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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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live from our studios here in central moscow. ukraine's prime minister is jailed for seven years yulia timoshenko was found guilty of abuse of power deals with russia two years ago. he was following the events from outside the court where supporters have been involved in scuffles with police. at times it seemed that the tension would go over the top with the supporters of units of thousands of them trying to organize a march through the streets of kiev and being dispersed by the police with no real brutality but still some pushing and shoving and the situation was really explodes and still several people were injured in the pushing and shoving with the police one woman was saw as she was taken to hospital having fallen from a stage or from
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a staircase or something like that inside the courtroom of course it was very tense as well while the judge was reading out the verdict. was over shouting the judge was screaming abusive words at him saying that this decision this verdict was not done in accordance with the criminal law but it was orchestrated by president viktor yanukovych indeed the reaction from the former prime minister when she learned that she's to spend seven years in prison have her property confiscated and to pay out almost two hundred million u.s. dollars in debt was very much furious. with the retiree and regime. me the trial showed that the constitution and justice had been trampled on dispute i urge you to begin the struggle it's a very difficult and you have to protect ukraine against the us military and regime don't give up when her stand at the protest the several thousand of them will remain in the key of central street for another week at least to follow the developments and to see whether their leader would be set free or any any other
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development could happen to her i'm sure has been saying all along that those deals back in two thousand and nine were signed in full accordance with international law and with the two countries legislation and the reaction which we have already received from the russian foreign ministry is saying almost the same that the court which had the verdict delivered basically neglected the fact that russia believed that that the deals were signed lawfully and the verdict itself has something over anti russian pretext that is what we've. hearing from the russian foreign ministry clear it is unhappy with the other way things are going because we know that the russian foreign minister and president medvedev have been saying that this case should be transparent and that the gas deals were completely legitimate. in today's verdict has already received critical reply from european union officials with calls for the e.u. to rethink its relations with ukraine and auntie's daniel bushell reports now from
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brussels. there's been a whole stole reaction from the people in europe here the european union's from policy chief catherine ashton says she's been following the verdict and that the european union made in fact reassess its whole relations with key of as a result of this verdict we've had the saying is deeply disappointed with the judge's decision and the e.u. commission i did their exit consequences for by that relations and earlier today the european commission said he hoped for a review of this of this verdict on appeal i mean we've wanted to see changes in ukrainian law so this sort of case cons happen again the head of the european parliament regrets the verdict all to michigan is calling for a review of the case on appeal they claim wish to enter the european union has been discussing the free trade agreement and the ukraine president is actually due here in brussels next week to discuss the first steps to joining the european union with the sounds we're getting here from brussels is that this may be put on hold and in fact stopped if if this case is not reviewed let's now listen to an expert for more
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details on this case the european union has already made it clear that if you use this trial very deliberate x. ray gives you this trial it doesn't like to see opposition politicians in prison and i think there is every chance that the european union may take some strong measures such as freezing the talks with ukraine frankly there is no chance at all of ukraine joining the so there were serious doubts about whether key of would actually go through with the ukraine would actually be able to join the european union but this verdict on yulia timoshenko really seems to put the entry of ukraine into the european union into the long grass james share from the russia and eurasia program in chatham house says ukraine may try to use the case to review its gas agreements with russia. there is an empty russian subtext because they are trying
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to find the maximum justification for false second alteration of the. know to save the agreements that julia total shan't quarrel entered into in two thousand i moved to one contract and then secondly a supplementary agreement so they were illegal is utterly bizarre the president challenged clothes which very soon the lid it. when he couldn't get the kharkiv of course with president mitt the age of eight rule two so he affirmed the validity of the accords it you're here to machine equal well ok to do it with prime minister. so that this is just one of many absurdities in this whole drama on folk washington is also condemned the verdict with key u.s. lawmakers saying it's an alarming new step in the deterioration of democracy in the country and on
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a website we're interested in your opinion on the story could hear what you have to say and if we look onscreen we can say that you want me to machine coast sentence means and we can see that about a third of what he gets a clever craning point to avoid paying for russian gaffe thirty two percent think the verdict is simply a politically motivated mockery the rest are split between two options whether the sentence is justice well done or it's a fatal error a mocking ukraine's road to the e.u. and on to r.t. dot com and have your say. american authorities claim that they have uncovered an iranian government plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. washington says it's committed to holding iran accountable well let's get the latest now on this developing story from marty's gonna gonna. in washington tell us what exactly did the u.s. official saying. well bill the u.s. attorney general explicitly said that the u.s.
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will be holding the uranium government accountable for the plots to kill the ambassador of saudi arabia to the united states also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two bombings at the really embassy in washington and at the embassy of saudi saudi arabia and washington and here is how the u.s. department of justice came out with those those accusations the f.b.i. and the u.s. drug enforcement agency have arrested a new born u.s. citizen in a sting operation his name on store r.b.s. . u.s. investigators say the man tried to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador to the united states and was ready to pay one and a half million dollars for the murder so that according to the americans this ukrainian man turned to members of the mexican drug cartel who turned out to be undercover f.b.i. operatives investigators say they are wired one hundred thousand dollars to an f.b.i. undercover bank account sort of as a down payment for the assassination that he has allegedly ordered we also know
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that he was arrested in september this year the attorney general said the man confessed in the plot and said he was directed by high ranking you raney and officials all of those accusations come from the u.s. justice department we don't have any comments from the. now you know washington hasn't made any secret over its on the most of the towards. what could be the potential for these claims. well bill it's actually interesting to watch how the u.s. media to conduct story fear mongering against iran has been going on for many years that let me remind you that the state department has listed iran as a state sponsor of terror since one thousand nine hundred eighty four and it seems now the war mongering has reached a tipping point first minutes into the statement of the attorney general without having any details let alone providing the american mainstream channels beating the drums of war saying things like we need to step up activities to undermine their
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government we need to step up cooperation with saudi arabia and israel and things and other things along these lines some experts believe that undermining the government of iran has been a long time coveted goal of the united states it's not clear how this incident will play out but it definitely makes the drums of war be louder here in washington thanks very much indeed going to come live in washington well for more on the u.s. claims let's now talk to an activist he's also joining us live from the states. washington. in the next few hours to what do you think could respond. well i think the united states is using this event and i and i and i have to say i think we should treat the story by just by attorney general holder and the u.s. government with extreme skepticism because i do not believe this would be in the interests of iran but i think what the u.s. is planning to do is intensify sanctions and possibly prepare for some kind of
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military operation against iran of course invading iran i think is out of the question at this time iran is a country of eighty million people with a formidable army u.s. is bogged down in afghanistan can't really leave or doesn't want to leave iraq and carrying out a war against libya so that's a problem but i think that we can see and i think this whole event is designed to ratchet up tension confrontation economic sanctions additional pressure and growing political isolation if they can by the united states against iran abroad is a military option in really a serious one. well i think that the united states has climbed the escalation ladder and whenever the escalation ladder is climbed to ratchet up an attack against the other side the other side then has to reciprocate that letter keeps getting climbed even if people don't want all out military conflict when they
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start climbing the ladder it can happen i think we have to really question what's going on here is it really in the interest of iran to carry out the assassination of the saudi or israeli ambassador in the heart of washington at a time when the iranian government knows the u.s. is trying to find a pretext to escalate tensions with iran i think the whole thing smacks of a fabrication so the question is why if it is a fabrication why what's the goal and the goal is to intensify pressure on iran in these kind of situations when it's a two sided conflict. that the possibility of military clash is definitely there sure and also of course the iranian people could actually suffer from this because i'm just reading the clinton said that the u.s. is preparing new penalties along with all the other sanctions that are against the iranians at the moment following the destruction of this alleged plot i mean what do you make of that well let's go back to iraq let's see what happened in iraq
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during the one nine hundred ninety s. after the first gulf war and starting actually before the first gulf war there was an extension of military conflict by using economic tools the boycott of food and medicine against the iraqi people as a part of a coordinated operation to degrade we can be stabilized that regime and i think that's what the u.s. is intending to do punish the iranian people in an attempt at the stabilize a regime that the united states wants to overthrow put this in context was funny brian if the u.s. on occasions are true why would iran have the motive why would he wish to assassinate the saudi ambassador. well that's the thing let's approach this crime if it is a crime like we would like an insurance company investigator would would the first question would ask is who is the beneficiary of the crime does iran benefit from assassinating the saudi ambassador or the israeli ambassador in downtown washington
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absolutely not because they brings the country closer to war with the largest military power in the world and the only beneficiaries are the israeli regime and the united states government which once they ratchet up tensions against iran and also to change the subject because in the last month it's been the israeli government its policies against gaza it's continuing expansion of west bank settlements that's become the focus of worldwide condemnation now the u.s. wants to shift the anger divert the anger away from its proxy away from israel towards iran a government that they have designed for overthrow thanks to approach response to this latest development here we have to say antiwar activists brumback are joining us live in washington thank you well to all the news now. of russia and china of boosting cooperation in a bid to balance out the economic and political dominance of western countries prime minister vladimir putin is in beijing to solidify diplomatic ties and overcome trade hurdles. following the landmark meeting.
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it's important to mention that this was prime minister vladimir putin's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it signals a change in focus for russia for many years the west took center stage when it came to the country's political agenda but trying as economic progress has mosco look in the east both asians have supported each other throughout the years and this is related to sulfur and sea developments and security and of course they also share similar political views and that was twelve in just recently when both countries vetoed the european draft the u.n. security council resolution condemning syria russia and china are also both members of the brig's group and along with brazil india and south africa and the continued economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance off the global political stage paving the
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way for emergent countries like china and russian prime minister putin said the us is using a stall monopoly as the only global reserve and that's heaven and that's a fact on the financial policy. i never said the us was a parasite on the global economy but i do think it's feeding the monopoly of the us dollar as a single global currency the problem is it's bad not only for the world economy america's economy as well because it leads to a violation of financial discipline when it comes to the e.u. vladimir putin said that greece is a big problem but it could be resolved if countries weren't afraid to take action he said that russia and china should lead their own international financial systems and that the role of the brics will to become more important on the world stage. i think it's joint reforming existing institutions first of all i mean global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and the world bank we agree that the role of the brics countries in these organizations. but you've.
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got to put it on the battlefield so there's a lot of big hopes and plans but both premiers said that they're confident that they have established appliance that will make sure that they become a reality well later this hour in our business with kareena we explore the significance of today's meeting in china from a financial perspective. both countries have finally sorted out their long lasting rout over all transportation terrorists for china said they were too high now join me for one that in our business. some of new york's wealthiest tycoons could soon come face to face with the rage of anti wall street demonstrators hundreds of activists are marching to the homes of the elite in protest against the widening gap between the rich and the poor in america . reports from new york. these protesters say they are targeting
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the five wealthiest residents in new york city and the names on this target list include c.e.o. of news corp rupert murdoch and the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase jamie diamond there are five people as i mentioned on this list and what we're being told is between four hundred and eight hundred occupy wall street demonstrators will be visiting each of their homes so they are taking part in this demonstration today to raise awareness about their ongoing massive job which is that the wealthiest americans continue to reap the largest rewards while the ninety nine percent of americans working hard or struggling to work are the ones that are suffering i mean this economic crisis now occupy wall street of course is in its fourth week we've been reporting about it since the very beginning on saturday october fifteenth there are supposed to be an international day of action against
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banks and that's where what you have seen transpire here in new york occupy wall street is going to basically take place from what we're being told in more than two hundred fifty cities all across the globe occupy london is planning to demonstrate and organize outside of the british stock exchange in las vegas of course with the same message message of how corporations are influencing government decisions not only in the united states but all over the world and this is an essential. movement that extends far beyond the borders of the united states well to further discuss the u.s. protests i'm joined by sarah gold and she's co-founder and editor of yes magazine joining us live in the states thanks very much indeed for being with us now as a protest spreads we now learn that activists. of new york's richest tycoons what
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will this latest tactic do for the movement. well i think every day they're looking for different ways of bringing attention to a system that is letting down so many ordinary people actually letting down the ninety nine percent and only benefiting a very very small segment of society so i think it's a way of drawing attention to that issue going on for four months now though is it to having any impact i think it's more like a full week somebody four weeks i'm sorry yes four weeks and inside there after a month is having a tremendous impact. for starters i think an awful lot of the people who have been suffering and as a result of our very poor economy have been suffering alone and this is been their first opportunity to come out and realize their it's not their fault that they're unemployed or that they're losing their homes or that they can't afford a decent education or health care they're starting to realize it's all connected to the extraordinary power of austria and when they come together and work together to set a different agenda they're realizing that they have power and that is change everything
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so so we're not just talking what we ought to evolve financial inequality but the consequences that that brings so there are a number of issues that they are protesting about. yes certainly i mean every everything that is part of keeping a middle class existence intact is now under assault whether it has to do with people who are losing their homes or people who can't get decent health care can't get an education and so yes it's the lopsided power of the wall street and wall street all of the arts it's making it impossible now for people to get the kinds of things that we want democracy in that we want to have a decent standard of living well is the government listening to this is the u.s. government waking up to this and offering some sort of reaction or in any way to appease these protests are you there yes have you just lost me can you hear me can you hear me now i think sarah we might have lost our connection that sarah are you that sarah palin golda. no sadly what i can see is a nice smile but no voice thank you very much indeed if you can hear me you
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probably can't but sarah there joining us from yes magazine in the states sorry about the lack of communication there at the end and of course our correspondents are at the scene of those protests keeping across the very latest developments in one of the tweets artie's lucic of on ourselves crowds of chanting hey you millionaires pay your fair share but also declaring the revolution has begun you can log onto our twitter feed for fresh updates on this developing story on r.t. . well that brings us up to date for the moment i'll be back with a summer of our main news stories in a few minutes from now in the meantime the business is next with kareena stay with us live here in moscow. hello welcome to business here in r.t. thanks for joining me russia and china are creating a joint investment fund worth up to four billion dollars the deal is to be seals in
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the course of prime minister putin's visit to beijing the start will be jointly wrong by the russian direct investment fund and the china investment corporation each has already allocated one billion dollars to the project at least seventy percent of the funds money is expected to be invested in russia and the former cia as countries. now also russia and china have finally sorted out their long lasting rout over all transportation terrorists that's according to deputy prime minister. chinese c n p c underpaid russia's transit round around twenty five million dollars for all supplies claiming that transportation is too high now earlier transnet threatened to go to court if chinese partners didn't pay their bills and fall now russia officials say all the claims are dropped that will be settled however another energy deal the long discussed gas supplies remain unresolved the two countries cannot agree pricing. is no paul people we care more.
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our lives the build. plans which is no good case so far they don't have a substantial interest in gas because gas is not the kind of commodity they can store the need to consume but if the consumer they want to be been wise just the way ukraine was for example therefore gas for them is not the goal commodity but it will be obsolete is one of their favorite stuff. let's have a look at the markets now all prices are heading alps after declining following opec's decision to cut its global demand forecast light sweet is trading at over eighty five dollars kyra while brant is at one hundred ten dollars per barrel and stocks in the u.s. are makes down concerns that slovakia might not approve expanding the european bailout fund the dow is trading lower a day after it jumped three hundred thirty points its largest increase since august
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eleventh and the nasdaq is at the moment trading point seven percent in the black here in stock markets closed mostly in the red on concern over slovakia the footsie and it's likely lower weighed down by losses for the mining sector copper mine either for gasteyer was among the worst performers dropping one point six percent as couple prices calling several days of gains all the commodity stocks posted similar losses you raise in natural resources drop two point three percent germany's dax bought the negative trend to end point three percent and the black. and russian markets closed in the red after several consecutive sessions of growth let's have a look at some individual shammal some of my six oil majors were among the main losers would roll snapshotting more than three and a quarter of a percent banking stocks also remain under pressure spared by a close point seven percent that's after it reported net profit for the first nine months more than doubled to eight billion dollars it's. a williams or subdued due
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to the absence of any meaningful news full sleeve the markets are going to remain in some sort of corridor. within the next month as we approach the g twenty meeting with. you in which is expected to decide how to deal with the troubles the most important. events in the meantime oversleep. earnings season which has just begun. much. more or less stable now it's time to see how companies perform and that's going to have the most wanted. that's all for me and the business team here not to thanks for watching us but for stories just log on to our website.
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life for. seven years in jail. and police. over the us. on the way. and going east moscow beijing boost corp is china becomes the first country vladimir putin visits after stating he will run for the presidency next year. that brings up to date for the lobby but with more news more developments for you in less than half an hour from now the me.


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