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two to three. old freeboard to live video for your media drug free media r t v dot com. welcome back you're with r.t. here's a look at the top stories here on president pledges to draft a new constitution day after the capital hosted a massive show of support for him that's exactly disproportion while it clashed with police outside damascus during opposition protests. angry and to corporate activists not to the doors of some of america's richest as a wave of demonstrations and critical of washington's loyalty to big business gathers momentum nationwide washington's approval ratings taking ahead with the public demanding accountability over the corporate lobbies influence. them while
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some celebrate germany's move from nuclear power to renewable energy others fear it could lead to higher caliber tricity costs and blackouts. coming out right now takes you to a unique place in southern russia and islands around by one of europe's longest likes it an area of stunning natural beauty and joy. southern russia lake managed the low early morning is the best time for setting out for this small island from the mainland. this is because gale force winds blow it throughout the rest of the day. go to mean a biologist is going to the deserted island the forney the lakes most mysterious feature. it is couched in incredible legends and is the custodian of many secrets
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when and how it became home to a herd of horses is unclear. because of its population of noble beasts has since been called mustang island today it is part of europe's only nature reserve in the step. go to cows mean hopes to be able to get close to the mustangs to see how these federal descendants of domesticated horses live in the wild. it's carry our good luck and godspeed i defined as it was this thank you for the right. good night what i did was leave when i find them i'll be sure to let you know ok. i for now. manage to deal is one of europe's longest night school with
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a high concentration of salt it stretches all the way from the russian playing to the caucasus mountains as it runs through the cooma manage depression a natural border between europe and asia. there are no fresh water reservoirs rivers all springs on voting island because of the salinity of the soil. consequently there are no trees or shrubs there either. the island is overgrown with low grass. summertime here is marked by scorching heat droughts and strong winds. the horses have a hard time surviving in such conditions because mean confirms. this is here is the skull of an adult horse it belonged to a female it died from natural causes.
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no trace of hooves is found in the sand there are no trails leading to the holes palms the sole to make the lakes water under. the horses can only survive on the islands in the land where rain accumulates in small depressions in the earth. because maine soon finds a narrow trail in the grass. offered you know paris is a horse trail similar trails take horses to a watering place that said even chill it's cruel insults trails the horses tread on them but they don't trample and down. some one hundred fifty species and q. live a found in the wild this flower with a short stammen bright cup of above gave birth to the first cultivated varieties of she lives this is the wild schrenker that once
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a year the island's open spaces and low hills of the rest of nature reserve flare up in a riot of color. people often alice can line it you it's not so sure it's well that's because the bulk of it you'll a place deep underground as a depth of about seventy centimeters even a plow want to remove it its arms are no threat at all. the wild kill it has always been a native plant of russia's steps in the past it was a symbol of vitality and fertility unlike the bulbs we may buy for our gardens these chewed up start life a small seeds years will possibly for the bugs emerge above ground. human stakes seventy years to come up things that are the first to appear they look like the battle so these two. months of their italy six years of age.
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the chill it is one of the few flowering plants that are comfortable in open arid areas in geological terms the so-called manage depression is an almost ideal playing with small lakes two to three meters deep fish and weeds and all found in them because it's too salty. colonies of microscopic crayfish called growing trips when the water it's reddish hue. they are common and sold more. and the most likely to be only inhabitants. the horse trail involved the island take stock as mean to what is now a small dried out lake. what makes the rust off preserved different is that this island is surrounded by a salt lake it's called managed good deal ok this is one of the lake space the water is very salty the horses don't drink such water.
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as a seasoned explorer trails are not his only guide. i don't think a horse's smell could be mistaken for anything else i would say that it is very distinctive though. they must be somewhere here nearby. and it is. a free roaming mustangs on the island are in total isolation the locals have another theory as to how the horses came to lake manage could be loath in the old days robbers stole horses in neighboring villages and heaven that to this day the horses a still mistrustful of people. the
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island is now closed to tourists and only research has come visit yet few have been able to approach the stallions let alone get inside the hood. here they order these are the horses we have spent ages looking for there are eight young cool it's nice free roaming horses are called mustangs. i can see the horses grouping together ready to head off at dawn tomorrow they will be much camera and then we will be able to take a look at life in a cyber earth very probably. have
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a. look there off into the sunset. from time immemorial pulses help szymon survive in these a steer regions nomads regarded this open space in europe south as a highway linking europe and asia. over the ages many ethnic groups inhabited these parts including scythians patch names castles tattles and mongols in the old days the horse was a status symbol only warriors and the elite could afford to keep such mounts.
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a camel was the most common domesticated animal among ordinary folk. cannibals were used in every way possible their groove or you're the honest carry loads have been that way used for mate and wool. though he is the last. ofa staff of the rostov reserve and researchers from the biodiversity conservation center of come up with a project to keep what were once native animals and the staff of this small herd of camels graze during the day and return to an open pen for the night the camels like it here and are only too happy to give up the open wild and exchange for food and water. they have easily adapted to living in the stack one of the signs of healthy camels is upright rather than crumpled and drooping humps camels rapidly multiplied
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in this small herd. are new they have a hierarchy of. camels a base strong males some of the males are very aggressive they have to be removed from the herd to ensure the comfort of others this is especially important at a time when there are many young camels around we protect them from aggressive males but other was old and young alike co-exist peacefully. mean has devoted his life to studying horses so much slow that his friends and colleagues gave him the nickname old mustang. for quite some time and the mayor has conducted research on his own this is because while horses dislike the presence of many people on the island. lives a hermit's life all he needs in the step is water and packed meals he stays in
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a dilapidated cabin for the night the island's only structure. we constantly observe the mustang's way of life. we're looking for opportunities to create isolated territories for them so they can feel themselves at home without being bothered by humans. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls say they have. even chance
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a good chance the chance is to get the badges of the human experiment to explode with the weeks you see this rap music was it snows the libby trial in the sense of leukemia and it's all changed things as finance attempts the reason is to maintain our confidence in long kids and young wants to be seen trade imbalances risks to keep the nations close to collapsing the subprime loans close possibly some fail switchblade sick and sealable making those u.s. crash and imminent smashed ceilings seem slim the closer the class is an open street the spots me i'm just programs increase the total economy.
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the libs. the boosts. the be. the bad. luck. the game history. he was trying to staunch that they didn't know. what sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have heard the surge walks around the area. always always missed. one shot turned the
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tale. of the global drug industry the godfather became the most want to trophy the world's bounty hunters. the escobar the great hunts and far to. the bugs of wild chewed lips and the last of reserve opened with the first rays of the sun the shrinkage surely blooms for only a few days this brief period is known in the reserve as red carpet time. in the morning volney island surrounded by fog talk to me knows for sure the herd
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is nearby. in the morning they are most likely to be either in the depressions or at the water holding this behavior is characteristic of all animals roaming around to step. in the morning they feed on moist grass at this time the plants are rich in moisture and there is also a lot of juice here at this meets their water requirements. over the years on the island the herds behavior has become quite varied. typical of old free roaming animals it's up to the alpha male to decide where the herd goes at any particular moment. but even without a leader the horses follow the natural instincts of flock together as they move
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around the island as soon as a small group of horses begins moving the others gradually join in. for most of the year the mustangs live in a type of hollering there are three to four mezz with colts in each of them each karima has a leader king knows which mazza his mates and does his best to protect them against terrorism and stallions may kick up a fight even if one of them unintentionally trespasses on the territory of another family.
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and the mustangs on the island have no enemies wolves can't get here because it's too dangerous for them to swim even feathered predators never nest here they prefer the islands. migrating birds fly over the lake manage to be low on one of the monkeys to fly pods in eurasia. the lake is now a protected area family sums of waterfowl nest on the lakes small islands preparation the island is home to the largest colony. a rigid hierarchy is typical here just as it is of the mustang. caspian gulls dominate the island. summers these brave birds are omnivorous they plants and mice
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this helps them survive in any conditions fielitz they can drive even humans away there are no fish. therefore they need to fatalism in the field will pick up bread and meat from garbage cans but that's why the gal has become such a common bird at lakemont is good for an early here but throughout the south. the gold colony is the largest seagulls nest in the grass or on the shore. of the birds never fly over this part of the island even black headed gulls stick together and steer clear of the noisy flock of predation guy that. whenever they see caspian gulls approaching they immediately set nests.
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but it's the spoonbills which stand out here. to pleasure the island forms the most and most of the fabrics that. these goods have peculiar looking beaks. they prefer to hunt for crayfish close to the shore. of the. birds are going to have bills because they cross stations where. there is an abundance of. feel safe on the island they build their nests away from the gulls to form what might be described as settlements the self-preservation instinct tells the cormorants to build their nests high above ground to protect their young from
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a sudden flood or. small predators get to the island when parts of the lake dry up in the hate when this happens the seagulls come to the rescue. when one comes around hundreds of girls attack and kill it. skin on one occasion. or hundreds of down into the water table got wet and the birds finish it off right there and then. the mating season. has come to an end the colonies birds have laid their eggs and are waiting for the young to hatch.
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as time goes by. explorer and take less and often. talk to cows mean walk slowly and quietly and poses on the trial horses can have the slightest noise they have the ability to turn that is backwards . these here are two mayors. and two colts and. that stallion is running up to them and wants to take them to an isolated place where they can feed in peace and. it's not quite clear when the first horse is settled on the island the locals were aware of the wild herd back in the early twentieth century and local stories passed through the ages
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suggest that robbers in times gone by used to steal stallions and mez from nearby villages and hide them on the island they believe that those horses of the ancestors of the modern day mustangs. scientists have found some evidence in support of this theory the wild horses avoid the island appear to have all the distinctive features and characteristics of the russian don't breed would have bred in the dawn region one hundred years ago in one nine hundred ninety five and became part of the rostov nature reserve today the free roaming head is under protection but there was a time when the horses were under threat from invading coaches'. poachers would come when the horses were unprotected by the time one of the stallions called
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baron often stood watch on high ground to get a good feel of the island. as soon as he sensed danger he alerted the hurt the horses saw baron as their leader. even though he had a family of his own of with all the other horses followed his command but because they knew that baron had saved them from approaching poachers many times before. dr cuz maine has learned much about the mustangs after spending several days with them the main leader is no longer in the herd it now consists of eight hundred families all on equal terms it includes three hundred twenty three adult horses and eighteen colts these are critical figures for their survival if the population
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grows the mustangs may run out of food really got to be a field because. mustangs absolutely love cereal crops they can't live without them would work really thought as long as there aren't too many horses here at any one time there's more than enough food to go around. freshwater is a constant issue for the mustangs the morning jus is not enough to sustain them a canoe in the herd relaxes some of the heat of the some toward some set a mustangs had their drinking place the one nearest them has dried up but there is still some cool water at the bottom. all.
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all all all all all all this is the best place for them to rest and for the headsets out on a long journey to the other end of the island where there is still rain water in small cools. very large school but often it is great that nature created this island away from the mainland and. the horses can lead a happy life. a new truth thousands of years ago their predecessors were here. this is a getaway a secret place for them you have hidden the island of mustang is for you with the old with gone.
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