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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EDT

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international news life or mostly this is us he was me you lash above all of it thanks for joining it's washington expects more isolation from iran following american claims to have through altered and alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. with calls from all sanctions against the islamic republic charges have been filed against the rain use one in detention in the us about the other at large over claims of trying to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out that tague tehran has ridiculed delegation's as baseless saying the plot was fabricated by the us to deflect public attention from its own pressing problems ati's again education has the story from washington for us. the administration strongly believes in the case against this uranium war a man who is accused of trying to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador in washington the administration seems to be willing to take the accusations to the next level they're calling for the world to unite against iran we hear reports that the u.s. might raise the issue at the u.n. security council they were talking about the need to completely isolate iran in the
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international community and they are trying to get other countries on board on this one so a lot of tough words against the drums of war are beating loud and clear in washington although the u.s. administration officials are not talking about a military action yet but they keep it very vague at the moment saying all options are on the table whatever that means today we're heard about a new round of sanctions that the u.s. is imposing on iran's goals include sanctions on the new raney an airline which according to american investigation investigators flew members of an elite force linked to the alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. vice president joe biden hinted that the u.s. actions could go beyond sanctions let me remind you that the state department has listed iran as a state sponsor of terror since one thousand nine hundred four and mania experts say it's been washington's longtime goal to undermine the government in iraq and have to rush accusations in the u.s. mainstream media you constantly hear various experts say quite literally we need to
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undermine the ukrainian government and that's the state of mind here the question about the motive that the iranians might have had with allegedly plotting to kill the saudi ambassador in washington is very important thing in context of the investigation but nevertheless you don't hear much questioning here neither among politicians nor among the media pundits most seem to be taking the accusations at face value in the meantime there are lots of doubts about why on earth would you rant plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. and blow up the embassies of israel and saudi arabia in washington and those are the accusations brought up by the u.s. justice department how could you read possibly benefit from many in the least doubt that you could actually actually would. actually to undermine yourself that way your enemies are in denies all the allegations saying if they gave us this plane possibly to divert attention from their domestic problems whatever the invisible underlying current what's on the surface now is tension which is growing and i haven't even done the independent institute told wouldn't be in iran's interest to
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promote such an assassination but there has to be some doubt i think just because there are so wild and they don't really fit the pattern of the codes force the the iranians have been fairly cagey about operating various places in the world and this sounds like you know something out of bad movie or something i mean it's just crazy there are limited responses that the u.s. can have of course the u.s. can also use covert operations to do sinister things to the iranian regime and of course the u.s. has many or more resources to do that than the iranians do that's why this whole thing doesn't seem to add up that the iranians would actually be foolish enough to do something like this i think it gives the hawks in the united states some sort of excuse for ratcheting up the pressure maybe even including military action and certainly you have a weakened president who is who might benefit from a foreign crisis and we've seen that happen before in u.s. history so i don't think the iranians really did this it was really a bungled. bungled mess and also
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a bad thing to do because it could invite us retaliation and gives them an excuse to do so and i think this type of rhetoric is not good even under these circumstances i think we've got to get to the bottom of this and see what really happened and see you know what what who is behind this and what what actually was going on. and we ask you as our website what you think about the water the iranian plot uncovered by the u.s. and so far more than hall to be believed was nothing more than american. enemy and is less than a quarter of thing this story is just the tip of the iceberg with more revelations to come and percent say it was orchestrated by two iran while the rest believe was just a way for washington officials to boost their careers so please cast your vote at. billions of dollars worth of deals have been signed an energy trade and high tech industries on russian prime minister vladimir putin's visit to china the two
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countries have also settle differences over no debt and agreed a huge cash injection to a new joint investment fund it will focus on russia's agriculture sector and green energy development marina courser were explaining. the two day visit was more of course had an economic flavor rather than a political one this was promised to put in a first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a sign of a change in focus for us and that the government is now looking east for both russia and china of course members of the breaks group along with brazil india and south africa and the growing economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance of the global political stage paving the way for a margin economy is now prime minister putin said the us is currently using the style of monopoly as the only global reserve currency and that's how the negative effect on their financial policy if you will because the but you never said the us was a parasite on the global economy but i do think it's feeding off the monopoly of the
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us dollar as a single global currency the problem is is not only for the world economy but for america's economy as well because it leads to a violation of financial discipline. when it comes to the e.u. vladimir putin said that greece is a big problem but that it could be resolved if countries that weren't afraid to take action he said of russia and china should lead the reform of international financial systems and that the brics well should play a bigger role on the world stage. i think it's time to talk about reforming existing institutions first of all i mean global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank and here we agree that the role of the brics countries in those organizations must be enhanced given the growing importance of our countries economies another important issue here was energy corp lattimer put in and his chinese counterpart said there are all issues and this
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agreements were resolved when it comes to russia supply of oil when it comes to gas negotiations are still ongoing both insist are there and the final stage of energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically in china and russia could cover that actual demand and in doing so for their strengthen their strategic partnership . this is still ahead this hour reach rage the big apple super rich elite and themselves at a sharpened of the anger of the protesters and also. after seven months of violent crackdowns and anti-government demonstrations serious president assad was bolstered by a huge show of support planetoids morning in the. two hundred seventy nine palestinians serving life sentences for acts of terrorism are about to leave prison after these really government agreed to swap them under around eight hundred others for one soldier gilad shalit had been held captive for five years by hamas militants after he was snatched in
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a border raid while there's been criticism over how the deal might affect israeli security as a policy of reports from tel aviv the return of the country's most famous hostage is being eagerly await. there are some one thousand and twenty seven prisoners who will be released there will be released in various stages the latest we're hearing is that the first that will be released possibly as soon as next week when we understand they could be taken to egypt egypt of course broke at this deal and the whole exchange will happen on egypt soil it was taken captive back in june two thousand and six now at this stage we don't have the intricate details of who's on the list of prisoners and what the deal involves but it does seem to suggest that there has been not that much movement on both sides in terms of the deal over the last few years which is why many are saying it's the israelis who have given mary and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a lot to gain from such a deal he's facing immense political pressure both internally and internationally
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must put side is coming up the winners of this deal so they have been celebrations throughout last night and they continue today to kill early in the jabalya refugee camp in gaza so that is why you are hearing some voices in israel some voices of concern that the capture of one soldier is going to be something that is encouraged on the palestinian side because the price for one soldier is particularly high at this moment there are more than eight thousand prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails among them are many women and children some three hundred children many of the prisoners are also there without having been tried and now there are some prisoners who are currently undergoing a hunger strike they are protesting against the general conditions in the prisons we've been hearing from activists who say that particularly the political prisoners they have basic rights like bathing that are being denied to them among the prisoners who are to be released a fair number will return to the gaza strip ever since gilad shalit was taken
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hostage some five years ago there have been heavy restrictions on goods both coming in and out of gaza. ok but i will street protests all over the new rating the heart of the growing movement and number of billionaires have found themselves at the. protesters who lost the east side of manhattan to the homes of some of the city's richest citizens demanding a new special time for the youth of these residents in protest areas remains extremely heavy with many people arrested in boston chicago and washington d.c. a movement that started as a sixteen protest in front of the new york stock exchange admits september has grown nationwide but he's. only inspired the protest. to demonstrate. a few hours ago i just came back from being down on wall street in the in the park where activists have been camping out and sleeping and demonstrating for weeks now and they seem as committed to this movement as they ever have been
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before if anything i think the arrests have inspired them to to fight harder and stronger who are for their for democracy what they say for democracy for fair treatment or for balance and equality for all for all americans because that's at the core of what their movement is about is among those principles that i just mentioned we did see many police officers every once in a while walk through the park where there were hundreds of demonstrators have been sleeping and they would walk through and rip anything down on trees that were hanging up any signs of anything there and some of the demonstrators saw that they interpreted it as possibly the police trying to provoke them but these demonstrators are very committed to not acting violently they want to demonstrate as peacefully as possible members of occupy wall street walked through.
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particularly down park avenue and they went door to door to the homes of the five. wealthiest new york city residents and that includes the c.e.o. of news corp rupert murdoch and also the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase diamond and these protesters were walking through the streets door men standing outside of the buildings were cheering them on when they got to the hole jamie diamond there was a police barricade out there but they continued to demonstrate and the reason they were demonstrating and and going door to door to the wealthiest new yorkers holmes is because at the end of this year two percent millionaire tax will expire meaning the two percent that was required for millionaires to pay they won't have to pay any more complain and twelve and a lot of these new yorkers say that this is an indication of how the wealthiest americans reap the largest rewards and if they're paying if they're going to be paying that mandatory talks
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a lot less revenue is going to be coming to new york city and new york state and the ninety nine percent with the majority of those living here are going to suffer and they say that's just an indication of the richest always reaping the benefits and the rewards and the common american always you know suffering the consequences . of course of disapproval has hit ukraine over the verdict handed down to former prime minister units in the lady of ukrainian politics has been sentenced to seven years behind bars the abuse of power and gas contracts with russia she's also been fined almost two hundred million dollars the exact sum ukrainian authorities and the last of the the verdict will go will appeal sparked mass protests among on the supporters have been camping outside the building since july to try to stop it. if you missed anything we've been covering when i have had to home. rule news and cold that is a taste of what's online for you right now. the case of
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a russian businessman accused of ohms dealing is costing a shadow over the u.s. justice system. and a russian trying to drive rescue dozens of people from a burning building when he is vehicle next to the window so people could jump to their safety more had to ask a doctor. in a bid to prop up the stability of the european banking sector and lower volatility e.u. authorities are discussing raising private banks call reserves to nine percent from the current seven the move comes as fears of sovereign contagion and its effects on banks grow stronger also has contributed to metric confidence says it could spread way beyond europe but believes that more regulation is not always enough so if they collapse or would happen immediately there's the banking crisis for example there's counter party risk but european banks have with other other american derivatives market there may not necessarily be direct exposure but the whole idea of
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counterparty risk is you may have a deal with one bank of they have a deal with another bag and the bank is exposed to another bank and there's a quick contagion effect so that could cause a collapse in the banking system or some sort of a freeze or going capital markets like we saw in two thousand and eight and that could result in similar sorts of contractions in g.d.p. and things like that that we saw back with the original financial crisis but in terms of philosophically i think the debate that's going on in europe is a debate that happened in some ways in the u.s. a. different time of the articles of confederation making thirteen you had different players like that and it's really during periods of crisis do we want to advocate for a solution of more control more centralization or do we want to create decentralization enormous crowds have gathered in central damascus in support of syria's president assad it contrasts with antigovernment protests which have rocks the country for months three thousand civilians dead in a crackdown well the u.s. has led western calls for more sanctions against damascus russia and china have
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veto plans for un measures against the regime but have told assad he must speed up reforms all he's testing reports now from the syrian capital. thousands of people gathered show their support for the government here in the syria there was a lot of chanting. slogans he shouted out as well as a syrian flag being carried around a poster of that if you like all the cars were converging it to this one area here now of course this is a far cry from what we see in other places in the country in other cities where there have been reported postures between at the government protesters and security forces not to mention the of the killings that have also been reportedly taking place of course it think about it since the protests started the mass this has been largely sheltered from the the complex in those other cities and the people here when we talk to them they said they came out to the streets today this actually to say that the syrian people are still united to this at least as far as they are concerned and that's a they are not against reform they just don't want to see it coming from the
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outside they want to be able to make that decision on their own coming from within now what's interesting too is a saw couple of a military helicopter flying a very low in my opinion over the crowd that they were carrying the a russian and chinese parts of the also wanted to show their gratitude to the two countries have vetoed the u.n. the security council resolution that would have imposed sanctions on syria so what's interesting too is that the people i saw at least this morning power from various sectors of society they were students of the older people there were some who were claiming to be from a rather lower social possible appeared to be from a higher caste so it was from old different sectors but one the one thing that unites them though is that because of what's happening and their country they're not all involved in the sort of political discourse and they say that this can only be positive in light of things that's going on. to some other world news and read the sign and they cheer in man accused of trying to bomb a plane at detroit and port in two thousand and nine spitted to guilty of not also
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known as the underwear bomb that was one of nearly three hundred people on the christmas day flight which. london from i'm stood on his bomb failed to detonate today instead of catching fire after he's believed here accused also ranted against the u.s. saying it should await a greater calamity and he's likely to face one instead in the form of life in prison. eight people have been shot dead after a gunman opened fire at a has to loan near los angeles six people died at the scene following by two others late in hospital where a third person remains in a critical condition police called the killer as he was driving away after a witness gave him his description and directives or investigating what connections the gunman may have had to the salon or anyone who was there. at least twenty five people have died and dozens more have been going to that in a string of blasts that have iraqi security forces in baghdad officials say they work against three separate explosions with suicide bombers targeting local police
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stations no one has claimed the responsibility for that so far u.s. forces are shuttle to leave the country by the end of the year. the captain of a container ship which grounded off new zealand leaking oil into the sea has been arrested the forty four year old or filipino was charged with operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk and could now face a garin prison that ship ran into a reef a week ago causing the country's once environmental disaster in decades with over three hundred tons of work already leaked. that thing is the sound of next hour interview in which sophie shevardnadze meets with doris ney's bed and expert author on china tiles as what lies behind the it magic make.
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it with. doris nesbitt thank you very much for being with us today thank you very much for having me so in your opinion why has china and still remains to greatest mystery for thinkers and scholars because there's too little interest to get to get behind the mystery you know something stays a mystery if you don't have enough interest to to open the curtain. there's also
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you know somebody said that the loss of german philosopher said that most people do not want to learn some. new but what took at confirmation of something they already believe in and i think that's very much the case in china we have a certain picture of china and i wouldn't exclude myself ten years ago levon years ago before i went to china for the first time i had a certain picture of china which was not really matching reality i felt that the country was much more back what's the net turned out to be. the fact is that the chinese have have still have and still today have kind of an innocence and openness once they trust you they embrace you and they really become friends with you and you can criticize a lot you know you can also with chinese politicians we talk
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a lot of. things in china that are not as they should be you can be very open but it has to come out of a positive spirit. and not of just looking for the negative spots well you talk about innocence where does that come from in your opinion does it have anything to do with the fact that china has been communist for so long. and no no i think it has to do with with the structure of having the community first and then the individual that meant you were always part of something you were part of a family a part of a community part of the city part of a province and the country and helping each other being together was part of survival and that's that when they when you get to know the chinese and when they embrace or they are not ashamed of telling you all we love you and we admire you when and it's so sweet that openness i'm not saying that every chinese are sweet
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there is a lot of competition there can be very very. fierce fighting but in general. they are willing to embrace you and talk about their feelings so is china socialist or capitalist their fight. for. making their dreams come true and the fight is something sometimes a little fierce because for a long time they couldn't make their dreams come true they couldn't lift the life they wanted and now specially for the generation that's one in the one nine hundred ninety s. who has not lived through all the hard shift and the changes you know they really demand that they can do whatever they want to do and that's going to be a new situation in china with their chin aeration that has grown up with
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communication systems with western with information about everything that you can achieve in life and they're going to fight for achieving that they have goals they want to they want to be the best they have achieved so much but but they don't really. have to look at themselves and say well what we did why is the right i don't know maybe because they are attacked much more than they're not knowledge and it's not that everything is great in china lots of things that we don't agree with that we need to be improved but the west there's very much focusing on the radios and on the flaws. and i think we should have a balanced opinion about china there is a lot of good things and of course they have to work on the not so things do you think china is striving to be number one country in the world to be this huge superpower or is it just happening. i i hesitate because deep
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inside i think china wants to be the middle kingdom and wants to have to process. it one's head that's in the in the in the you know the history of china has really an empire is not the chinese head but they are not fighting to dominate the world but they they are they want to play the role in the world that they are slowly growing into simply. kaname the growing size of the economy and by the number of people what you think china strategies for russia they've been very good friends on they've been not so good friends so i think they are seeking another lie they are seeking a trade but now they are very close neighbor us so i think china in general wants to optimize relationships whether it's russia or america or europe tourist guys
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dot com. you're watching artie's great to have you with us the headline. escalating tensions in washington imposes its latest new sanctions on iran banning an ally and calls on the world community to respond to the left that was there rain and blow to build a saudi us ambassador to america in tehran as rubbishing that location say they've been made up to divert public attention from america's problem. and. big deal struck as prime minister recently the chinese leadership in beijing as the country is trying to count taken on the going to stability coming from the crisis hit west . and almost two hundred eighty pristine is jailed for life are about to leave prison after these really government agreed to swap them underground eight hundred others so one soldier gilad shalit eight years for.


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