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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. was a report on. today's news in the week's top stories no withdrawal from wall street anti-bank protesters harden their resolve as the movement grows nationwide and becomes difficult for the government to ignore. the u.s. led war in afghanistan enters a decade to with the white house a dash in hopes of a total pullout saying the cia and special forces may be there to stay. russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution on syria calling for a political dialogue instead of tough sanctions on president assad's regime. a slew of fresh credit rating cuts hit europe as spain italy and several british banks take a huge hit from increasingly worried investors. noon
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in moscow i'm not good to have you with us here on r t what began as a citizen standoff against the big banks on wall street has grown into a nationwide rally in just a couple of weeks heavy handed police tactics against the protesters in manhattan catapulted into headlines and inspired others to join in other cities marina porton i reports campaigners are convinced this is just the start. of the collective voices of american dissent has manifested into a movement impossible to ignore occupy cross street began in the world's financial capital but this week protests have police dozens of cities nationwide. in the biggest. up to fifteen thousand americans flooded lower manhattan labor
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unions transport workers teachers nurses and u.s. veterans standing shoulder to shoulder with young activists spearheading a fight against us wealth inequality and corporate greed young people right now have no hope in our society and i just want to see a more just society for young people coming up in all of the american people right now are suffering through these hard economic times this seems pretty revolutionary to me and then the spirit of revolution is here and so i need to be a part of what you are and not agree to be arrested anymore the whole entire control of the police state disappears and when that happens there are hard credible possibilities that are open to us and certainly you can imagine a different world if you believe you can be an agent of change the occupy movement has such momentum even the president who promised change was forced to address the issue i think people are frustrated and. the protestors
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are giving voice to a more broad based frustration about how our financial system works but the american people understand that not everybody has been following the rules. that wall street is an example of that these days a lot of folks who are doing the right thing aren't rewarded and a lot folks who are doing the right thing are rewarded while the u.s. has encouraged and supported democratic uprisings in the arab world the same events playing out at home have been met with the taunts pepper spray and the arrests of nearly eight hundred peaceful protesters on the brooklyn bridge a scene that reminded some of egypt's secure sway you can volunteer believe our brothers and sisters all over the world be careful spring in greece and spain so we can see that it did send a powerful message ordinary people are not going to stand for corporate greed
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anymore and that we're giving up we're doing something about it three weeks into the anti wall street demonstrations the new york city police department has pumped two million dollars into overtime pay fines some critics say are being used to repress freedom two miles from the chaos of the united nations even financier and billionaire george soros weighed in on the populist uprising and i can understand this and. frankly. because the. decision not to inject capital into the. banks but to effectively relieve them of that bad that sense and then allow that to. give the banks. profits and allow them to pay. bonuses as they
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can i can sympathize with. this grievances spearheaded so loud and large that means free media outlets have been left with no other choice but to cover the protests in a matter of weeks occupy wall street not only mobilized. from expensive medical research this ongoing attack would become a point to the last were not good for american politicians didn't work for the majority of the people constantly corrupted demanding democracy from the very rigorous that. are enough were not our parts in new york. one former u.s. intelligence officer tells r.t. that washington should watch out because if it doesn't listen to the people who have had face a potentially violent revolution these are not stupid people they're very smart and they understand that at root this is about corruption and government and corruption on wall street and until you have electoral reform you cannot restore the integrity
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of the u.s. government so yes there is a common cause but it's a bottom up movement and so that common cause is being voiced in many different ways by saying the united states right now is much more desperate than ttyl realize we're at twenty two percent unemployment on our way to thirty percent we are at sixteen percent below the poverty line on our way to thirty percent there is no question in my mind that this is going to be a very dark winter in the united states and on less to government three stores its own integrity and starts paying attention of the public interest presidents of special interests i believe that we will have a form of revolution initially nonviolent but with the potential to become violent . stay with us here on our g up ahead no resting for greece will bankers demand more and more austerity from athens but outside parliament police turn on a public that's had enough of cuts and tax hikes that have driven many of them into
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the poorhouse. politically correct in history parents and teachers across france showed a new school books that were revised storable accounts so as not to insult minorities . and this is opposed syrian regime victim who is back from the dead after making global headlines recent questions of the accuracy and agenda in the west coverage of the conflict. but first america's war in afghanistan has reached into its second decade this week the worldwide chorus calling for the occupation to end growing louder but a white house official suggests that it may be far from over saying cia and special forces could stay indefinitely as part of the global war on terror as jason malard reports the evidence on the ground shows there is no rush to leave. if united states is drawing its troops from afghanistan why is its largest base getting bigger you asleep forces overread to tell about it late two thousand and one dog amir flips a little more than
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a flight telling to correct runway since then the former soviet base in the plains north of the afghan capital has grown into a small city but still do over twenty five thousand full time personnel fleets of military hardware in the fields to cause traffic jams and expansion is no way it is by scores of close reckless u.s. military engineers are constructing new housing and storage facilities to make room for even more building work at work after sending an extra thirty thousand troops to afghanistan last year president obama started bringing them home this summer but with afghan forces struggling to stand alone it's likely that less will even planned and bases like this one are going to shrink in time so. at least there are plenty of home comforts for soldiers staying on for tough and a long deployments you can shop for everything from flat screen t.v.'s to fine jewelry enjoy a cappuccino and grab some take up the new pizza hut for interns and if you're tired of working out in the gym you're free to go to the salon for
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a hair kind of side which will have some officials have tried to limit such amenities calling them a distraction from the war the troops are happy to have and these are extremely obvious choice leave these illegals in line and then advocate. the right. local afghan merchants are also glad to have the extra business both inside and outside the wire without argument a soldier's my business would be nothing we like having them here but not everyone agrees diddly taliban rocket attacks are on the rise and as the base becomes more and more crowded the threat to those living inside multiplies no matter how high it's most become everyone it's a close call when you this can just get this much equipment personnel it's all into one tight spot get close it's going to destroy something or someone easy as it may be to forget at times this is still a war zone jason muckler in order for a team. watching his announcement of a protracted stay in afghanistan came as the surprise to buy it brian becker of
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a pro peace and serco militia and he says there's no way the u.s. could abandon a region that so strategically important if the u.s. military were to leave afghanistan altogether or if it were to leave iraq altogether those governments would become independent self-determined governments free of foreign interference or foreign occupation that's what would happen they would form their own natural alliances with their neighbors the united states does not want that this is the great prize this is a geo strategically and resource rich part of the world united states is there for the long term and i think that's the real goal is that firmly afghanistan and the surrounding countries into an american spirit i think the karzai government really is an extension of american power which has a masquerade the fiction of a nato cover but really it's an american power cards i of course probably cannot survive without outside support after all the outsiders the occupiers put him into
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power i don't think he has any real legitimacy or credibility for his people for years the u.s. implored pakistan to offer more support for its war in afghanistan either from blocking taliban supply routes or hunting down al qaeda cells but it's only been token support so far with his lot of glad bad referring to stay on the sidelines and even assist taliban factions at times or his military analyst explores what's behind pakistan's to face policies. back in eighty's it was the most successful cia operation when they promoted islam ization back you stand and to the rule of generals the hog for the anti soviet jihad in afghanistan thirty years later the pentagon is fighting real big consequences of that success right here. and they will be doomed to run the vicious circle again and again until their wives house until finally realize they have to prevail they have to dismantle their own legacy
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in pakistan the nagging issue is whether islamabad is their friend or foe. actually it's neither that's why a new definition has been coined the frenemy it means that the countries policy has been torn apart in a contradiction between its past and current islam ization and the new challenges for the whole region. in london's trafalgar square big crowds and market decade in afghanistan with a defiant get out now message watch our reports from the heart of british capital as well as our expert opinion and analysis.
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europe's finances felt the chill of autumn this week with spain italy and several british banks all having their credit ratings chopped is the e.u.'s debt crisis whirls around greece remain stuck in the middle with the i.r.s. envoy to the country giving an ultimatum wrap up cuts or face total collapse. comes in the face of growing investor and market certainty that agree the fault is now inevitable something not healthy earlier this week is admitting it's failed to reduce its deficit. despite the relentless austerity drive that's what the nation's economy in tatters as arkansas reports the needs of the people are taking a back seat to the demands of the banks. and tighten the square once again bearing witness ok clashes between police here is great have these. the right you know and in fact i mean pensions really been writing as the police
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meet in to clear the crowds some shocking thing one point the police chasing protests is into the metro station many of those hit by they supposed to be keeping control of the message being sent by the government is one of three christian and fear. scenes like this a very serious questions about the level of fools being used. to pry it is it forty three year old journalists he's reporting from many conflicts it was in his country where he sustained his. neck i just remember thinking is this really happening you could use to shelter in an enclosure just. and one policeman who i think was the commander in the very. picture i told him i was a journalist but he gave an order and. these are some pictures i took you know the place he taken shelter the fight the sound the flash bang takes an. injury
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which. i won't call the snow and it was in the time my life's been like a small. an investigation was launched into the incident the progress has been slowly tells us that the countless cases both against heavy handed police tactics and you see you have any kind of results we witness for ourselves the lack of discrimination when the police lash out when journalists along with his camera to the ground the rise in the level of aggression seen by the least and the most extreme groups to protest this is causing serious concern with the government continuing to implement their stares he made his bid to see that they can use tensions like sets to keep escalating i think we are approaching fast breaking point in the use of the screen with a form of psychological you know the first reaction you can from some muscle. memory. from your. president express.
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offers of the. impact of the financial crisis is being played out play by play well sometimes in this where there are now fears that the financial crisis turned into an economic recession going into high gear is a look just to please people to their knees. investment advisor patrick young says the lack of direction at the top of the e.u. is a major factor in the spread of the debt pain that threatens to destroy the currency . the european union are trying to change fiscal control of greece because they think that's the only way they can actually control the crisis the european union is too slow in case there's too little leadership and there is a he headed in trying to jim's amongst the leaders of the european union asians in terms of understanding that they needed to move a lot faster on this crisis they still need to move much faster and ultimately
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china is running because greece is leading the contingent that is going to kill the euro rule by the end of the year if we don't cheat because we do but actually because the problem is we cannot leave citizens of the european union to starve to death because it suits the troika of international lenders. i dasn't british banks saw their credit ratings drop this week moody's decision comes after the government said it's unlikely to bail out giants like lloyds and r.b.s. if they get into trouble again days later fitch another of the big three ready rating firms gave the thumbs down to italy into spain scored down two notches british economist mark littlewood says it's a wake up call for spoiled banks what we've got to get away from in the united kingdom and actually right across the western world more generally is the saw idea that every single bank is culpable because they get into trouble the times prior will close all the banks and one of the key things that the u.k.
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government is struggling with is how do we allow it to go through the wall once a file without actually destroying the wider economy and i think that these. sort of actually reflect the fact we are beginning to move away from what was a hopeless and helpless situation which basically every bank you know you crashed in the time when the government would come to the right so it's a grim warning put in the sun by as you would wish to have an only statoil notice from your doctor about your state of health i think it is a welcome warning. you can get a grip on the world's financial fallout with our expert opinions and blogs at r.t. dot com if you click there right now you can see we're also tackling some monster myths is bigfoot what's did he join a group of russian yeti ologists who believe on earth they pave that may have sheltered supersize snowmen for years. bloom birds and big goal it's new york's mayor takes on the terror threat with a new awesome arsenal
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a gun that can bring down a plane all the details that are g dot com. syrian security forces have reportedly opened fire at thousands of mourners at the funeral of a kurdish opposition leader in the north east of the country killing five wounding several others since the uprisings against president assad started in march some twenty nine hundred people have died syria's defense minister stated terrorist groups are active they are targeting military officials scientists and intellectuals he also said those calling for foreign intervention in syria want to ruin the country and its principles and the media race to rout the regime forced many into a surprising u. turn this week as archy's i bet it explains. she was hailed as the flower of syria the symbol of the suffering under president bashar assad's brutal regime at least that's what much of the western media said after the apparent put tshering and zeinab al hosni we have you pictures of what was done to us and they are simply
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too gruesome to arab several western media outlets were quick to report al holes in these gruesome deaths apparently the first woman killed in government custody but now it appears she's miraculously back from the dead even being interviewed on syrian t.v. . i came to the police station to see the truth that's what i see to those lines channels i'm now still alive not dead human rights groups like amnesty international jumped on the bandwagon to reporting help bosnia was tortured murdered and mutilated it even claimed a mother found the body in a morgue last month all assertions is now being forced to backtrack on this we will inevitably be a more cautious and phrase things a little bit more nuanced the state broadcaster says the interviews to dispel what it labels found brick ations by foreign media to serve western interests in stories like this that have been used to prop up calls from the u.s.
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britain and france for un sanctions to be slapped on syria but their foundations are now looking shakier than ever this footage allegedly shows unarmed civilians being targeted by gun toting rebels so perhaps not the peaceful opposition there have been made out to be by the west that only seems to look one way. this notion that the u. has is now part of this pro-democracy receipt regime is ridiculous but they're jumping on that bandwagon is an opportunity to get out front of it and create this deceptive appearance while at the same time there's a dictatorships that are aligned with them in the united nations and it's part of their empire russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution for syria seeing through it as a potential cover for another libyan style intervention say may not be any oil this time but there's always an ulterior motive it's importance is as a geo political factor right next to israel a country which obviously america and britain and the other western powers strongly
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support so that would be the altar into a political motive to vetoes of followed by security council walkout from america over remarks during the syrian envoy speech but the u.s. promised to be back with another resolution and undoubtedly more dramatic evidence to drive the point home i've been it r.t. . russia believes there is a better way to solve a serious problem than problems that imposing yet more tough sanctions president medvedev says it's not up to the united nations or nato to decide any country's political course. our partners in the u.n. security council did not rule out a replay of the libyan scenario useful though they said more than once and i think clearly understood syria is very different to libya because you will continue resisting attempts to legitimize unilateral sanctions through the u.n. security council the danger overthrow political regimes the u.n. was not created for that post libyan revolutionary forces claim they've seized parts of the convention center that served as
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a key base for gadhafi loyalists in his hometown of sirte for more than two days now libya's interim rulers have been waging one of the biggest assaults yet on the most important remaining the stronghold revolutionary forces say they now control most of the town but still face fierce resistance from loyalist fighters thousands of people have left certain many remain behind meaning there's a high risk of civilian casualties but for peace campaigners the fact nato was protecting civilians by shelling survey shows the alliances approach and be selective the whole idea of the bombing was that it was meant to protect the civilians at banco thank god no one i thought he was anybody inside up to the idea that you have main killing civilians in another city or town. i'm not see exactly what's happening so you know it was very selective about what's pinions it's a pool it doesn't support those civilians who might oppose it but it's very simple now wants and of course we know you want this all. the palace she was lambasting
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try to get rid of gadhafi if they could play. the piano so they would if not. they don't care about. me so they will be killed terrible killings and so i'm sure and really this is a response on the side of the people around the. controversial wiki leaks founder julian assange tells our t.v. that it's a warning for everyone that the libyan intervention was solely about the u.s. and europe taking over the country. the lesson fully being is that there are only two superpowers in the world was speaking in my one those not the united states and europe needs to see. to get a right to take over the country the regional just of the nation in the bully boy no fly zone over libya has been completely of use it shows that there is no effective rule of. law and nations should be
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a lesson to us every time that a small mandate is given. military and intelligence. it is a slippery slope that leads to the takeover of countries less or understand. in france the power of political correctness seems to be teaching a serious lesson for school kids parents and teachers are angry at new textbooks carrying revised historical accounts to avoid insulting minority pupils as he's daniel bush reports some friends here their identity may soon be consigned to history as well. twenty pages on the history of black slavery and just six on the time of napoleon shown here sitting on the toilet france's new history school books are inbreeding parents and teachers and cool it's political correctness gone mad as a bestseller on the banned because of front walls of boylan's ahead. if we didn't
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teach our own minorities the history of their adopted country they don't feel french we are already seeing riots in our streets the crusades the called insulting to muslims the thunking louis the fourteenth to imperial and the. as the colonel gadhafi of his day focus is now on the previously little known king. or thirteenth century west africa. the purge even extends to grow to study it rumbled world including les miserables what was the pick to hugo france is already breaking up things professor casale because it's young people have no sense of identity parents are concerned we have to spend even the worth of our history because you can't understand what happened for politics now in france if you don't understand the history. they want to understand and divide properly legal action scene is the only way to stop the removal of national history. in schools now give ten percent
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of their share you'll to the medieval african. i studied it and what exactly is it contribution to world development. thousands of signed the petition of the french revolution lessons were replaced by the african kingdom of modern water polo which many say they've never heard of the ministry of education refused to be interviewed but gave us this statement. we're changing the school curriculum to reflect globalization moment of past being taught because it's important to have a view on the world cultures such as egypt china and india a new european parliament report backed compulsory school lessons on the benefits of the e.u. from quote a very young age critics want kids are learning less and less about their own country states which stop teaching their paws they say consigned themselves to history. then you push your arty paris. headline soon in just over fifteen
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minutes sports with andrew farmer including who's still number one in the formula one stay with us. from.
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the of the movies. to. feel. wealthy british style. sometimes it's right if you look at. the.
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