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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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we've got beat downs in beantown business police in riot gear arrest hundred peaceful protesters in boston but in washington d.c. a different story one force one officer showing capitol kindness to protesters in freedom square so what's with these different approaches take it by. it's a broken society represents all the reasons why people are. trying to make this record. and she's no different travelling from los angeles to new york to try to fix a broken system so this young woman lends her time and talents to improve america
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in these faces of the occupation really repair the damage caused by wall street. how many are coming out to support those standing up to wall street and big business including none other than hip hop artist and activist immortal technique will give us his thoughts on the occupy wall street movement in an exclusive here. at this hour last night basically this exact time there was a large promo boruc demonstration i guess anderson cooper only cares about protests taking place in other countries too busy to report on what's happening in his own backyard so as c.n.n. fails to cover off if i was three can we really trust a network claiming to be the most trusted name in news. it's tuesday october eleventh seven pm in washington d.c. i'm christine they're watching r.t.
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let's start with the latest in the movement to occupy wall street and go not to wall street this time but to boston massachusetts where one of the biggest crackdowns by police so far took place last night more than one. hundred people were arrested. this happened after one o'clock this morning when hundreds of boston and transit police officer some of them in riot gear surrounded the group in do we square park protesters say officers tore down their tents started handcuffing people and then the distinction between protesters and medics were legal observers apparently several members from the group veterans for peace were also among those arrested again this was one of the largest crackdowns by police since the occupy wall street protest began nearly a month ago and we wanted to just lay out for you what it looks like from the front lines in terms of police action. this video of course taken from new york city last week of officers using their batons to try to keep protesters from crossing police
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barriers here once again is that video from last night in boston this police action resulted in those camps being torn down and more than one hundred people arrested take a look at this this was from yesterday from freedom plaza right here in washington d.c. i was down there two officers with the national park service came in their hats smiling protesters here actually had permits to camp over the weekend and despite those permits expiring all seems to be just fine with minimal police activity here part of this of course could have to do with a lawsuit involving d.c. police officers hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out a police chief fired over the treatment of people protesting the world bank and in national monetary fund by the money years ago whatever the reason though i want to talk more about this so earlier i spoke to jason premiss editor and publisher of open media boston he was at the occupy boston protest all night and has more on what happened on the ground there take
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a listen. the word of god out through my boston circles that we're going to go down late evening last night so on a number of us you know our publication specially made the call to go down there and witness what was happening and reported for the world so i was on the scene by quarter past midnight and we waited around what i saw was the two camps the first camp was started in dewey square in boston on september thirtieth surrounded by at least three hundred occupiers who were linking arms and had made it even barricades to prevent police entry and then the new camp that they had founded yesterday afternoon interestingly the the second camp was founded during a student march an unprecedented student march of over two thousand students there on the other side of the city trying to cross the charlestown bridge being blocked by police at that moment and late afternoon yesterday camp two was founded and at least were caught offguard respect so that second camp which is adjacent to the
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doing square kept in an unnamed park and i can tell you exactly where it is it's a quarter of the congress in atlantic and it's also why it's bordered by purchase street and pearl street and it was also surrounded by about three hundred occupiers who had also linked arms and we have pictures that you've seen video of that and then about one twenty we began to see police vehicles arrive on the scene occupy boston scouts had already found the concentrations of police and at least three locations within two or three blocks of the site and ten minutes later once. the park was surrounded not a very large park by police apparently by transit police interestingly and state police the boston police themselves went in from the pearl street side and began doing what you can kind of see on the obviously grainy videos and photos littering the shooting and the chaos and they started she was you know throw people in their stomachs and and tie them with plastic cuffs and then arrest them and they also
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arrested as you said legal observers. including the head of the national lawyers to legal legal team and medics and then to veterans many of whom are highly decorated veterans of american military actions and wars over the last fifty years and you're describing a pain too i fear of people in a park winking arms creditors standing their ground and then police come in and throw them on our stomachs that's right yeah yeah yeah they were they were ordered to leave or face arrest they'd already been warned and then police began doing that especially from the special operations unit which is i guess our equivalent of a swat team you may have heard swat so what was of course what was the reason then name given in terms of why this camp had to be broken out when they only think a man and handed out fliers a few hours earlier and warned everybody really the political establishment in boston and nationally is starting to get nervous about this growing movement and it is growing for viewers in europe certainly in eastern europe it would be apt to
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call this our progs spring ok in american terms this is this is our chicago sixty eight all over again young people are up in arms about the situation in society about their inability to make a living of their they're afraid of the future they don't like the paths that american political and economic leadership are taking us down and they're out there and they were told though that the reason that they were being forced out of this second encampment was simple trespass essentially that they shouldn't be in the park after eleven and that the mayor just wasn't going to let them camp in his second place although i should point out the first camp wasn't touched it was the second camper all the action happened the mayor said he won't allow expansion of the camp the merits not many you know thomas menino is not thrilled with the with the first camp although he's tolerating it he says for the moment but he feels that he's not going to accept civil disobedience of the type we saw last night is not going to skip except. expanding the camp i you know of course i don't know what
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he's going to. able to do about this because people are flocking to the banner of occupy boston as they are the occupy wall street movement all over the united states actually my phone interview with the mayor you just mentioned he says he's not going to tolerate civil disobedience he does say he he agrees with a lot of your and other protesters grievances but he can't tolerate tolerate it specially when it gets in the way of people trying to get to work trying to get to their jobs i think more jobs is one of the main demands of many people angry a lot three i'm wondering what you can say to the mayor and to others if you are indeed getting in the way of people trying to get to work but first of all it's not really true i mean there are actions throughout the day every day coming out of the occupy boston site but they're generally scheduled to be in advance police are informed police escort the protesters they blocked off the appropriate streets the protesters moved quickly and it's not any significance of a tie up especially during rush hour so that's that's just that's not i don't think
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that's an acceptable argument when what we're talking about here is basic rights freedom of speech freedom of assembly the right to protest which are you know history going back to our constitution the united states this is protected speech is protected activity and this is something if i may say it it's all really speaking you know that it's long past time for in this country and understandably the political establishment is concerned about this perhaps even frightened of it but i think that they have to realize that unless there is a change unless the working families of the united states can get a fair deal and can trust our government again these protests are going to continue and so the government has to ask the question whose side are they on the on the people side or there are the on the side of wall street of the elites james and you compare this to prague spring to chicago sixty eight you also say that on it will continue and tell people start getting a fair deal but can you be more specific in terms of what we're told will come out
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of this that will make it memorable. or for the children of the grandchildren of the future generations to look back on this i mean of course we are still in our early stages being the first year that this is going on but what do you foresee if the protesters get at least some of their demands met will change and will change about this country will things of corelli change because essentially these protests are pulling the american debate. on a variety of issues in a more progressive direction you know even when you see republican presidential candidates being forced to mention the protests whether whether they will you know whether they're positive or not they're generally not that's a big change considering how hollow far right the debate has been drifting and that was jason payments editor and publisher of open media boston. well speaking with occupy wall street new york of course the birthplace of it all and this is not just a movement protesters but people who say they want real change in this country and
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their demands are starting to be shown around the world our teams on a star theater going to take a look at one of the faces in the crowd who's helped to get lots of other faces in the crowd on t.v. screens across the globe. no wonder they had some got c.e.o. down during the week and really protests on the bankers around but you know why you should be lebron james here they have now camped out near wall street for over three weeks it's a joke to start a party here and there was and is a trying to have burning buildings right also accused of being chaotic uneducated teenage things in reality it's the old really young and those in between were out on the streets most of the people here want a life of all something he writes such as the stuff every piece of the should be punished so it's not right for. me from texas thirty one year old he did some study political science in college and is now filmmaker volunteering at the camp's
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media center her family lived the american dream until the recession broke it i just look at what happened world are obvious like everyone i know is anxious for us to take them to something you know jobless trialing you know and it's like those to me there's an element of rebirth the society represents all the reasons why people are out there. trying to make. this is to katie and other occupiers is the beginning of a true revolution i definitely feel like this is what i've been working for my life now i've got something. better. weeks into the demonstrating the occupy wall street movement gets accused of not having one clear message if you are on a subway car with time for people and you ask them all you know what problems you have with your government you would probably have a list of one hundred different demand over many concerns their messages the scene the american system needs fixing the one percent didn't just reject the protests of
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face value he would see that the troop wants change they could be good for everyone instead katie says right now we're seeing it from the one percent but about. i guess the proud big bro. if i remember i would i would be nervous and i think a lot of things like that people are saying that like. the brooklyn bridge that kind of shows that there is a reaction from the one resigned from some of this because you know our words like this. you know i'm hoping that we start winning them is on until they do like hundreds of others he's staying put using her skills talents and passion to put in a hard day's work at improving america and the future cannot you know right now we just showed you some of the faces of the wall street occupation r.t. of course has been on the ground on the ground covering these protests since the
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beginning acts of terror seventeen our correspondents and producers have had the opportunity to talk to so many of those camping out to fight for change and while down in the financial district r.t. correspondent marina porton iowa reading is a hip hop artist and activist immortal technique here's part of that exclusive interview. what do you think the difference is between the occupy wall street movement and become a party as you know there's been a lot of parents trying to teach me ok. when people talk about the tea party they think that their reaction to obama i said this is a great mistake the tea party is reaction is against it's own party first it's against the republicans who are the first enemies before you can actually get to an election you have to run in a. primary who were there first enemies republicans that they didn't think before enough to the right they didn't think that their values were conservative enough so they put them on the truck and on the chopping block to show everybody out there we are willing to get rid of our own if you do not come back home and this is your
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home. that's the difference we're not willing to just attack people in britain we're willing to sit down and have discussions with people before we take it to that degree they were straight out the bank you know we're going to juggle. part of that people think because we organized here and people were here that we're just willing to politically you know savagely mall anybody that's not the case we want to have discussions with with individuals who are in charge of things i would say this is a more all encompassing this is libertarians this is independents this is some democrats this is some republicans more democrats obviously than republicans but wasn't asking questions about foreign policy because i don't think the majority of people here believe that a woman who's the victim of rape or incest or be forced to have a child and we don't believe that government has the right to have all of these private meetings behind our back about what we need to do there was a there was a sign out here that said you know police offices you one bounced check away from
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being out here with the rest of us to look at a lot of people think they're angry they're screaming at cops but they're just working class individuals whose their boss the mayor the mayor is get money with wall street he's literally. he's closer to wall street than america is this. i don't i mean. that's that's his homie those are his people. when they die he pours out a little liquor for them. you know he shows up at all the birthday parties he's probably godfather to some of their children these people they're like an american aristocracy. so when he says something to the police commissioner the police commissioner says something to the white shirts and the white shirts kick down to the soldiers it's similar to what we see in the most brutal parts of the occupation of iraq and afghanistan the most brutal parts of that war soldiers held accountable for terrible things that happened within the confines of the war but no officers no generals nobody that implemented these policies nobody that said hey you know what
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take him into the back and cut his hands off until he tells me what i want to hear or rape or kill she can't stand it so she gives us the information that we want but that's only attributed to the contractors to the soldiers not to the upper levels not to the cia memos not to the people that wrote them which is why when i look at cops this is a certain amount of cynicism that i have when people say oh they're all evil they're all we can know they're not evil don't we can the people that are innocently following orders if they don't follow the rules they'll lose their job like the sign says they're one bounced check for being right here with the rest of us two and as soon as they realize that and i think that's also a big difference between this movement and between the arab spring it's the difference is that in the arab spring there was a concentrated force of security forces whether it be military or national guard i decided to join with the move because those were their equal they were literally saying well these are the people that i'm being told by my document that i have to go to war with other countries to protect and yet now i'm being told to attack and
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kill the same people at some point everybody has to question what they're doing and why they're even here what they're doing their job if they're being expressive their democracy and a greater question what did they ever really do to be considered an american. if you fall out of new york or new jersey or kansas that's why you're an american if you were to stand up with human rights in your civil rights would you ever question a government that's trying to infringe on your civil liberties if you ever try to reform a government that's done nothing but leach this country dry stealing from people constantly. you know in two thousand eight hundred ready to go up in arms obama was not the the great unifier he was the great pacifier. he came in here and said no it's going to be ok i'm going to take care of all this it's a care of all of them and this is not hatred towards him this is not a denigration of him as a me but he knows the system yes the stand up for because he's tried to talk like
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bloomberg to start a little street. if people come here from the opposition people who have consistently been a part of taking advantage of the people that are you upset at what we're doing because it exposes what they've been doing this whole time. which exposes the corruption behind closed doors then we know we're on the right. and for the full interview with hip hop artist and political activist immortal technique and our web site at youtube dot com slash r t america. you know a major chapter of this story is the chapter on the media how the movement was largely ignored by the mainstream media at first then when they decided to latch on it was spun in some interesting ways but there is no one network that seems to be spending much less time covering these protests than the others it's the network most people still turn to when there are major breaking news events going on and with this breaking news they're just not there. through complaint.
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and onto the street it took some time but much of mainstream media is finally showing up to report on the movement that started as occupy wall street. and is spreading to what some are now calling up you play everywhere. california washington d.c. to wonder why one network seems to not have gotten the memo c.n.n. also known as the most trusted name in news but perhaps there's a good reason after all there has been some major news over the last few days. with . michael jackson's doctors trial thank you to everyone amanda knox is here for speech and the top story over the weekend. erin burnett host of cnn's new a show outfront he did go to the protests and talks to one single protesters
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started and teaches him a lesson so do you know that taxpayers actually made money on the wall street bailout. b.s. they may not t.m. but they did on the last report about how does that make you go any differently in . your city. if i were a get my culture also featured in her report evidence you could call it that it's not just all hippies at the protests there are all kinds of people there babies teachers cheerleaders uncle sam. that not featured nobel prize winning economist joseph stiglitz who attended the protest and showed his support eighty nine year old retired teacher dominic solo for sixty seven year old leonard who came from california when he was like my wife. i don't have a problem. and
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it seems their stories will make it into the top story of one major network their list of demands seen by many as too complex a charge with which organizers disagree is not a cognitive ability problem here unless maybe you're a c.n.n. producer and it's it's a problem of sound bites having shrugged well the demands of growth but what about intrepid reporter interesting cooper will surely pitch a tent with the rest after all he went to haiti that was clearly in japan there's a car over here there's another car over there turns out he's been too busy learning how to brush his dog's teeth to get a canine at the end with no time to step outside and report on what's happening. christine freeze out our team. all right let's talk more about this and other mainstream media coverage of occupy wall street in general does feel a graco is one of those wall street protesters and he also had the opportunity to
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voice some of his concerns to one of those corporate corporate media outlets when he was interviewed by a reporter with fox news unfortunately it's one that's all to. the especially conservative such as yourself because we find that you can't see the market just slightly if these are the issues which you are really concerned sweatshirts like you know why are the great teachers let's look at the thirty years and have our living standards keep this well that's what it is that i think it's time for me to be on listen for this if you are democracy that isn't going to like experience just say. short time ago i spoke to jesse lo graca and i asked him what is the fence with fox and at least ox is on the ground covering the movement. well no they're not because coverage would require truth and facts and fox news is very much lacking i mean consider the fact that they've basically hosted the people
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already they're running several republican candidates for president that will previous employees of us news and the host talking about how we hate freedom and where danger is you know it really shows exactly where the republican party's priorities are when their main concern with america's excess protesters instead of talking about job creation but the funny thing is they don't believe in job creation they believe in free markets honestly think the government has no role at all creating jobs and therefore their argument is invalid entirely. since you're talking about that i want to go to a video that we have this is just of course in. segment on fox that was aired i'll play this and then we can talk about it. but i think what's drawing them all together is who's behind this he's created it who's orchestrated it and that is certainly a coherent group that's because local socialist movement that see american socialists the american communist george soros groups like move on dot org they are certainly unified they're certainly coordinated and they have the behind writing these kids
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and aging hippies out there but you can't make this stuff up they're passing out free condoms there's been open sex going on there are drugs easy to score all right so the death of this was a segment on the show hannity you have this woman talking about protesters like you basically being organized by faucheux left and communist and then you have hannity talking about these condoms and three things going on there what's up with that. because when you don't have sas on your side you need to make things up and with does the gauge and just total saucily none of that is true and i think it's what an intellectual lightweight does when you presented facts and the need to be or into conversations of name calling i mean it's all ad hominem so it's they can have a rational discussion maybe some stats they call you names it's like arguing with a force creator so jesse you haven't seen that massive origin is going on on the
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lawns around you. know but we did see james o'keefe who is an operative spirit of acorn on behalf of sox news he's actually violating his probation right now because we have video of him in new york and i really all day he would be brought to justice and to occupy wall street really bad i'm not against capitalism i'm against crime it's that simple maybe it's. maybe james o'keefe has joined your cause right i did see those pictures that you're talking about. just a little bit more about this i mean i mean this is something of from hannity but i've seen it widely on fox news they're not just calling you guys hippies aging have babies whatever but the notion that there's a lot of breaking going on right now in terms of public urination in public fact. through this tell our viewers that you did not hear it i mean is this something that you're seeing that's going on. you know the thing the falsity is very strong
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with these ones what they're trying to do is deflate our movement this time economic justice there is millions of working class people everywhere who just don't want to listen to these all the guards anymore they're asking us to share in a separate place for a disaster that we did not create and they're using these smears as the actions of the fact that their sword sides of it by wall street they might as well be in a three legged race i want to switch gears now and talk sort of about the protesters protesters like yourself and the message that being conveyed not just to fox news one of the major criticisms is that the protest is lacking is a sort of unified message i got to talk about this in terms of the need and the desire to get your message across and the lack of them being clear and concise that you know can fit into soundbites. well i think the american is really feeling the message i mean we march up and down the streets chanting and the war tax the rich that's all well and your deficits and i see the cameras there all the time i know their microphones i really wish they would do the service that they were supposed
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to do by and for the people based on facts instead of making us to be silliness and the war tax the rich those seem like pretty short and simple messages who who is aimed at because i know another sort of been the point on right now with the media machine is that you should be aiming your grievances. simply at president obama. and it's funny because a lot of people like to blame president obama and i don't hold him blameless i have a lot of thoughts of those glad to share people about what i think personally could do better i think the president is responsible for the governance of the economy but i think it's irresponsible of those who detract from him when they vote against his jobs bill when they filled us for every single thing he does and then they turn around and blame them but you know like almost looks like their goal from day one was to make sure that nothing happened so they can blame it all on obama because we all know this disaster linda given obama we all know it so anybody is trying to state that i would have to question their honesty based on their political
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affiliations and that was occupy wall street protests are just. as we've proven our tea is keeping up to the minute with what's going on in the occupy wall street movement and if you're looking for more information and we're not on air you can follow my colleague our intrepid producer lucy catherine up she is in the midst of all the action in new york with the latest hottest news from occupy wall street again if you'd like to keep up with the latest sights and sounds cold to see out lucic half an hour and be sure to join us again in thirty minutes as we have a live report from lizzie and that is going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered through r.t. dot com usa also check out our youtube page at youtube dot com slash r t america lots of good video from occupy wall street occupy boston california everything else thanks so much for watching you can follow me on twitter as well at frowsy i'm christine for example since this.


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