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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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welcome it's ten pm here in moscow my name is kevin owen and first tonight there are the religious tensions in egypt that intensified following the fall of mubarak of no grown into full scale riots of twenty people were killed and hundreds injured as clashes erupted between coptic christians and security forces in cairo what began as a peaceful rally calling for justice over attacks on christian churches by muslim extremists quickly turned into the most violent episode since february revolution military vehicles were clearly seen charging through crowds and plowing into people while army infantry fired rubber bullets and tear gas it's still unclear who sparked the fatal scenes but media and state owned media has blamed christian protesters well to discuss the events in egypt let's talk now to mark glenn he's a writer for the american free press newspaper joining us on the line tonight from our either our believe will find out the military way my very good evening chair do
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you think the violence flared up accidentally during the protests or do you think it was provoked. well it certainly would be easy to assume that it flared up accidentally but as we are. not in the situation anymore we can take these things at face value we have to ask certain questions not the least of which is which you just alluded to a moment ago which is are these things provoked are there any interested parties that stand to gain anything by by creating this this chaos remember that egypt has been in the period of great instability now for six months and there are interested parties in all would like to see stability you have made this clear not just in recent statements but literally in policy papers that in and have been since now for thirty years that it is the long term goal of israel and the united states to see these long hair country particularly egypt broken up into smaller countries
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prefer billy along sectarian lines in the case of egypt where you have ten percent of the g.t. million people population we're talking about eight million christians here. and there there are interested parties who would love nothing more than to see egypt broken up into different areas so that is it is easier to manage again this is an old military tactic divide and conquer and so we have to ask this question at this point they're interested parties involved in this and i do believe that the evidence supports this because egypt has been a hot bed of american british and israeli spying now for decades and the fact that mubarak may have been a pawn to western into israeli interests for thirty years doesn't mean that they are not willing to throw him under the bus and bring in a new regime that is going to in the end further american western and israeli interests so let me get this straight we have a few sound issues there on some of your own so you're saying that this is
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a continuation of what happened in february ali is pretty instigated from abroad. i i believe that the evidence will eventually bear this out with the present case involving a church that recently of course the riots taking place now we don't know exactly. what all christian church burned down and now we he's a riot in between and the egyptian security forces so what was it that what was the let match that fell on this very dry explosive situation that has caused it to erupt the way that a chance again we have to look at this strategically there are interested players in the area who will profit from this not the least of which is israel who has always maintained her position of superiority in the area by making sure that her neighbors remain weak unstable and divided how are these ongoing disturbances going to pan out with regard november's parliamentary elections and briefly think
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problems with the line tonight. well again instability is the bottom line the parliamentary elections i'm sure that this happening at this time is not an accident and the fact that we have the first quote unquote elections taking place since the fall of the mubarak government there are interested parties who would want to make sure that these elections go in a certain way so that egypt can be maneuvered a number egypt is a powerhouse state in the region it is the most powerful here the nation region and they want to make sure that egypt does not fall into the wrong hands and by that i would mean people who are decidedly anti israel anti western and maybe who have a fondness for forming an alliance with russia this is one of the long term goal of the west and mr want to make sure does not take is that russia to back and. sit back in the sixty's mark pretty sure and put the program mark on the writer for the
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american free press newspaper of a co-founder of the crescent and cross solidarity movement on the line just about any way from here. well shocking scenes last night we all saw the pictures what do you think about this story this is what we're asking the web sites not all why do you think violence erupted in egypt as it did last night you know what marks all about it just eight months of course after the uprising toppled the country's leaders this is what you but this is what been telling us tonight. about a forty percent. say the u.s. show will soon see a regime far worse than that of hosni mubarak but a fifth of you point to a sectarian rift is the main reason for the violence twenty one percent of the think egypt's enemies for overseas are in scale in the clashes that swung the lines of mark's thoughts on the rest of you sure the revolution in favor is simply just not over yet it's a continuation of it let us know what you think online tonight. to the trouble spot
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in africa now libya this time they're heavy fighting for moammar gadhafi is home of sirte shows no sign of abating however libya's revolution the forces claim that they are closer than ever to taking full control of the town but under siege now for almost a month they've made significant advances by capturing the university the main hospital in the convention center there that was the key base of the colonel's loyalist heavy fighting though still rages in some pockets of the city considered the most important stronghold of libya's ousted leader investigative journalists on the south told me the assault on sirte is hurting civilians not ensuring their liberation. i think what's happening and it's really quite shocking i mean if you remove yourself from saying i support one side or support the other side what we're seeing is a full scale assault on. you know a great densely populated area in which civilians are paying a very very heavy price now the reason why this is important is because the whole
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basis on which nato imposed a no fly zone at the beginning of the conflict was precisely to defend civilian military attacks and now we have if you like. allies of nato doing what their enemies were doing a few months ago and you have to begin to ask yourself where is nato now why is nato not saying these are civilians under attack by a military force we have to stop we have to stop this attack and i think what we're beginning to see is if you like is that on a reemergence of the double standards what's happening in libya now is going to be a war crime the attack on sirte is a war crime and i think it has to stop immediately has to be negotiation they have to be allowed to surrender but more importantly i think if they don't surrender then you put the city under siege allow the civilians to flee and they're not and they're not doing that and to actually continue in syria where opposition supporters are following the footsteps of a g. egyptian revolution reached to later in the program tonight we look at how russia is trying to help find a way to end that conflict the syrian opposition members gather here in moscow for
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talks. the big story tonight now with the ante wall street protests into their fourth week demonstrates his voice is really getting louder and spreading wider from coast to coast in dozens of cities people have been taking to the streets to demand an end to the fat cat culture and economic inequality important eyes in the heart of the movement new york city. this demonstration that this group occupy wall street has really mobilized a lot of momentum and as far as the protesters value to remain and stay that clearly was the case this past weekend there was bunch of protesters calling camped out outside of the new york stock exchange in lower manhattan and one man was arrested because he was sleeping in the walkway entering the new york stock exchange and that was the single arrest but there were so many people down there sleeping outside of it taking part in this demonstration that he only had room to
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sleep on the wall way before his arrest the demonstrators hung up a sign on the new york stock exchange building that said banks got bailed out we got sold out this weekend we also did see religious groups join this movement members of the christian jewish muslim clergy clergies in new york city joined demonstrators in lower manhattan to support them in this ongoing protest against corporate influence over u.s. politics families were also bringing their young children now in there to take part in this ongoing demonstration and there's a kickstarter called a big step that has to pay for an occupy wall street building in times square if just twenty thousand people logged on to their website in support of this billboard these demonstrations popping up all across the country in iowa for example thirty two people got arrested over the weekend for taking part in our wall street
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demonstration it's gotten so large that mainstream media in the united states has no choice but to cover it they cannot ignore it anymore and i think the tipping point was the arrest of nearly eight hundred peaceful protesters on the brooklyn bridge but even having said that though even the next day the new york times didn't give that story much room on the front page but now. mainstream publications such as the new york times and the mainstream media outlets in the us are turning their attention to this movement because you know alternative news stations are covering this story it's growing bigger and if the mainstream media doesn't cover it it's going to be seen as an absolute blackout and too many people at this point in the u.s. too many americans are involved for the mainstream media to simply ignore it any longer really put a correspondent in new york know us correspondents are of course following developments in the very heart of those events keeping you up to date on how those protests on fold. has been tweeting that hundreds of police officers
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patrolling the city streets after last night's rest of the center the big apple looks like a military follow the action on the twitter feed so was updating our team on the school. russia could soon come to the rescue of debt ridden e.u. economies the helping hand was extended by the presidential aide however the details of the plan will only be discussed after europe comes up with a clear crisis strategy. reports. well this news comes from the presidential economic aide who said there have been meetings recently focusing primarily on spain and those meetings raise the possibility of russia being able to buy some of spain's debt and so provide extra help for the use crisis he also said that other brics countries brazil russia india china and south africa could try and help economically with the use economic woes but there is a big but it relies on the e.u.
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coming up with a clear plan to trying to tame the debt crisis that is currently sweeping across the eurozone you all know about the problems in greece italy and spain credit ratings have recently been downgraded again raising fears of major debt problems there so russia says it's true it's too early at the moment talk about any concrete plans to stop buying up spanish debt we want to see unanimous first. coming up in the program with me kevin no internet i blame game blowing up america accuses pakistan of sheltering terrorists from fears that the u.s. may now lose a major ally in the so-called war on terror also thinks the same chances are very high to me to get over there in the cave in leicester ourselves at this point please discover some traces of things three sided let's go there we'll issue five and if we find out we set out on a quest to find the legendary yeti in the mysterious mountainous forests of siberia
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. russia says its veto of the latest u.n. resolution against syria was not designed to indulge president assad's regime the statement comes as a delegation from the syrian opposition visits moscow to discuss solutions to the country's ongoing violence r.t.c. go to skin off spring following that meeting. by members of the syrian opposition or in moscow they've met with russia's two african nations me and the main message being told to them at the moment is that even though moscow did block the draft resolution on syria it does not support president assad's regime much it's important to understand that russia's veto is not designed to give a free hand or carte blanche to president assad's regime if the syrian government has missed the message it's high time to understand it they should go ahead with genuine not formal reforms and to gauge and dialogue with all sides of the conflict not only those who are comfortable partners moscow has been furiously criticizing
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the violence in syria throughout the entire conflict and according to the u.n. it's already taken the lives of nearly three thousand people just earlier we've heard from president said that syria is in desperate need of democratic reform and even that if the current of toadies will not be able to put these reforms through they would have to go but peacefully and not a result of any foreign military forces getting involved similar to how the events unfolded in are still unfolding in libya so russia block to the western backed the u.n. resolution which did not exclude the chances are for military intervention currently russia and china are proposing their own resolution which condemns both sides for the violence of last week i thought he's here in moscow met with representatives of the syrian authorities but they are still here they say they are not ready to hold any negotiations with the oppositions just yet. pakistan's arrest of
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a dozen al qaeda linked suspects that follows increasing pressure from the u.s. which accused the country of sheltering terrorists i want to fishley the to see eye to eye on many issues some in washington are ready to support action against islam a bad as what he's going to teach you can reports. the drums of war beating loud and clear washington calls pakistan a safe haven for terrorists we can now hear the news coming across the border attacking the forces attacking afghanistan afghanistan east and disappearing back into a safe. economy network for one acts as a veritable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency pakistan is furious over the accusations calling them unsubstantiated and saying that washington came very close to losing a major ally in its war on terror if you talk about things i'm quite sure you know it says things of many terrorist organizations around the world which by which we
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mean intelligence things over the last ten years pakistan has repeatedly compromised its own sovereignty to help the americans in their operations the us while chasing down suspected terrorists as being bombing pakistan with drones on a regular basis the strikes have killed thousands of civilians use of going attacks is not against our sovereignty it is also counterproductive it's the people of the two want to been friends in the fight against terrorism after the latest threats from washington fearing an even tougher assault thousands of pakistanis angrily rallied to say enough is enough for these people the us is a hostile power it's china that they see is a friend in the americans in this one instance have hen and it over a major hearts and minds victory to the chinese in pakistan in spring china officially notified washington that any attack on pakistan will be seen as an act of aggression against beijing the pakistani prime minister praised his country's
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relations with china calling them quote higher than mountains deeper than oceans stronger than steel and sweeter than honey washington on the other hand seems to have mastered the art of alienating friends with pakistanis taking. america's accusations that they support terrorists as a way to shift the blame for the failure of u.s. policies on pakistan but the blame game may blow up into full scale aggression the experts believe that we need to elevate our response they will have a lot of bipartisan support on capitol hill u.s. lawmakers have already signaled that if there is the well for tough action against pakistan they'll support it and when washington says the words safe haven for terrorists that's what you expect tough action and if it does happen pakistan could be the new afghanistan but with china as a friend and nuclear bombs at hand sounds like a deadly combination for the united states i'm going to check our reporting from washington. and this very subject as well to. talk to the debate show focusing on
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what interests the u.s. is pursuing right now. there's no imperial ambusher there we're trying to get out we're trying to punish the people who attacked the united states we've done some most of that and there's a lot of argument for getting out very quickly certainly obama much of the right ministry of the republicans want to get out about going to very quickly how many terrorists do you have to kill before you finally say enough's enough i mean the government there have been no constraints on the number of people that have been able to be killed ten years of this no constraints drone attacks assassinations of bombings killing of wedding parties at some point isn't it time to say another snuff. forward issued across talk about an hour's time next tonight unfound unfounded arousing fear and curiosity in equal measure evidence of the existence of bigfoot
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remains elusive however the hunt for the yeti shows no sign of ending as it is rare for notion of took part in a siberian expedition to try the legend. the yeti also known as big food snowman whole sus court has been exciting scientists an enthusiast from all the world for more than a century but explorers have never had enough evidence to determine that this apparently gigantic creature is more than just a big legend these beautiful mountainous forests in russia siberia are among the few places on earth thought to be roamed by yet and this is where the scientists from around the globe have come for the largest expedition of its kind since the nineteenth fifties to set out what's never been done before to finally catch the creature. but first we go to get blessing from this lions indigenous inhabitants and the least their spiritual support.
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shaman and doesn't have any doubts i'm not shocking to tell you that but yes he does exist encouraged we continue our journey the path goes through impossible target thicket in the hunt for the evidence every minor detail becomes important ranch is twisted like this is believed to be a key clue to the yes's existence the scientists say it could not have been done by enemies as they don't have heads of fingers to do and humans cannot do it this way either as they are just not strong enough the deeper we go into the forest the more so cold markers would come across two of hearts in the middle of a virgin tiger forest are also high interest the participants of the expedition are saying it's not just wind falling trees the branches they say could have been put in this way deliberately by someone. and the other stroke of luck we'll meet
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a local who says he saw a tall man like harry creature nearby the explorer say chances are very high to meet the yeti over there in the cave in shelter or at least discover some traces of this crater so let's go there. and sure enough the clues emerge there is what seems to be. a told me feel like you suggested before the break certainly not a bad the scientists agree while remaining cautious of jumping to conclusions but this is beautiful surface for which we're tracking and there's only that one interesting line here and certainly you are right there. on the right. foot playing hopscotch should like to see a left foot. best the left one has never been discovered and celebrations put on hold these are the real thing or they're convenient props to make
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a very good story. and i wouldn't be quick to determine which of those two alternatives is the truth without further. the study that will take a while could provide cost iran proof of the yet is existence but there are plenty here who want to be held in their breath that. even if you bring them snowmen dead or alive the skeptics will say that's a pathology or mutation i think this could be explained by an impotence including financial impotence of the academic science. them bishes expedition seems to have those involved going in circles and so it seems that until concrete evidence is found the discovery of big food remains a big feat. reporting from siberia. it's behind you. monday night sport in twenty minutes i'm with less than twenty four hours to go and so russia kicks off their
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a vital european football qualifier against andorra coach to give a call to do you know react to your opponent's tactics more that shortly. philip is next crean has got the details. hello and welcome to business here in our take the ambition to turn last go into a global financial center will remain regardless of who wins the upcoming elections president museveni it says the concourse of modernisation is alterable simply call has more. president medvedev says step by step first the goal of becoming an international financial center in the latest rating by a respected international research group russia's capital had moved seven places from the previous year but it is still hanging in the middle of the lead the president stresses more will be caught red tape and to increase the liquidity of
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the markets a process that will continue regardless of who is in the kremlin. but it will be russia is entering the pre-election period this relates to parliamentary elections and presidential elections next year however i would like to highlight that the creation of the financial center is a long term priority no one can change this. russia's two main stock exchange of the arts. in the process of merging the new exchange will be the world's non-flying just once unification is complete the management believes it could move up to third place within four years if all the synergies pay off and not a significant addition to the creation of a unified security deposit or a system to make trading more transparent and squeak and just to remind you of the main person in charge of turning moscow into an international financial center russia's x. finance minister. who despite falling outs with president medvedev over budget
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spending is still in step when it comes to promoting moscow. let's have a look at the markets now all as high as investors bet that fuel demand may increase. by european leaders to contain the region's sovereign debt crisis like sweet is trading at eighty five dollars fifty two cents this while brant is at one hundred dollars for its. u.s. stocks rally almost three percent on monday that's after france and germany pledged to do everything to support europe's banks this is to try. to talk to has a wall street show. as of both citi group and hartford and i still services group rose more than six percent and bank of america and j.p. morgan chase our also up five and four percent respectively stocks in europe are also high and the for the puts again one point eight percent while the dax finished over three percent and the black banks among the gain is on hopes of progress over europe's toppled sector and here's moscow where markets closed in the black with
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the r.c.s. ending nearly four percent and the miser's closing two percent let's have a look at some individual families some isaac's gains over three percent last telecom was also high as the company's close to buying moscow internet provider of . thirty seven million dollars and truck maker come august rose over two and a half percent supported by strong first half results it's now called the close to two point seven million dollars against a twelve million net loss last year for all national capital wraps up today. russia's markets were a little bit stronger they continued the strength that we saw at the end of last week i would say it's a little bit too early to say there's an energy as i'm in the market but i think there is at least not quite the pessimism that we've seen in recent in recent months. you know today was some confirmation that a little bit of confidence perhaps is returning. and russia
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russia has seen car sales rise forty five percent in the first eight months of the year with two million vehicles sold russian made love it was the best seller although sales growth was slower than it's been competitors several laying him die models were second or third most popular respect. that's all for now but don't forget you can always log on to our website www dot com business and find most always.
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the influence of the feel cool new the latest in science and technology from the slush. we've dumped the future coverage. of the. league. has. to. say.
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it's a post ten pm here in moscow the top stories international the deadliest riots since the egyptian revolution flare up in cairo as religious tensions that lead to dozens of that same question from the country's christians and security forces the violence erupted at a peaceful rally against the attacks on christian churches by muslim extremists. and small street protests is a turning up the volume as the campaign continues to spread despite multiple arrests and claims of a heavy. anderson from the police to people across the u.s. to demand the end of what they call the government protection of corporate. russia says along with other brics countries that it's ready to help the debt ridden e.u. find a way out of the financial turmoil is growing poverty in european countries spirals out of control because of cuts in social spending. as a you.


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