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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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six. washington charges two iranians for an alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. accusations tehran dismiss is comical. the partnership said to balance the scales of prime minister putin meets the chinese leadership in beijing and the countries whose ties to rival western dominance. and israeli soldier captured by hamas five years ago could soon be going home on the way to deal will see in exchange for over a thousand palestinian prisoners. and business well looking at russia and china that are close to a gas deal it's been on the cards for many rounds with both sides but the price to argue for a full business bulletin twenty minutes of. international
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news or comment live from moscow this is r.t. good to have you with us this hour washington says the thwarted plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. will further isolate iran with the allegations expected to increase sanctions on tehran geraniums were charged over trying to hard numbers of a mexican drug cartels to carry out the attack something tehran dismissed as a comedy show a lot is going to come reports now from washington. the u.s. aims to unite the world against iran that's what we hear from the officials here they are talking about the need to completely isolate iran in the international community vice president joe biden for example said the u.s. action against iran could go beyond sanctions but added we are not going there yet that's a quote we're getting reports that the u.s. might raise the issue at the u.n. security council and generally a lot of tough words in washington these days the u.s.
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administration strongly believes in the case against the rainy and one man also a u.s. citizen munster are who's accused of trying to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador in washington the u.s. attorney general said the men admitted being directed by quote high ranking you raney and officials and on these grounds washington says it will hold the reigning government accountable for the plot to kill the massacre also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two bombings at these really embassy and the saudi embassy in washington denies all of the about all of the above saying it's a childish game that the u.s. is so playing possibly to divert attention from their domestic problems this is what they're saying meaning the ongoing protests across the u.s. but the saudis on the other hand have taken the allegations seriously and have think u.s. authorities for preventing the alleged assassination attempt very rarely anyone here is touching upon the possible motive iran might have had for trying to kill
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the saudi official to take the accusations brought up but the by the u.s. justice department at face value and the main question you hear in the mainstream media is will the u.s. retaliate or not there's quite a few people in washington who root for retaliation in the meantime officials say all options are on the table not clear how far this will go but up on the news i constantly hear phrases like we need to step up to it is to undermine the government of iran we need to step up cooperation with this with saudi arabia and israel and that's what the u.s. will most likely be doing. going to turn there in washington with more on this i'm now joined by gareth porter he's historian and investigative journalist who's in washington where your interest is in u.s. national security just how real are the iranian plot allegations one might think that would choose an easier target and one on u.s. soil. well i just make a couple of comments on that level of analyzing this this story about
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a plot the first one is that i think the one thing that just about everybody outside official circles behind this story line are saying that this is just completely and implausible as a plot that would actually be carried out by the iranian government or for that matter by the i.r.g.c. the islamic revolutionary guard corps and its codes force a special operations section the fact of the matter is that they don't operate in such a haphazard way as to hire or or to delegate a used car salesman in texas to carry out that kind of sensitive operation as bob baer former cia operative in the middle east who has dealt with. iranian issues and hezbollah issues in in the middle east over the years has
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said they're much more professional that so so that's kind of a of the first a question mark about this story and then there's a history here that i think we need to keep in mind and that is that the united states and saudi arabia and israel among the three of them have been responsible for two accusations against iran for carrying out alleged terrorist attacks in the past one rather two in buenos i raise in one thousand nine hundred two against the israeli embassy in one thousand nine hundred four against a jewish community center and then in one thousand nine hundred sixty four bombing the khobar towers. billet for servicemen killing a number of americans and not attacked. i have investigated both of the. those cases very carefully and have discovered that the official.
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the official version in both cases is highly misleading and the case that was made against iran in both of those instances or all three perhaps i should say really doesn't hold up under scrutiny so i think that this is in line with or cons as a nother in a series of cases which really we're we're not we're not honest or i said just quickly thank you explain what is the what is the motive behind these questionable questionable allegations from behalf of the u.s. well i mean at this moment it's too soon to to really say what what actually happened i think that there are two plausible possible explanations for this one is that there was indeed a an ira g.c. faction which wanted to disrupt iranian policy for the united states to prevent any
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possible agreement with the united states the other one which i'd actually favor is that this started out as a an effort by some renegades perhaps loosely attached of the security services in iran to sell drugs or to have some sort of drug dealings with drug cartel in mexico and once they found out that it was or they intuited there was a da da agent they were dealing with in mexico they then suggested in some fashion that they could do a deal if they implicated or could they do a deal for implicated the i r g c in a plot to do some terrorist action just now we think that it's much more likely at this point i can just just briefly and finally clearly a lot of pressure building up on iran particularly from the u.s. u.s. officials actually dismiss this as a stepping stone to military action against iran but could this actually they be a long term goal. certainly it's not
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a goal of this administration and it's not a goal of the u.s. military both of whom recognize an attack on iran would be absolutely madness our i think actively discouraging israel it was pointed to from thinking about that sort of thing even though a couple of years ago the administration was trying to exploit the threat of an israeli attack for diplomatic purposes to put pressure on iran but no i don't think that they're planning anyone in the u.s. government is planning an attack any time in the future or thanks very much for coming to store an investigative journalist joining us live from washington thank you. and we all stew on our website r t v dot com what do you think about the thwarted iranian plot uncovered by the us and looking on the screen you can see that so far more than half of you believe it was nothing more than american ploy to smear its enemy a little less than a quarter think the story is just the tip of the iceberg with more revelations to
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come the nine percent say it was bogus traded by tehran while the rest believe is just a way for washington officials to boost their careers cast your votes at all t.v. dot com. bonding exercise prime minister putin strengthen russia's partnership with china during his high profile visit to the world's fastest growing economies came together to share common interests and commercial goals aimed at balancing i don't mince of the western deals worth seven billion u.s. dollars in energy trade and high tech industries have already been signed the more is yet to come rain across from explains. there to davis is was more of course had an economic flavor rather than a political one this was probably mr clinton's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a sign of a change in focus for us and the government is now looking east for which it seems both russia and china are of course members of the brakes group along with brazil
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india and south africa and the growing economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance of the global political stage paving the way for emerging economies that prime minister putin said the u.s. is currently using instead of monopoly as the only global reserve currency and that's heaven and let's have a fact on their financial policy here because the but i never said the us was a parasite on the global economy but they do think it's feeding off the monopoly of the us dollar as a single global currency so the problem is not only for the world economy but you with his economy as well because it leads to go elation with discipline in order to decide which one of course the e.u. vladimir putin says that greece is a big problem but that it could be resolved if countries that weren't afraid to take action he said of russia and china should have a form of international financial systems and that the brics world should play a bigger role on the world stage. and i think it's time to talk about reforming
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existing institutions first of me on the global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and the world bank and here we agree with the role of the brics countries in those organizations must be in given the growing importance of countries' economies another important issue here was energy corp lattimer put an end his chinese counterpart so that all issues and this agreements were resolved when it comes to russia's supply of oil when it comes to gas and the go share sions are still ongoing but both insist are there and the final stage of energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically in china and russia could cover that actual demand and in doing so for the strengthening of their strategic partnership. well still ahead here in our tea getting tough schools in. the street protesters are arrested in chicago washington d.c. and boston reports claim police.
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will become a few hours early to scramble to boost the region's bailout fund and the banks also whether proposed measures will make a difference for the cash strapped. story still to come but first israel has agreed to exchange of fell's and palestinian prisoners for one israeli soldier who was captured and held in gaza for over five years the deal with hamas has long been in the making however some high profile detainees will remain in israeli jails for more on this drawn by talk to. a human rights lawyer from out of the palestinian prisoner support organization well this still begs the question how concerned should israel be at how mass will now take it as an incentive to capture more israeli soldiers. just because you can question yes i was. wondering why and how concerned should israel be that how massed will take this latest deal as an incentive to capture more israeli soldiers
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. well basically i think. in general. because the. movement. achieved very important goals. between palestine and israel regarded as an artist and this is not the first time. political movements. a. leading to a. give up a lot of. issues. without any pressure
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so i believe that the. government would be. working and go on in the future to ensure there were other. political parties. and would not achieve the same goal. so for let's talk about your interests in all of this the campaign to free it actually has been a very high profile profile one of course but with all of those palestinians that are still being held by israel must look at your web site a little earlier and your organization claims there are something like seven hundred fifty being held without charge for those who are not included in this latest do. you hold for them. you are talking about administering to very detainees this is actually a kind of detention. it has no.
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legal background it's actually kind of the regime where the resident in forces cannot arrest anyone without court without any evidence. of. any i'm told for a lawyer is not allowed. if you would. again is the sort of moment i don't know of. but i think minister to the needs of around two hundred fifty people it's nice to know but in the past that was much much more to doing with certain people that was around one thousand five hundred people have just detention can be extended big for. here. many times each time maximum for six months here we're here with nomads and on my limit of. exposures so there are people who for. more than seventy years. of that is are these people actually. in general are not included in any.
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there is an exchange. today we are in march and we still don't know what this situation is but most likely. they are going to. go into all truth and reason of palestinian prisoners to be released sometime very jews from this category because this could be a good concert of the concert. in. israeli security but i don't know what will have to leave it there we're running out of time thank you very much human rights lawyer from an american a still in prison a support organization joining us live thank you very much in the. people rest don't choose them cost and that's part of the occupy wall street movement dozens more were detained in chicago and washington d.c.
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the movement started as a sit in protest in front of the new york stock exchange mid september has grown nationwide thousands all across america are demanding social justice attacking rife corporation greed while some of new york's richest most influential people have also fallen on to the movement's list hundreds of activists oh nice. whose of the city's elites of the so-called million as march social media consultant says the demonstrations could have far reaching consequences. what's happening here could be as big a deal as the space program when we first started the space program we were talking about launching a satellite into space a rocket up there we didn't know that an explosion of technologies that everybody would use every day that would change our lives we didn't know that the satellites that would be sent up would be used for cellphones eventually that didn't even exist what's happening here is a phenomenon that's huge it's an explosion and on the right there are people like
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orrin hatch who are saying this is dangerous he's right but he doesn't have a clue how dangerous it is people are waking up there are so many that there is this a lot of anger about this people are furious that they're getting ripped off that the system is broken that it no longer represents the people that that the congress represents corporations now this is a very common thing that whether they're democrats or republicans it doesn't matter who you vote for because they're going to take care of the corporations first not the people. social media consultant roll call on the phenomenon that's gripping the whole of the u.s. the international chorus of disapproval has hit ukraine over the verdict handed down to former prime minister yulia timoshenko the iron lady of ukrainian politics has been sentenced to seven years behind bars for abuse of power when signing gas contracts with russia she's also been fined almost two hundred million dollars exact some of the deals allegedly lost ukraine a verdict that to me shows lawyers will appeal spark mass protests among her army
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of supporters crowds have been camping outside the court building since july when the trials. by the way if you've missed anything we've been covering here on screen you can head to our teeth dot com there's more news and comment there for you here's a taste of what's online right now we look at how the case of a russian business been accused of on stealing is casting a shadow over the u.s. justice system. the russian tractor driver rescued dozens of people from a burning building when he drove his vehicle next to the window so people could jump to their safety for more on those stories and plenty of others head to r.t. dot com. slovakia's says the deal to approve expanding the e.u. bailout fund has been reached the country's parliament voted against it which caused the collapse of the country's ruling coalition so the back it was the only member to say no to increasing the facility which already got the green light from sixteen of the seventeen euro zone members but as your m.p. nigel farrar believes the change of heart was forced onto the country. sixteen
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parliament stuffed with career politicians have voted for it not sixteen countries because if you put this bailout package to a referendum across europe the vast majority of countries would say no the back here said no last night but of course no isn't good enough no is unacceptable in the modern european union if you say no as the irish did a couple of years ago it was a slow backstage last night you're made to vote again until you get the right answer which gives you a true measure of what this project's really like. the trillion to bail it out and what is the point actually of bailing these countries or one of the bailouts all these bailouts helping the people in greece and portugal are not what they're actually doing is they're giving money to these countries to give back to our banks money in the first place i mean the whole thing is mad what these countries need who are trapped inside this economic prison. is they need to d. value without devaluation or having austerity packages pushed the problem which is
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forcing them into a downward deflationary spiral which in my opinion in greece and possibly in portugal could lead to revolution what we're doing is stupid and very very dangerous indeed i've just been in this parliamentary chamber with mr barroso these people are absolutely intent creating a united states of europe they don't care how many millions of people are chucked out of the unemployment scrap heap they don't care about the tide of misery that they cause they have got their political girls but the reality is that not only economically is this failing politically it's failing there is now a split in europe from north to south and in the north we are witnessing a democratic revolution against the whole concept of the euro and the idea that people like mr gross and my old friend herman van room toy should govern five hundred million people it is not acceptable. hundreds of thousands of crowd of the streets of the syrian capital to show their support and loyalty to president assad
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the country has been divided by seven months of violent crackdowns on regime protests that have left almost three thousand people dead so far syria has been threatened by international sanctions as pressure builds on assad to step down the nazis as it still is in the heart of damascus. well we're here in the center of the assyrian capital you can see behind me traffic is just about started to flow again but earlier it was the side of the thousands of people gathered so their support for the government here in syria there was a lot of chanting for us our slogans to be shouted out as well as the syrian flag being carried around the posters and if you like all the cars are converging into this alarmed area here now of course this is a far cry from what we see in other places in the country in other cities where there had to report it passes between at the government protesters and security forces not to mention the of the killings that have also been reportedly taking place of course if we think about it since the protests started the mass this has
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been largely sheltered from the the conflicts in those other cities and the people here when we talk to them they said they came out to the streets today and it's actually to say that the syrian people are still united to this at least as far as they are concerned and that they are not against reform and actually they do want to see reforms and changes if it will be for the betterment of their country they just don't want to see it coming from the outside they want to be able to make that decision on their own coming from within now what's interesting too is a saw a couple of a military helicopters flying a very low in my opinion over the crowd that they were carrying the a russian and chinese flyers so they also wanted to show their gratitude for the two countries had vetoed the u.n. the security council resolution that would have a close eye sanctions on a syria nevertheless the people again are saying at least after the two countries had veto the resolution they feel that at least for now they will be seeing at that external external influence a top level the what's interesting too is that the people i saw at least this
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morning hour from various sectors of society there were students they were older people there were some were claiming to be from a rather lower social class and someone appears to be from a higher class so it was from old different factors but i want one thing that unites them though is that because of what's happening and their country they're not all involved in the sort of political discourse that they say they can just stand around and watch without actually thinking about what's going on. just in damascus a lot next it's a business update with greener melody but with some real new stories emerging. welcomes a business here a nazi russia and china are close to a gas deal it's been on the cards for many months with both sides huddling over the price china is expected to need an extra two hundred billion cubic meters annually by the end of the decade analysts say this is a significant ace in the gas pump. rush hour through deal with trying to
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diversify its expert rules for rules for russia or natural resources such as i called all of the gas as you know situation where european gas market is not clear on what are some of the letters available for oh very well be cheerful thought there for all the rules to china they can go at the potential of the chinese economy is but in both of the problem but because it would make the russian experts right in your strawman rachel guess that will go well it's more the lie but more stable of a second benefit in terms of developed with the russian economy is that since china is located. close to russian siberian border and are reasonable doubt it would promote development of that part of russia which at the moment there is underdeveloped compared to the russian or europe or european part of prussia. would have the markets now european markets finished higher on wednesday despite slovakia's rejection of the plan to expand the euro zone's west to song late
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tuesday night group talk to losers list comfort see losing six percent among the winners during eurasia natural resources that gained over seven percent and here in russia stocks headed for the strongest level and two weeks as oil rises in my sights and is two point four percent in the black while the r.t.s. is even higher nearly four percent up let's have a look at some individual channels on the miser acts as the majors were broadly on the rise with gazprom and on the main game as well as make it was lower the russian daily better misty reported the nine in may need government approval for its buyback program citing a letter for the russian anti trust regulator russia's grain ensure the producer has lower unused country's government make tax grain exports once they reach twenty four million metric tons for the year to western wraps up today's trade. the rally that we're seeing is some of that looks like a relief rally people are. clinging on to hopes that european union will stick out
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recapitalize the banks come up with a plan for greece we've had some good data out of the us lately. they seem to have ignored the fact that the slack in government. did not pass the last round of the credit facility but again it would be another vote later this week that might resolve it seeing metals being one of the stronger performers they have been one of the worst affected sectors previously and finally financials are we seeing that across the globe that is basically on the back of a belief that european europe will we kept less or banks and russia's united sin building corporation says it aims to list up to thirty percent of the company in two years' time and only a plan to sell half of the company has been revised after the time or the stock market's improved the. next year we expect the industry to grow around fourteen percent but we think that our company will grow faster than that this year will
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probably grow some up to seventeen percent and considering the orders that we have we aim at around fifteen percent next year i've used a good look with that's all the business is there now but you can always buy more stories just log onto our web site r.t. dot com slash business. because. if. you.
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feel. limited. to the best some. subsists. peers feel. wealthy for your son i think it's something that's right.


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