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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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ukraine's ex prime minister was sentenced to seven years in jail for abusing power when signing past contracts with russia the verdicts sparking clashes between his supporters and the police. going east moscow beijing greece corporation as china becomes the first country letting a person visits off the stating he will run for the presidency next year. on america's energy corporate protests in boston and lead to a fierce response from the police who reportedly be taught war veterans taking part in the peaceful rally the top stories this hour on r.t. .
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live from our studios here in central moscow this is t.v. ukraine's ex prime minister is jailed for seven years yulia tymoshenko was found guilty of abuse of power will signing gas deals with russia two years ago ortiz alexian cesky has been following the events from outside the court where commission her supporters have been involved in scuffles with police. at times it seemed that the tension would go over the top with the supporters of you too ashamed of thousands of them trying to organize a march through the streets of kiev and being dispersed by the police with no real brutality but still some pushing and shoving and the situation was really explosive still several people were injured in the pushing and shoving with the police one woman we saw as she was taken to hospital having fallen from a stage or from a staircase or something like that inside the courtroom of course it was very tense as well while the judge was reading out the verdict futenma sankoh was over shouting the judge was screaming abusive words at him saying that this decision
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this verdict was not done in accordance with the criminal law but was orchestrated by president viktor yanukovych indeed the reaction from the former prime minister when she learned that she's to spend seven years in prison have her property confiscated and to pay out almost two hundred million u.s. dollars and that was very much furious. with the repairing regime. tell me the trial showed that the constitution and justice had been trampled on i urge you to begin the struggle if you're very difficult and. we have to protect ukraine against the authoritarian regime don't you know when to stand up the protesters several thousand of them will remain in the kiev central street for another week at least to follow the developments and to see whether their leader would be set free or any any other development could happen to her while moscow has been saying all along that those deals back in two thousand and nine were signed in full accordance with international law and with the two countries legislation and the reaction
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which we have already received from the russian foreign ministry is saying almost the same that the court which had the verdict delivered basically neglected the fact that russia believes that that the deals were signed a lawfully and the verdict itself has something over anti russian pretext that is what we do. hearing from the russian foreign ministry clear it isn't happy with the other way things are going because we know that the russian foreign minister and president medvedev have been saying that this case should be transparent and that the gas deals were completely legitimate. today's verdict has already received critical reply from european union officials with calls for the e.u. to rethink its relations with ukraine and reports from brussels. there's been a whole stole reaction from the people in europe here the european union's from policy chief catherine ashton says that she's been following the verdict and that the european union may in fact reassess its whole relations with cuba as
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a result of this verdict we have the e.u. saying is deeply disappointed with the judge's decision and the e.u. commission i did their experience consequences for by that relations and earlier today the european commission said they hoped for a review of this of this verdict on appeal i mean we've wanted to see changes in ukrainian law so this sort of case contact and again the head of the european parliament regrets the the verdict after michelle cohen is calling for a review of the case on appeal the ukraine must enter the european union has been discussing a free trade agreements and the ukraine president is actually due here in brussels next week to discuss the first steps to joining the european union but the sounds we're getting here from brussels is that this may be put on hold and in fact stopped if if this case is not reviewed this knowledge the next but for more details on this case the european union has already made it clear that if you use this trial great deal it kicks you this trial it doesn't like to see what position
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politicians in prison and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks with ukraine frankly there is no chance at all of ukraine joining the euro so there were serious doubts about whether key of would actually go through with the ukraine would actually be able to join the european union but this verdict on yulia timoshenko really seems to put the entry of ukraine into the european union in the long grass. from the russia and eurasia program in chatham house told me to learn that ukraine may try to use the case to review its gas agreements with russia. there is an anti russian sub text he calls they are trying to fire the next on a justification for forcing an alteration of the us agreements no just say that the agreements that yulia timoshenko pentimento in two
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thousand and nine or two in one contract and secondly a supplementary agreement said they were illegal it is utterly bizarre because president chen of clothing can phone the phone didn't hear these words when he concluded the kharkiv accords with president mitt v.a.g. or in april two thousand and ten he a third on the validity of the accords curia to machine for klute with prime minister push it so that this is one of many absurdities in this whole drama unfolding well for more insight on accounts that have come joined by the rapid temporal he's the head of the european geo political forum joining us in brussels and what we've heard the word from there is that this trial was politically motivated that's the general consensus i do agree with that. well of course a lot of people are actually declaring that it's politically motivated and it's
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attention grabbing headlines that we're looking at now in ukraine but i think for me the bigger question here of the bigger issue if you like is that this case this very sad and sorry case demonstrates how different ukraine's political culture. is to that of the west or the mainstream european union countries let's say i mean what we're really seeing here is a case which demonstrates that you know politics in ukraine and the let's say the ability of one politician to come into a position of political power is for the purpose of extracting revenge on previous political opponents i don't fact you know nullifying or you can even say more drastically destroying previous political opponents which is of course not very positive sign at all for you know the emergence of political plurality in ukraine and you know the type of political culture that we in the european union would like
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to see in this country so i think you know that a broader way of answering your question if you like but bikies is that politics is always a major factor in these major major type of decisions presumably that really does show that the ukraine is not ready to join the e.u. and indeed that the work we've got from the european union is that this case will actually probably confirm that the bad dreams of the e.u. membership could be that. well i would put it slightly differently i mean i think if for example russia would be would have been let's say an e.u. candidate country in two thousand through two thousand and three and then we have the arrests trial and sentencing of. course generally people are familiar with would we have said that russia or there has a chance of joining the european union probably people would argue to the contrary
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had that been the case now what we see here with the trial and verdict is in fact the the rise of ukraine's had a cough ski style saga which of course is going to put ukraine into a much more burdensome let's say relationship with brussels with your atlantic institutions in the broader context and it's going to make let's say even negotiation of sort of common economic projects like you know free trade agreement the sort of areas of. economic proxy but also just quickly significantly say losing friends with the west and of course with the east now how significant is it that relations between russia and ukraine could be put in this pretty stressful level now and indeed the worries about energy issues in the future. yeah that's a very valid point i mean i think in many ways this verdict is somewhat of
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a slap in the face for moscow from kiev because in essence what you are saying by adjudicating these to be a criminal case by a former legitimate ukrainian prime minister you're actually saying that the legitimate government institutions of ukraine in january of two thousand and nine we're not actually legitimate ok now that's actually saying quite a lot i think from. your brother in the north because of course at the time it was the legitimate prime minister of the contrary you know one can argue that the agreement was you know not the best negotiated agreement for ukraine one can argue there's a lot of you know backdoor sort of interests here but what we must take at face value is the reality of the fact that this was a legitimate prime minister of the country at the time these were. just very very briefly you say there are concerns about the democratic future but
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nevertheless this could actually strengthen the michigan speech as a political leader could it not just very briefly and in the long term. in a sense it's a defect to ukrainian spring in the evolutionary stages if you lie you know to make a metaphor with the arab spring i mean you know the arabs like the martyrs they like martyrs from various you know political figures i mean ukraine it's not you not sure that commission will actually be sentenced in terms of. the sentence will be actually implemented so they may be appeals and all the processes but it's already moving here into the direction of a monitor for ukrainian population if you so much for spending time with us and often on the head of the european political forum live in brussels. well of course your opinion on the story is always welcome on our website and today we're asking what the sentence means to you well let's look at the results on the screen at the moment about a third of you believe it's a clever ukrainian ploy to avoid paying for russian gas while the other thirty two
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percent think the verdict is simply a politically motivated mockery and the rest are split between two options whether the sentence is justice or it's a fatal error blocking ukraine's road to the e.u. something we're discussing a little earlier with my guest log onto our t.v. dot com and have your say because here from. russia and china a boost in cooperation in a bid to balance out the economic and political dominance of western countries prime minister vladimir putin is in beijing to solidify diplomatic ties and overcome trade hurdles. some of it is following the landmark meeting. so joining about live there in beijing what do both countries expect to achieve from this visit. well bill it's important to mention that this was prominent surviving the first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it signals
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a change in focus for russia for many years the west took a center stage when it came to the country's political agenda but trying as economic progress has most scope looking east and of course one of the world's biggest and fastest growing economies come together many analysts say that it could change the balance in the world and both nations have supported each other throughout the years and this is related to solvency developments and security and of course they also share similar political views and that was proven just recently when both countries vetoed the european draft the u.n. security council resolution condemning syria which also has said that it could face sanctions if it continues its crackdown on protesters russia and china are also both members of the brig's group and along with brazil india and south africa and the continued economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s.
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has seriously undermined their dominance off the global political stage paving the way for emergent countries like china and russia and prime minister putin said the u.s. is using as though a monopoly as the only the local reserve and that's heaven and that's a fact on their financial policy. because i never said the us was a parasite on the global economy but i do. not believe the us dollar global currency . economy america's economy. violation of financial district. when it comes to the e.u. vladimir putin said greece is a big problem but it could be resolved if countries weren't afraid to take action it's about russia and china so they leave the reform of international financial systems and that the role of the brits so it's become more importance on the world stage. i think it's time to talk about reforming existing institutions
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first of all i mean global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank we agree that the role of the brics countries in these organizations must be lanced given the growing importance of a country's economy. from the basement tell us more about the deals that have already been signed marina. well vladimir putin was accompanied by a huge celebration including russian a business tycoons and they were all here looking for make deals with local companies and the result of that was seven a billion dollars worth of agreements some ahead by russia is that the bank with also commits its establishments and investment fund and of course energy is a priority for both countries and the premier said that all issues and this agreement when it comes to russia's all supply have been resolved now when it comes to gas they're still in those relations but they promise that they're in the final stages and consumption is of course except it's increased dramatically in china and
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russia however got absolutely mad and also another key focus was trade trying to has gone back to the number of beats and germany as russia's number one trade partner you promise a lot of your putin is confident that this year their traits are never a warrant at least seventy billion dollars with the overall goal being sued hundred billion dollars of why it's going to twenty so there is a lot of big hopes and this was planned by both premier said that they're quoting for dents not they have established the ponds will make sure that they become a reality brianna thanks very much indeed for that live update in beijing correspondent there for us. this is all she comes you live from the russian capital it's coming up very nearly seventeen minutes past the hour and still to come the man at the merchant of death faces trial look at how the case of a russian business will accuse the stealing is casting a shadow over the u.s.
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justice system. let's turn to come but first some of new york's wealthiest tycoons could soon come face to face with the rage of the wall street demonstrators hundreds of activists are planning to march their homes and protest against the wide big gap between the rich and poor in america analogies report not joins us now from new york so exactly. who are the people being targeted by this anti corporation protesters. well these protesters say they are targeting the five wealthiest residents in new york city and the names on this target list include c.e.o. of news corp rupert murdoch and the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase jamie diamond there are five people as i mentioned on this list and what we're being told is between four hundred and eight hundred occupy wall street demonstrators will be visiting each of their homes and this is to raise awareness
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about the two percent tax that will expire at the end of this year the tax that the wealthiest would need to pay have paid and new yorkers say that this is fiscally morally economically irresponsible because once they stop the wealthiest stop paying this two percent tax much less revenue will be going to new york and ninety nine percent of the residents will be suffering in the aftermath of that so they are taking part in this demonstration today to raise awareness about their ongoing message which is that the wealthiest americans continue to reap the largest rewards of all the ninety nine percent of americans working hard or struggling to work are the ones that are suffering i mean this economic crisis now occupy wall street of course is in its fourth week we've been reporting about it
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since the very beginning. but yesterday there were not that many arrests that were made in new york city four people were arrested one was arrested one woman was arrested for riding on the sidewalk with chalk but it was in boston where we saw the mass arrests take place on tuesday more than one hundred occupied boston protesters were arrested following a clash with police officers from what's being reported. u.s. veterans that were taking part in occupy boston were beat up by some police officers that's of course according to reports now on their arrest came after demonstrators taking part in occupied boston were trying to expand their camp area to a park location from what's being reported more than a thousand people in boston are now taking part of this movement that of course speaking and here in new york and has blazed across the united states marine a good
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there are also reports the campaign is spreading beyond the u.s. tell us more about alert. that's right on saturday october fifteenth there are supposed to be an international day of action against banks and that's where what you have seen transpire here in new york occupy wall street is going to basically take place from what we're being told in more than two hundred fifty cities all across the globe occupy london is planning to demonstrate and organize outside of the british stock exchange in las vegas there is going to be a demonstration held it is supposed to basically take place in various countries all around the world of course with the same message message of how corporations are influencing government decisions not only in the united states but
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all over the world and this is a sensually mass movement that extends far beyond the borders of the united states were to thanks very much indeed for that that's more important. your york well the people across the u.s. express the frustration of these kaiser report is getting to the root of the relentless financial crisis and here's a preview of what's coming up a little easier we today. those are passive accounts from old ladies sitting on fortunes and every single month they get their statement and they get out their magnifying glass and they try to figure out of the bank stole money from them this month but they're very good at doing it so they can pick it up there are other pension accounts or other teachers or their firemen or all these public workers accounts they're being vilified because they want a living wage meanwhile their pensions are being destroyed by bank of new york and other banks. because a report coming away a little later here in ontario meantime a russian businessman the u.s.
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media of the day is going on trial in new york accused of being an international arms dealer he was brought to the u.s. from top to being detained in a sting operation by american agents but authorities going to reports an unbiased jury could be difficult to come by. a new york judge said she had required jurors at the trial of victor borge to sign a pledge not to research the case on the internet or the media the campaign vilifying the book has been so intense that one might very well expect the jurors to be affected by the whole background provided by the here he is often referred to as the merchant of death even inspired a movie called the lord of wars nicolas cage so it couldn't very hard for the jurors to ignore the legend that was created by the media big to boot faces charges of selling arms to a terrorist group and conspiring to kill american citizens if convicted he may face life in prison according to the u.s. he was one of the world's most active black market arms traders who denies any
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wrongdoing and says he has engaged in illegal aircraft sales and shipping business the u.s. had been trying to get him extradited for two years russians believe they managed to to do it by putting unprecedented political pressure on the government in traditional authorities of thailand what makes the case political is the underlying implication of the u.s. accusations essentially that victor good was able to pull it off because of his government connections actually builds lawyers and some intelligence experts claim that the reason the u.s. so wanted to have in custody is his allegedly extensive knowledge of russian military and intelligence operations well yes he served in the soviet army but it's really unclear to what extent if your book is really knowledgeable in all those matters again a lot of hearsay around this man about who he was and what he did here in the united states you constantly hear things like the quintessential war profiteer
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referring to the good some argue that you know victor good to know victor boot could compete with the united states in war profiteering after all is the u.s. that sells more than half of all grap ans worldwide including to places where political situation is far from stable kind of. in this region was daniel estrin says that it is unlikely to face a fair trial in the u.s. because because it could have an impact on washington's image. the united states government is going to have very very hard time proving that their tribute is guilty and is going to a difficult i love making the label of merchant of death stick in a court of law and unfortunately for the united states government there is very little verifiable evidence he will be able to present most of it is hearsay most of it he should since he said she said about things which no one has ever seen and this is something that again unfortunately the bush team representing him right now was and is not in the position to deal with because they're simply not up to scratch he's not going to get a fair trial he's in the united states. the evidence the how can we get
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a fair trial well united states government has done everything in their power to bring him to the united states after two years of trial and another put him up on trial in the united states only trial but it will embarrass the united states other things going to happen. twenty five minutes past the hour exactly here in moscow business news is next with with a summer home a new stories in five minutes from. the. core welcome to business and it's all eyes on china russia and china creating a joint investment plan with up to four billion dollars the deal is to be sealed in the course of prime minister visit to beijing the star will be jointly run by the russian direct investment fund and the china investment corporation each as a way allocated one billion dollars to the project at least seventy percent of the plans money is expected to be bested in russia and from the c.i.s. countries and then further efforts to boost trade beijing has decided to cancel exchange fees between the u.s. and the ruble however despite the increased trade volumes i j canal chief economist
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from morgan stanley believes the full convert ability of the u.n. is still some way off. this two big reasons why full u.n. converse ability is maybe five years away the first is that currently pay what you earn is undervalued if it was traded at its free market price it would probably appreciate by twenty to thirty percent and you can see that in the big current carol surpluses that china runs they started to let the one appreciate again or for a couple of years when they held it for us and during the crisis so in the last two months the un has appreciated against the dollar whereas the ruble and most other emerging market currencies have fallen sharply so it intil it gets to a fair market value i don't think you'll see it for free trade and the other reason why the plan to move slowly is they're concerned about control and if the external value of the un is set by the market by the decisions of central banks to
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a boy you want or not then they will lose a measure of control. let's have a look at the markets now oil prices are heading are after declining following up expositions a kind of love of the man forecast right where it is trading at eighty five dollars a barrel while brand is there one hundred ten dollars our stocks are makes our concerns. in bailout fund the dow is trading lower a day off to jump three hundred thirty points its largest increase since august eleventh the nasdaq has climbed nine point seven five points and european stock markets closed mostly in the red as investors awaited the outcome of a crucial parliamentary vote in slovakia the footsie was likely slightly lower way down by losses for the mining sector a couple minor out of augusta was among the worst performers dropping one point six percent as copper prices falling several days of gains all the commodity stocks posted similar law says for the eurasian natural resources dropping two point three
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percent the german dax bucked the trend of a negative trend to end point three percent higher with drugmakers rising three point four percent and here in russia markets closed in the red after several consecutive sessions of growth let's have a look at some individual channels on the line six majors among the main or treaters who are all snatch any more than three and a quarter of a percent banking stocks are also under pressure would spread bank losing almost point seven percent that's not true at reported net profit for the first nine months norman doubled to eight billion dollars. and that's how business update for this hour i'll be back in about forty five minutes with more.
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