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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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breaking news for you this hour here on. ukraine's ex prime minister is sentenced to seven years in jail for abusing power when signing gas contracts with russia other verdict spot clashes between her supporters and opponents. going east moscow and beijing boost cooperation as china becomes the first country vladimir putin visits after stating he'll run for the presidency next year. america's anti corporate protests in boston meet a fierce response from the police who reportedly beat up war veterans taking part in a peaceful round. a
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very warm welcome for you this is on see live from moscow with me will receive a shock and straight to our breaking news for you this hour ukraine's ex prime minister is jailed for seven years yulia timoshenko was found guilty of abuse of power signing gas deals with russia years ago. he was following the events from just outside the courthouse where supporters have been having scuffles with police . at times it seemed that the tension would go over the top with the supporters of you to shake off thousands of them trying to organize a march through the streets of kiev and being dispersed by the police with no real brutality but still some pushing and shoving and the situation was really explosive still several people were injured in the pushing and shoving with the police one woman was saw as she was taken to hospital having fallen from a stage or from
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a staircase or something like that inside the courtroom of course it was very tense as well while the judge was reading out the verdict units in the sankoh was over shouting the judge was screaming abusive words at him saying that this decision this verdict was not done in accordance with the criminal law was orchestrated by president viktor yanukovych indeed the reaction from the former prime minister when she learned that she's to spend seven years in prison have her property confiscated and to pay out almost two hundred million u.s. dollars and that was very much furious. with the riparian regime. stop me the trial showed that the constitution and justice had been trampled on i urge you to begin the struggle it's a very difficult time and we have to protect ukraine against the authoritarian regime don't give up we understand that the protests the several thousand of them will remain in kiev central street for another week at least to follow the developments and to see whether their leader would be set free or any any other
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developing could happen to her while moscow has been saying all along that those deals back in two thousand and nine were signed in full chords with international law and with the two countries legislation and the reaction which we have already received from the russian foreign ministry is saying almost the same that the pitchers to court which had the verdict delivered basically neglected the fact that russia believes that that the deals were signed lawfully and the the verdict itself has something over anti russian. pretext we have also received a reaction from russia's prime minister vladimir putin who is bewildered as to why this verdict is developed in this scenario. to be honest i can't quite understand why she got those seven years to machine who did not sign anything the contracts were signed between economic agents guns drawn enough to go as they were signed fully in accordance with russian and ukrainian legislation as well as
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international rules and regulations i think it's dangerous and counterproductive to call into question the entire set of agreements that are also being certainly very harsh reactions to the verdict coming from the european union with my colleague daniel bush will probably tell you more about that in a short while. just the reporting right there today's but it has already received a critical response from european union officials with calls for the new to think its relations with ukraine parties are trying to push on reports from brussels there's been a hostile reaction from the people in europe here the european union's from policy chief catherine ashton says that she's been following the verdict and that the european union reassess its whole relations with key of as a result of this verdict we've heard the e.u. saying he's deeply disappointed with the judge's decision the e.u. commission i did their experience consequences for by that relations and earlier today the european commission said he hoped for a review of this of this verdict on appeal and we've wanted to see changes in
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ukrainian law so this sort of case khans happen again the head of the european parliament regrets the verdict optima shoko and is calling for a review of the case on appeal now you claim was to enter the european union has been discussing a free trade agreement and the ukraine president is actually due here in brussels next week to discuss the first steps to joining the european union with the sounds we're getting here from brussels is that this may be put on hold and in fact stopped if if this case is not reviewed let's now listen to an expert for more details on this case the european union has already made it clear that if you use this trial very deliberate takes a break in this trial it doesn't like to see opposition politicians increases and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks with ukraine frankly there is no chance at all that ukraine joining in so there were serious doubts about whether key of would
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actually go through with the ukraine would actually be able to join the european union but this verdict on yulia timoshenko really seems to put the entry of ukraine into the european union in the long grass. now it is on a bushel just a bit earlier i spoke to were british any member of the european parliament's foreign affairs committee that of richard howard they told us that the e.u. is response to the decision and see which. will be a strong one there will be very strong reaction across europe there appears to be a politically motivated trial that does not meet international standards of independence and fairness cannot be something that is supported prayers in the e.u. it's very clear to me that if you think back to two thousand and nine the cast stamps being cut off a huge energy problem in ukraine and in fact for the european union as well because of its patrons a transit country mr clearly to all of us was doing
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a job on behalf of her country to try and actually have a crisis and so for her now to be found guilty of in some way. a crime by doing that will not be understood and will not be supported across the european union and it's why you ukraine has called this one very very wrong and that you are talking off from the interlude of world economy and international relations things that make of it poses a threat to the previous contract between russia and ukraine and could potentially survive another gas. i think that kira is preparing for changing gears deals and gas agreements you know that economic situation in the ukraine is not very good and mali. gets from russia for transiting gas from. the soviet years is an important source of cash flow for the kremlin budget but also we have to understand that the situation of the market is changing russia is
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the building guidelines that bypass crane and will be able. to guess from the south region. and also the market all three q four i guess. from the persian gulf is also developing rapidly so in this case i think. be able. to do appeal across them as well as a powerful lever. in our time if you are going to work with us who are to your opinion is always valuable to us or particularly on this story right now on our website we're asking what you think about the sentence what it means and a little look at the numbers right here on r.t. half of you believe it's a clever ukrainian ploy to avoid paying for russian gas about a third think the verdict is simply
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a politically motivated mockery by the rest of us split between two options or whether the sentence is just just well done or a fatal error closing ukraine's road to the e.u. i do take a chance to log on to r.t. dot com and have your say. with r.t. live from moscow russia and china boosting cooperation in a bid to balance out the economic and political dominance of western countries prime minister vladimir putin is in beijing solidify diplomatic ties and trade hurdles were at a cost of its following a landmark meeting for. it's important to mention that this was prime minister putin's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a signal of change in focus for russia for many years the west's accent's or stage in the country's political agenda china's growing economic progress has most still looking east and many analysts say that the strategic partnership between the
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world's biggest and fastest growing economies could shift the balance of power in the world both nations have supported each other throughout the years on various issues related to sober and see security and developments and they also have a similar political views which was proven just recently when they both a veto of the european draft the u.n. security council resolution condemning syria will vladimir putin didn't come alone here he came with a huge delegation including russian the business tycoons who were all here looking to make deals with local businesses and the results of that was seven a billion dollars worth of agreements with so many headed by russia's bank which also committed suicide listen and investment fund and of course energy has always been a major priority and both premier said that they have finally resolved all there are disagreements and issues relating to oil oil and russia's oil supply but it's a slightly different picture when it comes to gas where talks have been
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a lie again and the premier said they're now in the final stages of negotiations but there hasn't been a resolution there yet another key focus of dado was bilateral trade you know china has climbed by eating germany to become russia's number one trade partner and prime minister vladimir putin said he's confident that this year's freights era never could reach at least a seventy billion dollars with the overall goal being two hundred billion dollars bites when seats were empty so a lot of high hopes and fears is winds here today but both premier say that they're achievable and they have established plans that will make sure that they will become a reality. so what he's going to cause for the reporting from beijing i mean cyber fraud just learned from the investment company lynsey and holdings believes the strengthening of the sign a russian alliance can pave the way for a new axis of global economic influence the u.s. and europe trying to get this really dog really think global politics and i think
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a china and russia can join to get to. wait and not let them dictate to. the world of course europe and you would not be happy i don't think the brits will be a political power most probably be the economic power because india and china so there is no very good even here can cooperate with china very hand he is sent to asia china and russia came portent this for a teacher interest in political interest there would not lead. to mountainous thinking. this is very important for both countries. let's get some more insight into this across briefly now to our business desk where corrina monitoring the numbers there so what's the significance of today's meeting in china from
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a business perspective well among other things with just heard from our correspondent they saying that russia and china have finally sorted out their long lasting transportation tariffs and it looks like all the claims that china has not paid the bills in full have been dropped and the debts will be settled we'll have more on that and how this is. so you would also you know a russian businessman dubbed by the u.s. media as the motions of death is going on trial in new york queues to bring an international arms dealer he was brought to the u.s. from thailand after being detained in a sting operation by american agents but i'm joined by ortiz ghani particularly he was a following everything for a stateside producer you guy and a so if it already has a bit of an image perpetuated by the american mainstream media with concerns this could potentially influence the course there's susan is a possible he'll be receiving a fair trial but where exactly his trial begins with jury selection in the meantime a new york judge said should require jurors at the trial of victor goods to sign
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a pledge not to research the case on the internet or on the media the campaign vilifying be to good has been so intense here that one might very well expect the jurors to be affected by the whole background provided by the media here he is often referred to as the merchant of death. faces charges of selling arms to a terrorist group and conspiring to kill american citizens if convicted he may face life in prison according to the u.s. he was one of the world's most active black market arms traders denies any wrongdoing and says he has engaged in legal aircraft sales and shipping business u.s. allegations that goods conspired to kill u.s. nationals are based in part on statements allegedly made to undercover operatives during a bangkok meeting the conversations were recorded the undercover operatives posed as members of the rebel group from colombia which is that it made by the united
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states is a terrorist organization that's when he was arrested in two thousand and eight in thailand now going to. school as a political ground between russia and the u.s. so what exactly has caused the former. gloria the u.s. had been trying to get him extradited for two years russians believe they managed to. do it by putting on president to political pressure on the government and traditional authorities of thailand what makes the case political is the underlying implication of the u.s. accusations especially that bit of good was able to pull it off because of his government's connections actually books lawyers and some intelligence experts claim that the reason the us so wanted to have put in custody is his allegedly extensive knowledge of russian military and intelligence operations well yes he served in the soviet army but it's really unclear to what extent the book is really knowledgeable in all those matters again a lot of hearsay around this man about who he was and what he did here in the
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united states you constantly hear things like the quintessential war profiteer referring to the good but some argue that you know victor good to know victor what could compete with the united states in war profiteering after all is the u.s. that sells more than half of all weapons worldwide including to places where political situation is far from stable all right these are gone and there are a lot in washington thank you part of what you just know of the victim and talk to an investigative journalist nearly done you a student joining us on the program today. now mr a student thank you for coming on you talk a lot of information on your website related to the case so what are some of the more controversial findings that you can tell us about. well good good after from madrid well basically the united states government is going to go very very hard time proving that they can beat is guilty and it's got a very difficult time making the label of merchant of death stick in a court of law once the real. attorneys and people working on beatable defense will
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take over and i don't mean this in a particular case because as i said two years ago i think because of what's case this one is being tried right now he's going to be lost unfortunately because he doesn't have the people the right people defending him but once that case is lost in the appeals case he's definitely going to win the case because there's a tremendous amount of evidence especially in the in the appeals court case in thailand which basically shows that victor was not a merchant of death here absolutely nothing to do with arms trade and he certainly wasn't selling or trying to sell anything to the far terrorists because had that been the case the united states government would have filed the missiles the shoulder to other cells which would allegedly were selling by the united states government had made absolutely no effect whatsoever to locate this weapons for a very simple reason they simply defy me if i may you mentioned you mentioned the u.s. government's role and here there are some that say the whole case was was drawn up against by intelligence circles within the united states i mean if there's any credence to these are these allegations what would be the motivation. well again
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you know what is the plan as i said many many times on the russia today the end game is russia if you can actually destroyed our secret ability if you paid russia in the same corner with with libya with iran with iraq with venezuela cuba north korea you could basically destroy their credibility on the international stage and this is exactly what is being on the subject political game russia is the end game again there are two powers in the world where china and russia as you just said a few minutes ago in the previous two to our interview and what china is a military power it's not an it is a story it's an economic progress not a military power and it's the russian government of the russia as nation it's the only military power in the world actually stand up to nato to the united states government all the secret societies and private organizations who are dead set on controlling the world so until you can actually destroy russia as a nation. states you will not going to have your one world government one world company ltd open call it whatever you want so all these situations where russia is actively trying to be embarrassed by by the united states government is just part of this how this game played and again because of what is just another element
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another key part of this operation against russia or the secret base is being built right now in afghanistan there are over seventy secret bases being built in afghanistan whose only objective still attack the southern flank of russia in the case of war so again victor who is just a pawn of this geopolitical game and unfortunately this particular case if i may just jump in here and remain a focus on the computer the u.s. has linked him to terrorism i mean could that be seen as a rather convenient method to put him on trial with very few runs well you know you don't have to believe it or would you have to believe what he is telling the truth of what he's lying again the lies and truths in a court of law it really is not an issue it's verifiable evidence and unfortunately for the united states government there is very little verifiable evidence they will be able to present most of it is hearsay most would he should since he said she said about things which no one has ever seen and this is something that again unfortunately the ball team representing right now was not in the position to deal with because they're simply not up to scratch but we're going to bring in the eighteen one the court that won the case goes to the appeal court and that's when
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we going to win the case if i may jump in here on very very long time yes or no answer will get a fair trial look he's not going to get a fair trial obviously he's not going to get a trial he's in the united states. the evidence the how can we get a fair trial well the united states government has done everything in their power to bring him to the united states after two years in thailand and now that what i'm up on trial in the united states only to have women embarrass the united states i don't think is going to happen and that's where the journalist daniel a student thank you thank you. you with us you live from moscow now some reports of accused boston police of beating up war veterans taking part in a peaceful occupy boston protest offices moved in after demonstrators expanded their footprint in the center of the city now the movement that started in new york is quickly spreading or will cross the country people objecting to big banks being bailed out of the expense of average americans you can find of that's the latest. what we know about the situation in boston thus far is about
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a fifty to one hundred protesters have been arrested there's actually been such a mass a buzz word or when this movement in boston that there were two separate can be areas where a protest or worse for demonstrating one of them got raided by the police a scheme i mean we've heard reports that oh these up a series actually breaking down the tents confiscating property the most i guess egregious act that we had witnessed was an actual physical confrontation between some of her former veterans of the vietnam war at least one of the gentleman that we heard about was seventy four years old there is a video of him getting actually violently beaten down by the police. very very unusual situation is something that was actually very closely watched here in downtown new york city where of course the original so called occupy wall street protests began that a person or tea has been covering since of temper seventeen now these events these
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protests are spreading throughout the country there's a lot more support for it and of course it's not so much that the protests the underlying economic situation that's leading to the conditions that are urging people to take their streets they are tired of the color russian and was corruption in washington be feeling the economic system no longer represents them and many of the people that i've spoken to here really just don't feel like it's it's a democracy and that it's the kind of country that is a part of the originally we're living in people are trying to take a stand for what they feel is right and it was an autism sycophant reporting for those people across the u.s. express their frustration. card to reporters getting to the root of the relentless financial crisis here for i was a preview of what's coming your way in less than ten minutes time. those are the accounts from old ladies sitting on fortunes and every single month they get their
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state made and they get up there magnifying glass and they try to figure out of the bank stole money from them next month but they're very good at killing it so they can pick it up and the other pension account for their teachers or their firemen remember all these public workers accounts they're being vilified because they want a living wage meanwhile their pensions are being destroyed by bank of new york and other banks. because reporters coming out after kareena does the business that's coming your way right. welcome to our business we start with our top stories russia and china are creating a joint investment worth up to four billion dollars to be sealed in the course of prime minister's questions because that. the startup will be jointly run by the russian direct investment and the china investment corporation each has already allocated one billion dollars to the project at least seventy percent of the funds
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money is expected to be tested in russia and a form of c.i.s. countries. and further effort to boost trade beijing has decided to cancel exchange fees between the u.s. and the ruble however despite increased trade volumes jacob now chief economist from morgan stanley released full combat ability for the u.s. is still somewhere. this two big reasons war a full convert abilities maybe four years away the first is that currently the war you were on is undervalued and if it was traded that is for free market price it would probably appreciate more twenty to thirty percent and you can see that in the big current account surplus is that china runs they started to let the one appreciate again or for a couple of years what they held it for during the crisis so the last few months the un has appreciated against the dollar whereas the ruble and most of the emerging market currencies have fallen short play so in till it gets to
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a fair market value i don't think you'll see it for free trade and the other reason why they do move slowly is they're concerned about control but if the external value of the wound is set by the market boy the decisions of central banks to a boy you were in a lot then they will lose a measure of control and russia and china are finally sorted out their long lasting route over all transportation tariffs that's according to the deputy prime minister research the chinese see n.b.c. underpay rough as transnet around twenty five million dollars oil supplies claiming that transportation fees too high earlier trans year threatened to go to court the chinese partners didn't pay their bills and for deputy prime minister a decision says all the things that are now dropped and the debt will be settled however another energy deal along discussed gas supplies remain unsolved the two countries can not agree on pricing. gas is not portable we can not.
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unless they build a liquid cation plant which is not the case so far but they don't have a substantial interest in gas because gas is not the kind of commodity they can store they need to consume it and if they cannot consume it they will want to be playing wise just the way ukraine words for example for gas for them is not the local commodity but obviously is one of the favorites. and let's take a look at the markets oil prices are heading down after monday's rally light so it is trading at eighty four dollars a barrel well brant is at one hundred and eight dollars a barrel stocks in the u.s. are makes this hour investors are waiting a vote in slovakia on increasing the size and abilities of the europe's bailout song commodity producers and acknowledging companies are rebounding alcoa u.s. biggest darwinian producer is leading on the dow climbing through
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a half percent ahead of its quarterly results and european stock markets are trading mixed bag stocks among the better performers in europe though trading was trapping shares of french lender so citizen or all those nine and a half percent and at least one uni credit gained three and a half so. here's russell where markets closed in the red after several consecutive sessions of growth let's have a look at some individual shadows on the biceps for majors among the main retreat as woodrow snapshotting more than four and a half percent banking stocks were also under pressure would spread about closing two percent and that's after it reported net profit for the first nine months more than doubled to eight billion dollars. and staying with their bank it has confirmed it's considering buying debt is bank that's the turkish from of the troubled belgian french financial group dexia the head of spare bank herrmann graph says talks haven't started yet. that's all i have for you to sour but i'll be back and
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in about forty five minutes with more business i. don't know. wealthy british style scientists sometimes.
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market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report on our intel and i know he's available in the foothills bankole can see him square hutto super to look at the hotels bangkok sign on the land most hotels find called the norrie watergate hotel and custom one princes hotel marriott cool john hotel fine come by yuki suite hotel one called the imperial queens photos have made results and spun its own shores and photo new supply is fun just had fun the hotel's golden cliff results in its fun monday and hopes to be a one world cruise hotel but charge discovery beach hotel for children to tyler was a busy entrepreneur resume just fifty two her recruiter still came in.


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