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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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activists claim soldiers in northern syria are turning against the regime but the government says they are just armed gangs posing a threat to the public. and. the occupied together anti-corporate protest movement that began in new york goes intercontinental with demonstrations being planned in cities across the globe. spades credit takes a hit from international rating agencies while neighbor portugal prepares for top the security measures with people accusing the government of working for the rich.
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this is r.t. coming to live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program army defectors have reportedly crossed over to file alongside opposition forces in northern syria but the government insists the are armed gangs threatening the public not revolutionaries and in reaction to the state's crackdown on protesters that e.u. has impose new sanctions on the country's largest state bank which holds the majority of syria's foreign reserves are just as our celia has more. about one hundred eighty kilometers north of the mass this is a city of understand the site of five days of recent deadly clashes between security forces and protesters and which at least thirty died it's close to the cities of homs and hama where most anti assad protests have been taking place evidence of fighting in alliston it's plain to see there was an air of suspicion and tense mood only broken by children now smiling but only two weeks ago these
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youngsters were witness to violence in their home town like this eleven year old we heard very heavy fire we heard airplanes but didn't see them it sounded like they were flying high we were really afraid and we were crying the whole time. the child was one of the few to talk and most understand locals me matt were hesitant to say anything about what happened telling us they didn't want to get into trouble. areas governor gives his explanation why the military right there were groups of people who had their own demands they had these demands for a little while and then it all escalated when they armed themselves we saw the situation at become a threat to the people and that's why we decided intervention should take place in . the inside six reality for you here was the son of god the this is their way of what they please come work with me see here this is
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what this was was it was basically a way to run our city here. but opposition activists insist that these were not on after terrorists but army defectors so far the government has said little on the subject of the surgeons from the military i think it's a kind of a strategy by by government and the weakening. of the of the army. of the. head of the forces so if they talk of order for sure will. it should be. will be more. so as to who. was. under the circumstances the most that prompted by the violence and other stun in a room fits. all this in syria. i want to live from moscow still have pretty the sour of twenty one years off big nation and
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self-proclaimed republic of france eastern and eastern europe are planes frozen. and ethnic conflict manapul yeah its leader is to play. an arctic attraction where the forum by and hospitable archipelago in the arctic ocean has become a welcoming home for immigrants from around the. latest polls in the u.s. suggesting anti-corporate protests sweeping the country have the support of more than fifty percent of the population still there are accusations that politicians and the mainstream media are ignoring the movement and all started in new york a month ago and occupy wall street activists to have been camped out there ever since are refusing to be moved very important as the details. on wall street all the demonstrators hundreds of them that have been camping out there and sleeping there for weeks are pulling out their brooms their mom even brushes to
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mean that every square inch of a body part of the. reason why the demonstrators are doing this is because new york city mayor michael bloomberg paid a visit to the park personally on wednesday evening walk through and told all the protesters that they would to temporarily leave the park on friday so that it could be cleaned up now the protesters believe that this is an effort city officials are making to remove them from the grounds that they have been camping out so they decided to take the initiative and clean the park on their own now of course the occupy wall street movement has been referring to themselves and the majority of americans as the ninety nine percent they believe that one percent of americans the richest that live in the u.s. basically hold the vast amount of money and that the disparity between rich and
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poor is growing deeper and deeper some facts more compiled by a variety of different organizations and those statistics include the fact that the top one percent. forty percent of america's wealth now this disparity of courting to reports is worse than it's been in the past twenty five years at its worst level a second point is the top one percent take home twenty five percent of america's national income and the third point is that the top one percent bones' half of the country's stocks bonds and mutual funds this is just a little wreath a synopsis of what you were they talk about corporate greed possibly over the. economic disparities within the united states.
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now reporting there from the your fans have big business movements now preparing to go international protests are due to take place in canada the u.k. and are even spreading to asia artie's proofreader explains why people in india are preparing to join the occupy together club that energy that's happening in new york city and across the united states is definitely sporadic here it's age and actually the youth movement here has mobilized on facebook and on twitter and they're planning an actual occupy type a full hong kong by jakarta even if lama bad sells the movement in asia is growing there is a lot of support for a so here in india you know there and there are a lot of similarities between the goals and the mass it is of the key pull in the united states and here in india we saw a massive anti-corruption movement here in india recently that was fronted by ana
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husband are a worth thousands of young people showed up to support his fast against the government so many of those people are said to come out to this movement as well and many people compare that corruption movement here in india to the arab spring and now people are saying it's a very it has very close ties to what's going on on occupy wall street people here are a little bit suspicious of multinational companies the corporations that they're talking about over in the united states the civically american companies you see it happen a lot here a while and give me might be growing the rich and in here are getting richer and the poor are getting and it's the foreign corporations that are really benefiting from india's young workforce. british writer reporting there from new delhi more countries are joining the protest against fat cats and we are closely following all
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the latest developments on our website which is our dot com and our you tube channel so go online to get more coverage. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are only day. and credit crisis you are of spain has become the latest victim of a credit downgrade standard of words agency has cut madrid's double a rating by one notch due to we growth high unemployment and massive private sector debt the fitch agency has also downgraded spain's that rating as well as the credit worthiness of several u.k. and swiss banks and portugal is warning its deficit cutting reference are well off
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track the country's prime minister warns of deepening hardship next year with more pay cuts and tax increases ahead parties are going to go has been asking people in portugal how they are dealing with what's being called a national emergency. i'm afraid i'm afraid of the future i'm afraid that. things are going to be like they are in greece right now people. are not going. to have to google to have a p.c. based on. who she is an active member of the portuguese indignados the liberal movement its participants believe the government is hell bent on pleasing the rich and powerful and ignores the needs of the people there to help them realize that we are not. going to thank god for any longer. it's happening and it's happening everywhere in spain here in greece. the worst three different employments in thirty years and over twelve percent rise in
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taxes and fall in wages are the reality of portugal's a bleak present situation things are so bad people are no making comparisons with cataclysmic periods in their history and looking to them for inspiration lead to century portugal was in a situation similar to its present state because it was lagging the capital was all but destroyed by earthquakes but one market of all the mystical kingdom that's his stature right there managed to pull the country out of the crisis three hundred years on however if you believe everybody will be able to perform a similar monumental task the portuguese indignados say the solution is to create more jobs and cuts are necessary expenditure but the government was forced into seventy eight billion euro i.m.f. bailout earlier this year following in the footsteps of greece and ireland to paid back to the stairs because had been introduced which will see longer working hours or less holidays and even an end to the christmas bonuses which most workers
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enjoyed at the age when you are meant to start your life to have your own space your own you know. tata kids you know. if you can you can't do it you can't do it because you called courts. there was and how of noxious is that the. financial system and the political system that is what. we call that is so completely twisted conditions. that this this to me. personally the biggest thing and as the crisis grows so too do the ranks of the outraged members of the indignados people. forget to. use. the well. and build on not to europe not because they're not democratic national governments that. ravaged
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old isn't the problem is the system not the crisis. the call for global direction or looked over the fifteenth from the occupy wall street movement in new york is expected to get a loud response in portugal but for many of those who will fill the streets here it's not so much about revolution as it is about turning it into a simple fight for survival and. well there's much more news and videos online and had her teeth dot com any time adding insult to injury. michelle jailed for seven years on tuesday now faces new charges pending to embezzle millions of dollars fourteen years ago. and the secret life of the russian president assad has revealed pascal lloyd's discover is a fact a t.v. personality an aspiring screen star.
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weatherwise it's one of the most inhospitable places in europe with summers colder than some current. winter located in the arctic ocean for centuries this is bergen archipelago was considered unfit for year round habitation but there is a growing and surprising ethnic community making a home there are jesus and a boy who went to see for herself. surrounded by the arctic ocean breeze bergen has no roads leading out instead base pointer serves as a tribute to the archipelagos multi ethnic nature and role gasper moscow in london are frequent here the city that sounds the largest number of immigrants to the archipelago is the one furthers their way. with no really holding sovereignty over spitzbergen norwegians are still in the
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majority of the fastest growing ethnic group here is thais they already make up about a third of the article was foreign population all things to the sligo lady. monoline and i think ties in the regions have a lot in common both peoples are very open and warm hearted. it may not have been love at first sight but they're one of the few political implications some people hark map your future in the region has been in the early ninety's in bangkok where he brought her change peter bergen a couple were a local oddity says that many more followed in their footsteps. outgrew top could be more and begin more accommodating over men's needs i guess that's why no region manchu like i'm retired girls many of something siblings cousins friends and very quick and says now we were in norway has become the unofficial president of the burgeoning thai community with newcomers turning to her
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for all sort of advice. in the main friesan thai people come to make money and you can earn a pretty good living here but what's more is that we are not treated like immigrants we have the same lifestyle as norwegians we can travel we are treated as equals while the recent bombing and shooting massacre in norway read ninety debate over immigration there are regions of space burden say there's absolutely no place for apnic tensions on the archipelago they're all guests here and many. many. people from all kind of nations norway has responsibility for this fall but if you have the sober everything that everyone treats you could come and live here according to the nine hundred twenty agreement residents of any country can come and live here without applying for a visa or a work permit the only condition is to have a job no reason generous social support system doesn't operate here and according
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to the archipelago sponsored gov that's one of the reasons behind the multi-ethnic harmony plot or functional to discriminate that's one of the principal symbols for . what we do though is that the it's required of a few of us to be able to provide for so love work. for you and your family most times come here for two or three years this young chap is one of the recent arrivals making around one thousand years dollars a month he hopes to save enough money to buy an apartment in vancouver in the meantime he's only volatile mix think traditionally thai recipes with the region staples like fuel and gear no region walk basically seem like an oxymoron but it's actually a very good recipe for the cultural fusion that one can find here at spitzbergen where we can composure couple. times for soap opera with a much better recipe for peaceful coexistence than any of those. policies that tend
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to go sour in other countries. are the only real kids are going on now as. well as now take a look at some other stories from around the world at least sixteen people have been killed and almost fifty wounded in a twin blast in iraq the capital baghdad bombs were detonated a local markets one after another as people gathered to help victims of the first explosion stronger and bigger one to place causing more damage and casualties it comes just a day after of the iraqi capital suffered its worst attacks since august which took the lives of twenty two people. and to leave you know we're several hundred khadafi loyalists have reportedly pushed back in from government forces after a day of fierce street fighting in syria could obvious hometown is the last major city not in full control of revolutionary forces although they do now hold most of it earlier the interim authorities have backtracked on claims that gadhafi son
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received was captured in syria amnesty international has urged the country's new rulers to and the human rights abuses common under the ousted leader. silvio berlusconi is facing a confidence vote in parliament which could spell the end of his time as italy's prime minister the opposition has challenged him to prove his governing coalition still has a majority after it lost a budget vote berlusconi says he has no intention of stepping down by either you loses it would almost certainly need new elections he's faced repeated calls to resign from the unions and the business community following a string of damaging sex scandals. us president barack obama has promised the toughest sanctions will be placed on iran a relegation zip plotted to kill the saudi ambassador to washington a bomb a says he has evidence proving iran's guilt and says he will continue to mobilize the international community to ensure further escalation and make it pay
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for its behavior iran has dismissed the allegations saying the charges are fabricated to deflect attention from problems in the u.s. . and a self-proclaimed republic of transister a breakaway territory in their republic of moldova not much has changed since it announced independence in nine hundred ninety there's still no solution to the ethnic and territorial conflict with moldova and some believe the current leadership is to blame. one of the poorest regions in europe and recognized as a country because the world holds presidential elections in early december but already there were a serious dispute before the campaigns even started the current leader of the self-proclaimed breakaway bodo and republic of china an easter egg a small north has held the reins of power who entire twenty one years old with disputed existence far from tiring of office he is running again for a faith
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a decision criticized by moscow as a mistake costly smearing of has created an atmosphere of personal power as the republic into a state of deep social and economic crisis there's a huge gap between ordinary people who are struggling and smell of inner circle who are all getting richer. the republic is certain its independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety from moldova which is south splits from the soviet union a year later why it has been tough there ever since a breakaway region is a tiny strip of land with a half million population bordering ukraine it acts as if it's a real state with government military currency and constitution a trans nice to has always been viewed by moldova as part of its own territory meaning continued political tension. in one nine hundred ninety two war broke out
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in which hundreds died as no global forces fought separatists before an internationally forged cease fire broad and easy peace since then continued after is by russia and the international community to move the mood over in an transnistria authorities towards dialogue have not borne fruit leaving tensions dangerously high for ordinary people life is tough. average earnings of just three dollars a day for those lucky enough to work with high employment make the area one of the poorest in europe opponents say you did in the run up to the election there is a heightened climate of political fear with the current regime to relinquish power which some of your birds of we live in an atmosphere of. many cases of political pressure like whaling and violations of wars in the near term to discredit other countries its people and openly criticizing the current authorities in the run.
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is placed in series democratic election process. just under two months before the poll it's clear the struggle for power will be far from a kid going to have some even warn it could be a flashpoint the latest twist in the difficult history of this troubled region a group of russian observers is had interest minister to monitor the elections following the requests from the authorities there for the ballot he's free and fair or not the votes not expected to resolve these areas laws stand in problems meaning the need for a lost and political resolution will remain. r.t. moscow well time now for the business update was here. thanks very much that's right time to delve into the world of business and while
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the top silicon valley is incubated us plug and play how chosen five russian starts to be part of its innovation how hard and play which was the first place of google and pay pal has set up a technical central moscow to go with the global venture alliance i found out of the community so you don't need it says the russian him of age of companies now have access to unlimited foreign venture capital. we invest small amount of money and super like a super angel but the important is not the money that being the best is the important is who invest the dusts and because we are our most major vcs in california they have unlimited money but it's for us to at the end of five the best projects and introduce that cured them and then if the project is worth the money is the least problem. the russian market has
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seen mergers and acquisitions grow close to their highest levels in a decade research company geologic says the total volume reached sixty billion dollars in the thoughts nine months will begin only two thousand and seven so much is being done and is so you the majority were signed in the resource industries among them gold got seventy percent of the six billion dollars and france was total at twelve percent stake in russian company not a tech. let's have a look at the markets for oil is rising reversing all the losses before a report that may show that retail sales of the u.s. climbed in september from the previous month brant plant is trading at one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel while the w.c. guy is at eighty four dollars a barrel. and the asian markets were low on friday after credit rating downgrades of spain and european banks fueled concern the region's debt crisis will slow global growth. in europe stocks are climbing the full sea is rising
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about point three percent and the dax is gaining point seven percent. b.p.m. i'll leave you begins in the food sit index to colleges stocks are also offering some support after google's results exceeded its potations. and paula here in russia the markets are seeing strong gains investors seem to be looking at the task prospects improved for containing europe's debt crisis. in the minus six and now edging more than one percent let's now have a look at some of the individual share moves on the mice it's most of the blue chips are trading in the black this hour with spare bank of more than one percent believe that has jumped more than forty percent on a deal with unilever the details in just a moment ross telecom is also edging higher the company may start a buyback on this show as holding a thirty percent decline in value in the last three months it's also folded late
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into. interested in buying the only three g. operator in ukraine the deal worth two hundred seventy million dollars. that we've just been reporting the world's second largest maker of consumer goods unilever is buying an eighty two percent stake in brushes leading cause that it's make a clean up the deal is worth four hundred million here the move is part of union leader a strategy to conquer fast approaching the working markets but he now has a thirty percent share of russia's skincare market. that's a business update from all for stories check all websites archies up com slash business. to. all.
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the above. to. the be.
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above. the love this big game hunting history. she was trying to store. data. but sprung the traps they lay for. more on the radios we have the the surge walks around the area. always always missed. one shot trying to tell you. how the global drug industry's godfather became the most wanted trophy of the world's bounty hunters. how the escobar to grace hunt an artist. challenged.


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