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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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i'm sam saxon per tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture here ready for another wild weekend in new york city i'll tell you about a confrontation brewing between two familiar photos the occupy wall street movement and the n.y.p.d. and leader warren buffett just released how much you paid in taxes last year and you'll be shocked to hear the number just how many warren buffets are there around the country that are getting by not paying their fair share.
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you need to know this occupy wall street and the n.y.p.d. have a history of not seeing eye to eye three weeks ago a group of young women were pepper sprayed by a rogue n.y.p.d. officer while they were engaging in peaceful civil disobedience. then two weeks ago seven hundred people were arrested on the brooklyn bridge again while engaging in peaceful civil disobedience then last week another round of pepper spraying and beatings at the hands of the and why the when a group of demonstrators troop tried to peacefully march on wall street and it's looking like another clash could be in the making tomorrow yesterday new york mayor michael bloomberg went to zuccotti park the side of the four week long occupation to tell demonstrators they needed to clear the park by friday so that it could be
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cleaned he also mentioned that the n.y.p.d. will be helping in this so-called clean up effort that's right cops with mops but believing that this whole clean up thing is simply a ploy by the mayor and the n.y.p.d. to break up the occupation demonstrators are saying they aren't budging which could set up an not sue friendly confrontation tomorrow so how might all this play out and what preparations are being made for the greats occupy wall street cleanup furniture that i'm going to go toss it to our t. american senior producer lucy capping up who's been camped out in wall street for the last week and following this story closely lucy. hi sam well the whole notion that the n.y.p.d. is coming down tomorrow seven am to clear the park and for sanitation purposes is frankly ludicrous and absurd most of the protesters that i've talked to think that it's absolutely a transparent backhanded way for the mayor to infect them to try to stop the
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scrolling movements now it's been raining the weather has been terrible here the numbers are still showing up in all day long we've seen emergency meetings by the protesters trying to figure out their plan of action they have keep in mind that they have sanitation committees they've kept the park very clean to date i saw people literally scrubbing on hands and knees trying to get the park clean there is an emergency meeting planned later on disk evening where they're going to try to figure out what to do tomorrow perhaps in circling the park holding hands forming a human chain to stop the police from coming in now one of the things that we know from the commissioner ray kelly is that a sleeping bags and all the equipment they've had will not be allowed back some local unions have offered space to store that but that does look like a warning shots the protesters now we spoke to some of them earlier today and here's what they said about the planned addiction. we have twenty four seven. around here all the time and there aren't really any you choose but. in the spirit of cooperation we're going to make a big effort to get because we had raided everything so you know we've got we're
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cardboard in. a good you know we're going to do that today and. we'll see what's more were discouraged because again we clean up all the time. for souls we sleep here you know a lot of people before i go to help with this is you know this is our democracy you see that i just picked this thing even pick it up. don't you that because we were in great state we want to buy like two hundred or you know. when it's everybody instead of on the porch through the sport could be very. critical so we keep if we want to completely i've got it. they said every night every day they want to come in and see to south. america has always lived on the sun make much money it's it's funny i always tell people that
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you know the solo you know the sillcock in a crowded staircase always get a little it's never appear right now if they give you a limited take it in limited choices and intel u.d.p. but in a lot of cases if. their kid is going to it's going to be accomplished one way or another it's just the fact that you have you know specific specific republicans you know i'm even watching the morning republican party it's day if opera public. the people who support the democratic or republican would shrink out to just most people the people you have specific agenda since the city voters but you're supposed to be about the people doesn't matter about the sale about the sale you know and it's so funny to hear you know how how some. how some of this is i even talk about it with daughters we're all americans you know it's a negative comment. to the chorus of how you feel about people these are your
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people these are people who are you supposed to see part of what david banner looks like there a lot of talk news issues out there here tom morello the former guitarist for rage against the machine was there to. yeah he actually showed up last week in los angeles and end up coming down tonight to show to show his support and really person when we spoke to him he said that you know he doesn't feel like these folks are going anywhere because this is the general problems of the processing against the corruption within the system is just so immense that the only thing to do is to camp out to make your voice heard not to work within the political system in fact one of the things that we asked him about it when you get a speech to protesters he said that obama will not have the courage to hold a wall street accountable for their crimes well we asked him to explain what he means and here's a little bit of that interview for you. people can no longer afford to keep their homes that's a crime while the bankers who torpedoed the the wall street melt the sense that
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originally torpedoed the economy goes unaccounted for those are huge economic crimes which cause death and destruction to the to the poor working class families united states police people just like i lost a billion bucks about three billion. see peace peace those are the kind of crime but you can't if you're the president it's if you're the president you can't prosecute those crimes because you depend on those people. to get in office to stay in office interest you serve i worked for united states senator for two years senator alan cranston from california and while he was a very progressive person more president obama i got to see witness firsthand every day he was on the phone asking rich guys for money none of that money comes for free but the strength of the occupy wall street occupy america is that we're not we're not begging and pleading for help without begging and pleading for some savior to wave a magic wand to if we cast our ballot boyd every four years this is finding itself and figure out what it's going to do to change the world inspired by the arab spring inspired by greece and spain and yet the u.k.
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but it's fired by the feeling that all you need to do to change the world is get out your door in the morning stand up in your place and time people are angry and they're dissatisfied and they're not service by the mainstream political. he's in the service you know the hate mongering the right wing populist movements and this is a place where in your hometown tomorrow your high school you can start by libertyville illinois it's a place where people can gather to express their grievances and express their solidarity with want to like we feel like they are great and we're going to do something about it not sure exactly what it's going to be we've got a place to go to stay together. so let me let me see if i understand this so i think the n.y.p.d. and bloomberg have kind of backed themselves into a corner here with this whole business so either they be back tomorrow on the threat that the n.y.p.d. is going to sweep in and it gives it gives the occupy movement some momentum but they're more powerful than the city or where the police come in crackdown the
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biggest crack and we've seen so far and we've seen that these crackdowns have only bolster the movement emboldened people down there i mean isn't it a lose lose at this point for bloomberg in the n.y.p.d. sam the only certainty in this situation is that neither side is backing down the police the gloom bloomberg administration they are not backing down they're coming in at seven am and the protesters are planning to hold their ground if it means that they lose their sleeping bags their tarps their possessions that's fine there's areas where they can store those what they're talking about out there talking about potentially staying up staying awake and two hour shifts not sleeping laying down in order to stay within the confines of the rules within the park mind you live in girlfriend is actually on the board of the group that runs the park so there's a bit of a conflict of interest there but now there there's there's going to be a standoff whether or not it ends peacefully or not will be up to the new york police department. well i mean you're going to be there right and i'm sure you're going to be you know on the front lines on the ground when you're going you are you
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prepared now honestly i've i've talked to a lot of people who are who say that they are willing to get arrested for this they don't want it to happen that way they have been and continue to cooperate peacefully but they are not going to be moved out i mean they're trying to make a stand you know they have they have sanitation crews they have people who have organized themselves to keep this as a peaceful calm movement there's nothing that they're doing that brutally violates the law another thing to keep in mind it's tomorrow they have this planned family sleep over where families who believe in this movement are going to be staying over overnight with their children how those images are going to look side by side with a massive show of force by the n.y.p.d. if that's the route they choose that's going to i mean that's not going to reflect well on the mayor we're going to be there we're going to try to stay as safe as possible and hopefully hopefully both sides will stay calm and the protesters have had nonviolent resistance training they're trying to keep things calm all they want is the opportunity to stay there to make their point to get their voices heard well
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let's let's hope that happens keep up the good work. good luck tomorrow thank you sam but it's so the threat of a crackdown looming over new york city isn't stopping the occupy wall street movement around the world yesterday i mentioned how thousands of demonstrators plan to set up camp outside london started. to protest excessive corporate power in their government but that's just the beginning this week and there are demonstrations scheduled in seven. different countries all over the world from albania to slovakia chile to germany morocco to another wins in hong kong so where this whole thing might have begun in egypt you'd be hard pressed to find another time in all of human history when the entire world was connected to each other like this. to bring about change. coming up if you really want to know what occupy wall street is all about then you have to live it so i'll speak with someone who's been
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there living it i would occupy wall street really is. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to didn't break through that sort of if you made who can you trust no one who is you and deal with noble mission or easy where we had it state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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through what really is the occupy wall street movement all about if you look it up in the mainstream media to dissect it you did something like this. i think if you put every single left when callers into a blender and hit power this is the sludge you get they are some of the most uninformed people if you listen to the truly unbelievable i like the one guy says were affecting things i think the only things affecting is traffic so what do you want protesters it seems like people want a messiah leader just like they did when they are not going to iraq obama but if you don't know what's wrong no one can fix it for you do you know that taxpayers actually made money on the wall street bailout. like the same nine c.m. they did on the last report about how does that make you feel any differently. in
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words but if i were right in my culture. seriously that's all it would take to put an end to the unrest well as promised or if you left the politicians on the right to explain it you probably did something like this let me draw a distinction i think you are virtually every american has a reason to be angry i think virtually every american has a reason to be worried i think people who are protesting wall street break into two groups one is left wing educators who would be happy to show up next week on any other topic and the other is sincere middle class people who frankly are very close to the tea party people who. actually carrying tell which group is which the people who are decent responsible citizens pick up after themselves. the people who are just out there is activists trash the place and walk off and are proud of having trashed it so strong that distinction but the truth is neither of them seem to get it but why should that they haven't lived it evan slept on the ground attended
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seminars in the park enjoyed a meal next to a fellow demonstrator i can promise you need new gingrich despite his wild opinions on the movement as state as far away from occupy occupy wall street as he possibly can but my next guest has lived it and she can tell us what it's really like on the ground among the people and in the center of the occupy wall street movement christine quinn joins me now from new york she's a freelance writer and editorial system with alter net dot org kristen welcome thanks very much so and you've been there for weeks now as you said you've you've slept there you've marched you've got arrested and you've done some great reporting over the last few weeks and you can you walk us through what it's like living in the occupy wall street movement i think i think people would be you know really surprised to see just how organized it really is. right at times it seems chaotic if you just walk by it because there's band and there's hundreds
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of people constantly walking through it but behind all of that is incredible organization there are dozens of working groups open to anybody and they meet constantly throughout the day in the park so that there is one hundred percent transparency and then what these working groups do is that individually they report at the general assembly which is how twice a day usually and every night at seven pm and there they are they announce updates on what they've been working on and general decisions are made that might affect the whole group and working groups can also present their ideas there and everybody has a voice at the general assembly they use the human microphone where a speaker says a phrase and then it's repeated by the audience and that works to check a lot of. what might be considered more just hard core ideology and brand saying because only factual information is allowed at the general assembly's. and they just they make
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a ton of progress and people might not see that now because it's such a new movement and it's early and. they're working hard all day every day and they know what they're doing and change things will happen change will come so long as it's allowed to continue so yeah i was down the street at the occupy d.c. early in the weekend the general assembly meeting was going on in nearby there were some people hanging out in the park really weren't a part of the movement they were drinking being belligerent trying to start a fight and in the middle of the general assembly meeting somebody ran over and like you know we want you to call off the meeting here and i need to call the cops there's a situation developing and the people who are kind of hosting the general assembly assembly meeting were very calm they said let's just let's just get someone from the deescalation committee to go over there and take care of the problem and that's what exactly what happened these people stood up and walked over the situation completely neutralized how we how it is being played out in new york city in your
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article you mentioned something about drug abuse that's taking place and how they're dealing with problems like that in zuccotti park. well i don't really i think that a space that is a mask with three suit will attract some marginal personalities and i don't think that's a bad thing i think that that's something that's beautiful about the movement of people from all walks of life feel comfortable going there but it is a safety problem and it can be a media problem to have people who are more open drug addicts who might be using in the park there but the crowd really is able to control it themselves if they see something you know people say something and they can they keep this situation call the medics have been working to deal with the with the issue of potential drug use and they're they're trained to say give people narcan which is an opiate overdose reverse or they were talking about having a new york city needle exchange program set up nearby there because that wouldn't
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look very good for on some media stations but they're handling it and they're treating it as a disease and they're treating it clinically they're not just getting angry and kicking people out although they will have to kick people out if they refuse treatment it's like a mini community that's developed their own pretty much all inclusive. interest the minute we have left i just talked with lucy about what's more which were your thoughts about tomorrow's you know potential showdown. i think that there will be a showdown tomorrow i think i mean obviously bloomberg is a third term mayor who thinks that he can do whatever he wants. and to say that you know you can stay here but only if you get rid of the tarps that you need should it rain it is not fair and people won't accept that and there's no reason why they should write police will probably get violent let's let's hope not but let's hope
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not in the great reporting there are some things from a moment thank you. if people really want to know what specific changes the occupiers around the country and now around the world want to bring to this new global economy dominated by wall street just look at how they're living in these occupation communities that are springing up all around the country people take care of each other the sick are healed the hungry are fed the ignorant are educated the silenced are given a voice this isn't radical this is the best of human nature on display people recognizing that basic human needs and more importantly human rights rank above quarterly profits but these people one is a return to a we society and not a me society and we should be rooting for them to succeed.
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now in the class warfare front someone isn't paying their fair share in taxes and i'll give you a hint who it is it's not the ninety nine percent yesterday billionaire warren buffett released his tax leader showing that despite making a whopping sixty two million dollars last year he only paid a seventeen percent tax rate so to put that in perspective teachers firefighters in working stiffs usually pay about twenty five percent but billionaire warren buffett he only pays seventeen percent that's why he himself has asked for his taxes to go up and why president obama has proposed a new rule named after warren buffett to ensure that millionaires and billionaires pay the same tax rate as the average middle class americans but it gets worse according to a new report from the nonpartisan congressional research service warren buffett is an alone in paying an absurdly low tax rate in fact there's tens of thousands of
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warren buffett's. for more on this then giuliani is here he's a reporter and blogger at think progress so welcome so what is what is this what is this new c.r.s. report not serious the congressional research service it's a nonpartisan it's what all of congress uses to figure out how much things cost you know the effect of certain legislation what does this new serious report tell us about unfair taxes in america sure of the sierras put out this report to basically test the thesis that president obama and warren buffett are opposing which is that there's a heck of a lot of millionaires out there that they're actually getting away with paying lower rates than this ordinary middle class americans and what the sierra support found was that there's actually ninety four thousand between ninety three ninety four thousand millionaires in the united states who are paying less in taxes then about ten point four million middle class americans people who are in less than a hundred thousand dollars a year so what you are saying is that warren buffett unfortunately isn't an outlier
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in this here as support finds there's about a quarter of millionaires in america who are paying tax rates or this low so we have ninety three thousand millionaires who are paying a lower tax rate than most middle class americans i mean don't get a lot of middle class americans and about ten million middle class americans is that right absolutely we're asking those ninety three thousand to just pay the same rate is class warfare exactly it seems like a little bit of parity between you know the guy who you know who teaches at your local middle school as warren buffett seems to be class warfare some people but but aren't people like warren buffett you know the job creators want to if we make them pay the same tax rate as us won't they just you know curl up in a little ball and refuse to create any more jobs for the economy well unfortunately the wealthiest people in this country right now are really paying the lowest tax rates of sense really before the depression in many ways or a handful of years afterwards so if we were to get a sort of a bevy of jobs from these policies we are really not seen is jobs right now. i mean
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. to two thirds of americans a new poll came out yesterday. or two days ago ahead of the republican debate two thirds of americans and fifty three percent of republicans want to make sure that those you know ninety four thousand millionaires who pay a lower rate to the same rate they support raising taxes on basically the one percent republicans won't even consider it they won't even talk about it it's a nonstarter. do you think that could possibly backfire on them in the future of you know elections i mean this seems like it should be a pretty big issue next year with the deficit and jobs and everything and i think is what republicans the i worry about i mean you when you have fifty three percent of people who say they're in your party and they may disagree with you they want to raise taxes on the wealthy and you're out there defending the right god given rights of the wealthy and not pay the higher tax rates or you even tax rate as much as maybe you or i pay you know that is an equation for
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a political political loser and you know i see one of two things happening there republicans relent on this a little bit and at least a few switch over to the side of the people who are actually in their own party or at and the country in the voting populace or they start losing seats in congress and i think that's really the choice that we have to present them with the full going to get some tax fairness in this country so basically saying no to their tax mr grover norquist or losing some seats in congress or right i mean hopefully when it comes up to their constituents and people that elected them brought them into office versus you know special interests here in d.c. or a handful of people that finance their campaigns which is their constituents so of course the counterpoint would be they'd say you know these people are still paying taxes but there's fifty percent of americans who are paying any taxes at all why don't we start i don't like herman cain's point we'll start taxing those people is it really true that there's fifty percent americans not paying oh yeah that's a bizarre new meaning that the right's pushing a lot these days and you know we had a handful of bloggers from red state really pushing that really hard and the problem is that first of all it's not true it's true that forty seven percent of
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americans do not pay federal income taxes and they get a net refund in the reason why is they are too poor it is a gigantic recession a lot of out of work and they're just too poor to pay more taxes and i want them to have more money so they can pay their taxes but on the other hand if you look at state local and local taxes in forty nine out of fifty states in the country the very poorest people pay more as a percentage of their income in those taxes than the very wealthiest people so if you know if you do not talk about federal income taxes if you're talking about state and local taxes which are actually the. the heaviest sort of responsibility is on people in many states the poor actually paying a lot more than the rates and unfortunately every single state for mine yet they point to this fifty percent as something taxes that's an unfortunate situation you let means people aren't making any money but here we have to leave it there is that thanks a lot for coming along and telling some truth about taxes thanks a lot. a
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man in franklin tennessee is accused of robbing a jewelry store during his lunch break his lunch break from court where he was being tried for you guessed it robbery police say mark burgeon reached over the counter at walton's empty drollery and helped himself to thirty thousand dollars worth of diamond bracelet when burgeon return to court for the rest of his theory he had a great idea to hide the jewels in the bush is outside the courthouse so as not to set off any of the buildings metal detectors well needless to say officers quickly tracked virgine down and arrested him i court for his latest crime here seconds after. they found him guilty of armed robbery for the first crime so i guess mark burgeon is the mitt romney of thieves at first you don't succeed try try try again. coming up congress passed one of the biggest trade agreements in nearly two
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decades so could this be the boost our economy needs or another transnational corporate ruse. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions it's come to create through it if you may who can you trust no one who is in view with a global missionary zeal where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm sam sachs imperturbably hartman coming up in this half hour democrats republicans finally agreed on something last night and not just naming post offices but instead on free trade so this be a good deal for our economy or is congress to strengthen the same old free trade kool-aid that's been devastating this nation for two decades now and then instead today we take tunbridge down with the occupy wall street demonstrators have on their side of the banks are one percent doesn't.


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