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winsor tell me to let you rule that it's a good international good to cheat every green the we are told. the future no new global voice says asia's two because giants russia and china have built a union so trying is the political dominance of the western world. ukraine's energy scowls trial may be drawing to a close with the accord expected to deliver its verdict on ex prime minister yes case. slovakia holds the fate of the eurozone bailout in its paul with a government vote threatening to veto the new beefed up funds for deadly european economies. it's a woman's world as scientists more and male gene is heading for extinction in the
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words russian man dying out faster than any other country and strong taking the blame. of the russian cattle you're watching artsy with me arena joshie i'm. let's take a look at those stories in more detail now. the world's arcade political stage rushes of bloody reporting and his chinese counterpart are looking to lay the first breaks in beijing today for mayor space to now development and an agenda as much on the table for more on the much hyped meeting and what's at stake what's now listen to r.t. is marina possible. first of all it's important to mention that this is prime minister vladimir putin's first visit since announcing his cabinet see in the upcoming presidential elections and this i'm a signal
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a change in focus for russia for many years the west has been dominating the political stage for russia china's economic progress may have a moscow move in the sense many analysts are saying that the strategic partnership between the two biggest and fastest growing economies in the world could shift the power balance in the world now both nations have supported each other throughout the years on issues related to sovereignty security and development they also have similar political views and we've seen this just recently when both of them a vetoed a european for the u.n. security resolution which was condemning syria and was suggesting that it could face sanctions if it continued this crackdown on protesters both countries are also members of the brics alliance along with brazil and south africa and the considered economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. have seriously undermined the dominance of europe and the uighurs of the world
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political stage and it has cleared the way for emergency powers such as russia and china you know both the countries are also enforcing the trade partners this year china has climbed the back up and passing germany and it's now russia's number one trade partner and i actually live in that he expects never this year could reach seven be a billion dollars and by twenty twenty that we're going to grow to two hundred billion also the russian prime minister today is expected to sign a sweeping cooperation on technical modernization and what this means is that china will benefit from russia's leadership in nuclear energy space and aviation now russia on the other hand will take advantage of chinese superiority. high speed rail transport power generation equipment and alternative energy production and of course this meeting comes as both countries celebrate twenty years since they signed the treaty of good neighborly ness and friendly cooperation and just
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recently president dmitry medvedev said that he's happy with the steadily consolidating bilateral trade i'll make a scientific and technical toys and officials from both countries have actually said that this is the best their relationship has been in years and so they will of course we are not there or words to strengthen that. now joining me it is dr who is senior research fellow at the skolkovo institute for emerging market studies in. let's talk about this in more detail now so while the ongoing financial storm has hit the united states and europe both remain incredibly powerful so how do you see russia and china's challenge in this context is it premature or too ambitious. well the globe or an issue of. fact both china and russia for sure. especially china you can.
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trade it very much still. demand from both the states and the european markets would you climb and that will affect. the misuse as well as. the resource and commodity suppliers like russia. but i think of the economic fundamentals of russia both russia and china are still very strong. these two countries have a lot of. changes in terms of the economy and china i. guess the natural gas you with russia very much and also russia needs to explore the world market. east. oil exports and also the two countries. to cooperate the developing new technology.
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and the and. so oh yes i think the. big but the global environment we were in that will affect this to come true but i would think the economies of both countries in the media and. very healthy well speaking of collaboration as we now trade and similar worldviews form the foundation of the growing ties for the two countries at the moment but in your opinion is that really enough to form a united voice. you mean you mean united wars between china and iran and russia that's correct right i mean currently when people talk about what you can do that and also. the relation between china and russia the you really focus on the economic cooperation but i think. there's a great book a tool for this country to form even closer union. in the
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international affairs. political corporation etc so. i would see when they called cooperation intensifies there were a lot of patience and further space to explore in terms. said here closer relationship between the two countries what is likely to be a reaction to what is likely reaction from the united states and europe to strengthening ties between political or economic between china and russia. certainly they will be concerned. i mean there's no doubt that in the developed countries you were born and fourth in the world but to the right of you more of the market is represented by china russia and also. have the potential to change the war. in the fundamental way so. graphically speaking china and
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russia have every reason to actually to form a closer pact. giving with. mutually interested the international fears so certainly the united states as well as the looking conscious and the developing countries there with the consent of our matthew chance in for in both the economic and political landscape of the war but i don't think of you could do anything to reverse this trend or. or how does the two can change this that it's past the morning markets. will rise and it is happening. well as we know russia and china are part of the group called brics what can you say about the dynamics in this group given the bad their relations between say china and another break. india are not always very.
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smooth so what can you say about this group is a turning into a political group rather than the economic one. he had to conquer the greek king why they accepted. the. people you. consider you cannot make power on the force because all the for the mortgage markets growth very fast and they had similar you had to have their similar interests in number of international. discussions so indeed this group will. have the potential to change the war on the mentally. in not only in the economy but also in the political. landscape of the
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war but currently i don't think. the group can be called a political union yet. as. many of the economic cooperation. needs to be further intensified. the india seems to think of it as more like a competitor rather than a partner so indeed at this school needs further. further cooperation coordination is in the economy is economic development. critical in the world market even more of the states so. we should go for this. or. you know more. people are looking at next five years will this happen or this become a reality. i think the chance is reasonably i don't know about g q a senior
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research fellow of the skulk of it for emerging market studies in beijing thank you very much for talking to us and sharing your views for this year in the program you're welcome. to other stories now here in our t.v. ukraine's former prime minister yulia tymoshenko will face a court verdict later on tuesday she's on trial over charges related to alleged dodgy gas contracts with russia i just like to hear she ask you looks at a case which itself faces allegations of being politically motivated. the biggest trial of the decade in ukraine may be coming to an end to. the judge and he of court is expected to deliver his verdict on the case of the country's former prime minister she is being accused of several economic crimes one of which according to the prosecution that she struck gas deals with moscow in two thousand and nine and of course ukraine almost forty billion u.s. dollars in losses of course the main point which is being speculated right now is
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whether you will go to prison following this verdict now the prosecution did monster seven years in prison for. this is the worst case scenario for her but at the same time there's been lots of criticism coming from the european union in regards to this case and we and many experts believe that the freedom may be exchanged for the possible integration with the european union the experts expect. to get five years suspended sentence she will be set free then she will be on the run for the parliament next year for the election and certainly this will be ruled her out of the twenty fifteen presidential election now the. district court has been very tense over the past several months with those who support. stand against her protesting here ever since the end of july the beginning of one of the
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deputies from the alliance of parties protecting. the eleventh a day when the. verdict will be voiced by the judge in this court would probably mean a lot of bloodshed here on the streets with the support just clashing with the police in case if you will gets a prison sentence from the judge here. and it's. not a program more cities in the u.s. join the anger business. and we. are to report from the west coast we're away becomes one of the leaders scenes of protest in the occupy wall street movement. in the euro zone as a go at it ising really close to accepting a new bailout plan for debt strapped nations but the final step out could be a tough one time slovakia is the stumbling block the last contrary to ratify the agreement and pushed the deal through sarah firth has been following the story.
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greece might have been smack bang at the center of attention recently is the you're using crisis rumbles on another member states of being asked to vote on the european stability funds we take a look at how these other countries ok thing with the pressure all eyes are on slovak here today to see if politicians who vote positively on the european stability fund to aid ailing countries like greece as the last member states vote slovakia's decision is crucial but take a look at this t.v. ad for a populist slave it's announces to want to borrow from everyone that is greek not wanting to lend to greece that is a tongue in cheek that's captured the mood of the people here perfectly. here is not a rich country we need money for our health care system brought homeless for our elderly couple. as the second poorest country in the usa in slavery
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a reason why they should help bail out the richer nations they view as having spent more than they could afford and political dissent it's not there is uncertainty about whether the leading coalition party will be able to get the votes they need for the bailout funds to go ahead the approval of all seventeen countries that use the single currency is needed. a member state. or not and i believe. i see there's a strong pressure from from other european countries and. probably. if it does approve the plan slovak here would be expected to contribute about seven point seven billion year a to the cost it will taste about four hundred forty billion euro but with year easing countries like spain and italy making increasingly unstable many critics are saying that even this will not be enough to did it every so often.
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announced the final solution to the problem and they say it will take these marches but this will be the end of it and it's like end of the tunnel will come out and what we see is an endless. austerity. depression. more measures lead to more depression and people realize now that you've got to break out that despite facing an outpouring of public discontent germany managed to pass the measures at the end of last month but instead of out here many have remained strictly a pace to boosting the fund which taxpayers paying a penny. situation is not sustainable in greece. amounts. are. doesn't make sense and it doesn't make sense and i think. we all see that there are also other. probably they don't have.
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the money and some of. the decision of the small member state today could have a big impact on the plans for the bad out fund because the day crisis continues to be felt and the richest member states to the coolest has no clue about just where this is going to. return to live from moscow and have if you want to catch up with our news stories you can go to our t.v. dot com for more up and here's a look at what's there for you now. the siberian search for the secret of the sasquatch an expedition has out into the wilds of russia to find out if big food really does exist. the inventor of the iconic a k forty seven wins a case in a swiss court after the name of his famous squashing of rival comes under attack
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drinks company. started on wall street but the movement of people who say their lives have been ruined by bankers big business and government is spreading across the u.s. and beyond over a thousand protesters hit the streets of los angeles joining the occupy wall street activist who started the movement around a month ago in new york wrong galindo has the story from away. oh protesters took over a bank of america branch in los angeles and were willing to get arrested in order to send a clear message to wall street was to say thanks to you. and we. want to have gazan people have taken to the streets of los angeles now this room in a group of people from occupy los angeles in solidarity with my wall street and we have here people who have just been foreclosed on plenty of police here in force in
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order to keep this crowd in check the anti-corporate mobilizations which started in new york are spreading and now some of the most affected by the nation's economic crisis are joining in rose could del received an addiction notice after falling behind on her mortgage payments i have a state park and was told that was my first. my pay she believes that this type of political action will bring results they've been really coming out of but i'm sorry my kids just take it and it has to be done and i think it's just that just the way from struggling homeowners to the unemployed people of all walks of life are becoming in polled and by the recent street demonstrations we have to go. some idea of who to ignore me. but it passed me a bit here said to me and used to work at an auto parts plant he's part of the four
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point five million people who have been unemployed for more than a year now this father of two is struggling to hold on to his home diverse groups have made up the mobilization in cities across america in recent weeks as more people become inspired to vent their frustration with our financial. political institutions. that. there's still uncertainty about whether these protests will cause the rate change or whether other self interested groups will try to capitalize on the popularity but it appears that the financial state of the nation has helped motivate americans to take democracy to the streets right right oh ok this is the newest. los angeles
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ramon the lindo archie samaritan's world according to the song but maybe not for much longer scientists say males are on the road to extinction as they are gene slowly fade away and with the whole world adding for a fully fledged sperm crisis russia would be a factor worse than most call reports. this is the sperm hora two heads three tails or an inability to swim are becoming almost the norm for modern man's sperm. what used to be perceived as infertility is now very different twenty years ago two hundred million viable military with considered normal today fifteen million is enough but proper spam studies are not easy and have never been conducted in russia until now but is a gleam of was among the first only to find more than half of his fellow countrymen
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stan didn't meet the world health organisation standards. our study revealed not only quantity but the quality changes among russian men as their sperm literally swim in a toxic soup whole range of poisonous substances including lead can a million and even mercury was found in the scene and and that's not all. it's been noted recently that any kind of stress such as war terrorist attacks a polluted environment at least a few boys being born and more girls proving that the male chromosome is more vulnerable to outside influences and fewer men now means even fewer down the generations just look at the sea of ribbons at the start of a new school year and it's clear girls in russia outnumber the boys. it's only eggers have five girls. with the elders leona we simply wanted a baby never mind a boy or girl when you got pregnant with twins psychics who were there were boys and even advised the names as chairman show that now they analisa and this is an
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older has been guaranteed to my theory and only maria was an area from the start i was happy to have another girl i would know what to do with a boy now. at big happy family but when these girls are ready to start their own families they'll discover russian men are dying out faster than in any other country the total extinction of them may still be far off the levels of the stuff threat they can find in places like this may soon become a rarity with growing mortality rates and life expectancy of russia dropping these top guys are back. with the and usual name of girls has seen better times when men from the village of boys across the river kept them company now only the girls are left. they say hire someone to do the stuff but who's there to hire. men in russia lived to sixty years on average women seventy two twelve year
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difference makes a russian life expectancy the worst in the world and while scientists around the globe wreck their brains to save a human male russia's been doing little to preserve its man. there are no national programs aimed at men's health the chance of a russian man dying prematurely is twenty times higher than a man in europe such as the consequences of the social and economic stresses of the noisy ninety's in russia as well as smoking and drinking and now that local scientists have raised the alarm there might still be a chance that russian men will be around long enough to once again take the lead. r.t. osco. well killed our video video is here with us where the latest business of the . merida russia and china are creating a joint investment fund to work out to four billion dollars they all will be sealed
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during a russia's prime minister putin's visit to the world's second largest economy and startup will be jointly run by the russian direct investment fund and china investment gratian each have already allocated one billion dollars for the project will be seventy percent of the fund money likely to be invested in russian former c.e.o.'s countries it's planning to start work early next. pascha looks likely to post a budget surplus this year high crude prices of balancing state spending which has risen in an election year the relatively healthy outlook is likely to continue in twenty twelve unless world prices crash as the us love to separate from deutsche bank explains. even with a significant increase in first call spending ahead of the elections at the end of this year there is a very high chance that russia will have a moderate but still a first for surplus by the end of this year in terms of the year two thousand and
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twelve the possibility to attain a surplus is also there are the asleep oil prices will have a lot to do with that but my sense is that given that we're going to be and the post electoral first call landscape after the elections is going to be easier to control first of all spending and that i think bodes well for the team and relatively good first all outcomes possible even in a positive zone with regard to the first next year. sigrid of the markets while prices are slike the heading down there correcting after monday's rally by sweet is down five cents this hour brant is one hundred eight dollars seventy six cents per barrel. asia is rallying following a bullish session in the states banking shares soared in hong kong and south of china's state run central luigi an investment board shares in the country's
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so-called big four banks and this believe this could be an effort to stabilize the financial system bank of china is up nine percent china construction bridge with seven percent higher that's a. signal of the opening picture in russia and of the it's a mixed one the audience is up just a point two percent to my six down point two percent some markets are looking for some kind of direction after a very positive session on monday. and the russian bosses will be allowed to continue working during the two weeks and new year holidays from now on the decision is aimed at avoiding capital at the end of the year as well. trading mispronounces with global markets. the outlook for russian equities remains mixed best to rule a national capital believes it might be reasonable to start placing bets on europe's beginning to solve the crisis the market this week is going to be focusing
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on what merkel and sarkozy said at the weekend in fact they promised a comprehensive package to underpin the banking sector in europe and that is what's been driving all the negative sentiment we've seen in the last several weeks some hope that we can see some kind of resolution to that i think will help to support the market valuations are extremely i think right now where you see you see some of russian stocks trading in multiples that we've not seen for a very long time i think for the bra eve and for those that are sensing very much in cash at the moment perhaps it's time to take a little bit more risk on board because if there is any hope. you can try and draw a line under the european banking sector this would be an excellent entry point into russian answers the headlines are next with marina. it's cool.
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