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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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new criminal charges just two days after she was sent to jail for seven years for abusing power while in office over a gas deal with russia the verdict has sparked public outrage in march international criticism from moscow thank you but america. let's look at your headlines up next the alyona show from our washington d.c. studios with firsthand accounts from our team covering the anti-corporate protests in new york.
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welcome to the loner show where we get the real headlines with none of the mersey like me live in washington d.c. now it's never going to speak to our t.v. producer lucy catherine off who's been on the ground occupy wall street to tell us how they're preparing for a bloomberg ordered cleanup of the park some see this as more of an eviction notice and say there could be clashes with police also yesterday congress passed the three free trade agreements with south korea colombia and panama meanwhile they blocked obama's jobs bill two days ago so does this show us where their priorities really lie at harrison's going to join us for that one and a new gallup poll shows that support for the death penalty in the united states has hit a thirty nine year low so we're going to talk about yet another execution that's coming up where guilt might be in doubt we'll have all that fried and i am more including a dose of happy hour but first take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss. it's we just wrapped up the latest g.o.p.
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presidential debate earlier this week where it became very clear i think who the probable front runner is going to be and yet a new poll has everybody just blown away republican presidential candidate herman cain has pulled ahead of the pack we do have a new front runner at least for this month as herman cain he's the first choice of cain with a four point lead over mitt romney shell bachmann has just wrapped up a meeting with donald trump a breakfast meeting between donald trump and michele bachmann michele bachmann says that she is rebooting her campaign and. all right let's get a few things very clear here realistically does herman cain have a chance of sealing the republican nomination of course not this is more of that flavor of the week probably because let's face it at this point the g.o.p. isn't so stoked on any of its options so every single week we see some new candidates surge in this time it happens to be herman cain the man who doesn't want muslims working in his administration and thinks that a nine nine nine plan is going to solve all of america's problems and you know it's
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funny if the media never bothers to mention that his plan is completely unrealistic because part of it claims a two thirds vote would be needed in both the house and the senate to increase his nine nine nine plan so what they gloss over is that mr cain can't simply change the rules of congress he would need a constitutional amendment to require two thirds vote to raise taxes and i well i think we all know how easy that is and of course they are still fighting over michele bachmann or now third meeting with donald trump i mean let's face it bachmann fifteen minutes or of her flavor has been retired she has no shot in hell at winning the white house and as i've said before the middle king is no ringmaster for the g.o.p. despite the fact that his disciples keep trying to echo that myth otherwise why would bachmann have to go meet with them three times and still be getting nowhere realistically this is all nonsense and it does not deserve to be the only thing you can find on the news when you tune in in the morning but the media just can't help itself because even though the election is still more than a year away the primaries keep getting moved up so they have to get in all of their
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election coverage right now. now new hampshire is threatening to move their primary remember they're always the first in the nation when it comes to the primaries they're threatening to move it to december new hampshire secretary of state now warning it may move up its primary to december they're asking about a move their primary go their caucus back if not the secretary said new hampshire says guess what we could have the primary in early or mid december and new hampshire secretary of state is saying that may not leave them any other choice but to hold the primary on the sixth of the september quarter that the secretary of state their december sixth or thirteenth or both reliques ticket options. seriously watching all this primary big makes me feel like our political system is run by a bunch of children what do you mean we can't be first any more you want to hold yours two days a four ours will fight then we'll move ours up you know back in to news any longer we're going to start having primaries before thanksgiving but with the mainstream media doesn't get as they cover all these developments with just such enthusiasm is that this is part of the problem this is part of what americans are so frustrated
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about all that moving up the primaries does is make its of the candidates can get more money sooner if the giants game it's a farce if the same old politicians being supported by the same old interest groups only with each lection we see them throw even more money at the problem this is what people are protesting on occupy wall street the same candidates playing into the same system it's an endless cycle it's a circle that gets smaller and smaller with each passing year in terms of who actually holds any influence and we the people well we're outside of that circle but they the mainstream media they just don't seem to get that they act like the movement we're seeing rise up right now all across america is completely removed from their election coverage how dense are you people this movement wants change and is a want herman cain or michele bachmann or even obama and wants the entire system redone it revamped tailored towards everyday americans not just wall street corporations and individual wealthy financier's but i guess that's what the mainstream media seems to miss.
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all right so tonight we have a big announcement for our viewers tomorrow the alona show is going to new york to the epicenter of occupy wall street firsthand and we had a number of planned set up but then last night new york mayor michael bloomberg made an announcement that on friday protesters will have to leave supposedly temporarily in order for the park to be cleaned as requested by the private owners bloomberg made the announcement after first making his very first and brief visit to the coddy park last night and the mayor statement set as the protesters continued brookfield has expressed concern about its inability to clean the park and maintain it in a condition fit for public use he continued with the cleaning will be done in stages and the protesters will be able to return to areas that have been cleaned provided they abide by the rules the group field has established now keep in mind just two days ago bloomberg could declare the protesters could stay indefinitely so
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all in all looks like tomorrow's show going to be interesting in the meantime let's get updates on how the protesters are preparing and reacting to this news joining me from our studio in new york is our chief producer lucy lucy i know that you've been down there for a while and just two days ago we saw michael bloomberg say that they can stay indefinitely now suddenly they want to clean up so where people shopped in zuccotti park today. i think there are more shocked by the fact that the mayor. started to bless them with his presence even though as temporarily i think most people regardless of what the mayor's office says really see this as a backwards sort of attempt to events the protesters from the park the mayor knows that a lot of media attention a lot of the world's attention is focused on new york right now on this occupation especially in light of the mass arrests that we saw last weekend over the brooklyn bridge and several instances of pepper spraying and police brutality and so the city of new york knows that it can't it can't come out and be directly against this
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occupation so the feeling amongst most of the protesters on the ground is that they're sort of looking for various loopholes to try to get folks out before this announcement about the so-called clean up took place in fact we noticed that late in the evening con ed one of the electrical companies here would do very loud drilling on the ground from about ten pm until six am a lot of folks here thought that this was another attempt by the mayor's office to sort of drive out the protesters but whether that actually happened remains to be seen i wouldn't hold my bets on that we know that bloomberg is no fan of these protests but he says that of course you happy right to your freedom of speech and he was hoping that they would just be driven out once the cold weather came in but what's so interesting is that a statement two days ago seemed like he was ruling by decree i say you can say definitely and so it is that way and so then why what he said only listen to brookfield and what they want. well and by decree in america how shocking no actually one of the less gets noticed aspects of this entire story is that
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bloomberg mayor his bloomberg live in girlfriend diana taylor is actually sits on the board of the brookfield committee the brookfield board which runs to cody park and so a lot of people here are quite aware of that fact even though it hasn't really been out in the media as much and most folks think that this is a backwards sort of i'll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of giving in but again you know the mayor the mayor is starting to understand that these folks don't seem to be giving up and we've seen rain a very unpleasant weather over the past few days and still the numbers are strong if not stronger and i think the city is sort of panicking to some degree i think they're trying to figure out what the heck to do to sort of slow down the momentum of this occupation before it gets out of hand because again those numbers surprisingly i think for most are continue to grow despite the weather and i want your honest assessment because of course we've heard a lot especially from the fox news crowd about how dirty and smelly these people
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are and how there is everywhere and use condoms in the they make it sound like it's absolutely disgusting and brookfield basically it said the same thing that it's unsanitary and it's not fit for public use do you think of this place needs a good clean up. i think some folks might need deodorant but in terms of the cleanliness of the actual park i would strongly beg to differ i mean even today we saw people literally scrubbing the ground on hands and knees with brushes with sponges whatever they can get their hands on this park is very well organized by the occupation they have sanitation teams they try to take out the garbage regularly they recycle they have food compost piles that the take out regularly this is not any dirtier in fact i would say probably cleaner and than a lot of areas here in new york city and as we all know new york's not the cleanest of all cities so i think that's total hype by the media of course on occasion you'll have you know one or two rogue elements that might come by and throw something on the ground and whatnot but that's absolutely not the attitude of most
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of the occupiers here in fact we were doing an interview earlier today with one of the gentlemen who was scrubbing on his own will the floor another guy walked by through a water bottle this guy interrupted the interview to go run pick that up and throw that out so that it that's not the case and i guess about as part of their operation wall street cleanup that they tried to launch today in order to i guess try to get it so clean the cops don't need to come tomorrow but you know i also want to talk about the fact the mayor bloomberg here said that they're going to clean it in sections and then the people can return as long as they abide by the rules that brookfield has one of those rules. those rules are basically you're not allowed to sleep on sleeping bags you're not allowed to sleep under tarps which is what the protesters have been doing to sort of keep themselves from the elements because again as i mentioned earlier is raining they're not allowed to wrecked any free standing structures like tense they're not they're also concerned about sort of electrical wiring and various issues related to that now the other thing of
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course is camping out in the park is technically for britain but what the protesters are doing is they're you know i went to several of emergency meetings that they've had throughout the day today in fact most of today was dedicated to various planning meetings trying to figure out what the heck they'll actually do tomorrow once the n.y.p.d. and the cleaners come down to so-called clean the park and some of the proposers are really interesting they were talking about potentially getting rid of the possessions that they came with the teachers union here has actually offered to donate storage space said at fifty two broadway which is just again on their own volitions the protesters to put their items there and the protesters say that they will keep themselves physically on the ground if it means not sleeping in order to abide by the rules they're willing to sleep by sitting down in shifts of two they are talking about potentially sleeping while leaning on each other they're really looking for all kinds of creative ways to be able to stay because again these rules they really do see this as sort of a backhand notice for what really has become
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a growing occupation all right so it seems like they're dedicated they're not willing to let up at all and you know will be joining you there tomorrow morning to check out the scene and see what exactly does happen at seven am you know hopefully there aren't any clashes or confrontations with police that are too serious now we set out patrice in assent to one of our producers earlier and she happened to run into ralph nader and asked him what he thinks about occupy wall street so i want to play you a clip here and then see what you think the protesters would say about it. well the first sign of these. people. what do you think with the protesters go for that i mean do they think they just need a little bit of legislation that's leading their way or this is exactly the same problem that we've been seeing over and over again where it's people like ralph nader politicians that are currently in power they just don't quite get what they
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want. i think of the protesters generally thought that legislation could do anything to solve this country's problems we wouldn't see people camping out all across the country i think you would see people taking to the polls the reason they're not taking to the polls is because they don't feel like either party represents them neither the republicans and neither the democrats most of the people that i've talked to say that they have no respect to a political system anymore they say that you know the democrats in congress regardless of what legislation they might line up against or in support of their boats hold into corporate money they're beholden to the very same problems that are causing these folks to turn out so i think that they would scoff at the idea that the political system as it exists will be of any benefit to them and i think in fact the fact the fact that this occupation has been so successful the fact that it's spread so widely across the country and more than one thousand cities now i think has really given more fuel to the momentum they really genuinely feel like they can achieve much more by staying out here by staying strong to their message
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and by not not believing essentially the various statements that are coming out of washington they don't feel like washington response to them they don't feel like their vote really counts and that's why they're out there are at least i want to thank you so much for filling us in and we'll see you tomorrow looking forward to seeing. now when it comes to the occupy movement perhaps it could be summed up by saying what a difference a month makes say on september seventeenth almost a month ago protesters gathered in zuccotti park to highlight the growing economic disparity and the growing economic and the growing disparity excuse me between those in power between the one percent of america and the other ninety nine percent of the first week of protests might have been a little small the movement started growing across the country boston washington d.c. chicago los angeles san francisco and other cities all formed their own demonstrations and before you know it major cities in most states are following in the chant of we are the ninety nine percent and this movement shows no signs of slowing down now
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the occupy movement is going global see on october fifteenth protests inspired by the occupy wall street movement are going to take place in seven hundred nineteen cities and seventy one different countries in the u.s. countries like argentina russia canada turkey australia india and pretty much every country in europe are going to participate and that's just to name a few take a look at this video gives a glimpse at a few more countries that are engaging in demonstrations. the. good. now this movement called fifteenth of october has
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a website on the home page is the following mission statement the ruling powers work for the benefit of just a few ignoring the will of the vast majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay this intolerable situation must and united in one voice we will have politicians and the financial elites they serve no it is up to us the people to decide our future we are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us so just like occupy wall street protests that are underway in the us this movement will also be peaceful way for people to sit down talk about how to best improve the current standard of living by looking at the number of places that are planning to protest it's pretty clear at the tides of change are being felt not only in zuccotti park but across the globe now the only other question left to answer is will those in power actually listen. and the so much more to come tonight there's proof that are usually bickering congress can get something done and redo trade agreements were passed last night but look free trade
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actually helps create jobs or just ship more jobs overseas or here at that. culture is that so much was made me i'm going to make him into a lot of the players biro crisis is a high noon moment for a euro zone looking for to stave off another recession call juggling indebted sovereigns fund. last night congress actually did something they passed three it free trade agreements that have been in the works since the bush administration with south korea colombia
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and panama this despite the fact that just on tuesday the president's jobs bill failed in the senate and while the bills passed overwhelmingly a lot of democrats did vote against the president's push for these trade agreements specifically the one involving colombia but that did not stop president obama however from calling it a bipartisan win and a win for american businesses and american workers a statement released by the white house said tonight's vote with bipartisan support will significantly boost exports the bear the proud label made in america support tens of thousands of good paying american jobs and protect labor rights the environment and intellectual property the thing it's all free trade actually bring more jobs to america or is only going to hurt them as a lot of the labor unions out there are claiming and if that's the case then why is congress doing that instead of passing jobs bills right here at home or discuss this with me as at harrison founder of the blog right write downs thanks so much for joining us tonight now for starters like i said these bills have been lying kind of dormant since the bush administration when the bill the agreements and then
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suddenly we know that we have a state dinner with south korea happening and so they just rush to push it through do you think what we what you call that you know i think there's a political element to all this the fact is is that you know the president wants to show that is doing something you know jobs the jobs bill didn't make it through so the free trade agreement can make it through and if you're a moderate independent then you look at this is a positive net positive it shows that you know the president is doing something for the economy but at the same time he's doing this against the will of many of the labor unions that are his biggest supporters that are his biggest donors and against the will of many of the people in his own party so i'm just i'm just not quite sure how smart that is anymore. for him in general because basically his his has been. you know i have my. i'm not going to upset the base too much but i really have to move towards the center and that means that i will take positions that will get me all these independent voters and so if the labor unions
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don't want this you know i'll just go vote for me anyway because i like this person act but i think that he's the a lot of the time you know for the base when it comes to the democrats because they just assume you're given so scared of the other guy that you're still going to come out and vote but let's talk about these actual agreements i mean there are of course benefits to free trade right specially in a long long run if you want to talk about growth if you want to talk about exports but he's selling this like a jobs bill is it actually going to bring jobs to america or only take them away it's not in the still going to bring jobs because the benefit of free trade is that you can import the benefit of trade is importing import more you get lower prices you know export is actually a cost of trade it's because you have to give things that you could produce domestically and give them abroad a lot of people didn't understand that that's that's the benefit versus the cost and so the question is will you get more jobs as
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a result of this not necessarily because obviously you know you have global wage arbitrage and you know if you have free trade basically you suddenly have a bigger pool of labor for the same goods that are being produced perhaps in the united states and in these other places and so that potentially could be negative for labor and that's why the labor unions are against the i mean that's something we already see and it's interesting because we saw so many of the republican lawmakers at the same time making china this demon and saying that all of our jobs are going over to china but at the same time they're sending or they're signing more free trade agreements it just opens it up for more cheap labor all around the world who are you know it's completely political sort of thing because china you know we have a huge trade deficit with therefore we can but these other countries like south korea they have a freely floating currency you know we don't have a basket trade deficit with this. and therefore you know we should have a free trade agreement here the republican party is the party of we think free trade is good and therefore you know they're going to support this kind of well of
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course they think it's good but then they like to turn around and try to blame somebody else for the fact that our jobs are here and of course that they they claim that that's just too high of corporate taxes but what kind of markets are we talking about here i mean colombia panama really a lot more years when there is more it seems large exotically in the world that's the real that's the real deal here the colombia and panama i consider them to be it's good in terms of you know the regionalization of america further south into south america central america but you know the real deal is with software you think of companies like. l.g. electronics you know they have really big companies there that are already exporting you know so for the certain ways it's a great thing for us what we want is we want to open up that large market the korean market is very large they have a very large g.d.p. and therefore that's a good target for the exporters but if there's anybody right now there is going to
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lose jobs it's going to come from textiles and manufacturers the people that already have been losing them you know the real question is for me is what will happen in terms of the auto business obviously you know they have some very good car companies and i'm not sure exactly what the the ramifications of this particular bill are so it may well be that it has some impact on the existing manufacturing base in particular but do you think of this is what we need to be focusing on right now i mean the whole discussion here is that it seems like congress or at least this is something that they claim it seems like they're so polarized they just can't get anything done they can't even come to any type of consensus when it comes to creating a jobs bill here at home who knows what's going to happen with the super committee when it comes to debt reduction but then. why do we suddenly see such consensus you know with free trade will the end of the day with over obama move to the center or
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move to the right whichever you want to call it that is something where you can get bipartisan support but whenever obama sticks to his guns and his position there's always going to be polarization because of the end of the day what the republicans want is they want less government and what the democrats want is they want an affective government and the two are not necessarily overlapped so when it comes to creating jobs if it means more government or if it means government spending the republicans are going to be against that even if it could be potentially affected so i think that's really what the problem what did i'm just curious what did president obama have to say about these free trade agreements that were on the shelf when he was campaigning i'm not sure what he said but i'm pretty sure that he was he said that he was going to campaign against that i mean he was not a champion of the specific agreement until it was that he came into power so it's just interesting to see you know another bit of a flip flop here but i'm curious to what do you think in terms of this coming productions with this super deficit committee they really only have
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a couple of weeks left well i don't i don't think that we're going to see anything in terms of anything substantial in terms of the things that actually create a longer term deficit that is in terms of military spending you know we also have social security medicare which is where the lion's share of the unfunded liabilities are going forward but if you really want to make some cuts those are the three years that you would have to look into military spending is already off the table from the republican perspective mitt romney is not going to. and then when it comes to social security medicare you know the democrats are ideologically opposed to that that's a specific thing we're obama would lose voters they would actually come out and say no no no we don't want that so he's not going to move that. to the center of this particular thing so really we're just talking about discretionary spending very mother codes i want to ask you one last thing too if we go back to these agreements
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with south korea panama and colombia why aren't these treaties and why why is this just some kind of agreement that doesn't require that two thirds vote in the senate like a treaty does will because you have to do what you can do to get it so that i just change the name technically to an agreement although in essence is still basically the same thing as a treaty i mean it could be a treaty but then you have to get the two thirds majority in the set it would they be able to do that i think that they would be able to get with korea but the other two i'm not really sure look at libya as one that you know there's especially been a lot of democratic opposition there as leslie from the trade excuse me from the labor unions and human rights abuses in colombia so it's just interesting to me how you can change and still do so much all based on just one little word every thank you so much for joining us tonight. still ahead tonight bring back the electric chair and the firing squad those comments are lawmakers and still time of war and then we'll look at the death penalty here in the u.s. gallup poll shows that support for it is falling and i will spotlight another
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inmate facing execution despite questions about his guilt in just a moment. we'll . bring you the latest something. from the realms. we. covered.
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we'll. and broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is a party glad to have you along john thomas let's take a look at the tensions and crisis intensify in syria as human rights groups say nineteen and died during clashes between government forces and armed dissidents in the split in the country is underlined by huge crowds rallying in the capital damascus to support president assad despite increasing international pressure against him. anti wall street protesters are bringing their campaign right to the doorsteps of american billionaires as demonstrations against washington's loyalty to big business sweep nationwide meanwhile new york's mayor michael bloomberg has been.


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