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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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because in the search of the mill stone who took some of the country house today in the blue hills goldman turns to the immigrant discriminate it used to be the most secure in the terms of the oil flow on the ruben's original. here with r t a line from moscow our top stories now get more marathon wrongs into a second decade with an escalating insurgency and spiraling civilian casualties leaving the coalition struggling for a winning strategy. the occupy wall street movement builds nationwide and despite being dismissed as anarchist there fruiting to be organizing in it for the long haul. and govern leaving british lenders see their credit score dropped after the u.k. government says don't bank on often if you get into trouble or get. up next palestinians
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tell us in their words how they're being violently pushed out of their own city by jewish mothers. that. would soon have brought our hero. there are five hundred of them surrounded by a hundred and twenty thousand very very hostile most of. the settlers in hebron illegally being there. one would choose living room why is that
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illegal this is our land and the arabs know that they have may condemn this holy city and we're going to stay there. but. but but. but there's no place on the group. the more that people because of one who could really be the. most brutal. and sane khorasan the expression. this is really the place for you.
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since the settlers arrived in one thousand eight to we have lived on opposite sides of the road the second forty one three could drive up and park in front of the house here and now only the settlers can i always have to have a plan to avoid being shot at or having stones thrown out of the. knowing that there was no way
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a screen hearing just the readings in the city proved design to protect us from the circular systems of use our house is surrounded by why screens. the sutler's now through smallest that get through or destroy the screen with the wire cutters to suck e.z. pass. out of this little close the door could not closing the door is getting the cage. you want to see inside the flows the dog get the camera out of here call the police turn the camera off it's early in the morning what do you want from us timmy hogan is. being a pioneer like like in the beginning of the state of israel there are different types of swarms that people have to deal with then there were sponsored malaria now there are there are security problems and people who question our rights to
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living here and by living here we were stating a fact and that the fact is is that. is the heart of the jewish country and its word all began and we just want to have natural jewish life here. oh oh. oh oh. look. at the to. sheriff is trying to come home kill kill him. oh. oh oh. i am fayette one here.
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and let me love you climb up are you with the turf it's nominal oh well you. know. you well. so i go. i go this soldier's soldier my boy wants to come help so i didn't touch him don't you see what you said to me. it's just me but you know she's here to indicate it's for you boys below i want to get the boy was to date in this situation. in israel and there are many many questions why are we here oh maybe we give anything to our enemies and we are in the middle of a war even if we are not saying it aloud lee. and they think it's a phone there are not questions the only answers we hear because of our pets.
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god promised them this is the land belongs to us. oh no. you can see this is the essence the hard core so that your patients because they are so good as living inside the me because the center of a palestinian city and you the fire scene is there and they are very extreme and there is the army to protect them and they can decide for the thing that's against the settlers so you have all the elements for great drama you know this is the essence of the occupation. we are living in a liberal democracy with a free press and all of the other things that we take for granted in a democracy and yet the reality in the occupied territories is very very different and surprisingly in spite of the free press in spite of the fact that you have hundreds of journalists covering the situation it remains the case that the israeli
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public really doesn't know what is taking place in the occupied territories and i think they don't know because they choose not to know. the. forty eight. a very long. cold war in which. again seventy eight percent of the company off by this time as it existed before. there was another war in. sixty seven. the start by the side and the moment was finished. we had. there was a net. desire. by some people go
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and mix it quickly. and off a few weeks into a few months passed by and we suddenly saw does no pressure up at all on is to give back this got it always then slowly some people have said why not why should we get ted put all settlements the idea was to annex instead it was wherever days of settlement the idea is to annex the obstacle is that there is the palestinian people living there then the question allies is how do you annex all just teletubbies wrists short of a million or two million arabs palestinians condemn and tell some people who say just take these two to half million palestinians and push them out of palestine as be did to house the palestinian people in one nine hundred forty eight saw it just all the set let this other thing the extreme settlers and the most extreme out in
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five want. because the israeli soldiers put up this iron it's because the settlers were throwing stuff it was good little to protect just what you know instead of chucking stone see through filthy water and other stuff that passes through the net in the book of. hebrews it's probably the only city in the west bank and gaza duckie by personal territory settlement that are. implanted at the heart of the city and we need there's a lot of that is the slow death of the posts in lation center for the benefit of the expansion of these sentiments and you can see this as a trend since two thousand since the beginning of the reason the father with the closures of all the entry points into the old city what we have two thousand is
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cause areas where no pulsing in vehicle movement is allowed another area where else and his are not allowed to go through and no presence of paulson is a sellout and they have closed shops. you can't test you can't go to your. home can't go faded to another village for another city you can't go to your university. so this was a supermarket this was a photography studio the shops used to be open and they're living here i know and then four hundred settlers came to live here and they shut the whole town down. but i. didn't hear really coming back to your fruit the first recently we know that.
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isaac and rebecca they couldn't live here and they couldn't care for him even i mean even buried here. bringing a jewish family in the place of the jewish roots. the basis of. any of my country in the world it would be defined as fascist if not worse. off i find that also people whose aim in life is to drive out hundred sixty thousand palestinians home to consider strangers. people who've come. circular forty or fifty years ago from europe
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consider the inhabitants of firewater who've been there for four or five thousand years as slaves. i believe it's important for a point to come and see what's going on here and not just have them fresh in from the news because the news is very slanted and when people come they shove it this is a place for people to walk around and visit and feel normal and it's not what. what they see on the news where they think it's just a military town i think you know a lot of soldiers come here in the beginning they think you know. and this in this is you know like an army base a member this is not an army base this is a place for people.
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i remember in the year two thousand two thousand and one and two thousand and two when three d. hold fifty thousand inhabitants of the all speak of heaven on where i'm going if you are one hundred these indians that lasted for two three years this is called palestinians believe if they all see the outside. there are far. i served in hebron to a different period of time saying i came first as a soldier in the end of two thousand and one till middle two thousand and two when i came back as a commander in march two thousand and three like december and the first two three weeks that we came to hebron they went down to the city we were all shocked you
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know your visit and you were sent to wields shops and the worst of thomaston and sales as you see sterilize streets where palestinians are forbidden to walk and only jews are allowed to walk here you have to force course you for all time and they houses and a daily basis they go on rocks in the streets and you find yourself in front of their feet is the probably in german you sound you know it sounds familiar greater than to us such as arabs or because tempers gaz they are observed south with the stars of david and here in the middle and there was a group. of micro platoon in the beginning. such refused to surrender your shirt and then believe what's going on you know you come to a place that you have two sets of law by definition that your orders are that you have to protect a certain if you see them attacking palestinians you're not allowed to arrest them of course there are many other people who are being sent there and come back from
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there the. it against the setlist cause acetyl of the. people in. the military is the kind of. person those security detachment whose job was to obey and serve to settle us but these are really all we have been infiltrated for many years now by the setlist and if everyone is. part of the settlement the settlement is closely connected.
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the security presence and proof is heavy unfortunately there are people who are trying to kill us and many of the terrorists that wonder around trying to blow themselves up anywhere from. haifa have have come out of control and the presence the military presence here is is to protect us but it's also to try to weed out these terrorists and so to it that they don't just healthy from blow themselves up. although legally they are there to protect everyone to impose the law on everyone that the actual soldier stationed there understands his job as protecting settlers and stopping palestinian terror.
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ok so we will start probably will be guided by. one. there to the left and all failed david is the spokesman for foreign press of the settlements and ever on and off it was documenting our work i just offered him to speak with you guys to give their point of view and they refuse because they say they don't cooperate with traitors during the war time today traitors like me so you will get only one perspective today and i'm sorry for that. i don't call him military you to show all who leads the group or say in any other normal country they would put him on trial for treason and hang him. but unfortunately his real hasn't reached that level yet of justice. people express their opinions some people are put in jail when they express their opinions because it's called incitement and whatever he does what he does that's considered to be legitimate
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however i don't relate to them too much importance if there are many jewish communities or not only jewish communities which understand the importance of her own to the jewish people the significance of the significance of jews living here and people are able to express thirty porton different ways people come to visit some people send letters some people wish to donate some of their money and i think that proves without any doubt that people understand the importance of the jewish community. when we came to her own in one nine hundred sixty seven we didn't occupy a foreign city we came back came back to the first jewish city in the land of israel like you look at the faces of those you know those jews who were killed thank god god has surely must also must be. a mirror to the dear claims starts we are a continuation to meet
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a jewish community we lived here was deported from your brain. and that's not the truth. of course there are some people who come from families who live there that agree with the system but there are lots of people who come from the jewish community who have run who are against you know fundamentally against the settlement of a fundamentally against the idea that six hundred fifty people can you know have all their rights in the back of one hundred fifty thousand people. usually in jerusalem days the weekends a lot of people come lot of sense or something i thought about other people visitors from jerusalem from outside and one of the you know biggest fears of the idea of his that's sort of her stay inside her will sit down near the one of the
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houses and i will just slot everyone i was afraid is the walk around the streets so how do you deal with it for sure weekends are now days you post corfield on the palestinians friday morning you divide all the palestinian neighbors around the settlement. you go to search all the else is finished roll around take arrested one of the house you like a family room you put observers on go to sleep at the three i was a wake up it's time for the second round and again that's another aspect of what it was and live here. when they come pick the house they asked me to connect all of the family with them in the kitchen all in one room they take off all of the cloth this the begs the beds all of that and many times they come to the house they say all of the family
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outside but it's so many things that i don't care. i remember one one night we stayed from one o'clock after midnight until four o'clock four o'clock and raining on one hour here and they said they won't change the house and they know nothing of how. i did sixty eight after the six day war and the great. military victory that god gave to us. is really go they really liked it wasn't sure but we had two theories we liberated sixty seven let you stay let us move it move here i can't tell you how much a loaded gun is read it's in your living get together they advertise in the joy newspapers per cent pay staff downtown cover pocket tell. and. tell them to size swimming pool and no great music entertainers color might but yet
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a one star hotel windows provide if you pay extra money very clearly strangest it appears of a service there in just hotel then he government decided to kick him out of there and you put them into the military government building his trojan or riteish police for press and then your mighty plight and their. government could not function anymore just something new to the government. or private settlement so the government let them take out of. it to a new settlement called chaos alba one thousand nine hundred seventy golda meir came along and said i got the solution and that solution is called. here and she built this beautiful beautiful suburb with low just look it is cheap our. olympic sized swimming pool really sold it to the tennis courts just became a big. dominated settlement the center of clashes and immensity.
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and then this part that's ok i'll go. back into what so slowly this is step of the step of the step of the step they occupied is thought of curve on where you know even in this part the settlers are the small minority that was there a majority of one. hundred and this was the basis st in hebron everybody came shiro the farmers people from the neighboring towns. who resign no new but he comes here and they have shot everything i want since the intifada to closed entrance. but the brothers we used to go in and out when the settlers could not see the bay for them to weld at the
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door shot so now we're getting from the back imam climbing over the neighbor's roof tops janice and over while summoning them and all this trouble to keep the settlers out of house and family around the settlers lines that's where they leave the church and also in all the other colonists around us stop in the. wrong stop look look there we're surrounded by settlers and soldiers will stop and read the boy was so plain i have no doubt that if today another two hundred thousand jews moved into some area. a lot of the arabs who were here and pick up and leave we have to throw them out i don't know them i don't know that today i my favorite i don't know looking for forced explosions very bloody but i have a feeling that if they see the masses of us as a people coming over to take their homes away from them just to settle in the land here
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a lot of them will just leave. any normal human being have a specific steps that was a by you know he'll be on this point i can i pick it up my truly can i take it in a war so i'm going to have have to leave basically these fight for both lives as i wrote it two weeks ago if i could both real estate and say the truth is the main core i am not a month ago also saying that this this you wouldn't release is a religious one it is a nation listing one and the main disputed both land look even at the transfer there was a real transfer for nobody talks about. something about fifteen twenty twenty
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five souls of people here to leave their homes it is just because crazy people oh nice. the neighborhood is the hit to leave. even the books of physics and should learn the secrets of. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic which. crossroads of two religion. faith in strong spirit is hard.
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