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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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worldwide news live from the heart of moscow this is on with me. straight to our breaking news at this hour ukraine's ex prime minister yulia timoshenko has been sentenced to seven years in prison she was found guilty of abusing her oath already while signing gas deals with russia alexy going to shift gears following events now joins us live right outside the court where two machines because of porters have been involved with scuffles with the police there. seven years in prison a surprise to you when you know we. were trying to interrupt you but i know you've got a lot of noise where you are with the crowd so once again seven years behind bars some are surprised others are not pleased your thoughts. about the policies that we are having a technical difficulties with that with the connection we will catch up with you very soon here on out so you can apologies for that certainly
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a noisy area where he is right now. arrest caused global concern about including members of the e.u. ukraine's president victoriano is expected to hold talks in brussels next week of an association agreement which is the first step to joining the e.u. . from the paris based institute for democracy and cooperation skeptical about whether that will ever happen. i trace the history of three hundred years of. trials of former heads of state and heads and former heads of government and generally speaking i have to say that i am a skeptic about these trials. no supporter of yulia timoshenko but i think that it is very dangerous to use the criminal law to adjudicate acts of state and this is what has happened in this case the european union has already made it clear that if you use this trial very dimly it takes
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a very dim view of this trial doesn't like to see opposition politicians put in prison and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks with ukraine on the other hand. frankly there is no chance at all of ukraine joining the european union the idea that ukraine at least in a vote in me next ten or fifteen years so these negotiations i'm afraid are really just for form's sake they don't have any real bearing on reality. let's reestablish our connection with alexei yet here's. just outside the courthouse there in kiev where the team a chunk of supporters have been involved in scuffles with police alexia thanks for joining us again seven years in prison now your thoughts on.
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i. yeah i can just about hear you it's very. sorry i do apologize it's just that the noise is just too much we can see a lot of emotions the way you are in kiev outside the courthouse a lot of people voicing what seems to be frustration and anger over the verdict now that the former pm yulia timoshenko sentence not to seven years behind bars that was artie's alexy people trying to get back to him when emotions cool just a little bit now still ahead here on the program here on out see the eurozone hangs by a thread like you know votes on a crucial deal which i could decide the fate of debt struck european nations and then plans to bail them out. reshuffling the
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waldock a political stage russia's vladimir putin and his chinese counterpart are looking to lay the first brics in beijing today russia's prime minister and china's a prime yeah when jabo apparently signing deals worth an estimated seven point one billion dollars and the agreements range from aerospace to china development and large energy deals. overcome differences i've also applies china has agreed on a new pipeline from russia there is still however the issue of gas with no news yet of a resolution. crisis. meeting. this is prime minister vladimir putin's first visit since announcing his cabinet see in the upcoming presidential elections and this i'm a signal a change in focus for russia for many years the west has been dominated in that political stage for russia china's economic progress may have moved in the sense
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many analysts are saying that the strategic partnership between the two biggest and fastest growing economies could shift the power balance in the world now both nations have supported each other throughout the years on issues related to sovereignty security and development they also have similar political views and we've seen this just recently when both of them a veto the european draft the u.n. security resolution which was condemning syria and was suggesting that it could face sanctions if it continue this crackdown on protesters both the countries are also members of the brics alliance along with india brazil and south africa and the continued economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined the dominance all of europe and the u.s. all of the world political stage and it has cleared the way for emergent powers such as russia and china you know this year china has climbed the back up and
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passing germany and it's now russia's number one trade partner and actually of lattimer putin said that he expects that number this year could reach seven be a billion dollars and by twenty twenty that when that number to grow to two hundred billion also the russian prime minister today is expect that's a sign a sweeping cooperation on technical modernization that what this means is that china will benefit from russia's leadership in nuclear energy space and aviation now russia on the other hand will take advantage of chinese superiority. high speed rail transport power generation equipment and alternative energy production and officials from both countries have actually said that this is the best their relationship has been in years and today will of course see an other opportunity to strengthen that. point and for more on the sinai russian relations let's get perspective on this from china professor fanger chalet director of the center for russian studies at the east china normal university thank you for joining us on the
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program today at this point a china russia relations it seems to have gone beyond just out of pure cash are there foreign policy positions or near identical military cooperation well beyond just neighborly is the relationship becoming more political do you think asking you the euro i think now with the relationship between both of the countries china and russia i think not only. for for e diplomatic about also i think the concern this seen even into no development but also i think both sides china and russia also can see the many things. related. surrounding the area even sickle obo this situation is so i think as opposed to how the relationship between china and russia are a day i think so more important than only so you're certainly seeing a boost certainly an improvement in a warming in relations
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a politically speaking and beyond that between russia and china but are we reaching a limit now though to how far such a friendship can go after all and just how much can they both benefit and gain from it. i think really our current relationship i think really is some most of the benefits of oppose side. not only economically for without imposing these. not only polluting but also the another the political leadership to visit china are seeing this as a means for literally a new plan. a new plan the for economic cooperation proposal there will be develop . one when when when seen are cool both sides say the larger developed this is not only the trade but also the investment relation second delay buys is financially supporting both sides of china russia would like promoting. some of the bigger project just like the. new the clear the energy
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or so is a power plant product but also a coach or corporation and also some infrastructure plan sinkers that is really is big big biggest so so you go ahead you can see an improvement and the more cooperation the future when it comes to energy agricultural aspects of infrastructure as well between russia and china but bring us a round if you can in china what's the public perception towards such a friendship with russia but the general chinese are notoriously independent is opposition to such relations perhaps on the rise. concern a perception on russia from town assad i think. it would be very especially the furthest things really for both china and russia we have this common history so it means both sides could be more easy to
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understand each other and the second largest city is on the pulse of russia. in the process of the modernization and the economical political reform so also many things we can understand each other but our costs for both. so complicated. situations country i think really really hard to leave understand the more. right a professor fanger chalet director of the center for russian studies the east china normal university thank you. let's go back to our. following events in kiev just outside the courthouse where yulia timoshenko former prime minister and her supporters rather her supporters have been clashing with police so she's been sentenced to seven years behind bars for an inappropriate gas transaction with with russia talking all about a massive two hundred million dollars alexy seven years in prison i understand
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you're there with the crowds and all the noise what is the reaction where you are any surprises. well the reaction now is sensed we are certainly awaiting some clashes with the police the police is running all over the place trying to block the protesters from the central street and it is yet unclear whether the projection of some of the parliament deputies about the violence i should get a prison sentence will become true because as we know she had just been convicted to seven years in prison all of her property would be confiscated and she will have to repay almost two hundred million u.s. dollars in. damages so clearly we do not know whether the crowd here the thousands of protesters which out of here whether they know about some of the verdict about the court ruling but certainly the situation is very tense here we've already seen some pushing and shoving between the protesters and the police and right now the
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situation is basically on the knife's edge now i would like to say as well that this verdict is not completely something expected because many experts up to the last moment felt that she would probably get five years suspended sentence because this case is being labeled as politically driven and the eyes of the european union have been focused on this trial and on the verdict itself with the euro commission's representative for foreign affairs catherine ashton declaring this morning that's of the agreement on the association with the european union and ukraine could be canceled should you know too much and will be presenting today now we understand that the court has satisfied to the pleas of the prosecution to give a seven seven year sentence to tymoshenko lobos we're waiting for some more reaction from the crowd here but we know that some essential has already said that this is the return to the can c.v.t. prosecution and she will she doesn't care about the sentence she was still shy to
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protect ukraine from what she describes as criminal power. and her supporters they claim that the case is a politically motivated anyway behind the stipends anyway behind the reasons. well they've been claiming all along that this case is heavily politicized that it is not being done in according with the legislation in accordance with legislation but it is being orchestrated by presidio the club which personally they in fact have been calling this day the verdict day has the doomsday ukraine's democracy going to push yourself have been saying that had no worries about this case and cared. a little about the space in that it is being done only in accordance with the law it is very interesting because it was being accused of striking an unlawful gas deals with moscow back in two thousand and nine that cost the cranium budget more than two hundred million u.s. dollars at the same time all still was adamant that oh these agreements all these
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gas deals were signed in full accordance with the two countries legislation and they say that they said also that this case this while must be transparent well clearly the situation is developing very rapidly we're here on the story we'll be going live every hour to bring you the latest reaction and also don't forget to follow us on twitter yarrow and destroy r t o r t the so-called full the latest information every ten fifteen minutes we've tweeting every single detail from here from the heart of tea. parties like yourself here right there thanks very much. are you with the live from moscow they have been reports of a police beating of war veterans during a peaceful protest in the u.s. city of boston the demonstration was part of the occupy wall street movement which as i am the big business and bangs the protests which started in new york are now country wide. office being closely watching events. but we know about the situation in boston thus far is about
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a fifty to one hundred protesters have been arrested we heard reports about a thousand people camped out there especially in session mass a fourth quarter for this movement in boston that there were two separate tampa areas where of protesters were demonstrating one of them got raided by the police just in the main we heard reports about of police officers actually breaking down the tents confiscating prop property at the most so i guess egregious act that we had witnessed was an actual physical confrontation between some of former veterans of the vietnam war who are at least one of the gentleman that we heard about was seventy four years old there is a video of him getting actually violently beaten down by the police a very very unusual situation is something that was actually very closely watched here in downtown new york city where of course the original so-called occupy wall street protests began that of course our team has been covering since september
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seventeenth now they were wide streaming some of the action here are a lot of the protesters very outraged that the actions that were happening as several have actually left new york to travel to boston to show solidarity with some of the the protesters out there we do know that these protests are spreading we do know that the police are far more aware of the fact that there is a sting towns across the country there are more and more cities seem to have their own no so-called occupy wall street moments that have sprung up including in los angeles of course where our teams are on the lindo has been posted and he had actually captured some of the action on the other coast and brings us the following report. was. bad protesters took over a bank of america bring. in los angeles and we're willing to get arrested in order
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to send a clear message to wall street we have to take a good no no no money from the land and we want it more than a thousand people have taken to the streets of los angeles now this movement acres people from occupy los angeles in solidarity with high wall street and we have here people who have just been foreclosed on plenty of police here in force in order to keep this crowd in check the anti-corporate mobilizations which started in new york are spreading and now some of the most of fact and by the nation's economic crisis are joining in rose goodell received an eviction notice after falling behind on her mortgage payments i was a worker and was told that i was not. going to go and i am very sorry that i also know in my pay she believes that this type of political action will bring results and they've been really governing a lot of but i might just take it and there has to be
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a dad and i think this is the stand that you're seeing that this boy from struggling homeowners to the unemployed people of all walks of life are becoming enfold and by the recent street demonstrations we had to go. to my job they could not make. that the boss be a javier side of me and used to work at an auto parts plant he's part of the four point five million people who have been unemployed for more than a year now this father of two is struggling to hold on to his home diverse groups have made up the mobilization in cities across america in recent weeks as more people become inspired to bed their frustration with our financial and political institutions. is that oh ok so you're right. there's still uncertainty about whether these protests. yes will cause direct change or whether other self interested will try to capitalize on the popularity
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but it appears that the financial state of the nation has helped motivate americans to take democracy to the streets. this is a new start though. los angeles ramone the lindo archie. welty kaiser report is getting to the roots of the ravaging financial crisis here's a quick preview of what's coming your way next hour. those are passive accounts from old ladies sitting on fortunes and every single month they get their statement and they get out their magnifying glass and they try to figure out of the bank stole money from them this month but they're very good at doing it so they can pick it up and or other pension accounts or their teachers or their firemen remember all these public workers accounts they're being vilified because they want to living wage meanwhile their pensions are being destroyed by bank of new york and other
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banks that are getting really gangbang from both directions. thanks to the cars report about an hour and ten minutes her and. the eurozone is close to accepting a new bailout plan for debt strapped nations but the final step could be a tough one tiny slovakia is the stumbling block the last country to ratify the agreement and push the deal through sarah ferguson following this. smiter being smug bang at the center of attention recently is the usa in crisis rumbles on and other member states are being offered to vote on the european stability fund we take a look at how these other countries ok playing with the pressure all eyes are on slovak here today to see if politicians who vote positively on the european stability fund to aid ailing countries like greece as the last member state viki's decision is crucial but take a look at this t.v.
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ad for a populist slave act bit it announces to want to borrow from everyone that is greek not wanting to lend to grace that is slovakia's a tongue in cheek that's captured the mood of the people here perfectly. appropriate care is not a rich country we need money for our health care system harmless for our elderly. as the second poorest country in the year is a new reason why they should help the richer nations who they view as having spent more than they could afford and political dissent is met there is uncertainty about whether the leading coalition party will be able to get the votes they need for the bailout funds to go ahead a preview of all seventeen countries that use the single currency is needed. doesn't want to look why. would you raise the second bailout or not. i see there's a strong pressure from from other european countries and. probably too weak to
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resist if it doesn't prefer the plan slovakia but be expected to contribute about seven point seven billion year a to the pot which would taste about four hundred forty billion euro but with year easing countries like spain and italy making increasingly unstable many critics are saying that even this will not be enough but it's a dead end every so often. it's the final solution to the problem and they say it will take these margins but this will be the end of it and it's like the end of the tunnel that will come out and what we see is an endless. austerity. depression. leading to more measures leading to more depression and people realize now that you've got to break out that despite facing an outpouring of public discontent germany managed to post the measures at the end of last month but in slovakia many have remained strictly pays to this thing the fund that
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taxpayer is paying a penny. the. situation is not sustainable in greece. amounts to be pledged are so huge that it really doesn't make sense and they see that it doesn't make sense to them and i think this is like politicians we all see that there are also other alternatives but look at the czech republic they don't have euro they are doing quite well they don't need the. common currency and at the same time that they don't have to pledge money and some loans to other countries the decision of the small member state today could have a big impact on the plans for the bailout fund but as the debt crisis continues to be felt in the richest member states to the poorest is no global concern about just where this is going to and search. athens. for the business news with dmitri.
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thanks rory russia and china have finally sorted out their long lasting rao over oil transportation tariffs as according to deputy prime minister. chinese c m p c underpaid russia's transnet around twenty five billion dollars for oil supplies claiming the transportation fee is too high only a trans national to go to court if its chinese parties did not pay their bills. they would be prime minister going to all the claims are now dropped from the debts will be settles. while the two countries are also creating a joint investment fund worth up to four billion dollars the deal will be sealed during prime minister putin's visit to beijing the startup will be jointly run by the russian direct investment fund and the china investment corporation each has already allocated one billion dollars to the project at least seventy percent of the funds money is expected to be invested in russia and foremost c.i.s.
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countries china is cancelling or you one ruble trading fees as it becomes russia's top trading partner. russia looks likely to post a budget surplus this year high crude prices are balancing the state spending which has risen in an election year the relatively healthy outlook is likely to continue in two thousand and twelve unless the oil price crashes as the us love you somebody from georgia brain explains. even with a significant increase in first call spending ahead of the elections at the end of this year there is a very high chance that russia will have a moderate but still a fiscal surplus by the end of this year in terms of the year two thousand and twelve the possibility to attain a surplus is also there obviously oil prices will have a lot to do with that but my sense is that given that we're going to be and the postal letter all fiscal landscape after the elections is going to be easier to
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control fiscal spending and that i think bodes well for the attainment of relatively good fiscal outcomes possible even in the positive zone with regard to the first next year. so we have the markets now while prices are heading dour down after monday's rally lights we did declining sixty seven cents brant seventy one cents well oil is being dropped just as european stocks are also. losing in value this is as investors are awaiting a decision on expanding the european rescue fund by slovakia's just in last year's country to vote on the plan for the index down point to six point seven percent. and this is the picture in russia our markets are also correcting after several consecutive sessions of growth so you look at some of the main movers on the my sexual majors among the. declining three percent burbank also losing point eight
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percent reporting their profit for the first nine months more than doubling to eight billion dollars metals miner met show is up just slightly point one percent bucking the trend its net profit is quadrupled in the first half of the year reaching half a billion dollars. for the news the chinese development bank has agreed to provide one and a half billion dollar. as to fund the construction of an album minium smelter for resell russian companies source of the construction of the plant four years ago however was put on hold due to a lack of financing projects expected to be finished in two years. that's all for now we will be back in around fifteen minutes time with an update the headlines are next.
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