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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 6:31am-7:01am EDT

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next we explore the renowned film studios and chat with some a list celebrities is now. monitoring. the story. frankly. dynamic. for a. month. hello
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and welcome to moscow outside on this week's episode of exploring the subject of cinema from the soviet classics to today's modern russian and international that are played in the capital and we start off here at the home of the country's filmmaking industry. this impressive. pizza destroyed street to its county for a new person feature film. the magic of movie making styrene would cost and paint. is now one of the largest and most of fonts movie studios in europe and indeed cinema has come a long way in the past one hundred years. much of the city is still content as
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a subject to censorship critics say to control many outstanding films were. made several gained international attention and praised for example the koreans are flying literally panda cam in nine hundred fifty eight autoconf skis one hundred seventy two phil saleratus such films have a cult following today and i still watch and loved by millions around the world. back to modern day most film and movie making in russia is now free from any restrictions technology has greatly improved the cinematic experience too and here you can see a film in post-production. moving to the film studios museum now and he can see famous cars costumes carriages and a whole assortment of fascinating movie memorabilia. all exhibits that are displayed in our museum can be used for shooting movies and filming crew can come to a museum choose their dreams they need and take them for the period of filmmaking.
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the museum is a great showcase for those with a nostalgic love of the soviet silver screen. note or the museum is open to the public you must come here as part of an organized tour as hollywood a trip here is not just a cinematic blast in the past but it's also for many a detailed look into the kids' passionate and often epic world of soviet cinema. travelling three hours south of the russian capital and we've arrived at our next destination. a simple field in the moscow region has been turned into a backdrop featuring several tanks army vehicles dummies and muddy trenches. we're at the outside location of a new film called white tiger headed up by the famous soviet and russian director second is that of it's an adaptation of a story but. today over one hundred people are involved in
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a twenty second battle sequence the movie recreates the events of nine hundred forty three and this is the. largest collection of such working tanks in the entire world russian and german actors are used in the film in the project as being given just a three month timeframe a bit of a problem this weekend as the crew needed it to be rainy and cloudy and lights camera action after several rehearsals it's time for recording black dark smoke has been ordered to make the background gloomy and post-production will alter the blue sky line later on. to many of the actors it's the first foray into the world of russian cinema others are seasoned veterans and take all the waiting around long hours in a comfortable. stride. safety is crucial when dealing with large explosions fire a moving machinery the whole scene has been choreographed and timed piece by piece nothing can go wrong. everyone and the place is cameras ready cop aboard mocked
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and action. the director of his one very special and international film awards during his career as a successful filmmaker producer and screenwriter. has also been the director general of the muslim studios since nine hundred ninety eight his dedication to cinema is profound let's meet the man in question great to meet you. thanks for your time now your first film was in one nine hundred seventy nine how has filmmaking changed over the past few decades. it was. those. pools and seeds. during that period. and the. film industry of.
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view and there were. think about the money ok the minus of the system was censorship and it was enough tough censorship soul especially for young filmmakers that was the problem to find the theme. when the. say something what do you want to see. for instance i began from beginning from shooting from musical films there's a cool calm of this it was much easier. if you made such freedom censorship didn't mind a lot to mobilise through because i believe the film you're currently working on is the first one about war is that correct this warm and this one is since water from the first ball through my i bought a used one for free but maybe i should like to direct it it's it's adventure does
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take the make the film better for england to say. there was sold the sings really good but if you have failed banks it's bad because they feel them driving the. billowy and so it's a mini it can't help to get knowledge it can help if you have something really. in the shelter about good luck or bad and thank you very much for its time you and the best of luck with the project go to your most i'm. moving on and what other cinematic experience is all right cities with mentioning in moscow. one of the most impressive experiences to film go is distinct an imax cinema which offers some of the most up to date technologies films integration resolution is shown on a huge screen several stories high quality special movies on science and nature all showing a dynamic cinema's many hollywood blockbusters are now also adapted to be i'm
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extremely. disappointed another musical experience is watching. films in the so-called secular cinema. exhibition center. built in one nine hundred fifty nine it still functions as a three hundred and sixty degree cinema with eleven screens and stereo sound not as popular as it was in the soviet times cinema is still an interesting place to visit and watch one of its special twenty minute movies. and finally the russian state university of cinematography. also known as piggy is the country's oldest and largest cinema school for higher education founded in me in one nine hundred ninety it was the first state education establishment in the world now graduates of its very sparkle to include directing script writing acting and producing work in a cinema and television industry all around the world. cinema
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would be the same without special effects spectacular heights or dramatic sequences that in mind of travel to an area just outside the center of moscow the houses start school and training academy. here experts work in sequences that are rigged so they look hazardous well so having a full range of safety precautions and mechanisms the sword fighting here is in some ways nothing more than a current graft dance sequence. i didn't ask but i like to try out two stops today first involving fire. now on with the five protection suits like other use instead of tape instead of velcro buttons all seems well i'm told worryingly enough that it's faster to cut
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open in an emergency now i'm beginning to be concerned. i'm told to walk in a certain way and. to make any sudden movements all floppy. will fuel the flames with everything ready petrol is slowly pulled into the back of my suit and the flame is the next. thing was that it was. an experience and all controlled by fully trained experts i could even feel the flames heat. and the movies like night and day watch and how i ended the summer make an impact on the international scene many watching film projects continue to storm move one. when various global needs.
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money freedom and technology will bring a new golden age to russian cinema i think a russian you know russian film industry has enormous future because you know. russian content will always be in russian language content will always appeal to the audience to the local audience is just the way it is it's not not going to change no matter what anybody says. plus i think the government's really helping in terms of you know making bigger budget patriotic films as. the quality of things in terms of what the west on the audience would like to see. doesn't match. the russian for russian film is more or less. it's something which appeals to the box office opinions well at least i knew the stuff here first class. well unfortunately that's all the time we have left on this
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week's program on the subject. i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the courier bye bye for now. but that was scary. new up a new career as a step up may be. awesome. great. comfortable. journey.
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so different but the. moscow. would be soo much brighter if you know about sums from phones to impressions. meals for instance on t.v. don't come. easy of nature and discover its beauty. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you.
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the headlines on all. activists claim that soldiers in northern syria turning against the regime the government says they're just the gangs posing a threat to the public. the occupied together protest movement that began in new york intercontinental demonstrations being planned in cities all across the world. plus the european central bank says it's done its part in the debt crisis and governments now have to take the. headlines here on c.n.n. let's do it as dive head first into the world of sports unions here you know you know if i had the chance i'd be fixed in front of the telly all weekend long it's a massive one for rugby it certainly is on a must have one for the likes of wales from new zealand they're going head to head for a place in the world cup final huge weekend as you say we have more on that coming
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up in just a sec. at the have at your company this friday afternoon here in central moscow we have plenty of heads including this. one van there were four we preview this weekend semifinals at the rugby world cup. calling it a day former heavyweight boxing champion david haye hangs up his gloves but does leave the door open for a possible return by with one of the clay ticals. thirty three thought he sounds of a point the difference between gold and silver at the artistic gymnastics world championships russian victoria cummock disappoint me find such. a huge weekend of rugby lies ahead with the twenty eleven world cup finalists set to emerge a new zealand are tried favorites the all blacks while buffaloes truly on sunday
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but not before wales take the field against france tomorrow morning even sikorsky reports. wales were far from favorites going into the tournament and took advantage of their low profile with gruelling preparations the side widely credited in their pre world cup training camp in poland as the reason for the player support and fitness throughout their campaign that kind of practice making for a near perfect run so far including a twenty two to ten win against ireland in the quarterfinals rhys priestland the one battle casualty event great big three thirty years shoulder late in the game coach warren gatland now putting his confidence in james holmes will be filling in for his age a teammate at flyhalf that move will put old time caps leader stephen jones into the backup role for saturday's clash with the good news and. we'll be lucky that we have two million trees in this competition but in quality and cost of some of john
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. just. that. the french will also be bringing in a different body to fill that number ten spot morgan parent who is also in line to take over kicking duties regular man dimitri yes really is likely to start the clash though it's unlikely he'll be kickin after picking up a thigh injury in their quarterfinal battle with france a few reasons to be short on confidence after that nineteen and twelve when especially given their record against the welsh live blue at one six of their free via seven meetings against their upcoming opponents. i'm. overall favorites the all blacks won the inaugural rugby world cup back in one nine hundred eighty seven which also took place in new zealand they've had a world title drought since then despite being one of the world's top teams the whole time the kiwis met argentina in the quarter finals who despite
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a goal on display just couldn't stay with the home team the thirty three to ten when sending a strong message to upcoming rivals australia. good news is that captain richie mccaw will play again for the all blacks despite a foot injury wallabies are well aware they've beaten new zealand in both the nineteen ninety one and the two thousand and three world cup semifinals none of those wins came in eden park though where the all blacks haven't lost australia since one thousand nine hundred six the aussies may need to load up on that scoring points after beating south africa eleven nine in the quarterfinals their upcoming opponents putting up three times as many points all bade against a weaker side the team's high performance director thinks he's got the winning recipe after recalling a twenty five to twenty home win over new zealand in august from the.
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cold driving. sizing team chemistry to be the main ingredient with a lineup unchanged from their last outing so all eyes and pressure on the all blacks as they work hard to turn eden park into rugby title paradise for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven uganda gorski r t. r let's move on to football where the draw has been made for the euro two thousand and twelve qualifying play offs some tasty ties with the korea should turkey looking the pick of them the turks headed by former russian monitor guus hiddink were somewhat surprisingly in the second part for the drawn crack off not too many smiles in the crew out of camp when they were heard together after that the republicans are possibly the most favorable of ties a much off against a stone here with the second leg in dublin portugal will enter their a fixture with bosnia-herzegovina as heavy favorites while the czech republic got montenegro for the home and away fixtures take place from the eleventh to the fifteenth of november. now going into euro two thousand and twelve hopes of being
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dealt a massive blow star striker wayne rooney rule died for the entire group stages after receiving a three match ban for a sending off against montenegro in his side's final qualifier last week the big decision are for english manager fabio capello is whether he should give one of the twenty three squad places to a man who may just turn out to be a tourist on the final it's really getting his marching orders on friday for kicking montenegrin defender me that i exude of h. seventeen minutes from time when england were leaving again he only needed to drill . it said the margin between winning and losing is a fine line victoria cummock certainly learned the artistic gymnastics world championships in tokyo the russian scoring fifty nine point three four nine points in the final score of a judged almost perfect during her routine but the excellence of her just wasn't enough to finish on top of the podium not only. going to american jordan away
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borough ited states. by just thirty three thousand it's of a point china's yochanan took bronze. baseball where the detroit tigers home avoided elimination against the texas rangers in game five of their best of seven m.l. b. american league championship series the teams head back to the lone star state with the rangers three two up in games the rangers seeking to points on the tigers early in the nights knowing they could close out the series they started sprightly josh hamilton with this fly to center here in concert to make it one nothing in the first inning that seemed to wake up the sleeping beast go with a delmon young homer making it to one right after alex a viewer tied the game young getting another huge two run homer in the sixth making it six suit the rangers would rally in vain seven five the score line on that belonged to detroit. while in the m.l.
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b.'s other semifinal the milwaukee brewers noted their series against the st louis cardinals at two games apiece the cardinals first benefiting from the opening season's homer from a alan craig following done off with the sole homerun of his own in the third inning two zero with the score on that stage the bruins for right back though to make it a tie game ricky weeks scoring after taking advantage of the opposition's fielding or four to score thus the final figure of the team's chances for game five all righty. golf now and webb simpson has been all about cashing p.g.a. checks this year the american on the verge of overtaking world number one luke donald to take the money list title he's currently tied for the lead with compacted zach miller after the opening round of the mag l'abri classic simpson very much with his eyes on the price matching his best score of the year at the seaside course in georgia birdie on the sixteenth hole one of the makes going to twenty six
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will be hard in the. a mere one hundred five birdies including this in the fifty litter out of us a perv eagle on the fifteenth the time for the lead at seven under sixty three with martin scott mccartney. well just a stroke of work. david haye has announced his retirement from professional boxing the britain saying goodbye to the ring on thursday the date of his thirty first birthday the longer will be most widely remembered for his last of lattimore klitschko last summer a cheap build up of insults on blood ending in the century a twelve run beating for haye but the englishman will also leave behind a career where he was trying to unify cruiserweight world champ dominating the deficient for years it might be the last we see of him though haye hinting at a possible rematch with that or a first fight with klitschko elder brother for telly by seeing if an offer was made to bring a return or to move to chip leader casey stoner is enjoying
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a great homecoming so far the extremely looking solid in practice ahead of sunday's history in g.p. stoner leads that we overall with three hundred points tally is forty ahead of nearest rival. for baylor renzo the twenty five rule staying on the title track with just three bases to go two thousand and seven when our claiming top spot on phillip island last year and he continued to show his device for the truck by aging lorenzo in by this. all right let's turn our attention finally to the volleyball world club championships where is the need of the chance to reach the podium in doha in a couple of minutes time that is on i felt losing to trentino di tech in the semifinals yesterday meaning paulo in the third place fired off trentino progressing to the gold medal game by lasting impressions of four sets the italian setting the pace taking the first two sets before the third trentino though closing
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in on twenty five i look to their no win away from the straight world i take on polish i think yes. in a few hours. all your sports the weather is next then rory is here with all the news off the top of the our. culture is that so much i'm going to make a lot of people a variant of burka the euro crisis is a high noon moment for a euro zone looking for to stave off another recession while juggling indebted sovereigns flew. from the gaze of the manhattan project nineteen forty two the university of california has been involved through the science of its provision and scientists and their relationship to the university you see since day
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one has been in charge of researching design and testing nuclear weapons and to some extent producing weapons every single nuclear weapon in cities arsenal was designed by university of california. we don't warm go. to university of california was selected as the contract because the army needed scientists to leave their versity positions. a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the school's severed ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from.
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the future. activists claim with soldiers in northern syria turning against the regime and the government says they're just gangs posing a threat to the public. cannot. be occupied together the protest movement stands its ground in new york and all across america and prepares to go into continental with demonstrations planned all around the world. the european central bank is washing its hands of the crisis saying it's still new enough and governments know how to take the lead or have more in just a few moments. and the world's second largest maker of consumer goods unilever is buying into russia. more on the deal in business in about twenty minutes.


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