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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the shame of charging for the leader of the taliban is to be friendly again understand us relations face of reaching us it's time to start a new staging expects by maintaining times to meet. their voices are loud and numbers are growing but is anyone listening to their demands will show you a day in the life of occupy wall street protesters and explore what exactly this movement stands for and what's next. and while the movement may be falling on deaf ears it's getting more help this week first labor unions now distressed homeowners will take to the city of the angels where residents facing foreclosure are fighting back against the system. ha. ha ha
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ha ha. and while the mainstream media is accusing protesters of not having their act together seems like they do forming a united front against fox news so as their role though is at least out there in the victim things being hated on by the way where is anderson cooper. it's monday october tenth five pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our team. occupy wall street protests have been going strong as it enters its fourth week now hundreds remain camped out on wall street in a spin off protest here in washington and cities across the country and many ways it's a fascinating story people are actually rising up voicing their frustration and anger at is this. they say allows corruption and greed to flourish and benefit
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a privileged few while the masses suffer r.t. has been following this story from day one much of the mainstream media on the other hand has either under represented or misrepresented the story like this c.n.n. commentator despite what you heard is what i saw to the point of dancing hippies protesting there are all kinds of people there babies teachers cheerleaders uncle sam and. that seriously it's a mixed bag but they were happy to take some time from their books job bongos sports drinks. catered lunch yeah there was catered lunch designer yoga clothing absolute logo computers lots of mac books and phones to help us get to the bottom of it. but seriously r.c. has shown you firsthand that many of the people camp down down the street don't get
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down the street here don't appear to be crazy yes protest the track your so-called hippies and extremists some of whom may appear to be overdue for a shower but i've personally and their view to distrust mother sick and tired of her son being deployed to fight in afghanistan time and time again i've spoken to another person whose home was foreclosed and struggling to make ends meet and i've spoken to young college graduates shackled by college debt and graduating into a bleak job market many of these people feel powerless and are struggling to get their voices heard any way they can and protesting they say is their only hope of being heard the question now is what's next beyond staying camp down on the street what needs to happen to see some real policy changes and see some real results now this this movement still has no clear leader but it may not be fair to say that
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these people are not organized or the correspondent on the start because you're in a takes a lot out the day in the life of the occupation. were not nice to the face. or dragged around during police arrests. a peaceful tone prevails at the occupy wall street protests. hundreds of people have been out here for over three weeks all day and all night and while some are trying to present the movement as just crowd sitting around we take a look at it day life because if i was a street protester sleep here scores with a camp of boys around the clock it's really only the dead of night maybe where. i don't you know me three hours from i don't know maybe you know three to five years but never work really well down so crowds are growing i just took the train down
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from buffalo new york to come down just for the daily schedule keeps the occupation in order of prefaces money and we have early like a general summit meeting or working group meeting so that working groups will address you know the things that they might need for that volunteers of these groups are busy all day long the media center live streams video of developments from the ground other spread information and petitions on paper we don't want any of our tax cuts for millionaires the economy is not in any position right now to give a millionaire the tax cut when everyone if we can't pay teachers can pay for people's health care. basically people don't have jobs was through an occupy wall street journal published by the people who are the people it's spread around we have media blackouts no one knew about it i mean you cops are the common people and they be like i don't know is even happening a big screen with messages sent by occupiers with what's growing global support
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what we have here is now over two hundred fifty thousand people have signed a pledge of support for the occupiers saying we're with you we stand with you we are united. by a real democracy against corruption and fraud government that truly accountable to the people and not to a corrupt. the kitchen is abuzz preparing meals for occupiers. whose working in sanitation are busy keeping the camp clean they say that's the shit i choose to give me the comfort and medication area volunteers give out one clothes and emergency assistance we make they're surrounding. areas. use it but they're living. it or get them in fee in a crowd you know it's dark at night and. i couldn't imagine.
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wondering about what's going on and body of the scrubbers really needs brushed aside self education occupies many here and spend a lot more time reading verses like television our. video games or whatever when they're not marching the streets of the financial district they demonstrate i think camp. those with a creative streak change and draw sketches to document the revolution to relock some played chess or teach yoga and meditation classes the general assembly meetings pull everyone together. help during the day and then at night. the big decisions are made here through direct democracy as protesting continues from one cause to change a corrupt economic and financial system and ninety nine percent of the country. are . have don't have control of the wealth that they should it's not evenly distributed one percent of the country owes forty two percent of the well the day
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if a protester is packed the mind occupied with revolution these people want to bring real change to america through pro trast. well we we see less. of this you jerk in a party. and for more on this i thought of the author and activist david swanson i asked him what's next here's his take well we're not going anywhere we're staying in and we got here to washington on october sixth and congress left town and they get back on tuesday and so tuesday morning is when we really begin to bring our grievances to our government on capitol hill i mean we have lots of other targets in this town buildings that we have been and will continue to be shutting down but our government hasn't even been here and most of the bureaucrats and the lobbyists and the profiteers have been gone for the weekend and columbus day so we're just getting ready to get started and we have no intention of going anywhere anytime
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soon ok and as they become the filter back into washington how do you think that's going to back to the movement but do you think that a little listen to you more or i mean well but how are you expecting that that change i'm not expecting them to shut down all foreign bases and end all wars and redirect money to human needs by next week this is going to be a long process of shifting our culture of educating each author of coming to realize our strength in numbers but we're beginning to see it we're beginning to see conversations i mean peace and justice activists like me outside of a party or a campaign getting invited on network television and cable television this is new and different the conversation about what the one percent of us is doing to the rest of us senator sanders getting been burning heat to admit that the street ruined our economy california pulling out of the mortgage fraud settlement where we're starting to see little ripples but it's going to be a link process but i'm more encouraged and i've been in ten years ok so i mean do
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you think that this movement has reached its peak or is there do you have a fear that this may fizzle out and you know the next big story going to come along i. i doubt it very much but i don't think we're completely dependent on the us corporate media and when we marched through the streets of this city and i've heard stories from other cities people joining in the march we shout we're the ninety nine percent and so are you and they cheer and they join in and we applaud them people honk their horns not you know anger at the traffic jam but in solidarity cabbies show up at freedom plaza and so are you one of the protestors no charge stores are donating things we're beginning to realize that it's not our personal problems in our household but that everybody shares these problems and you know weeks later this is a criticism in the media that there is no leader there's so we still haven't seen this leader emerge and you think that you know with this protest is able to stay
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strong without this kind of charismatic leader emerging and inspiring people to persis and to advance their interests when c.n.n. demands our leader i'm reminded of the u.s. army demanding a chief from american indians who didn't have don't read we don't need that we don't need that imposed on us we're working to avoid having a leader people who saw a politician like barack obama as a leader are very disillusioned right now and that's good they've got that right we don't need a leader we need an agenda and we have that tax the rich and the wars that empower the majority rather than the corporate that leads you know it's quite simple it's you know if anyone other than perhaps a c.n.n. producer can grasp it. you know it's obvious what the message as and. what these people are upset about but in terms of demands can you can you narrow it down to three things that have to quantify it or to make it
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so you know we could steer there's a basis for a change in policy to see some real change if you if you go to that and by the way we have thousands of charismatic leaders. but if you go to the top of october two thousand and eleven dot org you'll see seven short bullet points including ending the wars cutting the military spending taxing the rich getting clean elections taking the money out it said or you read all of that it's a thousand times shorter than the instruction manual for a d.v.d. player or a television it's completely within the cognitive ability of americans you know if thomas jefferson had to fit the declaration of independence on a bumper sticker it would have made it better it would need it's stupid you know and the fact that the soundbites of shrunk over the years doesn't mean that our demands of shock right i mean you can put it into words majority rule but there are a lot of things that the majority wants that aren't happening in washington and you know we saw these protests anti-war protests as some similar messages in the
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sixty's there in the civil rights movement and and some of them turned violent which now you know we never want to encourage violence but do you think that there needs to be something else like some kind of another push something else to really . help to help this movement take off and we need to use the very strongest tool we have because this is a crisis and that too is nonviolence nonviolence is much more powerful than violence the two guys who tried to mess up to our our march to the air and space museum the other day using violence displayed its weakness while it succeeds around the world less than half as frequently as nonviolence nonviolence is just much much more powerful it brings more people into our movement it frightens the elites much more severely and it is much more likely to achieve success we just need much more of it. much more and our youth affecting. you know with movements that.
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the tea party movement for example you saw thousands and thousands of people show up i mean how can you get more people because you're saying that you're you know the ninety nine percent how do you get the crowds to reflect that number where we're seeing even more people think put even more pressure on on government leaders on some of us have been trying to get this started for many years without this much success like we have more people now with more young people more people from different backgrounds now and much more public awareness of solidarity with the movement now that we've seen in the past ten years that has to grow dramatically but this is an incredibly good start that i think needs to be continued in the real it's the same direction it's going to david thank you so much for keeping us. informed on the legacy on the protest that was author and activist david swanson
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and the media are as brushed off the demonstration some have mocked the protests and some are now being forced to listen up and cover it what role does the media play in the perception of this movement earlier i posed that question to chris chambers a journalism professor at georgetown university. i would critique the coverage of this story by the networks and the cable giants i would probably give a c. minus. with thoughts on the low end and ironically networks like m.s.n. you see pretty much in the c. plus range very likely because they are you know retreating to stereotypes of people you know either of the square or wherever has hippies or drumbeating you know savages and they are not i mean this this is not an organized movement as say with the tea party where you had conservative business people conservative
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politicians and pac roups basically orchestrating what the grassroots was doing this is true grassroots so maybe there is a bias on that level there's also a bias in the level that you know wall street funds the corporations that own these media outlets since the one nine hundred eighty s. so i would say a c. minus and i'm happy you think that being a coverage of a bad thing by any. affecting public perception. of the public perception of this movement is very very weird you have. the kind of one nine hundred sixty s. kind of mean going on where you know people are trying to either channel the sixty's in a positive way or refer to it in a negative way i mean for example you have say an anonymous n.b.c. particularly and maddow show a rachel maddow show and say
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a nation magazine which is on the left trying to channel this this left this grassroots sort of approach on the right with fox it's basically look down upon me almost snuggly. not even condescendingly i mean almost like a with the state and it also fits into their kind of the sixty's where bad me where you have you know radicals and brawl burners and you know angry black panthers that kind of thing i mean they're they're actually trying to dredge that up but you see that in the coverage on thoughts you see the trama it's by people like representative gruen republican from illinois or peter king. republican from new york basically dredging up those old sixty stereotypes now speaking of fox i want to. crack. we are thinking on fox ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha now there is geraldo rivera kind of chalking on this type of cancer there and i want to contrast that. with a clip here from a fan am to really clean up and rebuild port au prince it's going to require more than your shovels and brooms and workrooms here's what i know i can tell you at this hour last night basically this exact time there was a large pro mubarak demonstration and the death toll continues to rise the poll numbers like this point we are still very early days hear. hear. now anderson cooper are going to fly for all corners that our old friend earlier that. wherever there and wherever there is a disaster about why can't he have base parenting our why can't he walk down the street and talk of folks and self that's pretty close by you can pretty.
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well you know that people might think at first blush that those two clips are totally unrelated they are on the one hand you have fox sending their you know the one guy who they think can infiltrate that group or all go because geraldo was is a lightning rod for that kind of of the square to go down there and broadcast live but you know again he goes down there with him and with their agenda as well i mean he goes down there and shows the drumbeating it cetera et cetera but does not talk to the young people in a matter of fact talks to tell the smiley cornell west who serve a dual purpose they can show the kind of reversion or you know that it has some movement of of scary black people as well as hippies on the one hand but it also fulfills the role of showing them as they are these are two men who have been very much in opposition to barack obama so it's
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a very well planned well produced sort of situation and you know the protesters kind of play into that when they do the fox news lies chant and that scares fox's demographic on the other hand you have c.n.n. which is owned by time warner which you know is beholden to a lot of investment banks and funds and wall street basically nori in this until the last minute yes anderson cooper could go down and look at that he could he was in to here's where he was in haiti this is our version of the here square but again they're their target demographics main street that watches. anderson cooper they're not that personally invested in this yet but they will be because. more and more people you see unions and just regular people backing this and you see it all over the country so i think you're going to see c.n.n. spoke of ridge get a little bit more foxes probably will remain the same and lastly. you know we found one congressman peter king he says that he's got on the record saying that it's
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important for people and the media cannot lie get in my story out of being harassed to bring attention to. what their reaction for that oh he's he's he's reading from the toughie it's basically that you see you know across the g.o.p. now from room to eric cantor to peter king who should know better because that you know he's from new york and i'm sure he even knows some kids of some of these older people who are working people who've gone out there to support them who are in unions or not i mean this is really from the same playbook from the sixty's don't let's atomize the protests because it'll get larger and these people don't represent america well what they're saying is we do represent america we're just brave enough to go down there because we're young and that's what young people do and i think there are a lot of older people that really side with them on this and again i think this is
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just from the republican talking points if you will to try to deal with it in my eyes this this movement because it isn't a formal movement i mean not like the tea party they'll when you look at their comments about the tea party than oh it's a little you know then it's they're supportive but that is you know the record file we're grassroots but they were being financed manipulated if cetera et cetera by rather organized sources so it's you know i don't i don't fault peter king for saying what he says in that it fits into what their strategy is i'm just saying he should know better. now chris chambers journalism professor at georgetown university well the mainstream media continually misrepresents the occupy wall street protesters we want to show you the heart and soul of the protest laurie harkness of the resident dot net headed to the protest to shed some light on exactly what's going on in new york financial district.
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i'm here at occupy wall street this week let's talk about that i think what we're really focusing is you know the failure of the system to respond to you know a kind of higher calling for you know our country you know we can't be subjected to . you know one percent of the one percent it was the real bad guys you know who make over five million family dollars a year working that well i do feel that the country is in a very serious serious situation or to just the united states or is it a global issue it's a global issue but the united states says at the center of the of all of the poster board this is right now that we're going to pieces that you spend your money on to be the space we have people for life other cultures got a disorder giles' get one of the he's a value is all of it doesn't do it but it's also forced the thought of or i mean thirty five percent of our wealth are down by one percent of the population if
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you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to be that wealthy if only fair you think they're going to happen through movements like this you know who knows but at least we're out here trying during the sixty's there were riots in newark and l.a. because of poverty inequality racism etc spy made people rioted burn their old cities down as soon as that happened within a year there were all kinds of government programs to help people out because they got people really afraid i was going to spread all over the country we're trying to make sure that doesn't happen. by having a peaceful revolution some justice and some some enforcement of the regulations we already have on the books that would be a start you think that's going to happen. i have to believe so. i believe so how is this going to achieve that. this is just like the genesis of a bigger movements it's been going on for a couple weeks and every day gets larger and larger so i think eventually it'll
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bring results though i think i think there's a large amount of discontent with the going on in the country and i think that this is it makes you know people can identify me like oh other people are feeling this way as well so i mean and this is of a rallying point i think that this is this is going to draw attention to draw people and whether or not you agree with their methods the bottom line is the people are getting the word out. and from new york to los angeles homeowners are facing foreclosure allow they express their share the grievances of the occupy wall street movement are these were among the lando shows us how those affected by the financial collapse are fighting back against. oh protesters took over a bank of america branch in los angeles and were willing to get arrested in order
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to send a clear message to wall street he was to shake up the banks. and we. want to have dozen people have taken to the streets of los angeles now this movement of people from occupy los angeles in solidarity with high wall street and we have here people who have just been foreclosed on plenty of police here in force in order to keep this crowd in check the anti-corporate mobilizations which started in new york are spreading and now some of the most of back to by the nation's economic crisis our children in rosebud del received an eviction notice after falling behind on her mortgage payments. and was. also headed tethers a family which falls further financial hardship she claims are bankrupt you said
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you know with her when she tried to renegotiate the mortgage to dell was arrested during a peaceful sit in earlier in the week but she believes that this type of political action will bring results and they've been really coming out of what i might just take you and ask that you know i think it's just that your statement this way from struggling homeowners to the unemployed people of all walks of life are becoming in poll done by the recent street demonstrations we have to go. through to. get it passed we ate it up here sent me and used to work at an auto parts plant he's part of the four point five million people who have been unemployed for more than a year now this. bother to you is struggling to hold on to his hold while if he created this mess. hall or call it what diverse groups that made up the mobilization in
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cities across america in recent weeks as more people become inspired to vent their frustration with our financial and political institutions. there is still uncertainty about whether these protests will cause directing or whether other self interested to try to capitalize on the popularity but it appears that the financial state of the nation has helped motivate americans to take democracy to the streets. oh ok i wasn't going to stop there. in los angeles ramon berlin though artsy. and from los angeles to chicago to new york as we've proven our t. is keeping up to the minute with what's going on in the occupy wall street movement and i want to let you know our intrepid producer lucy cap and i was in the midst of
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all the action in new york with the latest hot as news from occupy wall street and take a look here please e. has tweeted this picture of r.t. correspondent marina part one of the it with the one and only and mortal technique marina sat down with the political have pop artists and we'll bring you some of the interview all new later today on our team. again if you'd like to keep up with the latest happening at alkali wall street you can follow lucy listen cavanagh. and before we go i want to take a second to welcome and congratulate the city of philadelphia the city of brotherly brotherly love of the newest city to get our channel we are able to reach over two million additional viewers and we are very excited about this latest expansion so congrats again well that does it for now for more on the stories we covered going.


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