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this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow ninety am in the russian capital i'm marina joshie reshuffling the world's arcade political stage russia's vladimir putin and his chinese counterpart are looking to lay the first breaks and beijing today for mayor space to national development and energy there is much on the table well more for more on the much higher meeting and what's at stake let's now take a listen to our tease marina costs are able. first of all it's important to mention that this is prime minister vladimir putin's first visit since announcing his cabinet see in the upcoming presidential elections and this may signal a change in focus for russia for many years the west has been dominated the political stage for russia china's economic progress may have a moscow in the sense many analysts are saying that the strategic partnership between the two biggest and fastest growing economies in the world could shift the
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power balance in the world now both nations have supported each other throughout the years on issues related to sovereignty security and development they also have similar political views and we've seen this just recently when both of them a veto the european drafted u.n. security resolution which was condemning syria and was suggesting that it could face sanctions if it continued this crackdown on protesters both the countries are also members of the brics alliance along with india brazil and south africa and the concern of economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined the dominance of all of europe and the u.s. all of the world political stage and it has cleared the way for emergent powers such as russia and china you know both the countries are also important partners this year china has climbed the back up and passing germany and it's now russia's number one trade partner and actually. said that he expects that number this year
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could reach seven be a billion dollars and by twenty twenty that when that number to grow to two hundred billion also the russian prime minister today is expected to sign a sweeping cooperation on technical modernization and what this means is that china will benefit from russia's leadership in nuclear energy space and aviation now russia on the other hand will take advantage of chinese superiority. high speed rail transport power generation equipment and alternative energy production and of course this meeting comes as both countries celebrate ten years since they signed the treaty of good neighborly ness and friendly cooperation and just recently president meeting with a good have said that he's happy with the steadily consolidating bilateral trade economic scientific and technical toys and officials from both countries have actually said that this is the best their relationship has been in years and today will of course be another opportunity to strengthen that. a corresponding acosta
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reporting from beijing and right now we are looking at a live picture of russia's prime minister why don't we put in there arriving in china for talks. watching r.t. live from moscow we've got plenty more on the deals being made at the meeting in our business update in about twenty minutes time. for a joint i was recently overtaken germany as russia's top trade. zone forming a few billion dollar investment to channel the rising influx of. ukraine's foreign minister yulia tymoshenko will face a court verdict later on tuesday she's on trial over charges related to alleged dodgy gas contracts with russia are just laced here cesky looks at the case which itself faces allegations of being politically motivated. the biggest trial of the decade in ukraine may be coming to an end today on tuesday with the judge in the
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key of court is expected to deliver his verdict on the case of the country's former prime minister she is being accused of several economic crimes one of which according to the prosecution that. deals with moscow in two thousand and nine and cost ukraine almost forty billion u.s. dollars in losses. the main point which is being speculated right now is whether you will go to prison following this verdict now the prosecution demands seven years in britain for. this is the worst case scenario for her but at the same time there's been lots of criticism coming from the european union in regards to this case and we and many experts believe that the freedom may be exchanged for the possible integration with the european union the experts expect to get five years suspended sentence she will be set free but she will be unable to
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run for the parliament next year for the election and certainly this will automatically rule her out of the twenty fifteen presidential election now the. district court has been very. several months with those who support. against her protesting here ever since the end of july the beginning of one of the deputies from the alliance of. the day when the. verdict would be voiced by the judge in this court would probably mean a lot of bloodshed here on the streets with the support just clashing with the police if you get a prison sentence from the judge here. i think reporting there and still to come this hour a war of. the anger and big business. r
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t reports from the west coast were l.a. becomes one of the latest scenes of protest in the occupy wall street movement. the eurozone is agonizingly close to accepting and new bailout plan for debt strapped nations but the final step could be a tough one little slip is the stumbling block the last country to ratify the agreement and push the deal through r.t. sarah firth has been following the story. greece might have been smack bang at the center of attention recently because the euro is in crisis rumbles on another member states of being off to vote on the european stability fund we take a look at how these other countries ok playing with the pressure all eyes are on slovak here today to see if politicians will vote positively on the european stability fund to aid ailing countries like greece as the last member state very vacuous decision is crucial but take a look at this t.v. ad for a populist slave beer it announces to want to borrow from everyone that is greek
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not wanting to lend to grace that is slovak a tongue in cheek has captured the mood of the people here perfectly. here is not a rich country we need money for our health care system harmless for our elderly. as the second poorest country in the year is a slave axeman a reason why they should help the richer nations who they view as having spent more than they could afford and political dissent is met there is uncertainty about whether the leading coalition party will be able to get the votes they need for the bailout funds to go ahead the approval of all seventeen countries that use the single currency is needed. doesn't want to look like a member. or not. i see there's a strong pressure from from other european countries and. probably. if
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it does approve the plan slovak here would be expected to contribute about seven point seven billion year a to the pot which would taste about four hundred forty billion euro but with year easing countries like spain and italy became increasingly unstable many critics are saying that even this will not be enough for today and every so often. it's the final solution to the problem and they say it will take these marches but this will be the end of it and it's like the end of the tunnel that will come out and what we see is an endless. austerity. depression. leading to more measures leading to more depression and people realize now that you've got to break out that despite facing an outpouring of public discontent germany managed to post the measures at the end of last month but in slovakia many have remained strictly pays to do sting the fund that taxpayer is paying
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a penny. the. situation is not sustainable in greece. amounts to be pledged are so huge that it really doesn't make sense that it doesn't make sense to them and i think it's like politicians we all see that there are also other alternatives but look at the czech republic they don't have euro they are doing quite well they don't need the. common currency and the same time that they don't have to pledge money and so on loans to other countries the decision of the small member state today could have a big impact on the plans to the bailout fund but as the debt crisis continues to be felt in the richest member states to the poorest there's no global concern about just where this is going to and search. athens. are two kinds of reporters getting to the roots of the ravaging financial crisis and here's a preview of what's coming up at around seven thirty am g.m.t. . those are of accounts from old ladies sitting on fortunes and
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every single month they get their statement and they get out their magnifying glass and they try to figure out if the bank stole money from them this month but they're very good at doing it so they can pick it up and the other pension accounts or their teachers or their firemen remember all these public workers accounts they're being vilified because they want a living wage meanwhile their pensions are being destroyed by bank of new york and other banks so they're getting really gang bang from both directions. and started on wall street but the movement of people who say their lives have been ruined by bankers big business and government is spreading across the u.s. and beyond over a thousand protesters hit the streets of los angeles joining the occupy wall street activists who started a movement around a month ago in new york has a story from a way.
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oh protesters took over a bank of america branch in los angeles and were willing to get arrested in order to send a clear message to wall street we have to take a good you've stolen all the money from the land and we want it more than a dozen people have taken to the streets of los angeles now this movement a group of people from occupy los angeles in solidarity with high wall street and we have here people who have just been foreclosed on plenty of police here in force in order to keep this crowd in check the anti-corporate mobilizations which started in new york are spreading and now some of the most affected by the nation's economic crisis are joining in rose goodell received an eviction notice after falling behind on her mortgage payments i was a worker and i was told that i was not for nothing. but that i also know in my
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pay she believes that this type of political action will bring results and they've been really governing a lot of what i might just take you need and there has to be a dad and i think this is the stand that you're seeing at this point from struggling homeowners to the unemployed people of all walks of life are becoming in boulder and by the recent street demonstrations we have to go. to my job to do they cannot make. the bass be a happier side of me and used to work at an auto parts plant he's part of the four point five million people who have been unemployed for more than a year now this father of two is struggling to hold on to his home diverse groups have made up the mobilization in cities across america in recent weeks as more people become inspired to vent their frustration with our financial and. political institutions.
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there's still uncertainty about whether these protests will cause direct change or whether other self interested try to capitalize on the popularity but it appears that the financial state of the nation has helped motivate americans to take democracy to the streets. los angeles ramon go indo art. was there and acted as david swanson is among those demonstrating in the capital washington d.c. he told r.t. the congressman should get ready for more protests driven not by a leader by by the cos we got here to washington on october sixth and congress left town and they get back on tuesday and so tuesday morning is when we really begin to bring our grievances to our government so we're just getting ready to get
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started and we have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon when we marched through the streets of this city and i've heard stories from other cities people who join in the march we shout where the ninety nine percent and so are you and they cheer and they join in and we applaud them people honk their horns not in anger at the traffic jam but in solidarity we're beginning to realize that it's not our personal problems in our household but that everybody shares these problems when c.n.n. demands our leader i'm reminded of the u.s. army demanding a chief from american indians who didn't have one we don't need that we don't need that imposed on us we're working to avoid having a leader people who saw a politician like barack obama as a leader are very disillusioned right now and that's good they've got that right we don't need a leader we need an agenda and we have. and you want to live from moscow and if you want to catch up with our new stories you can do so by logging on to our web site r
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t v dot com but here is a look at what's available for you there now it's a theory and search for the secret sasquatch an expedition hands out into the wilds of russia to find out if big food really does exist. in the inventor of the iconic a k forty seven wins a case and a swiss court after of the name of his famous kalashnikov rifle comes under attack from a drinks company. egypt's military government has vowed to tighten is grip on power following a wave of violent clashes twenty six people were killed and hundreds hurt when troops broke up a peaceful protest by coptic christians military vehicles charge through crowds and plowed into people while troops fired rubber bullets and tear gas the first
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funerals were held at cairo's main coptic cathedral on monday was the church strongly criticizing egyptian government for allowing repeated attacks on the christian minority london based investigative journalist simon also told r.t. that the army's brutal tactics are leading to the mobilization of anti-revolutionary forces in egypt. you have the weakening of the forces the april sixth movement and so on who made the original revolution the demonstrations getting smaller and smaller and in the middle of this you see the emergence of if you like. a kind of counter-revolutionary force beginning to formulate itself in the middle of. these clashes the state t.v. announces that christians are shooting soldiers and they call on the population to come and help it's on the army now this was. ally at the same time as this was taking place the minute you were going around closing down all the independent stations i say to south what is taking place here there is the side of
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a fabrication of the news settings and there is a whipping up of all of the frustration population against the very identifiable minority in this crisis the coptic christians and you seem to see a mobilization of anti revolutionary forces so beginning to like i think we've seen today well they call continuing clashes but to me appear direct sectarian attacks on christian populations. with such a good look at some other stories from around the world in libya transitional government forces say they have cornered troops in several small areas of the colonel's hometown of syria but heavy fighting continues as loyalists put up fierce resistance so far and the forces have captured the city's university conference center and main hospital where patients and doctors have been caught up in the conflict civilians are still trying to flee with manny fearing possible atrocities once the city's taken by former rebels. former
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bosnian serb army chief rock a lot of has been hospitalized with a long infection the sixty nine year old is currently on trial at the hague tribunal facing genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity charges lot of he is accused of being responsible for the siege of sarajevo and distributing to massacre in ninety ninety five during the bosnian war last week the former general complained to the un court about his health and asked to be examined for kidney stones. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police in the chilean capital santiago that follows a peaceful march or the day of the meeting of indigenous peoples which replaced the traditional columbus day march over seven thousand came to support indigenous rights but after protesters were stopped by security forces they started throwing rocks at police and armored vehicles police used tear gas and water cannon in response. well it's a man's world according to a song by maybe not for much longer scientists say males are on the road to
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extinction as their genes slowly fade away and with the whole world heading for a fully fledged sperm crisis russia could be affected worse than most are very poor it's. this is this spam horror do heads three tails or an inability to swim are becoming almost the norm for modern men sperm. is what used to be perceived as infertility is now very different twenty years ago two hundred million bibles bamber militar was considered normal today fifteen million is enough but proper sperm studies are not easy and haven't ever been conducted in russia until now that is a glimmer of was among the first only to find more than half of his fellow countrymen sperm didn't meet world health organisation standards. our study revealed not only quantity but the quality changes among russian men as their sperm
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literally swim in a toxic soup a whole range of poisonous substances including lead can me and and even mercury was found in their semen and that's not all. has been noted recently that any kind of stress such as war terrorist attacks a polluted environment at least a few of boys being born and more girls proving that the male chromosome is more vulnerable to outside influences and fewer men now means even fewer down the generations just look at the sea of ribbons at the start of the new school year and it's clear girls in russia outnumber the boys. this mcguigan's head five girls that's been the report with the elders earlier we simply wanted a baby never mind a boy or girl when i got pregnant with twins psychic swore they were boys and even advised the names at a german fair that now they are no lisa and this one older has been a guarantee to my feet and only maria was maria from the stout i was happy to have another go i would know what to do with the boy now. a big happy family but when
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these girls are ready to start their own families will discover russian men are gang out faster than in any other country the total extinction of men may still be far off but the levels off the stuff round that you can find in places like this may soon become a rarity with growing mortality rates and life expectancy of russia dropping these tough guys are day three this village with the and usual name of girls has seen better times when men from the village of boys across the river kept them company now only the girls are left. they say hire someone to do the stuff but who's there to hire. men in russia lived to sixty years on average women seventy two that twelve year difference makes the russian life expectancy the worst in the world and while scientists around the globe wreck their brains to save the
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human male russia's been doing little to preserve its man so there are no national programs aimed at men's health the chance of a russian man dying prematurely is twenty times higher than a man in europe such as the consequences of the so sure an economic stresses of the one nine hundred ninety s. in russia as well as smoking and drinking and now that local scientists have raised the alarm there might still be a chance that russian men will be around long enough to once again take the lead. over r.t. moscow. well as are their battles we do have an ngo joins us now for the business update so stay tuned for that if we can. really flattered marina thank you so much russia and china are creating a joint investment fund worth up to four billion dollars the deal will be sealed during russia's prime minister putin's visit to the world's second largest economy
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and startup will be jointly run by the russian direct investment fund and the china investment corporation each have already allocated one billion dollars each for the project at least seventy percent of the funds money is expected to be invested in russian former sales countries it's planning to start work early next year. russia looks likely to post a budget surplus this year high crude prices are balancing state spending which has risen in election year the relatively healthy outlook is likely to continue in twenty twelve unless the oil price crashes as yet as a lot of us have ordered from deutsche bank explains. even with a significant increase in first call spending ahead of the elections at the end of this year there is a very high chance that russia will have a moderate but still a first for surplus by the end of this year in terms of the year two thousand and twelve the possibility to attain a surplus is also there obviously oil prices will have
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a lot to do with that but my sense is that given that we're going to be and the post electoral fiscal landscape after the elections it's going to be easier to control for school spending and that i think bodes well for the team and relatively good fiscal outcomes possible even in the positive zone with regard to the fiscal balance next year. reduced to the markets nicely so i was commodities world prices are slightly heading down there correcting following monday's rally light sweet says that the moment down fourteen cents brant is at one hundred eight dollars seventy one cents per barrel. in stock markets asia is rallying following a bullish session in the states banking shares soared in hong kong after china's state run central. board shares in the country's so-called big four banks in one
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town this believe could be an effort to stabilize the financial system bank of china is up nine percent china construction corp a seven percent. less than one hour ahead of the opening bell in moscow the russian markets ended monday's session in the black john tears up more four percent my six two point two. and then leave the russian markets will be allowed to continue work during the two weeks new year holidays from now on the decision is aimed to avoid capital outflow at the end of the year as well as trading mis balances with global markets. the outlook for russian equities remains mixed at best for tuesday and roland nash from the capital believes it might be reasonable enough to start placing bets on europe beginning to solve this debt crisis now the market this week is going to be focusing on what merkel and sarkozy said at the weekend in fact they promised
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a comprehensive package to underpin the banking sector in europe and as that is what's been driving all the negative sentiment that we've seen in the last several weeks some hope that we could see some kind of resolution to that i think will help to support the market valuations are extremely cheap i think right now where you see you see some of russian stocks trading in multiples that we've not seen for a very long time i think for the bra eve for those that are sitting very much in cash at the moment perhaps it's time to take a little bit more risk on board because if there is any hope. you can try and draw a line under the european banking sector then this would be an excellent entry point into russian assets coming up next i'll see the headlines with marina stay with us.
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the. thing. a very warm welcome this is your news today protesters on the. streets they have.
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leads intensely into the trees isn't a good look for example the status of the human experiments with. this in this rap music knows movies loosely trying to make sense of global economy and it's all clean things and us financial templates each of the reasons to me to you don't put into markets and think you don't want to be seen trade imbalances rhesus deviations close to collapsing you suppling loan few close ones. to fail aaa banks again feel a little like think is the us crashing timonen smashed ceiling. just like ultimate in the transition and streets the i.m.f. the construction deal just programs increase the total economy.
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welcome back you're watching our t.v. years we're going to top stories the fusion of a new global voices asia's two biggest giants russia and china build a union to challenge the political domination of the western world. brain damage trial may be drawing to a close with a key of court expected to deliver its verdict on ex prime minister gas case. the homes of fate of the eurozone bailout and its palm with a government vote threatening to veto the new beefed up fund for a debt laden european economies. as they have minds here in the back of the top of the hour up next though our team puts the spotlight on one of the most prominent photographers of the twentieth century whose work in the prague spring tracked momentous changes in czech history step by step.


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