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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko has been sentenced to seven years in prison and all of a property must be called to state that the tension may be dying down but still the situation is very unpredictable life from the multipoint of ukrainian politics in just a few minutes. the future no more he says asia's biggest giants russia and china will be doing here to try to the political dominance of the western world. and in boston and the wall street protests turned violent as police reportedly beat up war veterans during a peaceful demonstration this comes as people all across the u.s. join a movement against the bankers big business and got. a
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very warm welcome to you this is a live from with me. seven years of behind bars and two hundred million dollars to repay the sentence for ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko for abusing her with or he was signing gas deals with russia. is following the events joining us now live from outside the court where the supporters have been involved in scuffles with the police i was saying a moment ago actually other the crowd have dissipated a little bit but certainly there's been some high emotions running that seven years in prison i go through. definitely her sentence in full means that she will not only spend the next seven years behind bars unless of course she appeals against this is to have to compensate two hundred million dollars in damages which the
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court believes she inflicted to the point you. just have. to be confiscated and so she spent seven years in prison for the next three years she will. not be able to have any governmental post or have any governmental work in the government or anywhere in the state parties this is of course something a little bit unexpected from by many experts because many thoughts at the last minute that two percent go would get a five year suspended sentence which would assert her free immediately but would pull her out from any political campaigns i believe in the parliamentary election next year or the presidential election twenty fifty now we received the news that she got the seven year sentence this is definitely the plea of the prosecution so she received the sentence in full the iron lady of ukraine the baltics as she was commonly known just several years back when she was the country's prime minister reacted with indignation to the ruling by the courts saying that the ukraine is now
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back to the nine hundred thirty seven to the times of the soviet repressions and that she said she will continue fighting for the freedom crane even from behind bars so the situation with them a sample is still unclear we do not know for sure whether she would be able where the should be eligible to appeal cases decision and we are certainly waiting for any comments from her lawyers and from the prosecution as well like the ultimate and her supporters for quite some time now if you say that miss case is politically motivated in any truth any substance behind those. they fact have been claiming all along that this case is politicized through and through they've been in fact calling this particular day the verdict reading day as the doomsday of ukraine's democracy meaning that shoot tymoshenko be sentenced to some time in prison that it will be the end of a democracy in ukraine president don't you the coach on the other side has been saying that this case has no political background that this is a purely criminal case and in the latest interview he said that he didn't care at
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all about too much and coast fate also there have been very sharp common stuff coming from the european union and the latest one from miss ashton the foreign minister of the european commission who said that should get a prison sentence that a possible deal on association between the european union and ukraine would be canceled also we've heard very interesting comments coming from moscow in the wake of the accusations that tymoshenko that at the gas deal which she straws talk with russia in two thousand and nine were unlawful moscow is adamant that these deals were signed in full accordance with the two countries laws so this is definitely a melting pot and nobody knows who's right and who's wrong here but for now the tension the simmering tension has been dying down for the last hour with no violence no clashes in the street but the situation still is that knife's edge with thousands of protesters here and many more thousands of police troops also blocking
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the roads and blocking the protesters from attempting any violence we are monitoring the situation and we'll be updating our viewers both live on on air and on our twitter r.t. underscore coleman to get an underscore r.t. all right nic we're now getting reports here at all to you that the e.u. could actually review relations with ukraine given of this voted on a t.v. show it would be checking with you throughout the day to get a hold of this he's actually going to shift rights. well the e.u. has i condemned him a shaker sentence for saying it could as i was saying we consider relations with ukraine in response present i think that one accord which is due to hold talks in brussels next week over an association agreement which is a first step to joining the e.u. john laughlin from the paris based in three of the marker c. and cooperation is skeptical about whether that will ever happen but trace the history of three hundred years of. trials of former heads of state and heads and former heads of government and they are generally speaking and i have to say that i
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am a skeptic about the child's. no support tribunal to machine code but i think that it is very dangerous to use the criminal law to adjudicate acts of state and this is what has happened in this case the european union has already made it clear that if you use this child very dearly it takes a very dim view of this trial he doesn't like to see oppositional additions in prison and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks with ukraine on the other hand. train clean there is no chance at all of ukraine joining the european union the idea that ukraine at least to me bit me next search in a fifteen years so these negotiations i'm afraid are really just so false say they don't have any real bearing on reality you have r.t. live from moscow are still ahead of you in a program here the eurozone hangs up by
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a thread so that theo votes on a crucial deal which could decide the fate of death struck european nations and our plans to bail them out. now reshuffling the world's archaic political stage russia's vladimir putin and his chinese counterpart are looking to lay the first of bricks in beijing today russia's prime minister and china's premier wen jarboe have signed deals worth an estimated seven point one billion dollars the greens range from aerospace to nano development and large energy deals are the two sides say they've overcome differences over oil supplies and china has agreed on a new pipeline from russia there is still however the issue of gas with no news yet of a resolution in the longstanding pricing disputes normally a much hyped meeting his aunties were going to cost. this is prime minister vladimir putin's first visit since announcing his privacy in the upcoming
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presidential elections and this i'm a signal a change in focus for russia for many years the west has been dominated the political stage for russia china's economic progress may have most of the sense many analysts are saying that the strategic partnership between the two biggest and fastest growing economies could shift the power balance in the world now both nations have supported each other throughout the years on issues related to sovereignty security and development they also have similar political views and we've seen this just recently when both of them a veto the european draft the u.n. security resolution which was condemning syria and suggesting that it could face sanctions if it continued its crackdown on protesters both the countries are also members of the brics alliance along with brazil and south africa and the continued economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined the dominance of europe and the u.s.
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all of the world political stage and it has cleared the way for emerging powers such as for russia and china you know this year trying to has climbed the back up and passing germany and it's now russia's number one trade partner and actually live in and said that he expects such never this year could reach seven be a billion dollars and by twenty twenty they want that number to grow to two hundred billion also the russian prime minister today is expected to sign a sweeping cooperation on technical modernization and what this means is that china will benefit from russia's leadership in nuclear energy space and aviation now russia on the other hand will take advantage of chinese superiority and high speed rail transport power generation equipment and alternative energy production and officials from both country. actually said that this is the best the relationship has been in years and today will of course be an other opportunity to strengthen
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the. i know it's got some more details on this is just how strong is the sign a russian relationship or no i'm joined by. consultant and professor of the business and imagine school life in barcelona thank you for joining us today professor so during the last years of the cold war relations between russia and china were abysmal with multiple episodes of border violence today we're seeing historic highs or do you think given given the past can it last do you think. well yes hello thanks for reminding me it's thirty three i think i've been witnessing a. aleutian of this relationship i was in eight million nine hundred eighty nine as former president got to talk about and so i've been part of this relationship and as a matter of fact the circumstances now are i differ and we were talking about afghanistan but presence of cause so we understand support or there were issues off for
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homework and really and in ten years from here supporting something and now this was all gone it's a different world and i think. the relationship. now. is lasting and will last there will reinforce i don't think it's a threat to the rest of the world but you you say you've seen a over the past twenty years you've seen a pick shift in the relationship you're saying that there's more cooperation more bilateral movement for the two major players here but how much of this cooperation is for some let's be honest here both china and russia are rapidly growing economies and both need each other yes we need each other. it was good for war or multiple or or i think he might have lived in that group but it's not going to be the thought of heart of this generation or a lot of complementarity is still the relationship you have with other far worse
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for those comparable and for even more significant for example for actually european union says he'll lose a partner for china. apec ok entry is i'm talking about the end function of our united states i'm talking of south korea very important because our source of advanced technology is relationship i know russia still cannot produce but when you when you when you talk about this relationship or not being able to produce all those. with the ongoing financial storm you mention of america a moment ago where you the u.s. has been suffering the eurozone has been suffering for quite some time now are we seeing what could become a rival economic and political union blossoming in the east you think no i don't think so we don't have to be afraid of thought i've got friends coming from that is when i say from the european union or from this person is a lot of regard russia and china i do not believe in that they have two real
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problems of all we've been talking of are so full of trying to put a european union. more in danger like greens it's only going to some of the same time there are analysts in town and seen think here we are still a third world country we can not start solving the problems of others notwithstanding there are problems with all those world and you know the european union is china's main trading partner so i think saws feel a lot of room for a good founder and russia are not the sort of thing we serve as significant pressure and they're not willing to knock on the rest of the world. oppressor and consultant or of the it's a business and management school many things thank you. for being reports of police beating war veterans during a peaceful protest in the u.s.
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city of boston the demonstration was part of the occupy wall street movement which is a into big business and banks and protests which started in new york and now nationwide . office been closely watching events. but we know about the situation in boston thus far is about fifty to one hundred protesters have been arrested we heard reports about a thousand people camped out there especially in session mass a port where this movement in boston that there were two separate can be areas where a protest force for demonstrating one of them got raided by the police just in the main we heard reports about a police officers actually breaking down the tents confiscating crop property the most so i guess they just sat that we had witnessed what was an actual physical confrontation between some former veterans of the vietnam war at least one of the gentleman that we heard about was seventy four years old there is
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a video of him getting actually violently beaten down by the police very very unusual situation is something that was actually very closely watched here in downtown new york city where of course the original so-called occupy wall street protests began that of course r.t. has been covering since september seventeenth now they were by streaming some of the the action here are a lot of the protesters bury our rage that the actions that were happening as several have actually left new york to travel to boston to show solidarity with some of the protesters out there we do know that these protests are spreading we do know that the police are far more aware of that fact that there is a sting towns across the country there are more and more cities seem to out there who now so-called occupy wall street moments that have sprung out including in los angeles of course where artesian own bill indio has been posted and he had actually captured some of the action on the other coasts and brings us the following report
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. of her. path protesters took over a bank of america through. in los angeles and we're willing to get arrested in order to send a clear message to wall street he was to say thanks to you. and we. want to have thousand people have taken to the streets of los angeles now this move in a people from occupy los angeles in solidarity with by wall street and we have here people who have just been foreclosed on plenty of police here in force in order to keep this crowd in check the anti-corporate mobilizations which started in new york are spreading and now some of the most of the acted by the nation's economic crisis are joining in rose could tell received an addiction notice after falling behind on
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her mortgage payments i have a great work and. i. also know in my case she believes that this type of political action will bring results they've been really governing out of how far might just take you and there has to be god and i think this is the stand that just the way from struggling homeowners to the unemployed people of all walks of life are becoming in boulder and by the recent street demonstrations we have to go. some idea of economic. that advice created here started me and used to work at an auto parts plant he's part of the four point five million people who have been unemployed for more than a year now this father of two is struggling to hold on to his home diverse groups have made up the mobilizations in cities across america in recent weeks as more
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people become inspired to vent their frustration with our financial and political institutions. is that. there's still uncertainty about whether these protests. yes will cause direct change or were there other self interest to try to capitalize on the popularity but it appears that the financial state of the nation has helped motivate americans to take the markets each of the streets. this is. the los angeles. archie. heartland here twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow you want watching our bear in mind if you want to catch up with our new stories just i go to dot com for more a quick look now at what else is waiting for you there online the inventor of the iconic a k forty seven wins case in
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a swiss court that's often the name of his famous kalashnikov rifle comes under attack from a drinks company. and the siberian so much for the secret sasquatch expedition heads out into the wilds of russia to find out of bigfoot really does exist. now the eurozone is painfully close to accepting a new bailout plan for strapped nations the final step could be a tough one tony is a stumbling block the last country to ratify the agreement and push a deal through. has been investigating a story. greece might have been so much bang at the center of attention recently is the you're using crisis rumbles on another member states are going off to vote on the european stability pans we take a look at how these other countries ok playing with the pressure all eyes are on slovak here today to see if politicians who vote positively on the european stability funds to aid ailing countries like greece as the last member state of
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eight slovakia's decision is crucial take a look at this t.v. ad for a populist beer it announces to want to glory from everyone that is greek not wanting to learn to grace that is slovak a tongue in cheek that's captured the mood of the people here perfectly. crowded here is not a rich country we need money for health care system promise for a pro. as the second poorest country in the year is a slave a reason why they should help bail out the richer nations who they view as having spent more than they can afford and political dissent but then there is uncertainty about whether the leading coalition party will be able to get the votes they need if the bailout funds go ahead the approval of all seventeen countries that use a single currency is needed.
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or not. i see there's a strong pressure from from other european countries and. probably to be resistant if it does a priest the plan slovakia would be expected to contribute about seven point seven billion year a to the pot if you taste about four hundred forty billion euro with year easing countries like spain and italy became increasingly unstable many critics are saying that even this will not be enough but today every so often. announced the final solution to the problem and they say it will take these mergers but this will be the end of it and it's like the end of the tunnel will come out and what we see is an endless. austerity. depression. measures need to move depression and people realize now that you've got to break out of that despite facing an outpouring of public discontent germany managed to
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pass the measures at the end of last month put in sort of back here many have remained strictly a pace to boosting the fund that taxpayers paying a penny. in is not sustainable in greece. amounts to be pledged. doesn't make sense and doesn't make sense to them and i think. we'll see that there are also other alternatives. probably they don't have you they are doing quite well they don't mean. the same time they don't have money and sort of loans for other countries the decision of the small member state today could have a big impact to look plans for the bad out fund that is the debt crisis continues to be felt from the richest member states to the poorest is no global concern about just where this is going to surf city athens. with r.t.
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in our back to our breaking news story this hour for you of course in kenya sentenced former ukraine prime minister yulia timoshenko seven years in prison she was found guilty of abusing her authority while signing gas deals with russia that's what is causing the losses of two hundred million dollars the e.u. meantime is condemned to a shaker site and so let's get some more details now and across live correspondent in brussels artie's daniel what you can i give us the latest reaction from there daniel what also that the e.u. officials have to say about this. you know. they are actually really hold relations here now the head of ukraine are. we talking about an association agreement with the e.u. which is one of the adjoining the european union commission originally.
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called. ukraine what was your you know the european union only and today the european commission. about changes. so the. situation. again for the head of the you were holding the. grip. all right artie said daniel for sure there are life for us in brussels thank you. our hourly update here the business news is next with me. and then when welcome to the program russia and china are creating a joint investment fund where up to four billion dollars the deal will be sealed
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during a prime minister putin's visit to beijing the start up will be jointly run by the russian direct investment fund and the china investment corporation each has already allocated one billion dollars to the project at least seventy percent of the funds moneys are expected to be invested in russia and former cia s countries. well in further effort to boost trade beijing has just announced that its decided to cancel exchange fees between the u. one and the room to talk more on this i'm now joined by jacob now chief economist for morgan stanley russia thank you so much for being with us thank you so do you think that russia and china are actually moving one step closer because they've just counsel bees in establishing direct exchanges between the route the ruble and do you want are they moving to full converts ability it's a bit early to say that i think that there's two big reasons why fool you one convert ability is maybe five years away the first is that currently the what you earn is undervalued if it was traded at its free market price it would probably
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appreciate by twenty to thirty percent and you can see that in the big current killed services that china runs they've started to let the one appreciate again or for a couple of years or they held it frozen during the crisis so in the last two months the un has appreciated against the dollar whereas the group will and most other emerging market currencies have fallen sharply so it intil it gets to a fair market value i don't think you'll see it for free trade and the other reason why they're going to move slowly is they're concerned about control and if the external value of the un is set by the market by the decisions of central banks you were and were not then they were. lose a measure of control so i think it's a medium term objective but this is symbolic it's important it's opening the way through swap facilities between central banks but through agreements between exchanges which will help x.
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morse's and importers operating between china and russia what do you think about this investment fund this is as symbolic as this move to cancel exchanges are used because a lot of invention is already coming from china it is the number one trading partner for russia not so much investment yet but in trade it's just become the number one trading partner it's else to germany from the top place and i think this is very symbolic because although it's only now so i think ten or twelve percent of russia's trade in fact china is the marginal boy of commodities that means that chinese demand is what determines the price of oil and gas and alamy and many other commodities in the world markets so i think it's appropriate that russia should be trying to strengthen its trade and investment relations with what's becoming its most important trading partner do you think the russia is now actually moving more towards the east and dealings with europe well i think this is a longstanding policy the escrow pipeline in east siberian pacific ocean pipeline
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still being built. and the talks on the gas pipeline to china are making progress i understand and i think that this is a natural development of the trading relationship between china and russia which has been remarkably weak i think for many years so i think the opening to asia that's underway is a reflection of the growing economic power of asia and it isn't something that started with mr putin's visit today but it's certainly something that i think he's seeking to accelerate right to give bell thank you so much that was going to morgan stanley rusher jacob no talking to us. and i'm afraid that's all we have time for in this edition of business all things on my colleague cutting the many camps will be ten fifty five minutes time with an update. from.
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wealthy british science. sometimes the title of. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our cheap.


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