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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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oh i'm tell are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture first to his new york now it's boston and the brutal police crackdown against the ninety nine percent movement in the middle of the night these more than one hundred people arrested in beantown i'll talk with someone who is there and what this means for the momentum of the occupations springing up across the nation and republicans play the role of obstructionists in today's this time their obstructing jobs so isn't crystal clear by now the republicans are only looking out for the richest one percent of america .
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you need to know this there was another violent police crackdown against the ninety nine percent movement this time it wasn't in new york city but instead in boston as the occupy boston movement now in its second week group beyond its original campsite and dewey square demonstrators moved into a new space a block away yesterday prompting police to surround the demonstrators and shut down the occupation in the middle of the night when the first line of people to be arrested were those with a group veterans for peace war veterans who had their american flags and yanked from their hands and thrown on the ground before being tackled themselves and arrested. was it was.
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my view. then police moved on to the rest of the demonstrators who were seated peacefully arresting them and dismantling and trashing their campsite into nearby garbage trucks words of one hundred people were arrested last night in the north of the largest mass arrests in the history of boston but as we've seen following crackdowns in new york city the sort of police action has only strengthened the movement so we see the same sort of uptick in the occupy boston elsewhere around the nation joining me now is john niles a member of the veterans for peace in boston was one of those people who confronted the boston police last night john welcome thanks for having me and we were big periods of your thanks for joining us john so what happened last night. well in a nutshell we would have a regular meeting of the smedley butler brigade major general especially
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debugger u.s.m.c. . wars a rapid bang but we've got where from a lady rack that was also. boss in the police were about to come down on the occupation we immediately turned our meeting and jumped on the m p p a and headed down to dewey square we arrived there probably around eight pm and mingle with the crowd to make it clear to the original dewey square which built the whole of los so they bowed to the next lot on the. rose kennedy expressway that we have here in boston and that apparently was not part of the deal that they had with the mayor. we stayed around the reception from the people at the occupy boston for us veterans for peace was was fantastic. we were talking to some of the local police that had the regular police
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uniforms. and everything seemed to be in good shape but we stuck around and run twenty in the morning. at one end of the. supposedly not condone areas. the big guys dressed in the. homeland anxiety uniforms looking like storm troopers. one of them came up and said that you have ten minutes to bake a we help ass and then they drive. i was next to the coordinator one of the arrestees pack scanlan and rachel o'neil who was also a an iraq veteran. they were. probably chanting some of the loudest slogans we were reciting. oath to defend the constitution of the united states of america against all enemies we have
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a problem and it's called the constitution. and they were singled out immediately the young lady was absolutely manhandled by a couple of these to stop i want to be and my friend sort of reached out to help her and they grabbed him and that left me and i was grabbed by two with them one grabbed my share i'm wearing a substitute shirt today and by the arm and i pulled away and at that point i got some kind of a blow from a baton on night shift and at the same time i was looking to my right to my left i got i guess it was an elbow to the jaw broken off a feeling that i wound up on the ground i would fortunate in that the wave of police past me and i was able to crawl to safety and nurse my wounds for a bit i got home about four o'clock this morning and to my allman i turned on one
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of the local channels and sorry picture of myself getting docked out and i guess that's my fifteen minutes of band john we have about a minute not a minute left here what happened to your friends and police cust who were taken into police custody. they were missing for most of the day but what i saw on the five o'clock news that i was by a best friend of better and to be outside the courthouse being interviewed and basically they had no criminal record it's a misdemeanor and appear few dollars fine which i don't think justified some of the tactics used by the stone protests and what's planned next or quickly. well. we've got to continue the fight we as well as the police by the way a part of the ninety nine percent and we spent the butler brigade of veterans that peace are planning on being down with the brothers and sisters tomorrow and we have
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our treasury a little bit we're going to bring a supply of good italian pizzas from the north end of boston which is really close always where it's i that's great john thanks so much for being with us and thanks for having us and keep up the good work my friend you to please send our regards to everybody there more than nine hundred cities across the nation of hosted some sort of meet up in support of the ninety nine percent movement until there's some real change we can believe in it's not going away. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's the question will be violent police crackdowns against the ninety nine percent movement the ter boston protesters your choices are no only seek to strengthen the movement nine hundred cities or yes getting tackled arrested will send young people who eventually log on to target dot com let us know what you think the polls will be
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open until tomorrow morning. crazy alert job the first one just when you thought his fifteen minutes of fame were up joe the plumber filed yesterday papers yesterday in ohio to run for congress in the states and i know this trick joe the plumber whose only political qualification for office seems to be that he had a fifteen second conversation with president obama on camera three years ago will face off against either congressman dennis kucinich or congresswoman marcy kaptur for the seat both were redistricted into the same district as a result of the two thousand and ten census that is of course and if joe can even make it out of the republican primary if joe loses he can always fall back on his day job you know not as a plumber but as the guy has been used by the republican party for three years. coming up they could create three million new jobs in america so i think
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republicans just filibuster the president's jobs bill. let's not forget that we had an apartheid museum right. i think russell be the one well. we never got that says they're going to keep him safe get ready you can get their freedom.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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the senate did something today that the republican controlled house of representatives promised never to do take a vote on the american jobs act in an effort to get some wavering democrats onboard with the legislation senate majority leader harry reid made some tweaks to president obama's original proposal stripping out a provision that would cut off taxpayer subsidies to trans national oil corporations stuff that makes democrats like mary landrieu and joe mansion uncomfortable and replacing it with a five point six percent surtax on people who make more than a million bucks. the washington post this morning described the politics behind a vote today writing with the revision senate leaders think the bill presents a sharper choice supports spending on education transportation and veterans or
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protect the interests of the very wealthy but believe it or not republican sided with the very very wealthy in a hotel just a few hours ago republicans in the senate filibuster the legislation even though reid led a majority of senators to vote in favor of the president's american jobs act today he fell short of the sixty votes needed to overcome the filibuster so republicans essentially told the three million people who could be put back to work thanks to this legislation tough law so didn't republicans just prove that they only care about the top one percent of americans joining me now to offer his take is david so conservative commentator and business pro-business advocate david welcome great to see you back again with us from our new york studio thank you for joining us thank you tom it's always a pleasure to be on your program thank you so why do you have i always have these questions up with the white right you hate it's we both you know it's kind of a joke but it is seriously why do you hate the ninety nine percent of us who make
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less than the millionaires and billionaires oh well i don't hate that ninety nine percent and you know that it was just that this proposal this plan it stunk on ice it was rife with problems and wasteful spending it was impossible if we're going to be serious about getting our arms around spending if we're going to be serious about job creation and if we're going to be serious about getting back on the right path we couldn't pass it and it did not pass it was a big stinker flop and i really have to look at the president he did a very poor job selling it stephen agence it is an ad hominum is what not specifically did you object to this. well let's take one issue for instance harry reid's boneheaded proposal about taxing millionaires we've tried that before what happens is quite literally overnight
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a miracle loses all its millionaires through various deferred income tax avoidance schemes which are perfectly legal now the costs associated with this little change that seems so appealing to this so-called ninety nine percent is astronomical but canada we use the three hundred million dollars for us for a start up we didn't do so we tried this before we tried this you know we're herbert hoover raise the top tax rate to ninety one percent it's stayed there from from twenty nine i think it was or thirty or thirty one it stayed there then until nineteen set what was in one nine hundred sixty four and when it was dropped over seventy four percent and it stayed there until one thousand nine hundred six when when reagan dropped down twenty eight percent so we had five but i may have a hybrid of all prosperity while the top one percent a minute i'd like to expose the fallacy of that argument that avoids the actual
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issue the issue here is that we tax many much less millionaires because so many people again entered into these various schemes that machinations to avoid receiving that money in their hands it's almost analogous to the arguments about minimum wage we say let's raise minimum wage and we neglect the fact that the legal aliens largely are willing to work for less than minimum wage people going to become as a little illegal aliens to avoid taxes yet your point is well taken that there are loopholes in the tax thank you and your point is well taken wait a minute people when i was things are pay ok well i would say and i'm guessing you would remove the poles in our enforcement particularly now the ministration purportedly wants to do so much for the ninety nine percent is. assiduously kicking that ninety two i would percent ninety five in the person a quarter a quarter of all the people in america who earn more than a million dollars a year paid lower taxes last year than the median income in the united states and
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around fifty thousand dollars a year if it lowered taxes than the average working person a quarter of that argument is jive and you know that argument for this is what this is what ira statistics david. what they're doing is taking a weighted average they're neglecting to consider all those long term capital gains those all obviously gone through right on or that's that's why you have you know the you know warren buffett's pain seventeen percent you know mitt romney paid in taxes last year and is that wait a minute mitt romney. without working a day one day in fact he claimed on the campaign trail that he was unemployed he doesn't have a job what he does have his investments and he made forty million dollars and he paid fourteen percent taxes on it tell me why somebody making forty million dollars with by using money to make money should only pay fourteen percent when if you or i use our brains to make money or something or use our bodies to make money we have
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to pay up to thirty six percent why should mitt romney gets a deal. he doesn't get a special deal and you know i put in the one hundred percent taxes that's a special deal where did the money come from. he earned it by investment and did he not pay income tax money earned that money or he paid for judeans heritage and did he not weren't they paying a state tax and inheritance taxes paid if you paid income tax i'm assuming you're wearing did you pay some price did you pay an income tax on the income that you earned that you used to buy the suit that you're wearing. yes i did and if you showed up for work naked do you think that you would no longer be working there. though you make a very interesting point is that you know the tools that we use whether it's our clothes or whether it's our tools if we're buying those yeah we buy them with after tax money and mitt romney the tool that he used to make forty million dollars was
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after tax money on it it doesn't matter by the suits if i buy this suit i have to pay sales tax and so does this mitt romney that you seem so interested in that the moment he pays a lot more taxes than the average working guy and you know it's he pays fourteen percent the average working guy pays pays far more than that. and i imagine when he goes to his heavenly reward he'll also pay a great deal of estate tax. if he if you want to argue that there are still some facts once that we let you go and you're talking about his kids not him he would be dead but the personal tax i think is a completely different thing if you don't hit the ninety nine percent why do you hate republicans according to a recent poll this is the washington post in bloomberg the majority of americans about two thirds want to see taxes raised on the top one percent and fifty three percent of republicans want to see taxes raised on the top one percent we're talking about a six percent increase in taxes if you take them into the low forty's or for most
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of the twentieth century their taxes were in the ninety's when the ninety and said it was way too high and it's true. for america let's get some accounts of below the let's stop trying to break the camel's back with this onerous taxation you know if you look at rich people or not to animals and we're not we're not in their hands and zero they're making out like they're making like bread is their flight around in private jets their five hundred dollars you know paul ryan have these these hedge fund billionaires come into town and buy a three hundred dollars for the wine for dinner you tell me that they're bad but i want to be broken. sure i mean even if you were to steal all of their money and throw it into the public coffers the administration nobody suggested any of it i'm saying they should pay the same tax rate as their janitors. come on they pay significantly more mitt romney today supports the war said there's kerry because he's thirty six percent and i suspect the longer this drama's be eventually even
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the most drug addled member of the audience their eyes are going to open and say wow these numbers don't work no it doesn't i mean as long as the very rich are paying fourteen percent the average that was paid by the average income of the of the top ten hedge fund managers and wall street was two billion dollars last year the average income tax made by them was seventeen percent how is that right when their janitors and their secretaries are paying a lot of money in taxes aren't they those hedge fund managers and they are paying a lot of secretaries are paying there is the janitor who isn't even a taxpayer i think end of the year that janitor so you're saying the more of your sins makes a nickel they lower the percentage chance back more than he ever pays in and gets credits that that hedge fund manager is and they've been entitled to and that janitor he's not exposed to alternative minimum tax or any of the other issues so come on it's just not true ok david thank you very much i know i think we've had an
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impasse here where we just have to agree to disagree david thanks i mean with tom before you let me go i just want to say i heard the previous guest and i also a veteran i just want to let your listening audience know and viewing audience i stand with those brave men and woman in boston their law enforcement there some of the finest police officers in the world ok you're on the record thank you didn't you. the u.s. justice department announced today that it for a potential assassination plot right here in washington d.c. against the saudi ambassador to the united states and even more troubling according to the department of justice elements of the iranian government they have been involved two suspects have been named in the plot one a naturalized u.s. citizen and a plot involved bombing the saudi arabian embassy as well as the israeli embassy in the nation's capital cover was apparently blown off the assassination attempt on one of those two suspects approached informant with the u.s. drug enforcement agency down in mexico offering one point five million for the
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death of the saudi ambassador it was f.b.i. director robert mueller talking today on this issue. these individuals had no regard for their intended victim no regard for innocent citizens who might have been hurt or killed in this attempted assassination they had no regard for the rule of law and with these charges we bring the full weight of that law to bear on those responsible and we send a clear message that any attempts on american soil will not be tolerated it is with ramifications of this foiled attack could be enormous here's what attorney general eric holder said about iran's connections to the attack. the plane alleges that his conspiracy was conceived was sponsored and was directed from iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law including a convention that explicitly protects diplomats from being harmed in addition to
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holding these individual conspirators accountable for their alleged role in this plot the united states is committed to holding iran accountable for its actions or bodies or and already some republican congressmen are saying this is an act of war so what will this mean for an already tense relationship with iran and is there more to it than meets the eye joining me now is he like lifton national security reporter with think progress dot org ill i welcome thank you for having me thanks for joining us u.s. officials say that the plan to kill the ambassador was directed by tehran and that the suspect in custody has confessed that he was recruited and funded by men he understood to be senior officers of the qods force an elite force and arounds revolutionary guard how likely is it that the iranian government was actually directly involved in a plot. well i mean the the allegations of the charges that have been brought seem very very serious and if true this will certainly have a huge impact on u.s.
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iran relations not to mention for that matter saudi iran relations which which are not good as they currently stand. as to whether it's it's possible that that they were working for the iranian government as as it seems as like one of the suspects does claim it remains it's something that i think we'll have to see the evidence on to establish whether or not that's that's believable. if so as i said i think this is this is really going to be a devastating thing you know senator mark kirk has already indicated that that the response should be pretty harsh from the united states that we should should look to basically bring down the iranian central bank bank or kasi. so i think those are the types of responses we should be looking for in the in the days and weeks and weeks ahead as the details of this case come out do we know if this well if this was anything more than a guy in mexico talking to
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a dea agent. i think that's the question the sort of all of us are wondering if it sort of boggles the imagination this idea that the somebody working for the for the i r g c made contact with the mexican drug cartels to solicit a murder for hire of the saudi ambassador in washington. it if if if this is the case it really is quite a fascinating and really is as i say devastating. set of allegations and the case against these two individuals will definitely have a resounding impact both in washington but a little also and in tehran and riyadh iran and saudi arabia are bold bitter political enemies in a long running middle eastern conflict that's been fueled by sectarian hostilities the sunni versus shia. what would iran and game. by targeting a saudi official the united states and i think that's that's a very good question and those of us looking at the news today just taking it all
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at face value assuming that that these allegations are accurate and that these individuals were working with the iranian government if you work with that thought process it's very hard to understand what went on and what the iranians thought they were going to gain from this remember the u.s. saudi relations have not been great over the course of the arab spring the way we've often found ourselves on opposite sides of a number of the uprisings in the region with the u.s. often i don't either implicitly or explicitly supporting some of the democratic movements and the saudis often working against them so it really boggles the imagination why the iranians would want to blow up the saudi ambassador in washington d.c. now the saudis in the iranians certainly have their own problems but it would seem as if you noticed speaking from sort of the state of rational self interest for the iranians that they would probably want to stand back and let the tensions in the
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u.s. saudi relationship play themselves out at least for the for the time being roger would indicate the u.s. says it's committed to holding iran accountable for its actions other than arrested in charging these two men what are their options that the u.s. have at its disposal for holding the iranian government accountable on you know assuming that there's actually enough evidence to to hold somebody. well i think it's very likely will see a push for new sanctions certainly if it's established that these individuals were working on behalf of the iranian government i think it's it's really it's likely will see very targeted sanctions focused as i said earlier on on bank markazi to central bank i know the comments have been made about sort of comparing it to the types of sanctions we might have seen in north korea even really designed to sort of undercut the currency so i think those are the types of things we should be watching for i think thus far though certainly as a mark kirk has has has said that so far the response will at least that he's
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pushing for will be limited to further sanctions on the central bank and since the plot was not successful that there would not be an examination or push for any sort of military response thus far as several republican are makers have already gone on record calling this an act of war fox news is absolutely hysterical will this be exploited by the war hawks in congress and in the media as an opportunity to take military action is wrong oh absolutely i mean i think that there are certainly individuals who have been pushing for for for harsher a u.s. strategy toward toward tehran for the past several years and have openly advocated the past for military action in an earlier cases to to deter or to or to destroy iran's nuclear program so i and i have no doubt in my mind it will be seeing those same individuals pushing similar arguments in the days and weeks ahead
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except in this case they'll be referring back now to to the case against these these two individuals the iranian state media and a spokesman person for iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad's office said today that this was just the latest example of american propaganda against iran script dreamed up by the cia to distract americans from our own internal problems is that any kind of convincing argument for people inside iran and iran's neighbors. yes we have about thirty so i don't think it's a convincing argument i think that it probably will find traction in some some areas. but looking back on sort of the u.s. iran relations that as i said before this doesn't make a lot of sense because especially coming off on the heels of the release of the hikers it seemed as if there was a bit of a attempt to at least get on get out get ahead of some sort of a public relations push and win sort of hearts and minds if you will from the iranian end and and this would certainly fly in the face of not you live thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you for having me. coming out.


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