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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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to cause a report on. the us the charges are true iranians for allegedly plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to washington as part of a major terror attack iran that calls into question. looking east the russian premier has met the chinese leader in beijing on a visit to boost cooperation and balance of the financial and political dominance of the west. and israel striking a long awaited prisoner swap deal that will see jewish soldier gilad schalit freed in exchange for over a thousand palestinians. and a seven year sentence for ukraine's former prime minister for alleged abuse of power linked to gas contracts with russia sparks public outrage on harsh criticism
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from moscow the u.s. and e.u. . and in business world demand is no longer being mainly driven by the developed western nations and this is good for. business in about twenty minutes. global news twenty four so this is r.t. live from moscow with me will receive iranians hiring mexicans to assassinate the saudi ambassador in america and other details of a so-called complicated plot the u.s. government says it has uncovered officials in washington say two iranian agents try to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack allegations tehran dismissed as a quote comedy show. that has the latest from the u.s. . the u.s.
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attorney general explicitly said that the u.s. will be holding the uranian government accountable for the plots to kill the ambassador of saudi arabia to the united states also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two of bombings that the israeli embassy in washington and at the embassy of saudi arabia also in washington and here is how the u.s. department of justice came up with those accusations the f.b.i. and the you was drug enforcement agency have arrested a new raney and born u.s. citizen is name monsoor are perhaps you are u.s. investigators say the man tried to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador to the united states and for that according to the americans this iranian man turned to members of a mexican drug cartel who turned out to be undercover f.b.i. operatives the attorney general said the man comes fast in the plot and said he was directed by high ranking iranian officials iran's firmly denies the allegations saying it is a comedy show fabricated by america fear mongering against iran has been going on
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for many years now what they are not bringing up is possible motives behind accusations like whether those accusations make any sense at all why would the government of iran want to kill the saudi ambassador in washington would be rainy and actually do it taking into consideration the potential fallout i heard experts on american mainstream channels beating the drums of war saying things like we need to step off a kid it is to undermine the government of iran of course we need to step up cooperation with saudi arabia and israel as for iran's some experts believe that undermining the government if you grant has been a long time coveted goal of the united states is not clear how this incident will play out but it definitely makes the drums of war beat louder here in washington. reporting michael sure. officer says there are a lot of holes got occasions against this apparent iranian backed plot. one of the
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biggest problems in the united states for before or telling what the terrorist threat is in our country is that the f.b.i. runs the sting operations and then claims great credit for breaking up a plot that wouldn't have existed except that they lured somebody into doing it my initial reaction is if the iranians wanted to kill a saudi ambassador why do it in the united states when it would cause a war between the united states and iran do it in thailand do it in cambodia do it in saudi arabia but why do it here i think what you need to keep in mind is that the saudis want the iranians destroyed the israelis want the iranians destroyed the congress in the united states is owned by israel and so the congress wants iran destroyed and this is an opportunity for them to push for war and so i think we have to be very careful until we find out exactly who is behind the supply of the iranians are as much a threat to the united states as my shoes are to the united states but what we
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don't need is any kind of a conflict with the iranians because what that will do is bring the whole islamic world down on top of us. you without a life from moscow and i still have you here in the program no desire to be a hero tiny sliver knocks out the use of big plans to increase its bailout fund unwilling to dig into its own pockets to bail out heavily invested countries. and the latest final hurdle first in its campaign a long desired membership but recognizing cost of could be higher than gold rate it wants to join. our five minutes past the hour here in the russian capital pushing through energy deals and boosting cooperation with the aim of balancing all the economic and political dominance of the west russia's prime minister is on a visit to china where an important agreement on the price of oil is already in place i'm going to our course lived through summer in a quarter of a more details on this summer in a high as to what's been achieved during this landmark visit. her of all
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the two day visit it was more of course had an economic flavor rather than a political one this was prime minister putin's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a sign of a change in focus for us and that the government is now looking east for opportunities both russia and china are force members of the breaks group along with brazil india and south africa and the growing economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance of the global political stage paving the way for a margin economy still prime minister putin said the us is currently use instead of monopoly as the only global reserve currency and that's having a negative effect on their financial policy. because they never see the us was a power source on the global economy but they do think it's feeding off the monopoly of the u.s. dollar as a single global currency the problem is is not only for the world economy but for
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america's economy as well because it needs to go elation and financial discipline. when it comes to the e.u. vladimir putin said that greece is a big problem but that it could be resolved if countries that weren't afraid to take action he said of russia and china should have a form of international financial systems and that the brits will play a bigger role on the world stage. to be able to the ruin of i think it's time to talk about reforming existing institutions and first of all i mean global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank and he we agree that the role of the brics countries in those organizations must be enhanced given the growing importance of countries economies. another important issue here was energy corporation a lot of new york with an eye on his chinese counterpart so they're all issues and this agreements were resolved when it comes to russia supply of oil when it comes
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to gas and the go sheeran's are still ongoing both insist that they're in the final stage of energy consumption it is expected to increase dramatically in china and russia could cover that extra the and in doing so for their strength and of their strategic partnership. that is we're in a culture of there alive in beijing many thanks for ya. during his chinese visit russia's prime minister vladimir putin gave an interview to the state broadcaster outlining the priority for the two nations. putin said today push for technological breakthroughs in aviation and aircraft building are some of the areas where he wants to see departments working closely together read the full interview at r.t. . also online american police accused of brutality of the occupy boston protest to vietnam vets were injured by officers also up to one hundred people that over.
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maybe ten minutes past the hour now here in moscow the jailing of ukraine's former prime minister has sparked outrage on the streets of kiev and a flood of criticism from russia the u.s. . i was given a seventy year sentence for abusing power as well as signing gas contracts with russia should also have to pay two hundred million dollars in damages to ukraine's state gas company. and if the angry response. the situation is still pretty much tense because several hundred protesters supporters of the country's former prime minister lost still stationed in the thames count here on the main street of kiev and i reckon they're planning to stay here for at least another week despite that their leader has been jailed for seven years and there have been no
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indications so far that she would appeal against the verdict and that she could be released any time soon with a presidential pardon or any other possibility like that the supporters of victory on the povich who are also stationed here at the main street of key from front of the court building for three months they have removed their tent camps and now of course it is a lot quieter than in the past three months still of the simmering tensions on tuesday. the gradient capital of course there were thousands and thousands of people here the biggest protest we've seen so far in the last three months the international reaction has been furious. regardless of where you look which part of the world everyone have been very disappointed with the verdict the united states washington said that there had to be released the european union expressed their concerns and indications over the verdict a russia also reacted furiously to this decision by saying that those gas deals
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which were signed back in two thousand and nine were completely legitimate they stress that once again and saying that the decision by the court in fact neglected russia's concerns over the legitimacy of these all these gas deals in two thousand and nine and also the russian foreign ministry stated that the decision by the perchance court is in fact has a has in fact and so i russian pretext so definitely the reaction has been furious from all over the world you have now finds itself in a very very difficult situation and experts are predicting some possible steps from the president i wish even possibly a presidential pardon to. ukraine's prime minister certainly following all the developments and will bring the latest information as we get it. he's a lecturer screenwriter now hamas officials have agreed on a prisoner swap deal with israel that secures the release of over
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a thousand palestinians in exchange program the jewish soldiers out of a child it has been held in captivity in gaza five years artie's policy or now has this from tel aviv. at this stage we don't have the intricate details of who's on the list of prisoners and what the deal involves but certainly it does seem to suggest that there has been not that much movement on both sides in terms of the deal over the last few years which is why many are saying it's the israelis who have given marion and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a lot to gain from such a deal he's facing political pressure both internally and internationally emasculate side is coming up the remnants of this deal certainly there have been celebrations throughout last night and they continue today particularly in the by the refugee camp in gaza masses political bureau chief has called this a national victory for the palestinians he has encouraged the world coming back all of palestinian prisoners expressing regret that not all palestinian prisoners are
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being freed certainly the gazans have the bearing the brunt of the seeds that was imposed on them ever since gradually it was taken hostage some five years ago there has been heavy restrictions on goods both coming in and out of gaza among the prisoners who are to be released have been returned to the gaza strip and i think it's worth mentioning that we don't yet know who these prisoners are we will have a names released within the next few hours but it's worth remembering that at this moment there are more than eight thousand prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails among them are many women and children some three hundred children many of the prisoners are also without having been tried and now there are some prisoners who are currently undergoing a hunger strike they are protesting against the general conditions in the prisons we've been hearing from human activists who say that particularly the political prisoners they have basic rights like babying that are being denied to them there are some one thousand and twenty seven prisoners who will be released there will be
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released in various stages the latest movie we're hearing is that the first batch will be released possibly as soon as next week when we understand they could be taken to egypt in. of course. and the whole exchange will happen. if i let you get a perspective here from the gaza strip we can all cross like you dr i'm a professor at university i thank you for joining us today so the deals being claimed by hamas as a victory is gaza united and celebrating the outcome of the agreement to some it may seem a bit bizarre one israeli for a thousand palestinians yeah actually first of all the palestinian the there's a. will. and if any single palestinian it as an out of this ten thousand palestinian prisoners in the israeli game will clearly is it is about the city and it is something good for palestinians one thousand palestinian
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prisoners surely as mentioned in the evil it is something very very good for palestinians we should not. forget that there is we have to keep in our mind. about seventy eight thousand palestinian prisoners are still on this in the israeli jails this one thousand of this in a business it's a good sign good thing that hamas has done for the state as you say that there are still seven to eight or even more thousand palestinians in israeli jails or but the fact that hamas and israeli officials have reached a deal in itself it's fairly unique i mean do you think this could be the start of a change in relations leading to some kind of peace or just perhaps for the prisoner swaps. i think it is. for a prisoner. of one thousand the present it's has no i cannot see any political side for such a deal of such as it is i'm sure in europe is you know is it at all interesting to
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you one thousand palestinians and one israeli that are gilad schalit it's possible to get out charlotte is a very very valuable soldier perhaps he knows an awful lot. actually this is not the first time candy mind you nineteen eighty five two israeli soldiers we're. in lebanon and those with the two israeli soldiers with releases in the ten or more than a thousand. palestinian prisoners it is not the first time actually it is like this with israelis for israelis he's a soldier of the. palestinians because we have thousands the number of palestinian prisoners in the israeli jails are actually there in thousands so i can say that it is if it is not the one that is the end of one. hundred thousand. prisoners just hamas has just one single israeli much as you have and as you have
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suggested already know that in the past there are going to least two different occasions now three including the release of a. shallot. you suggested that the capture of israeli soldiers then promise a swap of one israeli for a thousand palestinians i mean we could actually see more israeli soldiers being captured in an attempt to have more palestinians behind bars freed. actually the. mean and more reasonable. solution for the palestinian the palestinian prisoners case it is it should be by piece by negotiations. i would remind. people here as a result of the signing of the agreement in one nine hundred ninety three till two thousand about six thousand palestinian prisoners as a result of the peace period at that time six thousand palestinian prisoners will released. it was they did not need the cultural of the israeli soldier
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as a result as a fruit of the peace process at that time six thousand or more or less in a prisoner's way released from the israeli jails i am looking for. a peace process productive peace process that will i think the cause of palestinian prisoners this cause is very painful for us for the palestinians because thousands of our men and women in the israeli jails since. even since the cade's some of them they spent more than fifty years as you say as you say talking to here and there are still many palestinians behind israeli politics. if i may just we are running very very low on time here israel is used to capture. shall it i trust my cation for its blockade of gaza now can we expect perhaps conditions on the street to improve following that. much too early as
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a result of the capture of gilad shalit actually but the people of gaza strip we here in gaza we. actually bade a very heavy price since the capture of the gilad shalit in two thousand. and two thousand and six we paid a very very heavy price in gaza for the people of gaza and the blockade that chris really clojure is a war against. israeli invasion to many areas of the from time to time thousands of palestinians since two thousand and six till now with killed thousands injured there hundreds of. houses with demolition actually palestinians of gaza david harvey so a heavy price for chile. as we continue here i mean certainly there are some that
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will say this are showing in some way or another a warming of relations if not a little leveling in contacts between israeli and hamas officials to do this kind of personal swap all the while all the while eyes are still watching the u.n. when it comes to the whole palestinian bid for statehood at iman shaheen i'm afraid that's all we have time for a professor at al azhar university many thanks andy. now the u.i. they use latest plans to extend its bailout fund has been derailed by the backing of the tiny country voted against the new plans who rescue indebted european nations so that was the last to vote did not support the move to increase the amount of money available although the rifts did cause why the decision led to the actual collapse of the ruling coalition the reforms to the european or financial stability facility have to be approved by all seventeen members of the eurozone if agreed that slovak government would have contributed of part one percent of the four hundred fourteen billion earmarked for the fun but its financial advisor
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patrick young it says it's not like he has been working really hard to balance its own budget in recent years and is not eager to pay off a country's stance. ultimately this is a question of not just principle but actually rational economic well being oh please ordinary working people of slovakia they've been journey incredible cuts during the course of the last few years in order to keep the slip ocular economy going and ultimately therefore we have this political leader richard salute of the freedom party hussein and nothing's enough why should we have a situation where five million slip back in people are expected to pay seven billion euros in order to pay for greek people to have pensions three times larger than the old age pensions in slovakia and ultimately that doesn't make sense i mean slovakians are the lowest wage earners in the euro zone they're incredibly fiscally pragmatic they've run their economy in a very sensible and intelligent way and ultimately they feel very very are green
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with the richest vacation i bowed paying for greece it is ultimately an economy where the government lied by their figures in order to get into the euro in the first place. meantime serbia has long been looking to follow in the footsteps of nations like slovakia by joining the e.u. and it will move a step closer by the european commission puts forward serbia as a candidate for membership later on wednesday but one big compromise still lays ahead recognizing cause of as a sovereign state. reports. starting a new life together and in doing so you're going to want to ensure you've changed in your partner wisely so when you can trust to have your best interests at heart. we love each other and we love our country too we wouldn't give up on each other and we won't give up on our land you know here is a ceremony in cos of the time when the church is divides once again the focus of
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international attention is couple social commitments. this is our territory that's not going to change. that marriage is very similar to the partnership that serbian opus yees that's fifty membership. for richer for poorer in sickness and in health you're going to have to stand by your choice as many countries and they're learning the hard way many marriages the reality is often far from picture perfect times the union could be filled with uneasy compromises and the biggest hurdle in serbia's potential membership just how . close of a question if it came down to it in the hands of the full serve every light in the recognizing what with a response i think we have a long way to go and we will certainly do everything we can to avoid such you know question to be put in front of serbia cannot give up on its constitution and only
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territory in serbia in the same time is not willing to give up polity european integration so it solves really. you know unresolved so he has already done much to its potential suitor fulfilling many of the great here is set by the candidacy to be an option the rest of the final war crimes suspect wanted by the hague in connection with the yugoslav wars in the one nine hundred ninety eight many so believe that the country. it's now firmly on the right track but he says visits from the leaders have been seen as a positive step i. finally be about to cease in the action because they could be to deal breaker and there's a much more is there to be eased to intentions so we have got many many more hoops to jump over before you can get anywhere close to a new membership and as is often the case sometimes these unions it will not start
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with any particular love necessity gives our army to you integrations serbia is in. jeopardy to become isolated once again and we know how we feels when you're isolated when you rise only if you cannot fight. politically or diplomatically for your national interest despite thirty years assertion that it will never recognize an independent kosovo in reality belgrade the us gratian is it going to make it very difficult for the government to make any decisive action when it comes to cars. i see. twenty five minutes past the hour here in moscow on the way for you people of els i rather testy debate show crossed or first business operating. plan saurians very well welcome to the business update russia and china are close
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to castillo spin on the cards for many months with both sides high going over the price talking to the chinese media prime minister putin explained how the solution to the impasse has been found if the russian and chinese companies will find in each people efficient solution we will have the needs of china china as it will have opportunities in reserves a very big unable to meet the demands of our chinese friends. in september the countries agreed on the new deal to the supply of almost seventy billion cubic meters of gas of a thirty years how whether they still have an advantage to sign a final agreement as china says the price is too high or some have a look at the markets oil prices are advancing this hour as speculation that proposals on european bank recapitalization will support economic growth and fuel consumption. in markets edging high despite his rejection of the plan to expand the euro zone rescue fund late tuesday the food see is up nearly half
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a percent on the dax is up one and a half percent. and russian markets are back into positive territory the minus six is gaining two percent while the r.t.s. is up three point two percent let's have a look at some of the individual moves of the mice it's roussel deposed the receipts have surged more than three percent got soft of the world's biggest aluminum producer of course a one point four billion dollar loan from china to fund a smelter in siberia last nickel is lower the russians any better misreports the mind may need government approval for its buyback program citing a letter from the russian and cross regulator pressures graham and sugar produce that as we know is down almost one percent in the news the country's government may tax grain exports once they reach twenty four million metric tons will be here. russia's second biggest still make a serious dollar is facing another problem with its u.s. plants oversell sold three still mills to the group in march for one point two
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billion dollars including one hundred twenty five million dollars in cash and the rest in debt well now it may get less than two percent of the cash part pulling it just with the buy broncos plan to reduce the cash component of the deal to one point nine minute dollars spalls to claim in the federal district in new york both companies have not yet commented on the case. that's all we have time for knowledge my colleague creating an account for another business update in less than one hour and for more stories check our web site r t dot com slash business.
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