea party i mean they actually think that they actually want the occupy wall
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street if you watch don't want corporations actually be thought of as persons that that that that's what they actually said in their demands and the tea party wasn't about to take the form for citizens who want it in the way those these organizations are a lot of the economy new job numbers released today show that our economy added one hundred three thousand jobs last month. unemployment still nine point one percent. thirty four thousand government jobs were lost last month in twenty four states run by republicans we have consistently over the last three years seen jobs lost total of five hundred five hundred sixty thousand jobs i believe it was that in those twenty four states and twenty five states run by democrats were taxes have gone up spending has gone up unemployment actually gone down jobs have been gained but the net net loss has been over five hundred thousand government jobs without those losses in those states with those republican governors unemployment right now would be eight percent of the world so. to me like the republicans are trying to set up a disastrous economy for two thousand and twelve the top we talk of this before of
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course they are going this is what the debt ceiling standoff was all about you know something that the congress has passed and increase the debt ceiling you know i think something like seventy five times of the century a standard legislative procedure and necessary work to pay our bills but with that standoff in the end the resulting deal that constant but you know the one point eight million jobs this year eric cantor has said just yesterday that he is not going to bring a jobs bill to the floor that the president's going to bring to the floor this republican i want to actually bring the good jobs bill to the floor eatery over and well this morning. we have desire since i charge a million or george to move over on the senate side that he actually didn't want but it's different because eric cantor he actually didn't want to do it through through and through the. yesterday through the motions being suspended it was a it was well everybody i meet on the part of mcconnell to be able to say we're going to bring this i want to bring this bill forward but rebut that but the clear point is that this bill doesn't represent ok it is named a jobs bill it is it's
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a so-called i read it's supposed to be a piece of legislation but it clearly is an election tool and everybody inside of washington that if everybody at this table does realize that it's an election holding you know anything about it i know you think that there's that that the government should play a role as the employer of last resort in the event of a. economic times as the employer of well i actually i completely agree the government should be the employer of absolute last resort the idea is that if you not have we have a fifth of homes right of homeowners right now or within within ninety days of foreclosure you've got you've got more than half of homeowners are underwater and you've got you've got people who are the majority in i forget the exact statistics but the majority of people regardless of their income right now have if they lost their job they would be almost within six months can it tell me this is not a disaster it was like ok let me just as your question because i mean you're saying you're condemning the person for putting a jobs bill from going or in a recession and saying this is political should he not should he just do not building it is another president is the political i think in the tell me from world
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war era cancer saying i refuse to bring this to the floor why would this why would the majority leader of the house refused to bring a jobs bill to the floor in the middle of the biggest recession since the great depression republicans have consistently brought things to the floor the odds that they could get get passed now here's the point the read this jobs bill represents a vehicle by which obama can organize and we've all heard this the truman style do nothing congress election campaign of congress is going to do nothing it's sure it's absolutely absolutely sure but here we have just a little less than a minute this time he's here to a number of protests about new york and i asked him about this job so i think do you think the start was going to have to actually help you get jobs and number them said no i don't think so and frankly i think it's really up in the air as to whether or not this job you don't have jobs is already the body frankly i don't think the dots is going to do anything i don't think a number of these protests are actually think is that think that actually as well you know i think certainly i think there's a consensus that progressives anyway that we need a whole hell of a lot more in this but even in this very very modest step the republicans are
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saying well we won't do this. in any case i'd like to move along and this is this is the values voters summit is happening this weekend and i find this particularly ironic that the values voters summit is all about you know basically the christian right is being put on by the american family association i believe it is and. why would they they do it on the weekend that is the the high holy days of one of the major religions in this country. and be why you know when they're so aggressive about basically backing the republican agenda why are they ignoring matthew twenty five you know the core of christianity is that this is the this is the christian right that is mean and you know there's only one place in the bible where jesus was confronted by his disciples and said how do we get into heaven and he said you know he said i was hungry and he gave me something to eat you know the last days he's he's separating the sheep from the goats he says i was thirsty you gave me something to drink i was a stranger you invited me and i needed clothes you clothed me i was sick and you
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looked after me i was in prison you came to visit me and the disciples were freaked out they said hey wait a minute we never saw you on how are we going to get him and he said as you have done under policed of these your brother and you have done unto me that is completely off the table at the values voter summit what you don't get is what you just vocalize actually doesn't body actually the majority of the people that attend this by voter summit and you ask me are is there i'm afraid of what you're suggesting that that misreads apocryphally but the point i'm looking at here is free what is healthy if you really going into the theological side of this when the moment you get to heaven it's what did your government course you to give your money to the government and by virtue of the fact that you had bureaucracy in place to be able to distribute it and does that represent like your brownie points for having or whatever it is that you want to i wouldn't think that they would answer that question in any in an affirmative and you have individuals who would like to do what that with their money what they will he said if you want to make value for your christianity ology and we will take this issue of theology thing clearly it really comes down to what's good for your soul and what do you do for yourself and
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what you do for your fellow man as an individual we talk with you for your soul there's the name values you know in the headline of this is this is classified as a hate group i mean these folks think the value voters of best buy the paper had absolutely southern paul in the southern part. of the whole being one of the liberal group liberal the rules. oh liberal base truly ality which is a reef objective to their own view also known as very base a liberal objective group thank you very much i see shows like this these are statements from the american family association homosexual agenda represents a clear and present danger to every fundamental right given to us by our creator in the constitution. the gets the goal the hope you'll join the. age of consent what do you mean eric we don't consider the bible to be i hate book no i don't the sort of the bible would you hate but i consider the groups you know hey we were his agent because there is nobody to consider but not answer the question about about this organization i would opt out of school my entire life and would you consider
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verses in the bible concerning say homosexuality b.c. . i think are there any in the new testament though i think we think of it like we look at it this is the old ghost image of the we didn't i mean i think that there was something about how dated it would go to the new ones in the old testament right next to no one to say you should be stoned or leave if you talk back with you there is that you can't just sequester the voter value summonses some sort of irrelevancy this represents a major share of the american public who really do identify with values issues and in a conservative where the values witness by being seen only on greed i feel he i mean this is just lay this out feed the hungry i don't think that they want free soup kitchens or they want food stamps being given i think he'll say you don't want to national have healthcare system this is a conspiracy and this is going to get it was just a joke christian there will be doing it on the computer this is fundamentalist christian you know this person to be a good christian gathering and you very well know this tom ok i think it's one of those christian gathering and i don't think that the jews are anywhere i said you
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would not be i don't know this nonsense that tomorrow is that the high disease issues don't even drink water they don't eat they passed for twenty four hour with your sis is the highest holy day of the year for the what you're saying about these and these attendees and by people who actually play stop. no but those on the value voters summit the top that conversation is that the only vehicle for which they can actually practice their christianity or their judaism is to do it through the government i think that most people would find that of sort of ok like you said we will we will agree on that but government and religion shouldn't shouldn't be mix of i'd like to rule on afghanistan it as any good and pointed out a little earlier today is the tenth anniversary of our invasion of afghanistan this is not a long just war in the history of the united states george washington didn't fight a war the slow no president has fought a war that still i would say frankly that it's not a war there's a there's been no declaration of war and b. it looks more like an occupation to me that war occupations tend to go period very badly as as the soviet union found out the same place so any general mcchrystal
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came out and said today and this was astounding i remember in the last year the bush administration i was down in new york and it was an off the record interview not off the record but it was kind of it kind of it right with mcchrystal i can and i said you know what when he was running the afghanistan program and i said you know what are you going to about afghanistan and he said i don't think we can kill our way out of this and i came back on the radio reported i couldn't i couldn't name him at the time like you know you can now or any he said yesterday you said we didn't know enough and we still don't know enough most of us me included had a very superficial understanding the situation in history and we had a frightening simplistic view of recent history the last fifty years and then he went on to say that george bush's decision to invade iraq as well really screwed this thing up so what are we going to do how do you know where we go from here george bush has opened the gates of hell for two nations and a lot of our so i thought i think you're absolutely right there was no need to invade iraq that had really diverted the resources and cost us billions of dollars we got really very little out of it when he surveyed afghanistan and he offered to
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get in a lot. perhaps that's the case but i'll tell you this you know the president has set out a schedule for i like to see that celebrated because it's clear that this is the path of the three were you know the russians. very very soon. more frustrating experience of the in this region in the british before that the first before that and no one has ever served as a security what does victory look like well unfortunately we have the a president here who let me promise to get us out of afghanistan or actually and i say you promise you know a bit of troops in afghanistan so he gives out of iraq but but unfortunately you know we're not out of iraq we're not out of afghanistan we're actually in libya still and frankly what we are so experiencing here is a president who doesn't know how to lead in either or in any of the nations that we are currently in right now. how the hell is that the well as a whole leave i mean he's the guy that got
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a little bit of we had we had eight years of george w. bush and for five years of war under his administration that really produced nothing but record deficits and. loss of american lives untold losses was in the middle east the stabilization of the eastern countries is a disastrous responses to my hearing two or three peaceniks here that you know we're all in agreement that it's time to stop unfortunately building building buildings in afghanistan is that we haven't given him and he has the and has had a it's a major share of problems in its development but i would i will say that to give obama credit for carrying on the drone attacks or other be credited to criticism there's actually it's across the board people about helping the drone attacks about helping his military involvement you do have to remember that george bush actually laid the infrastructural groundwork for obama to be where he is today i mean not just in the actual carrying out of the real americans and working with the company here to work with the actual use of these up these up these wrong address all these
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are a lot of these most great strike done by the obama administration that type of activity could not happen we're not really type of intelligence gathering this is in the in the capability it's actually risen up a look i respect i believe this is this is exactly the kind of just bravado that we see from the right that you guys are i think. and you are. actually going through. the way with actually can someone get on this moderate for a very long time and all of a sudden he turned to be oh my gosh he's actually a bad guy are we happy we have to think about what he was a moderate for a while arabia maybe ten years of war was the only one radicalism you know he's the radical right way or are they the media actually need he actually never was maybe yeah maybe we maybe we actually should have kept it actually keep your eye on him for the entire time. even either way i mean i think the it's clear that there is no real end game in afghanistan and i don't i don't know of anybody that's really been able to sort of say so why do you ask and so it's here that's what it was no i mean
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while you have you have hundreds like the arab spring that have gone through their arab springs that has been called and there's this view that well democracy will take hold because the people will do it of their own accord let's hope so we have what we have to wrap it struck and rapid fire just very very quick quick answer the republican state representative rich workman has introduced house bill forty sixty three legislation the repeal as a florida law that bans. and patients are familiar with this sport there are some highlights. we're going to think that this will help lower florida sky high ten point seven unemployment rate so if this is the new republican jobs plan what will be the consequences of legalizing dwarf tossing out a national scale will it be a and williams jr will have a new gig that's one down in the employment numbers or be he will have
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a new sponsorship opportunity the tiger woods scandal didn't quite turn the reputation of or see news what hack into the phones of top tier dwarf tossing competitors and in the ensuing scandal fox sports will lose its exclusive broadcast rights to the national award tossing what you think it represents and from probably stick to what most of the platform is once again smaller government lower taxes. i do door i mean the answer i think clearly see fox news and i got to say tom i work for a city councilman here so it was a war just passed away and you know they are folks they have rights and i think it's indicative of. the areas that was publicans or substantial in the movement and they haven't they do have rights they have rights to employment and actually hank williams jr i think would probably be the preferable solution here i think hank is obviously looking for a job and the idea is that it's not an all encompassing job solution it's a little job solution that's. my answer is the sarah palin sit on one point six
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million bucks sarah pac has know what to do with she spent anything she wants because the way the pac was constructed she's going to follow in george bush's footsteps you know bryan the texas rangers and she's going to buy a door so. anyway kerry. was. never here here it was really for the service thank you all thanks so much for being with. after the break what to do or. tossing and minimum wage jobs have in common with the republican party but in my daily take. what drives the world of the year mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to didn't create through a bit thought it made who can you trust no one who is in view with a global missionary see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called
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satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more. so what exactly does a republican jobs plan look like and what would it do to our economy that's a question president obama asked yesterday here's a good question eight years
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a little homework assignment for folks. go away ask the republicans what their jobs plan is if they're opposed to the american jobs act and have it scored have it assessed by the same independent economists that a assessed our have those economists evaluate what over the next two years the republican jobs plan would do. well we got an answer that question this week from florida where republican state representative rich workman introduced house bill forty sixty three legislation that repeals the law that bans dwarf tossing in florida workman thinks it will help lower the sunshine state's crippling ten point seven percent unemployment rate as he said to me it's an archaic kind of big brother law that says we don't like that activity well there's nothing immoral or illegal about that activity we really did by passing that law is take away some employment from some little people mind you this is the same republican florida
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florida republican party they refused to take federal high speed rail money that obama offered them which would have created tens of thousands of legitimate new jobs and florida instead they want to create a few dozen new jobs for dorf top tossers and toss seats for eric cantor and the tea party to seize on this idea and push for a tax credit for sword swallowers and federally subsidized job training for snake handlers under the republicans job creation plan instead of a nation of manufacturers we can be a nation of carny us but step away from the absurd for a moment there is texas governor rick perry's miracle of creation in texas and by miracle i mean minimum wage jobs as his own life bragged. here eighteen hundred people in texas a and. m. none to carry hero and that's ok john. kerry may have been wasted.
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but he was. right americans are hungry for minimum wage jobs their hunger to be janitors and dishwashers is like the hunger to get tossed around and the simple fact fact is the republicans aren't really all that interested in creating good paying jobs for the majority of americans that's why they're against the president's american jobs act because it would put millions of people to work rebuilding the nation's crumbling infrastructure that's why they're against clean technology it would put millions of scientists and engineers to work building the energy grid of the future that's why they're against unions and tariffs that would put millions of manufacturers back to work and that's why they're against government spending it employs teachers firefighters cops and mailmen you know those professions that our kids grow up wanting to be want to work and when they grow up instead republican policies mean our kids can aspire to work for barnum and bailey walking behind elephants with a shovel the america we once had a nation of manufacturers sciences teachers is quickly becoming a thing in the past or place by the republican vision of
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a nation of burger flippers janitors and work tossers out exactly the line up you want when you're trying to compete in a global economy what the lineup will have unless we kick these republican bottoms out of the office and i know just the way to do this. every as the old saying goes if you can't beat em you might as well join. that's the big picture for more information on this for more information on the stories we covered and visit our website the tom hartman icon free speech dot org and. also check out our two you tube channels there are links to tom harpur dot com this entire show is also available as a free video project and i tunes it will free town harben i phone and i pad app in the app store you can send us feedback at twitter town underscore however facebook's on the herb and tom underscore hartman blogs message boards and telephone comments on it's time for them and no forget them ocracy begins with you .


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