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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 12:31am-1:01am EDT

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interview is up next. i. i. i'm talking to martha an address and who is now a member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party but she was formally the european commission's chief accountant while she was in that job she raised concerns about flaws in the commission's accounting system which see said left it vulnerable to fraud bartram dress and thanks for talking to us today now were you a euro skeptic when you joined the commission as chief accountant no i was not the euro skeptic in fact i thought the euro project was a project of cooperation i thought they were sharing solutions among the different member states so i was quite owners to be able to be part of the european union and also or to be part of our if i had minister to reform and that they were
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undergoing what happened or what did you find out to make you change your mind while i found out that they had no control on the payments they were making out of the european union budget basically you know they didn't ask if people qualified to get the funding from the european union and i was responsible for the signature of the spain it's so i had the highest responsibility and i thought i needed to know if i was playing to the right person and for the right purpose and they just didn't care and they didn't allow me to make change use to be able to determine if we were making the right pane so what does what does that all mean well this means that e.u. funding is going to people who do not qualify for these who do not need the funding and who use it for other purposes and this is very dangerous because you know there are many other purposes for which the money can be used. and when they raised the
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money from the peon taxpayers they are short of saying this is going to be used for certain. purposes and certain extent they are lying to the unity and actually i thought i was working on behalf of the european taxpayer and my obligation was to make sure the payments were correct others didn't see it like that they did that in fact you were fired for blowing the whistle do you think anything's changed since i don't think anything has changed i now see it in the budgetary control committee so all the committee in the parliament that oversees the payments out of the budget and i see it in the budget committee the committee that oversees the planning of the budget and in both committees i can see that they have no respect for european taxpayers' money and i don't see that
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fundamental changes that they shouldn't have taken place you know once anybody who makes up payments in norman will. take care that the payments would ask the questions what is this painting to what is the purpose and this questions are not asked by the commission. the solution is to blame the member states only gave the money to the u.k. it's the u.k. who is committing the regularities well yes but you paid the money out the to us the proper questions they dealt so for me nothing has changed a lot of window dressing but nothing else and are you suggesting that the commission is being defrauded and if so who by. well it's being the products to a certain extent in. talking about fraud they saw with very problematic because obviously you have to prove it and it's very difficult to prove fraud in places
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where you don't have adequate systems to control ok that is know all the tray so it's very difficult to prove but you know there are beneficiaries who are getting the money without being qualified to get the money that is the absence of the situation do you think brussels is capable of reform is there a well to tighten practices like that up no i don't think that it's any will to tighten this practices because they have a different agenda they want to promote the european union project and to promote this project they're going to be able to give the money to the people who will support the project not the people who really care about the use of funds in a proper way not the people who are going to use this funding to grow the economy of a certain member state but the people who will promote the european union project how deeply entrenched do you think best interests are in brussels where the real
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power play is well from my experience in the commission fundamentally but also now that i'm in the parliament a powerful people in the e.u. are the directors general in the european commission the european commission has different directorates with different substantive issues so you have environment kaname culture and this directive the generals are the ones who hold the power you know the commissioners come and go every five years but this direct or general normally have been there for decades and they hold the power they know who they need to give the funding to get the support where in times of austerity at the moment and members all. across europe are cutting testate spending is there any sign that brussels is doing the same you know absolutely you know last night we spent six hours approving in the budget committee the two thousand and twelve
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budget. and they have they are asking for a over four percent increase i was even asking for the creases but fundamentally saying we should at least reduce the allowances for the m.e. piece and they don't want to reduce them i mean i think we should show the example and the every piece themselves don't want any reduction and the council of ministers had decided they wouldn't give more than a two percent increase and here the parliament goes back and say no we want more than four percent increase so i don't think there is no will to reduce and i am a lonely voice really in the parliament in what we first reduction of the budget and ultimately it's your goal to as it were destroy the system from where then ultimately my role or my goal is to make people in the u.k.
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but also around the rest of you know the truth about the european union you know the truth about how their money is being spent this is my job and then it's up to people to react to this new information or to this information and it's not been for something you know we are now in the middle of a crisis and people saying well the year budget has nothing to do with price but i will give you an example greeks was brought into the european into the euro zone when they didn't qualify to get into the us now people say greece lives while maybe in their account but. european commission has a statistic soffits uterus that who should have challenged the figures and they didn't challenge that side. twenty years later they realize something is wrong but they are there they have one thousand people working in you are stacked to analyze
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the figures they should have come. another thing the budget was used to grow the economy of all these countries that came into the euro zone greece got sixty billion pounds in the last twenty years out of the european union budget the question is were they had the money go because the greek economy has not grown so where did the money grow william hague the u.k.'s foreign secretary says that the e.u. budget is now under control is that the truth and i think it's not the truth i have to challenge his. speech because he doesn't know. he thinks it's under control because he's asking for a friesen the budget but why he was talking about the freeze there was somebody in the budget committee was trying to vote in favor of an increase of four
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percent so it's not under control and also. you know with or know exactly where the money is cool and i think we should know it's visible for everybody you know as i told you why is it that greece hasn't grown its economy italy spain portugal what is what are all the structural reforms that we have been paying for the last take. so no it's not on that front members of parliament here in the u.k. now looks set to hold a debate on whether there should be a referendum on britain's membership of the european union do you think britain is hooked on the e.u. despite talking about wanting to leave. while i think that the government might be hooked to the european union i don't think that the country as a whole is called to the i think. the u.k. could really european union negotiate another type of relationship when there are
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people who are very critical about you know what would happen how would we trade. the u.k. trade they've done existed before the european union try think it could go back to the days. they u.k. it's one of the biggest importers from the european union so forty two percent of the imports come from the european union so i think the u.k. seen a very solid position. and i think it would be healthy not only for the u.k. but for the rest of the member states because it would force a renegotiation of the european union and all the trade agreements that we have i don't see of course this doesn't happen in twenty four hours i mean of course now we have seventy percent of the legislation coming from the you of course that will be interim period or the u.k. would have to develop new legislation of its own i mean of course it doesn't happen
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in twenty four hours but we first have to make the decision to leave and then. start the process euro zone countries are staring down the barrel of a gun basically what grandees are talking about is in forcing more fiscal union in the face of economic collapse which seems like a desperate measure who stands to gain the most from keeping europe together. i think that it's the director is generally the bureaucracy in brussels who stands to gain these these people who have been pushing the project all along and they want this european union who are they will hold the power over all the member states and finally as a euro skeptic do you feel any way vindicated by what's going on in the eurozone at the moment sadly yes i feel vindicated because you know if people had heard and had sort of responded to my claims ten years ago in maybe this wouldn't have
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happened so yes i feel vindicated but it's sad to say this because we could have prevented all that's happening today not around us and thank you very much thank you. the longest big game hunting history. she was trying to stall and they took. what sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have the surge walks
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around the area. always from the always missing. one shot trying to take. out the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy of the world's bounty hunters. escobar to grace hunt and artie's. morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are offered a clue.
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the future of a new global voices asia's two biggest giants russia and china build a union to challenge the political domination of the western world. if brain damage . may be drawing to a close with a key of core it expected to deliver its verdict on x. prime minister gas k. . slovakia holds the fate of the eurozone bailout in its palm with a government vote with threatening to veto the new beefed up funds for a debt laden european economy. that's the headline here in our sports next with andrew. hello there you're watching the sport here in our team nice to have you company i mean these are the headlines keep cool in russia. caution against andorra
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with the pace of the european championships at stake. while there's a blow for i was island will be without captain roby came for the crunch game with armenia. page come by russia's mixed martial law is being used. to get back to winning ways three successive defeats. to the football in russia need just a point against door in moscow tonight to secure a place next summer's european championships but russia has warned his opponents could use dirty tactics in his age his place to keep their heads. with more is richard. going into their final qualification group game russia find themselves in an excellent position they top their pool by two points and the remaining fixture is against andorra a team ranked at the very bottom of the fever rankings alongside the likes of
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american samoa and monster rants russia a massive favorites to claim all three points even though a draw would suffice and advocate says they'll look to qualify playing good football we've tried to play with two. world well organized. thing to do well longer and a little bit more better than the other one but still i think the team is playing quite attractive hubel the dutchman does have a few selection concerns constantine's that one of another example and you call for both out suspended after picking up yellow cards and slovakia last time outs or your issue of course has lost his battle to be fit after picking up a knock in jelena undergo a thorough is ok and he's likely to retain his starting spot while some of the fringe players may be given a chance in the first eleven however uppercuts biggest concern is how he and dorrans may try to use lisp unfair means to stop his team brazil's towards putting
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two more blows to failed to do with it because this is quite irritating to play realize it as well in. what they're doing. they don't want to blow for the world. one man who will know more than a thing or two about i'm doris tactics is andrea shove in he was sent off paul years ago to the same honan's as russia just about qualify for euro two thousand and eight and missed the first two games of that torment due to his red card and of the counters warning his players not to react to be antics of error opponents and injury to the world to the players and the so we have to blow for discipline because this is the way they like to play for. it's been a very good qualifying campaign for the russians have dominated every one of benign games so far that they played in the group and they'll be looking to book their
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ticket to poland ukraine in style russia when touching distance of next year's european championships starting in a way of bridging poland and ukraine are under unsigned but have only won one competitive match in the stream or because the current side will obviously start a massive favorites and of russia play to anything like their full potential and they should have absolutely no problems whatsoever in picking up points richard pombo played r.t. . well there is still everything to play following group b. ireland take on armenia in dublin tonight needing just a point to steal second place and a spot in the playoffs themselves but they will have to do without their talismanic captain robbie kane he has been ruled out with a thigh injury picked up during their two no win over and doris simon cox will take place up front while gold keep o'shea given or take the captain's armband and he is fully aware of the dangers of armenia they need to win to grab second spot and have won their last three matches scoring eleven times in the process and just conceding
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once. beautiful parks was going to the belief that we can go on and beat them and they'll be calm and think in the symbol. you know it's a chance for us to you know center on hands which which is all you can ask for in the last game really i'm going to go in and do the business well i mean you got a taste of the stadium during a training session on monday they lost one nil at home to ireland in the opening round of the qualifiers last year but since that they think they've only been beaten once in eight matches during this campaign so they are brimming with confidence but also for the respect for the irish. team but those who we believe we can win because. the ranking. important three points. but you know there are clues. and to help you understand what is at stake this is how the group looks to draw for us she would ensure they would finish top of that and qualify automatically for the
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next summer's european championships in a point bra and it would mean they would finish second and go into a playoff. monday night's game in the n.f.l. so the detroit lions extend their unbeaten run to five games this season beating the chicago bears twenty four points to it is detroit's best start since nineteen fifty six calvin johnson and brandon pettigrew getting touchdowns for detroit as well as jabat best made an eighty eight yard run into the end. moving to turn it in in the first round of the shanghai masters ten seed andy roddick survived a second set against the same taiwanese qualify who had knocked him out in the fourth round of last year's wimbledon the big serving american was once again up against the yen soon and enjoyed a walk in the park in the opening set but roddick lesser known opponent turn the tables in the second his aggressive style evoking memories of last year's all england where he defeated roddick in the fourth round however the former u.s.
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open champion rallied in the decider to avoid another upset by the error prone lou who committed his seven double fault at a match point down six two three six six three was the fire school. also drew who is former world number three david nalbandian the argentinian wildcard beating out the brits in a close to set seven five six all the way that one finish. under straight line up and comer bernard tomic also won the woman called a finalist gain the upper hand in a titanic tussle with kevin anderson the south african did hit twenty five aces but that wasn't enough the triumph seven six six seven six three. while that was a straightforward victory for sixteenth seed fernando verdasco the spaniard was hardly ever troubled in his sixty to sixty defeated. while it's hardly a save the any breakpoint he faced while converting four of the six and created and sealed the deal with ace number six. and next up four but ask his countrymen one
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college for that i the former world number one inflicting a stinging defeat on russia's top and. funny will end with mixed martial arts by russian fedora is preparing to face one of his biggest challenges the last emperor is set to face american jeff monsoon in moscow on november the twentieth knowing the fate could spell the end of his fighting career with more hit the daniel. who knew of paul's never stands up the wards of financial head dominated the mixed martial arts heavyweight division for a decade that changed last year with three million and has suffered his first actual defeat in june twenty term i was brazilian for greece overdue forcing the russian to tap out their kick started a downward spiral on the canvas with subsequent losses gentleness and dan henderson
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. retirement has been optioned for the thirty five year old but the manager claims he's far from done in once he's thrown back seat of the in the three bouts i lost i felt i could have warm but the wind somehow eluded me i felt i could do it i had chances but god's will was different the opportunity to get back to winning ways will be unique one further said to take part for the first time in a pro mixed martial arts clash in moscow. jeff munson the man who stands between him and redemption on november the twenty four year old morrison is a two time world submission western champ them to get his nickname snowman from his brazilian jiu-jitsu counterparts as a sign of respect for his ice cold demeanor under pressure for the as a. you know i've said
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a long time ago he's the best heavyweight of all time and. to have the privilege to fight him is an honor and but i'm going to train hard and you know i only take fights i expect to win so i expect to win but i think it's going to be very difficult challenge those sentiments echoed. the home is less a fight then the launch of an entire career. no still it seems has been left unturned in the build up. there will have a great training camp in the netherlands with both strong wrestlers and standup fighters that i'm going to invite to be my golly i wish he just won the world submission wrestling championships and beat no less than for bruce there were two men in the finals so he can be considered the world's best wrestler at the moment there are no end of fans looking forward to seeing their rise again but the mention self is remaining composed as usual hype what hype is just another day at
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dampers office. victory that's what will be at stake for me in this match and i will fight for it. his greatness is beyond question his legacy secure the one suspect's father himself beliefs and when next time out he's the only alternative robert. r.t. how is all of you got time for for the moment. commission free accreditation free transport charges free. range
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mims free risk free stews child free. download free bone cancer blood video for your media projects and free media and don to our teeth dot com.
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the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. he. believes in all
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but a new global voice says asia's two biggest joy is russia and china bill they do need to travelers the political dominance of the western world. your brain damage a scandal trial may be drawing to a close with a key of poor expected to deliver its verdict on x. prime minister two shango gas case. slovakia holds the fate of the eurozone bailout in its hall with the government both threatening to veto the new beefed up fund for data laden european economies. it's a woman's world a scientist warned the male gene is heading for extinction with russian men dying out faster than any other country and sperm taking the blame.


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