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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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entirely true winsor tell me tonight you're the peach of a good girl how would international. cheese evergreen laurel for chill in terms of . breaking news this hour here on our t.v. ukraine's ex prime minister is sentenced to seven years in jail for abusing power and signing gas contracts with russia by the verdict sparking clashes between supporters and the police. going east moscow and beijing a boost cooperation as china becomes the first country a lot of new putin visits office stating that he will run for the presidency next year. and america's anti corporate protests in boston meet a fierce response from police to report war veterans taking part in a peaceful rally.
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it's just after six pm here in moscow and this is with me wrong reception and straight to our breaking news for you this hour ukraine's ex prime minister is jailed for seven years now yulia timoshenko was found guilty of abuse of power when signing gas deals with russia just about two years ago. following the events now joins us live from outside the court where the verdict went down i know you've been there with the protesters you've seen them there you've seen the police as well we've been seeing reactions inside the courtroom outside the courtroom bring us up to speed on the latest of what you see. well it has been certainly a very wild and long day here in kiev in central kiev where at times it seemed that the tension would go over the top with the supporters of thousands of them trying to organize a march through the streets of kiev and being dispersed by the police with no real bullets. it was still some pushing and shoving and the situation was really
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explosive it could have been it could have led to serious violence that as it had been predicted by many deputies in the ukrainian parliament and experts thankfully it turned out to be rather on violence still several people were injured in the pushing and shoving with the police one woman was so she was taken to hospital having fallen from a stage or from a staircase or something like that and other than that there has been no serious violence but as i said this situation was very tense inside the courtroom of course it was very tense as well while the judge was reading out the verdict. was over shouting the judge was screaming abusive words at him saying that this decision this verdict was not done in accordance with the criminal law but it was orchestrated by president viktor yanukovych indeed the reaction from the former prime minister when she learned that she's to spend seven years in prison have her property confiscated and to pay out almost two hundred million u.s. dollars and that was very much furious. that. the retiree in regime.
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don't me the trial showed that the constitution and justice had been trampled under i mean she did begin to struggle it very difficult and. we have to protect ukraine against the authoritarian regime. it is unclear whether units machine cause fate has been sealed as some experts are speculating whether a presidential pardon is still a possibility that could sign an amnesty decree for you too much and that remains to be seen of course but we understand that the protesters several thousand of them will remain in central street for another week at least to follow the developments and to see whether their leader would be set free or any any other development could happen to her but for now as i said it's been very calm for the last several hours and as you can probably hear there's no music playing and now we can talk to you without over shouting the loud knows the noise of the ten thousand of protests here in central kiev. now as we know gas fields with russia were the center of this
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case at this point as moscow reacted to the vote. well moscow has been saying all along that those deals back in two thousand and nine were signed in full accordance with international law and with the two countries legislation and the reaction which we have already received from the russian foreign ministry is saying almost the same that the court which had the verdict delivered basically neglected the fact that russia believed that the deals were signed a lot fully and the the verdict itself has something all the anti russian pretext that is what we've been hearing from the russian foreign ministry clear it isn't happy with the way things are going because we know that the russian foreign minister and president medvedev have been saying that this case should be transparent and that the gas deals were completely legitimate but also being certainly very harsh reactions to the verdict coming from the european union but my
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colleague daniel bush will probably tell you more about that in a short while meanwhile we're of course be focusing and developing and focusing on the developments here and following the situation as it develops we're bringing you live updates as soon as we get any more information right at the selection of. thank you. but it has already received critical reply from european union officials with calls for the e.u. to rethink its relations with ukraine. with us from brussels. there's been a whole stol reaction from the people in europe here the european union's from policy chief catherine ashton says that she's been following the verdict and that the european union reassess its whole relations with key of as a result of this verdict we've heard the e.u. saying he's deeply disappointed with the judge's decision and the e.u. commissioner added there are consequences for bilateral relations and earlier today the european commission said he hoped for a review of this of this verdict on appeal i mean we've wanted to see changes in
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ukrainian law so this sort of case cons happen again the head of the european parliament regrets the verdict optima shoko and is calling for a review of the case on appeal you claim was to enter the european union has been discussing a free trade agreement and the ukraine president is actually here in brussels next week to discuss the first steps to joining the european union but the sound we're getting here from brussels is that this may be put on hold and in fact stopped if if this case is not reviewed let's not listen to an expert for more details on this case but the european union has already made it clear that if you use this trial very generally it takes a break in this trial he doesn't like to see opposition politicians increases and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks that. frankly there is no chance at all of
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ukraine joining me so there were serious doubts about whether key of would actually go through with the ukraine would actually be able to join the european union but this verdict on yulia timoshenko really seems to put the entry of ukraine into the european union in the long grass cutting down a bushel right there while a bit earlier here on r.t. i spoke to a pretty shiny member of the european parliament's foreign affairs committee about of richard how if he told us that the e.u. this response to the decision and it's a mature case will be a strong. but there will be very strong reaction across europe it appears to be a politically motivated trial that does not meet international standards of independence and fairness cannot be something that is supported by us in the e.u. it's very clear to me where if you think back to two thousand and nine the cast can spin cut off a huge energy problem in ukraine and in fact for the european union as well because of its patrons a transit country. clearly to all of us was doing
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a job on behalf of her country to try and match a crisis and so for her now to be found guilty of in some way. crying perry doing that will not be understood and will not be supported across the european union and it's why you ukraine has called this one very very wrong. to discuss the outcome of this trial further and are joined by a book called are from the norwegian defense research establishment thank you for coming on the program today so firstly what you think is the driving force behind this case i think could probably. be on the coalition government wanted to get rid of a competitor for that or coming elections next year and possibly also for the parliamentary elections next year there are of course additional factors such as the there's agreement with russia which has been made mentioned and probably also there are what could i say more emotional content conference that this is so some
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gas implications as we know several times now in recent years there's been some gas was between ukraine and russia also you suggest a political motivation behind today's verdict but there's a view that as a result of the trial now could actually gain political points as a victim of president you know coverture would you agree with that. well that's a possibility but that has been the gist of for a long time and. calls in clear show that so far this has not happened although this process has been going on for a very long time and of course if she east's indeed to be a to stay in prison for seven years something which i use some knocked out is going to happen but if that happens she will not be able to take part in the selection just because she is in prison right now it has a for the meantime supporters to struggle against the so called of terri and regime we certainly saw some protests some getting earlier on today outside the courthouse in kiev where the riot police were is it possible we could see further unrest break
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out in the country you think. for the moment i don't think so we'll have to see now because there might as also suggested in the previous report that night that the government has some idea about first sentencing and then either pardoning or in some other way kind of a sweeping appeal for the e.u. and undoing this in a sense so we'll probably have to wait and see until the end of what's really going to happen but if she is if their hard line goes through and she is to stay in prison for a very long time we could see more unrest in ukraine for may i just ask you on this i'm getting reports now of the russian prime minister vladimir putin confirms that the natural gas deals with ukraine. seven years of jail comply with russian and ukrainian law saying that today's verdict the verdict of seven years behind bars is counterproductive to the relationship between ukraine and russia your thoughts on that. well i think that might be true at least if he says that is that's probably
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what he means only basically ukraine is destroying relations both east and west with the sentencing just as i said before we should probably the sentencing in itself is very bad bush need to wait a few days to see what's happening in this for example also ukraine. has the possibility to appeal within the next fifteen days there are some analysts who say that ukraine is akin to join the e.u. but today there were calls from euro commission officials for the country to change the law so the outcome of this case can be changed or could could make sacrifices for its so-called dream i think that's very possible that there have been a lot of speculations also before the sentencing today that ukraine would do this and there are still possibilities that ukraine will make sacrifices in the in this way i think their. government's efforts to get closer to the at least in
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some ways genuine although they probably want to do the things at home in the old way and that's precious with the perspective i think still think that they actually want their free trade agreement they want their c.e.o.'s and agree. to a book full of from the norwegian defense research establishment many things. russia and china boosting cooperation in a bid to balance out the economic and political dominance of western countries prime minister vladimir putin is in beijing to solidify diplomatic ties and overcome trade hurdles parties in a culture of it is following the landmark meeting for us. it's important to mention that this was prime minister food since first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a signal of change in focus for russia for many years the west took center stage in the country's political agenda but china's growing economic progress has most from the east and many analysts say that the strategic partnership between the world's
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biggest and fastest growing economies good to shift the balance of power in the world both nations have supported each other throughout the years on various issues related to the security and developments and they also have a similar political views which was proven just recently when they both vetoed the european draft the u.n. security council resolution condemning syria will vladimir putin didn't come alone here he came with a huge there legation including russia in the business side who were all here looking to make deals with local businesses and the results of that was seven a billion dollars worth of agreements with so many headed by russia's bank which also committed suicide listen and investment thoughts and of course energy has always been a major priority and both premier said that they have finally resolved all there are disagreements and issues relating to the oil oil of russia's oil supply but it's a slightly different picture when it comes to gas work talks have been
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a lie again and the premier said they're now in the final stages of negotiations but there hasn't been a resolution there yet another key focus today though was bilateral trade china has climbed by coffee meeting germany to become russia's number one trade partner and prime minister vladimir putin said he's confident that this year for a turnover could reach at least a seventy billion dollars with the overall goal being two hundred billion dollars by its wednesday twenty so a lot of high hopes. for. both premiers that they're achievable and they have established plans that will make sure that they will become a reality. that is going to cause river water right well i mean francis loon from investment company sienna holdings believes the strengthening of the sino russian alliance can pave the way for a new axis of global economic influence the us and europe. it's
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really global politics and i think that china and russia can join to get to. wait and not let them dictate around the world of course europe and you would not be happy i don't think the brics bloc we'll be a political power even will most probably be a economic power because india. china so there is no way the india cake or with china their hand is sent to asia china and russia can post this for a teaching interest in political interest there and would not lead. to. afghanistan so this is very important for both countries. so i do let's dive in because a bit further here are three lots of course of a preview to our business desk where kareen is there and hello to you kareena so what is the significance so far of today's meeting in china from a from
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a business perspective hello rory we're looking at economic aspects of this visit and primarily has beijing decision to cancel exchange fees between the yuan in the ruble in order to boost trade however most analysts say that increased trade volumes are the full convertible despite the increased volume as the full convert ability of the u.n. is still some way ahead of me about five minutes for a business book then we have more stories on that for you. i was sixteen minutes past the hour here in moscow some reports of accused boston police of beating up war veterans taking part in a peaceful occupy boston protest officers moved in after demonstrators expanded their footprint in the center of the city by the movement the start of a new yorkers quickly spreading all across the country with people objecting to big banks being bailed out of the expense of average americans. can funnel the latest. what we know about the situation in boston thus far is about a fifty to one hundred protesters have been arrested there especially in such
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a mass a buzz word or when this movement in boston that there were two separate camping areas where a protest force for demonstrating one of them got raided by the police as we've heard reports that are these officers actually breaking down the tents confiscating property even though so i guess egregious act that we had witnessed was an actual physical confrontation between some of her former veterans of the vietnam war who or at least one of the gentleman that we heard about was seventy four years old there is a big deal with him and getting actually violently beaten down by the police so. very very unusual situation is something that was actually very closely watched here in downtown new york city where of course the original so called occupy wall street protests began to push our team has been covering since september seventeenth now these bands these protests are spreading throughout the country there's a lot more support for it and of course it's not so much for the protests as the
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underlying economic situation that's needing to the conditions that are courage in people to take the streets they are tired of with the color of corruption and was corruption in washington they feel like the economic system no longer represents them and many of the people that i've spoken to here really just don't feel like it's it's a democracy and that it's that kind of country that they thought that they originally were living in people are trying to take a stand for what they feel is right. well that was arty solution kind of right that there was people across the u.s. expressed their frustration kaiser report is getting to the root of the relentless financial crisis for now a quick preview of what's coming your way next. those are the accounts from old ladies sitting on fortunes and every single month they get their statement and they get their magnifying glass and they try to figure out of the bank stole money from them this month but they're very good at doing it so they can pick it up and other
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pension accounts or their teachers or their firemen remember all these public workers accounts they're being vilified because they want a living wage meanwhile their pensions are being destroyed by bank of new york and other banks. twenty minutes past the hour here in the last troops of libya's interim government to fighting their way across the coastal town of sort of claiming they've taken several key positions of khadafi loyalists overnight the revolutionary forces have also advanced in the town of bani walid where senior members of the regime and the poles are still fighting but i said investigative journalist simon told us it's the civilians who are paying the price for the interim rulers games. i think what's happening in sirte is really quite shocking i mean if you if you remove yourself from saying i support one side or support the other side what we see is a full scale assault on. a very densely populated area
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in which civilians are paying a very very heavy price now the reason why this is important is because the whole basis on which nato impose the no fly zone i think in this conflict was precisely to defend civilians against military attacks and now we have if you like the allies of nato doing what their enemies were doing a few months ago and you have to begin to ask where is nato now why is nato not saying these are civilians under attack by a military force we have to stop. we have to stop this attack and i think what we're beginning to see if you like is that from a reemergence of the double standards what's happening in libya now is going to be a war crime the attack on sirte is a war crime and i think that has to stop immediately has to be a negotiation they have to be allowed to surrender but more importantly i think if they don't surrender then you put the city under siege allow the civilians to flee and they're not and they're not doing that and the clashes carry on in syria where
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protesters are there are following in the footsteps of libya's rebel fighters if you a lot of web site r.t. dot com you can find out how russia is battling to mediate a way out of the bloodshed we report on the syrian opposition to visit to moscow that's on line for you twenty four. the eurozone has only one thought on its mind today slovakia the last country to ratify a new bailout plan to rescue heavily indebted european nations of the agreement is hanging by a thread as one of the blocks poorest countries appears in doubt whether to pass the costly package sarah ferguson following the story. greece might again smack bang at the center of attention recently is the usa in crisis one goes on another member states are being asked to vote on the european stability fund we take a look at how these other countries ok playing with the pressure all eyes are on slovak here today to see if politicians will vote positively on the european
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stability fund to aid ailing countries like greece as the last member states vary by case decision is crucial but take a look at this t.v. ad for a popular slayback peer it announces want to borrow from everyone that is greek not wanting to lend to grace that is slovak a tongue in cheek has captured the mood of the people here perfectly. here is not a rich country we need money for health care system homeless for elderly. as the second poorest country in the year isn't slave axeman a reason why they should help the richer nations who they view as having spent more than they could afford and political dissent that's when there is uncertainty about whether the leading coalition party will be able to get the votes they need for the bailout funds to go ahead the approval of all seventeen countries that use the single currency is needed.
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or not. i see there's a strong pressure from from other european countries and. probably. if it doesn't preach the plan slovak here would be expected to contribute about seven point seven billion year aid to the caught between tehsil about four hundred forty billion euro but with year easing countries like spain and italy making increasingly unstable many critics are saying that even this will not be enough. every. it's the final solution to the problem and they say it will take these marches but this will be the end of it and this right into the tunnel will come out and what we see is an endless. austerity. pressure.
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is leading to more depression and people realize now that you've got to break out that despite facing an outpouring of public discontent germany managed to post the measures at the end of last month but in slovakia many have remained strictly a pace to do sting the fund and taxpayers paying a penny. situation is not sustainable in greece. amounts to be pledged are so huge that it doesn't make sense and it doesn't make sense and i think this is like politicians we all see that there are also other alternatives probably we don't have euro they are doing quite well they don't need . common currency and at the same time they don't have to place money and some wrong. decision of the small member state today could have a big impact on the plans for the bailout fund but is it a crisis continues to be felt in the richest member states to the poorest is no
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global concern about just where this is going to and. at. the time of the business koreans have. how and welcome to our business update russia and china are creating a joint investment fund worth up to four billion dollars the deal is to be sealed in the course of prime minister clinton's visit to beijing the star will be jointly run by the russian direct investment fund and the china investment corporation each has a re-allocate of one billion dollars to the project at least seventy percent of the prize money back to best former c.i.s. countries. now in further effort to boost trade beijing has decided to cancel an exchange between the e.u. and the world however despite increased trade volumes take an l.t.e. conference from morgan stanley believes that for converted goody for the u.s. . this two big reasons warry full
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converse ability is maybe five years away the first is that currently what you were on is value which if it was traded at its free market price it would probably appreciate by twenty to thirty percent and you can see that in the peak current account surplus is that china runs they started to let the one appreciate again for a couple of years when they held it for us and during the crisis so the last few months the u.n. has appreciated against the dollar whereas the ruble and most of the emerging market currencies have fallen sharply so it intil it gets to a fair market value i don't think you'll see the free trade and the other reason why they move slowly because they're concerned about control and if the external value of the world is set by the market by the decisions of central banks to a boy or not then they will lose a measure of control. russia and china have finally sorted out their long lasting
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row over all transportation tariffs that's according to deputy prime minister and chinese see n.p.c. underpaid russians transnet have around twenty five million dollars for oil supplies claiming the transportation fees too high earlier transom have threatened to go to court with chinese partners didn't pay their bills in full deputy prime minister u.c.h. and says all the claims are now dropped and the debt will be settled. now let's take a look at how the markets are doing first oil prices are heading down after monday's rally like sweet is trading at eighty four and a healthy dollars a barrel while brant is that one hundred eight dollars a barrel stocks in the u.s. are mixed this hour ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote in slovakia on plans to expand the eurozone rescue fund the nasdaq is up nearly half a percent the european stock markets are trading lower on tuesday bank stocks among the better performers in europe as well trading with choppy shares of french lead
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associates as you know are all rose on point six percent and at least uni credit going three and a half percent here's russia where markets are trading lower close to several consecutive sessions of growth let's have a look at some individual shammal some are six this hour all majors among the main retreat is with ross not shedding more than four and a half percent banking stocks are also under pressure would spare bank losing almost two percent and that's after it reported net profit for the first nine months more than doubled to eight billion dollars. staying was bank it has confirmed its considering buying then it's back that's the turkey from of the troubled belgian french financial group dexia the head of the head of suburban heaven graff says talks haven't started yet. that's all for now we'll give you more business updates in less than one hour.
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