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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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tension is mounting in few of us europe's most sacred ukraine's former prime minister has been found guilty of economic rights and while the judge is continuing to weeding out the verdict protests the stuff the main street during us told the latest details in just a few minutes. the future of a new global voices asia's biggest joins russia and china build a few here to challenge the political dominance of the western world. you've. played. and how wall street protests spread across the u.s. kill a am boston there are reports of police beating more veterans during a peaceful demonstration.
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watching r t coming to you live from moscow and you are breaking news this hour ukraine's x. prime minister is guilty of abusing her authority while signing gas deals with russia a judge in kiev found cause the country to lose nearly two hundred million dollars in a green energy contracts are just like here she ask is following events for us and he is enjoying this live now so i see tell us what's next for you and. what is unclear what's punishment due to the sort of which face now we understand that she has been found guilty by the judge and is continuing to read out the verdict this may take some time but the certainly the prosecution asked for seven years in prison for the country's former prime minister this may change eventually when the verdict will be read out completely now this central street of kiev has
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turned into a mess because the protesters those. protesting the possible prison sentence of you to recycle have blocked the street and now the police are trying to disperse the crowd this may lead to some by lance it is hard to say whether the violence will eventually happen we've heard predictions from several deputies of ukrainian parliament that this day tuesday may and up in bloodshed right now as i can see the policemen are blocking off the road trying to disperse the protesters which have gathered in thousands here this is clearly the largest presence of the opposition protesters here in the central street of steve in front of the court where the time a second trial has been happening since it's all in june we've seen protests mostly every day but this is clearly the largest and the loudest we understand that the verdict is being read out as we speak right now it isn't clear how long will it take we are expecting and we're hopeful that we have some information and some
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clearance on you to recycle site later during the day. trial has been facing allegations of being politically motivated one of the reasons behind at. both the opposition protests and the opposition have been claiming all along that the case has been politicized in fact they are describing today as the judgment day of ukrainian democracy they say should get in the sand could be present then the democracy would and in ukraine this stance is being denounced by the country's leadership president kind of publishing his recent interview has been saying that he has no worries and he doesn't care about the tymoshenko case and this case was not politicized at all it is interesting because one of the main accusations always through you that she was franco is the that she according to the prosecution. stoke on local deals with russia in two thousand and nine the gas agreements russia moscow is adamant that those deals were signed in full accordance with the two
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countries legislation and that this case this trial must be. unsparing at the same time was hearing lots of furious comments coming from the european union the latest one coming from catherine ashton the euro commission's represented over a foreign affairs who said that it's possible agreement on the association with their european union and ukraine would be cancelled should get him a cent will go to prison we are monitoring the situation and of course a lot depends on what the final word from the judge we will hear today or some time in the nearest future absolutely i think for much indeed for bringing us more details on the guilty verdict for you of humor let's hear chester reporting from kiev there. and for more on what's ahead for our us as he bring in prime minister i'm joined live now by john locke in front of paris based is he had for democracy and cooperation john thanks for being here with us in the program so what sense is european. likely to get. that's difficult to say i
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think we'll have to wait for the report to come through as you know the maximum sentence is seven years but it may be that she was given a suspended sentence perhaps in the interests of social peace you may not know this but i am something of an expert on political trials my latest book was called a history of political trials from charles the first to seven hussein and i traced the history of three hundred years of. trials of former heads of state and heads and former heads of government and generally speaking i have to say that i am a skeptic about these trials. i know supporter of unit to machine code but i think that it is very dangerous to use the criminal law to adjudicate acts of state and this is what has happened in this case she's tried as you've just said in your report for abuse of office now that is
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a political charge it is an attempt to bring the criminal law to bear on the acts of state on acts of a prime minister committed while she was in office and the historical record shows that such trials are very seldom noddles that due process. well what are the plans are there i mean is there tears that she could actually every way in jail. yes a my understanding of the case is that a suspended sentence could be handed down which would mean that she would have all big chill. nonetheless and one guilty plea. judging by the report you just read from care of i would have thought that would be a wise move if people if he'd political temperature is rising if people are in the streets i mean after all it's not going to be an exaggeration of the judge but nonetheless it would be i think a good outcome rather than a prison sentence associates very anomalous for a country to have criminal custody all sentences for what are effectively
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administrative. crimes or administrative failings she's not accused in this trial of personal corruption she's not accused of crimes against humanity or war crimes she's accused of having signed deals with do orthorexic and that is not normally the kind of thing which the criminal law is used to adjudicate well as you just said the temperature at home is rising but let's now take a look at the situation outside of ukraine and international context ukraine's president as we know that carry on a card it is expected to hold talks in brussels next week to finalize the agreement to present an agreement where the e.u. so how do you think the guilty verdict to that we heard today is likely to affect their scarves in brussels. i think it will have a negative effect on us on those talks the european union has already made it clear that if you use this trial very dilute it's
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a very dim view of this trial he doesn't like to see opposition politicians put in prison and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks with ukraine it's interesting of course that she that yulia timoshenko is accused of signing a gas deal that was too favorable to russia because i'm sure your viewers will remember that she was brought to power in two thousand and four on a pro western ticket she was a member of course of the orange team that came in under viktor yushchenko so it's a great irony that she should now be accused of signing pills that are too thankful to russia but as i say i think the european union will react badly on the other hand. frankly there is no chance at all that ukraine joining the europe if you get the idea that ukraine at least to me but in the next certain a fifteen years or so these negotiations i'm afraid are really just for sake they
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don't have any real bearing on reality as we heard from our correspondent earlier on day he was bringing out the latest on their reaction at home to the verdict and there have been thousands of people taking part in protests in the streets to support. how do you think this divide back at home if they had their political climate in ukraine. well one has to be careful of course because you know a thousand people ok that's a thousand people but when they appear on a television screen they can under certain circumstances take on a greater importance than they really have that was certainly the case in the orange revolution where a mass movement was effectively manufactured. by television images nonetheless it seems clear that on. fortunately of all the soviet republics and all the former soviet republics ukraine continues to be more i think wrecked by
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division. really any of the excellent state it's a country that i think has had great difficulty a competition itself to its new stage but and this division between the pro western and prove russian cabs remains strong again it's an irony that you little machine that's in a sense speak in both camps obviously as i say should change our approach western security. that was too favorable to russia unless i think ukraine is not a country. whose political system has been happy for the last few years it's partly the result of western intervention it's part of the results in a. very sensitive to political position between russia and the european union but i think it also has internal factors and so we'll have to wait to see in those folks those play offs if indeed she was driven across to your sentence. thank
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you very much indeed for sharing your news with us on r.t. john martin of the paris based instead of democracy and cooperation if you so i have for you this hour here in our t.v. bureaus around hangs by a thread slovakia roads are a crucial deal which could decide the fate of dad strapped european nations and plans to bail them out. reshuffling the world's arcade political stage russia's leadin reporter and his chinese counterpart are looking to lay the first breaks in beijing today from aerospace to now development in era g. there is much on the table offer more on the much hyped meeting and what's at stake let's take a listen to our team's marina. this is prime minister vladimir putin's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and this may signal a change in focus for russia for many years the west has been dominating the political
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stage for russia china's economic progress may have been the sense many analysts are saying that the strategic partnership between the two biggest and fastest growing economies could shift the power balance in the world now both nations have supported each other throughout the years on issues related to sovereignty security and development they also have similar political views and we've seen this just recently when both of them veto the european france the u.n. security resolution which was condemning syria and was suggesting that it could face sanctions if it continue this crackdown on protesters both countries are also members of the ricks alliance along with india brazil and south africa and considered economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined the dominance of europe and the uighurs of the world political stage and it has cleared the way for emerging powers such as russia and
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china you know this year china has climbed the back wall and passing germany and it's now russia's number one trade partner and actually lied to me and said that he expects that right or never this year could reach seven the billion dollars and by twenty twenty that want that number to grow two hundred billion also the russian prime minister today is expected to sign a sweeping cooperation on technical modernization and what this means is that china will benefit from russia's leadership in nuclear energy space and aviation now russia on the other hand will take advantage of chinese superiority in high speed rail transport power generation equipment and alternative energy production and officials from both countries have actually said god this is the best the relationship has been in years and today will of course we are not there the strength and that's. maria costa reporting there from beijing offer more on just
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how strong the sign a russian relationship is i'm now joined by francis lawn managing director of investment company l.l.c. holdings live from hong kong francis thanks very much for being here with us in the program well as we know the relations between russia and china have been on a bumpy road for some time and it's only for the past maybe daddy we're seeing the . emergence of friendship and strengthening of relations so tell us what's behind this post soviet saw in your opinion. well. economically politically as for teaching clearly i think china and russia is a. good fit because as the course of my business said the u.s. and europe join together is really dominating global politics and i think that china and russia can join to give to. wait and not let them dictate
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around the world recently told by russia and china. creation is a quick example but. under the economic front china has a big population russia has a very small population but a lot of resources so russia can supply a lot of the resources to china really cares said notably sources like. china to supply. closer to russia so i think for. a lot of space china and russia have a lot of room to cover there can be could develop into a mutually beneficial relationship. in your opinion how this neutrally beneficial relationship which is the likely to grow as you said how is this likely going to affect the rest of the world and how what sort of reaction are we likely to get
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from say the u.s. and europe to this. of course europe and you would not be happy because europe and the usa joining together in the form of nato which is encroaching eastward toward russia and of course russia do a lot like this to happen and also elsewhere in the middle east. even let in america. the usa is dictating to the rest of the world and china and russia one to be a way. one to let america to take take the strategic interests and political interests globally so i think in this area a special lead china russia. security council members both have a veto so in this area china and russia can really do
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a lot and also really can't be a counterweight to the u. s. with. a european union well russia and china are both in the u.n. security council as you just mentioned and they're also part of the brakes blog so tell us a bit more about this blog's role in the world is it likely to turn into political power in the future thank. i don't think they're bricks we'll be a political power we will most probably be a economic power because india is china so there is no way india ok cooperate with china but. the shanghai protocol is. a shared. interest like classic star mania. and russia and this is sent to asia china and russia can put this for teaching interests in political interests there would not lead. to.
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this is very important for both countries but mr very briefly before where you go what is the public attitude towards the relations between russia and china towards the strengthening relations i should say i think most people will welcome it of course i think people see as really a. think in terms of where you can get such a charter and china was that they had resources from russia and of course russia only one interest group was cheap it was china so it works both ways. all right france's loan managing director of investment company lindsey holdings thanks very much indeed for sharing your views with us here on r.t. . well there have been reports of police beating war
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veterans during a peaceful protest in boston the demonstration was part of the occupy wall street movement which is aimed to big business and banks but protests which started in new york are now countrywide now let's get more from our tease lucy can find out who's closely watching the approaches for is there so these reports we're getting from boston isn't the first time police have used force there. it was the first time the police have used force in boston although unfortunately not the same can be said for the rest of the country what we know about the situation in boston that's far is about fifty to one hundred protesters have been arrested or as of about a thousand people camped out there especially been such a massive support for when this movement in boston that there were two separate can't the areas where protesters were demonstrating one of them got raided by the
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police this evening we've heard reports about oh police officers actually breaking down the tents confiscating prop property and as you mentioned earlier at the most i guess egregious act that we had witnessed was an actual physical confrontation between some of former veterans of the vietnam war or at least one of the gentleman that we heard about was seventy four years old there is a video of him getting actually violently the down by the police. very very unusual situation is something that was actually very closely watched here in downtown new york city where of course the original so-called occupy wall street protest began that of course our team has been covering since its members that until now they were live streaming some of the action here are a lot of the protesters very outraged that the actions that were happening as several have actually left new york to travel to boston to show solidarity with some of the protesters out there and we do know that these as you mentioned these
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events these protests are spreading throughout the country there's a lot more support for it and of course it's not so much about the protests as the underlying economic situation that's leading to so you can get shows that are urging people to take their streets they are tired of with the color corruption and wall street corruption in washington they feel like the economic system no longer represents them and many of the people that i have spoken to here are relieved. just don't feel like it it's a democracy it's that the it's the kind of country that they thought that they are visually living in people are trying to take a stand for what bait feel is right whether or not that's going to be heard of course is a whole separate story now and we do know that these protests as i've said earlier are spreading we do know this that the police are far more aware of the fact that there is this content across the country they're trying to be careful but it gets
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we do see instances like what we saw for example last weekend here and you were on the brooklyn bridge for seven hundred protesters were arrested for marching on the bridge an unprecedented number here in new york and of course this is reading across the country more and more cities seem to have their own so called occupy wall street moments that have sprung up including in los angeles of course where artesian own bill in go has been posted and he had actually captured some of the action on the other coasts and brings us the following report. oh protesters took over a bank of america branch in los angeles and were willing to get arrested in order to send a clear message to wall street he was to take a skid row boat in the city. and we are going to have thousand
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people have taken to the streets of los angeles now this movement has people from occupy los angeles in solidarity with high wall street and we have here people who have just been foreclosed on plenty of police here in force in order to keep this crowd in chat the anti-corporate mobilizations which started in new york are spreading and now some of the most of becton by the nation's economic crisis are joining in rose could tell received in a vixen notice after falling behind on her mortgage payments i haven't paid work and that was that was done for. my pay she believes that this type of political action will bring results even really governing out of but i might just take it and then just because that can make the stand just the way from struggling homeowners to the unemployed people of all walks of life are becoming in bolton but the recent street demonstrations we had to go. to my job.
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but it passed create and i'm here side of me and used to work at an auto parts plant he's part of the four point five million people who have been unemployed for more than a year now this father of two is struggling to hold on to his home diverse groups have made up the mobilization in cities across america in recent weeks as more people become inspired to vent their frustration with our financial. political institutions. that. there's still uncertainty about whether these protests will cause direct change or whether other self interested try to capitalize on the popularity but it appears that the financial state of the nation has helped motivate americans to take democracy to the streets. right ok this
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isn't a strike. in los angeles ramon the lindo r g. the eurozone is agonizingly close to accepting a new bailout plan for dance strap nations but the final step could be a tough one tiny slovakia is the stumbling block the last country to ratify the agreement and push the deal through r.t. sara firth has been following the story. greece might have been much bang at the center of attention recently is the you're using quite as well goes on another member states are being asked to vote on the european stability plans we take a look at how these other countries ok playing with the question all eyes are on slovak here today to see if politicians who vote positively on the european stability funds to aid ailing countries like greece as the last member state to vote slovakia's decision is crucial take a look at this t.v.
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ad for a popular slave like beer it announces to want to borrow from everyone that is greek not wanting to learn to grace that is slovak a tongue in cheek caption the need of the people here perfectly. is not a rich country we need money for health care system promise for our elderly. as the second poorest country in the year is a slave that see no reason why they should help bail out the rich nations who they view as having spent more than they could afford and political dissent is met there is uncertainty about where the leading coalition party will be able to get the votes they need if the bailout funds go ahead the approval of all seventeen countries that use the single currency is needed. a member of. euro. or not. i see there's
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a strong pressure from from other european countries and. probably. if it does approve the plan slovak here would be expected to contribute about seven point seven billion year aid to the pot tehsil about four hundred forty billion euro but with year easing countries like spain and italy making increasingly unstable many critics are saying that even this will not be enough. it's the final solution to the problem and they say it will take these measures but this will be the end of it and it's like. come out and what we see is an endless. austerity. depression. measures need to move oppression and people realize now that you've got to break out despite facing an outpouring of public discontent germany managed to pass the measures at the end of last month didn't survive here many have remained strictly a pace to this thing the fund taxpayers paying
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a penny. situation is not sustainable. amounts to be pledged are so huge that it doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense and i think the politicians we'll see also other alternatives probably they don't have euro they are doing quite well they don't need. they don't have money and so. the decision of the small member states today could have a big impact on the plans for the pair that fund this is the day crisis continues to be felt in the richest member states to the purchased is no global concern about where this is going to. surface. i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments stay with our team. down
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