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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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into only a military mechanisms if you don't work out to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you saw you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think iraq may be the one to well. we're never government says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you give them their freedom. for. thirty five.
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all right it's time for you said it and i read it takes time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments on facebook twitter and you tube because when you've got something to say i listen now first i'd like to respond to a viewer who watched our compilation of clips from fox news where they continuously argued against protecting corporate whistleblowers as was written into the doj frank financial reform bill so beer and banjos that are used to this just in g.o.p. fox bad for america seriously folks how could anyone be against someone coming forward to report a crime it's the most insane thing i've heard today all i have to say is they give you beer and banjo that's what i've been saying honestly this is republican hypocrisy at its finest the right wing will constantly go on about how concerned
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they are about this country the direction that it's heading and this is the crowd that cheers on punishing criminals heavily locking them up and throwing away the key crowd that cheers on our wars is our duty to bring justice and democracy to the world when it comes to actually trying to regain a sense of that justice here at home protect whistleblowers who can point broad obese and waste they say that it's bad for business personally that makes me sick now let's move on to our next comment this viewer watched my interview with anika sperry last week we discussed the occupy wall street movement and the fears that some of expressed about it being co-opted by the professional left like van jones and his take back the american dream conference i mean green three thousand said on you tube by the way alone of van jones had his rebuild the dream conference scheduled long before occupy wall street happened just to keep you honest and i appreciate you keeping up with the facts and yes perhaps i didn't state it in the interview clearly enough van jones had planned this conference long before occupy wall street became a movement the same way the october two thousand and eleven movement was planned here in washington months ago or seeing now is people like. van jones using the
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momentum of occupy wall street to bring more attention to their own events to their own causes and some see that as a great step forward others of course are concerned about the movement being hijacked by the same powers that they're meant to be protesting i think only times going to tell but we'll be sure to keep following it and finally our last comment comes from a viewer who really liked our show last thursday we went down to freedom plaza and conducted interviews on the ground black bird isms said on you tube i hope we get to streets alone to do a live broadcast from freedom plaza unfortunately we don't have resources the moment to take our show down to freedom plaza and do it live but we're very happy like a change of scenery and thank you for watching i love going out there myself so we're going to try to find more opportunities to hit the streets as you say that's it for my ranting today have to have more for you later in the week. and now in u.s. attorney general eric holder said the government is actively pursuing a criminal investigation of wiki leaks he meant it a grand jury in alexandria virginia has already heard from a few people involved in or tied to wiki leaks such as bradley manning supporter an
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outspoken critic of the wiki leaks investigation to the house. i think every american citizen who hears about this we can get straight through you know is it really should be concerned because i for one do want to wake up every morning and read only help where you see what sort of it is i want to media in this country that is a free press is healthy for the state and this new green tree behind me is chilling the prospect every day it's going to be. well now the government is looking into another well known hacker and human rights activist jacob apple gaunt twenty year old bomb was also wiki leaks volunteer and we've mentioned before on the show when the feds tried to get twitter to hand over his personal information well now the d.o.j. is utilized a secret court order called the twenty seven zero three d. order to obtain information about this man from google and i asked the sonic net so both companies were ordered to hand over information for e-mail account and provide details of who is corresponded with over the past two years and we should note that sonic bought the twenty seven zero three d.
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order because this isn't like your traditional search warrant the government can issue these kinds of orders without a warrant thanks to a law that dates back to one thousand nine hundred six electronic communications privacy act now law enforcement is used by order and passed information requests and court orders like that twitter situation because they only need to show reasonable grounds that that information would be beneficial to an investigation so this legislation has been contentious for years especially as a lot of people question whether or not it violates a person's fourth amendment rights and the past some courts of rules of this type of order is being unconstitutional especially when it comes to reading or investigating someone's e-mail part of the d.o.j. used in any ways in hopes of learning who has communicated with and if there are any more wiki leaks volunteers that the government feels they need to know about so due to the suspect nature of these types of secret orders a lot of tech companies out there are questioning if the inquiries being used for digital data more and more google microsoft and eight year teaming up to ask congress to revise their electronic communications privacy act to require search
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warrants for digital media investigations but in the meantime d.o.j. is a worker. google and sonic dot net to get as much information on obama as possible and we should also know that has not been charged with a crime so surprise surprise the witch hunt against wiki leaks just as strong as ever but have taken a back seat in recent months but revelations like these just go to show the government is in fact continuing continuing its vigorous search for anything they can sink their teeth into that might hold up in court. and that's julie we first reported she with that pre-crime minority report style might soon become a reality where the feds can find a criminal before they strike. for our bar. or. to serve more students or secure.
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our guy was obviously the tom cruise version but the real life program is being developed it's called future attribute screening technology or facts so in june we found out the department of homeland security has been conducting tests for several months at an undisclosed location in the northeast united states now we might have a little bit more information as to how it works and who they plan to use it on internal d.h. as document has been obtained under open government laws by the electronic privacy information center and seen it has been able to take a look so let's find out what's in it joining me to discuss this is declan mccullagh chief political correspondent and i thank you so much for joining us tonight and so if you can give us some details here as to what more we learned about fast it was specifically in this memo. right what happened is the electronic privacy information center obtained this document from the right in open government and it's dated last year and so it's not current but it's still more information than we had before and it says as that path is being tested on members of the
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public it also says the past the selecting personally identifiable information and these are two data points we didn't have before especially the first one i mean what the numbers of the public under what circumstances is being tested on those that are already being told what's going on that they have a choice to opt out and we gave the department of homeland security a few days to respond and they didn't but after article appeared i think they got enough pressure perhaps or that they did come up with a statement is only being tested on volunteers the question is who's volunteering that we have them call us they haven't responded and so i think it's fair to say that this document that i picked up saying them before you really raises more questions than answers now so before we reported to you know that according to there was an interview nature dot com that something was being carried out in the northeast united states do we think that that's the same thing or is that separate . that's probably the same thing it looks like this is going through
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a few phases of testing they specify i think we're round memory serves in this and other documents that have been pried loose from the department of homeland security and so the test as you can probably imagine gets larger more people are involved. in the kitchen it might be at a convention center in boston i've also heard from a separate sources might be in on stay guess there's a lot one reason why and this is your question goes to it one reason why this is controversial just because we don't know what's going on it would be one thing if they're very straight forward and treating this like a sort of sign experiment by publishing the criteria of years thirty years how well it works and d.s.s. is treating this like a national security state secret and so they're being very tight lipped about it so all we can do is speculate everything from national security secrets these days it's just so easy for them to say that hot well so tell us again how exactly it
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works how is this technology going to monitor whether or not i might commit a crime right now and start with your heartbeat right how far how many times are blinking what else. well the version of minority report that a dick wrote. based on the site. isn't some sort of mission idea chances are action is much more general an algorithm. and so it looks at things like movements it will somebody movements boyce pitch changes changes in the pattern of talking even talking really fast and maybe i slow down look at things like i move in a body pretty much anything that you can measure a human body doing it using to try to figure out whether you're going to commit a crime or not and so there's some in some of these foyer documents that they signed up people to participate in that spirit without saying what it is just
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putting people up for a contractor and then saying well how who you're going to be trying to smuggle the cameras into the stadium and after loans and then there's the goal of the system is to try to figure out which which happens which but these are just hints of what they're doing we just don't know. yet there's got to be something better out there i mean you know i don't know about you but i find it a little bit disturbing because there's also been talk from the army homeland security that they might use something like this an airport and i mean what are the chances that you're probably your heart rate is going to go up if you're stressing out because you think you're going to miss your flight if you're going through security and you're taking everything out of your pockets and then getting self out by the t.s.a. . you know if you can't they find something else. you're right that a lot of the literature we're seeing publicly talked about using it or the airports which have their own problems because of it if it's your heart rate goes up and you're ready stressed out about going through airport screening that all the sudden they know everyone is guilty of
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a crime because everyone's heart rate goes up there's a but there's also a v.h.s. document also obtained through the freedom of information that the talks about when we find the quote. using fast to quote security checkpoints such as border crossings or at large how to prevent the sporting events or conventions now that's just that's not what t.s.a. does t.s.a. is transportation security agency word ministration and so conventions large warning event that we now going to be confident that we can be banked maybe it could be your employer and so this is the i think probably they're saying will use that airport but privately these documents suggest that they're being very impatient in terms of their future plans for this project only sounds catchy he asked me and i'm sure they if they had it right now for protest they would be using the same thing tailback but if you guys do get your hands on any more information you let us now thanks so much for joining us tonight. so i. so looking to save
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money a georgia county considers giving inmates firefighters and why not my full time thank heaven happy hour t.v. ads saying that mormons are just like you and they are returning the airwaves but the rick perry attack ad that's put back in just a month. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think the rock the beautiful and well. we never got the that says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you're going to lose your freedom.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you've lived something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you saw you don't. charge bloggers a big picture. see . if you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old like this you know lived through. it incessantly i am a total get of french that i love traveling hip hop is second and. it was kind of yesterday. i'm very. old with all
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just curious. and this time for tonight's tool time of war and tonight it goes to lawmakers and town and county georgia the like most local governments across the u.s. right now they're facing a budget shortfall so leaders in the county are trying to figure out how they can save some money get cheap labor and all boy do they have an idea using inmates as firefighters. they're enclosed with firefighters executive ullevi why one job is your biggest fire seasons with. if they're thinking about enlisting a person earth to help with their fire department county commissioners they had it
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right now they don't have enough firefighters to beat the community but they don't have enough money to hire a new one so they're considering a lower cost option now lawmakers say that a properly trained firefighter cost camden county thirty thousand dollars a year why does not use slave i mean inmates to work for free instead officials believe this plan would save about half a million dollars a year by placing two or three inmates at each of the fire stations across the country now on the idea might be a cost saver not everybody likes the thought of criminals protecting and serving the community several county firefighters contacted us they wanted to remain anonymous but said they feared for their safety and they and their families don't like the idea of working so hard for a profession they could be given to convicts. and counter leaders say that if a program is approved and made charged with crimes like drug offenses and theft of the eligible but not murders so i guess that's good to know but if you're a resident camden county and your home is on fire you really want to inmate showing
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up to your home instead of a trained professional firefighter you know there's also the issue of who is to provide inmates at the fire station the program would only accept nonviolent offenders with good behavior indeed be monitored by closed circuit television cameras and staff firefighters he says the county can't afford to hire any additional firefighters but at the same time residents need more public safety workers. so the firefighters are not to undergo more training just to guard the inmates i'm wondering if they are going to get a new raise for that role i thought of the county was broke so county leaders are quick to point out the inmates would not be taking the jobs of any paid firefighters but if the program is a success he thinks county leaders would stop hiring new firefighters in positions open up of course they would because they're using free labor here and then what's to stop the county from hiring inmates to cut lawns make school lunches that area schools do minor highway and road jobs or clean county buildings in with a seemingly limitless number of criminals don't go the jobless rate might never go
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down and georgia currently has an unemployment rate of ten point one percent so sounds like the start of slave labor returning the good old south of you ask me great idea guys and that's are we giving county and county lawmakers tonight's tool time award. for happy hour and tonight's show and joining me this evening is our chief producer jenny churchill and lauren lyster host of the upcoming show capital accounts here on our t.v. little or no given where we're going to our other stories give everyone a quick little inn oh ok a lot of g ok a lot i know of where i'm off but launching monday we're going to get a new show it's a half hour show it'll air for thirty daily it will be focused on the economy and finance and kind of taking what we do on news but bringing it to its own platform where we can do
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a little bit more in-depth alternative financial analysis and reporting and while we're all very much looking forward to it so now let's get into the political world and some of the things that we have out there we have a lot of presidential candidates on today's happy hour in the stupid things they say to do let's start with herman cain. i've written for the dutch of course and they are were distorted. and when they asked me who's the president of. the bacon stanstead i'm going to say you know i don't know but you know i mean i'm going to say how is that going to create one job. i just love you know he was obviously trying to kid make a joke and you bake you day to day he gave gate he said that if you're going to be the president then you probably should do what the other countries are out there in the world and not act like asking who world leader is is a gotcha question if you ask me you know what i am actually less concerned about this comment he made and many of the other comments he's made about things that are
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more impactful on our domestic economic situation it least he's honest about the fact that he doesn't know a lot about foreign policy at this point which many people would argue most g.o.p. contenders are in that same situation don't need met in iraq you know now are going to that right they get their hawkish was on and that's it and i think when they don't we know virtually nothing about what any of these candidates think about foreign policy because no one is questioning them so then he's saying oh i can stand in this is kind of stupid we don't need to know that will actually come to do because it is in a stand and here's a point where you are going to stand we probably need to know about it because it's near afghanistan which we are fighting a war oh i love your mother but i like the system that's a gotcha question apparently in herman cain's world now let's move on to rick perry who has a new campaign ad attacking mitt romney. well
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i'm a conservative businessman. and the white house says plymouth massachusetts law has a model for its politics i agree with romney jimmy carter throwing his weight behind mitt romney may follow the path of the only person who will find the best but i like him and i said no such thing i stand by what i wrote building to the line about doing the same thing for everyone in the country has been the leader why if it's good for massachusetts and it's working massachusetts would you apply for the rest of the country. i would. so that's just the latest in a long string of these really epic hollywood production apocalyptic ads very curious all of the apocalyptic ad i would like to see a funny campaign ad that's a campaign ad for gore to be funny you know what we can get past the apocalyptic nature of this ad for one minute to bring light to what was not shown in that clip which is that a lot of men cause he has
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a cameo in that ad very see you you know i definitely did not see that earlier today i'm a little i have no idea that you endorse perry a little bit but i do think that anything that i did being outrageous or something . very clearly doesn't watch the show because he's been on overtime this is you know you must not have got that memo but i don't support mitt romney or rick perry got of getting all confused in my head but. you have a cameo i mean i think i think this ad does have a legitimate attack not that i'm you know against universal health care but that romney has been thought of has no backbone and i think we can attribute the drama to the fact that they are overcompensating for when perry told really botched his opportunity to to nail romney on the flip flopping and he just kind of couldn't get out and say you know like when you get this and then you did that but then you get in and we all are i kind of mean what he done it with their fake was just before he
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was before you know in an ad just right up on it ever since are you ever. ok this one is another presidential candidate rick santorum who use. stuff all the time and here is talk about how much he hates gay people again. quote for you the army is not a sociological laboratory experimenting with army policy especially in a time of war would pose a danger to assertions to discipline and morale in which result in ultimate defeat does that sound about rights or. roughly yes that's a quote from colonel eugene householder who was in the army adjutant general's office in one nine hundred forty one arguing against racial integration of the military. i don't like. that's a gotcha that's a good gotcha because it's so true you know we keep hearing the same tired arguments used over and over and over again to you know keep us away from progress
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and so there was segregation now it's a segregation of a different kind when it comes to gay members of the military like kind of shocked it was fox news that actually i was kind of i couldn't believe that when i saw it it was like wait fox. and i think this is the this is the kind of gotcha question that i think is far more compelling than herman cain's you know this really forces santorum to be caught not really uncomfortable situation where he's gotten trapped and how do you get out of it and what you got out of it was painful yes and maybe that's too many different yes in the next two minutes trying to explain how you know people of different color are different people with different sexual orientation and then said that people people showering with not gay people was very frightening to him. obviously they're on the wrong side of history because you know i mean if you look at any popular polls people support gay marriage these days so some point you have to give it up well religion also is of course
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a big thing when it comes to political campaigns and it just comes to running in general and mitt romney's mormonism has been something that you know might be a problem there but polls on that as to whether people would vote for a mormon or not was it rick perry but. i mean he's not a christian this weekend because he's a mormon it was a you know it was a. very right in actions to perry who called mormonism a cult i think he introduced and perry's campaign very certain to distance i will look at sickle look at me that we showed these ads before on this show about making mormonism cool and now they're back suspiciously right now. i am proud to be charming i am an architect of the cyber. world and the people are my main music mark cooper is really me and i am the more. mark of kind of
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q q but i think being a beekeeper is a little weird i face a foot trying to normalise being a walker and i think. i get is how i mean this over when he. was going to crack me up you know i mean no i don't think you know mormons are are so different from the rest of us yes you can have a normal job and be a blow but i could kind of probably really put together these big ads to you know to advertise it to the i think that they are facing a lot of hurdles to overcome right now we've got the book of mormon the play on broadway that's clearly making fun of mormonism and people said that that actually get made mormonism seem normal redemptive really yeah yeah that was the new york times analysis one columnist thought that would actually make romney more likely to give him a good idea i know you like you guys are out of time so i got to wrap it up but thanks for joining me tonight if you have for night so thanks for tuning in make you think about tomorrow and the sites all do with joining us for happy hour in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of
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