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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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this is. the u.n. human rights watch syrian stalemate could descend into civil war as the opposition claims it's now been joined by defectors all being dismissed by the government as just. goes up among the new york's answer corporate protesters and when the right to continue camping movement to go global. it's here in zuccotti park in downtown new york city where there are no conflicts with the new york city police department will continue remains to be seen as the occupation grows. and the european central bank says it's done all it can it's now time for governments to
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take the lead in saving the region's economy. and this is this hour the world's second largest maker of consumer goods. and agency percent stake in russian leading cosmetics maker an idea worth four hundred euros germany for more on that and other stories. it is now a five pm on friday here in moscow r t is broadcasting worldwide. the u.n. human rights chief has called for international action in syria so avoid a full blown civil war as the number of people killed in the conflict now exceeds three thousand and. thirty six died in the latest clashes between security forces and army defectors who fought alongside the opposition and the government insists
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they're not revolutionaries but gangs that threaten the public. has the story. about one hundred eighty kilometers north of the mass this is a city of on the west on the site of five days of recent deadly clashes between security forces and protesters and which at least thirty died it's close to the cities of homs and hama where most anti assad protests a baking place evidence of fighting in oliver stone is plain to see there was an air of suspicion it's against mood only broken by children now smiling but only two weeks ago these youngsters were witness to violence in their home town like this eleven year old we heard very heavy fire we heard airplanes but didn't see them it sounded like they were flying high we were really afraid and we were crying the whole time. the child was one of the few to talk most of us are locals we met were hesitant to say anything about what happened telling us they didn't want to get into trouble. the areas governor gives his explanation why the military right
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there were groups of people who had their own demands they had these demands for a little while and then it all escalated when they armed themselves we saw the situation had become a threat to the people and that's why we decided intervention should take place in . the inside syria for you to hear this stuff was this was their way of like me come work release you see here this was was a safe place it was here outside but opposition activists insist that these were not on gas or terrorists but army defectors so far the government has said little on the subject of the surgeons from the military i think it's a kind of first tragedy by the government. weakening the morale of the of the.
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of. i should have the forces so if they talk about the first year. well it became a signal there could be there will be more. so instead people get. all was going so with all of this will serve their purpose but under the circumstances the most impressive by the violence in understand is that it's also in syria all this time syria. us meantime hundreds of occupy wall street protesters are celebrating their first victory plans for a massive cleanup of new york's zuccotti park which the activists against corporate greed considered an attempt to force them out but now cancel lucy capital is the latest from the bigger. a lot of it had to do with the fact that thousands that at least two to three thousand and they're turning out here in sick cody park behind me the crowd is smaller now they have gone on a on
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a protest march near wall street we actually just gotten reports of up clashes with police but the massive massive turnout is really fueled i guess speculation by the police departments by this administration the mayors of frustration here in new york that. with so much media attention so many people they really couldn't afford another instance like what we saw two weeks ago where unprecedented number of new yorkers were arrested as part of the wall street occupy wall street occupation so i think there was a lot of fear that flashes could happen and part of all of this is the fact that these protesters most of the ones i've spoken to are determined to stay regardless of what the police does one man who i spoke to yesterday when we were really expecting some c.t.'s splashes had this to say take a listen it's a pretext. to. move people out and then said new conditions are moving back in it's just it's
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a good move to just watch this group so we pretty much understand what's going on here we have twenty four seven. around here all the time and there aren't really any issues but we're going to make a big effort to get because we had rain and everything so you know what cardboard and. you know you know that really has been the attitude for most of the people that we've spoken to here protesters were scrubbing the floors on hands and knees but really it's not about sanitation it's not about the funding of the park it's about the fact that these movements are spreading across america they're popping up in hundreds of cities across the country and folks simply the establishment the police departments the politicians they're nervous they have not seen this kind of unprecedented movement in the united states and at this point it does not show any sign of when dealing we do know that. tobar fifteenth going to be the big day to watch this is when these situations but expected to spread to europe but massive protests planned all across the country including here in new york the occupiers
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plan on staying here in zuccotti park they plan on not urging in times square in the evening which should be very interesting to watch on a lot of these presidents in times square and a lot more potential for clashes because we have to keep in mind most of the arrests most of the confrontations with the police have been when protesters leave this area and walk down the streets that gives the police here a lot more of an excuse so to speak to. put people in corners and try to stop the movement that way but for now while the folks here are determined to say we've seen terrible weather rain or poles they have not been deterred by that so be very interesting to see how this plays out and whether he can play out peacefully or whether we'll see further crackdowns like we've seen for example in denver yesterday in seattle and across the country. reporting right now the big business movement is spreading its wings and preparing to go global protest place and kind of. pretty shrewd and explains why people
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are ready to join the club. that energy that's happening in new york city and across the united states is definitely spread here it's a asia and actually a u.p.a. youth movement here has mobilized on facebook and on twitter and they are planning an actual occupy type a full hong kong by jakarta even if mom of god self the movement in asia is growing there's a lot of support for a so here in kenya you know and there are a lot of similarities between the goals and the mass ijaz of the people in the united save the nines here in india we saw a massive anti-corruption movement here in india recently that was fronted by are not worth thousands of young people showed up to support his fast against the
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government so many of those people are said to come out to this new minutes well and many people compare that corruption movement here in india to the arab spring and now people are saying it's a very it has very close ties to what's going on on occupy wall street people here are a little bit suspicious of the multinational companies these corporations that they're talking about over in the united states specifically american companies you see it happen a lot here a while and get the money might be growing the rich in india are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and it's the foreign corporations that are really benefiting from india's young work for if i was the occupy wall street movement presents a go global we watching closely if the rallies are taking place in europe the united states i don't miss our special coverage on saturday just about twenty four hours from now but as of the fifteenth. doctors like
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growing poverty and suffering. by their country's ways unfolding as well causing jobs and social spending people across the globe against their government's economic policies follow the worldwide action against austerity like on cartoon. ok ten minutes past the hour here in moscow you're watching a little bit later in the program for you like two decades the self-proclaimed republic of a trance announced its independence but they still no sign of progress in solving the breakaway state problems shortly we explore who is to blame. the european central bank has called on national governments to now do their part to ease the debt burden and old cliche spoke out of a key meeting of world finance ministers so now gathering in paris to hammer out solutions to the crisis our europe correspondent daniel bushell now reports. the
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patience of european central bank does seem to be running out it says that it can't really take the whole itself it really needs a government to come through the european governments come through and take some actions because the latest country problems with spain its problems with solidarity or failure solidarity has had a great of its rating a game which is going to make it even harder for it to raise money and pay off its debts we're expecting protests tomorrow perhaps the biggest protest so far over thirty measures in spain now russia's prime minister has come out and said that europe's governments could fill this problem if they wanted to but with. a crisis is more political than financial issues according to estimates between one and one and a trillion dollars is needed a number is big but the year is there you can handle it it's a political issue because in order to counter those resources leading you countries must offer a shoulder to beijing trouble takes political courage so governments in europe are
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accused of passing the blame no one wants to take responsibility but russia is one of many countries which is concerned by this because of course when the european economies are suffering the rest of the world has a knock on effect is the latest country which is new also there are two measures that means more taxes potentially education health costing more and we are expecting coordinated action coordinated protests across europe including in lisbon over those austerity measures over the cuts which are thought to be extremely painful for the population now we've also seen the tree shape saying that he does expect those governments to come through with those cuts in order to balance his budget there is a meeting today and some or all of the world's leading finance ministers as they try to tackle this crisis there has been talk in portugal. just be too painful for the people to take these austerity measures not call. some of those
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victims of the cross i'm afraid i'm afraid of the future i'm afraid are. things going to be like they are in greece right now. they're not going to be able to to have a good while to have at least a decent. lucia's elected member of the portuguese indignados delish poor movement its participants believe the government is hell bent on pleasing the rich and powerful and ignores the needs of the people they have to are true to help realize that we are not. we are not we are not going to play god for any longer. and we do know it's happening and it's happening everywhere and spraying here agrees. the worst period of unemployment in thirty years it's over twelve percent rise in taxes and fall in wages are the reality of portugal's bleak present situation things are so bad that people are no making comparisons with cataclysmic periods in
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their history and looking to them for inspiration to leave the century portugal was in a situation similar to this present state because it was lagging the capital was all great destroyed by an earthquake but one market of all this a corking got to start right there managed to pull the country out of the crisis three hundred years on however if you believe everybody will be able to perform a similar monumental task the portuguese indignados say the solution is to create more jobs and cut unnecessary expenditure but the government was forced into seventy eight billion euro i.m.f. bailout earlier this year pulling in the footsteps of greece and ireland to pay back top of stairs because had been introduced which will see longer working hours and less holidays and even in the end to the christmas bonuses which most workers enjoyed at the age when you are meant to start a life so you know have your own space your own you know. have kids here. well if you can't do it you can't do it because you can't afford to do it and
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however noxious is that it's the financial system and the political system that is intertwined with the financial system. that is so completely twisted conditions and. this this to me. personally the biggest thing and as the crisis grows so too do the ranks of the outraged members of the indignados people unite for getting. the nationalists moved their money. and build europe not because they're not democratic national governments that are not democratic. ravitch all the right but the problem is deceased i'm not surprised . they call for a global day reaction or looked over the fifteenth from the occupy wall street movement in new york is expected to get
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a loud response in portugal but for many of those who will fill the streets here it's not so much about revolution as it is about turning it into a simple fight for survival he. was. folding that crisis in europe is always available on the site to talk also on life for you right now a wave of criticism and fears of cold war like tension on the korean peninsula as washington plans to use a new base in south korea for its neighbor plus. imagine a job where you do nothing but sleep and get paid one hundred fifty dollars a day for doing it that is a position on right here in washington to find the full story. was reportedly preparing a response to washington's planned missile defense system in europe it follows comments by the incoming u.s. ambassador to moscow who said washington cannot guarantee the system or not target
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russia for its going off. washington is speeding up its plans for its anti missile defense system in europe despite all these alarming questions coming out of russia spain horn's romania and turkey have agreed to host elements of the system on their territory and it's planned that the shield will be finished by twenty eighteen i fish early it's supposed to protect washington's allies in europe from potential threats coming out of iran and north korea but it's moscow has been sounding the alarm saying that the system could be a potential threat to its national security moscow has been proposing that this project should be a unified shield which would include russia and the united states where all would share the responsibility for the cd of each other but washington and some nato officials have been saying that this is not possible since russia is not part of the alliance moscow then started asking for legal guarantees from washington that
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this is no will not be aimed against russia but the newly appointed u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul was quoted saying that his country has no plans of making these illegal guarantees we've already heard from russia's envoy to nato meeting about boys and said that if this is the case then moscow will have to start thinking about making its own efforts to every story the strategic balance of forces in europe and now there are also reports in the russian media from a source from the kremlin which says that russia will think a cheap but affective way to answer washington's sending this out the front lines in europe so we'll see how the situation develops but it's not for me a fact that washington is not planning to back down on its anti missile defense
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plans. offering their time for the. now here on r.t. are some other headlines from around the world for you this hour italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has survived a decisive parliamentary vote of confidence which was key to his continuing his political career he calls for his resignation by a political rivals and members of the business community all amid a series of damaging sex scandals under weakening economy and securing of the vote of confidence allows but it's going to stay in power through to the end of his term in two thousand and thirteen. obama has taken a firm stance against iran promising tough sanctions against the country over claims it was plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to washington the u.s. president says there's enough evidence of iran's guilt and he's calling on the international community to make it pay for its behavior officials inside iran meantime of just missed the allegations as true saying the aim diverting attention from problems for us is crazy. in the thai capital
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a huge effort is underway by the military and volunteers to strengthen the cities and fences authorities fear rain and high tides which of course huge devastation all across the country could now move into a bank flash floods have killed two hundred eighty three people and devastated cities and sixty one province is just since july. this is to an air show in central china a pilot have a lucky escape on an aerial acrobatic show went wrong have a look at this footage right there well one of the country's main fighter jets the flying leopard lost control and started nose diving into a field dramatic footage that did show the pilot ejecting from the cockpit just in time safely landing with the help of a parachute the pilot was unhurt and there were no injuries on the ground. republic of a transistor a breakaway territory of moldova not much has changed sensationalist independence
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in one nine hundred ninety s. been a long running ethnic and territorial disconnect between the two sides and it with little in the way of recent progress some are saying the current leadership is the brain that is where the national records. one of the poorest regions in europe and recognized as a country because the world holds presidential elections in early december but already there are a serious dispute before the campaigns even started the current leader of the self-proclaimed breakaway window in republic of trains nice terry even a small north has held the reins of power for the entire twenty one years of its disputed existence far from tiring of office his running again for a fifth term and decision criticized by moscow as a mistake possibly smear an office created an atmosphere of personal power that is there a public interest state of deep social and economic crisis there's a huge gap between ordinary people who are struggling and smear a lot inner circle who are only getting richer. the republic is certain its
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independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety from moldova which is south split from the soviet union a year later why it has been tough there ever since the breakaway region is a tiny strip of land with a half million population bordering ukraine it acts as if it's a real state with its own government a military currency and constitution a trans nice to has always been viewed by moldova as part of its own territory we continued political tension. in one nine hundred ninety two war broke out in which hundreds died as moldova forces full separatists before an internationally faulted cease fire brought and an easy peace since then continued efforts by russia and the international community to move over in an interest mr in authorities towards dialogue have not gone fruit leaving tensions dangerously high for ordinary
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people life is tough. average earnings of just three dollars a day for those lucky enough to work with high unemployment make the area one of the poorest in europe opponents say that in the run up to the election there is a heightened climate of political theory with the current regime in no mood to relinquish power to the good birds of must live in an atmosphere of fear and threat many cases of political pressure like wailing and violation of laws in an attempt to discredit other countries its people and parties openly criticizing the current authorities by being put on the run. is placed in serious danger critic election posters. just hundred two months before the poll it's clear the struggle for power will be far from it. some even warn it could be a flash point the latest twist in the difficult history of this troubled region
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a group of russian observers is head injuries nice thirty morning to the elections following a request from the authorities that one of the ballots he's free and fair or not if votes not expected to resolve these areas longstanding problems meaning the need for a lost and political resolution will remain. r.t. moscow one of the kind i think stick around we have a special report coming up about a colombian drug lord and leader of one of the most powerful criminal organizations ever assembled here we're talking about that's on r.t. right after korea with the business. per welcome. thanks for joining me russia says new european energy legislation could create problems for further gas cooperation is called the third energy package bans energy supplies gas problem from owning gas pipelines to.
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unfortunately a number of events of happened of late which pose some problems to our gas corporation i mean the legal basis their contractual bases and finally the organization of the process the energy minister and began to submit their proposals on how we can build our relations with the european partners taking into account the observance of the rules of the so-called energy package. so it's good the world's second largest maker of consumer goods you hear lever is buying at eighty two percent stake in russia's leading cosmetics maker khalifa the deal is worth four hundred million euros and the move is part of unilever strategy to conquer faster growing emerging markets cleena has a thirty percent share of russia's skincare market. let's have a look at the markets now or those rising reversing early losses before a report that may show that retail sales in the u.s. clawing its number in the previous month brant landis trading at one hundred thirteen dollars powerball it's
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a pretty high as eight hundred eighty six dollars are all european markets are trading higher than mine is and technology stocks help offset further losses for some bags following series of downgrades and warnings from brokers and credit rating agencies chairs of ericsson rose three point four percent for its mobile handset joint venture sony ericsson broke even in the third quarter and said it still expects modest industry growth in two thousand and one and here in russia the markets are saying strong gains investors seem to be looking upbeat to ask prospects improved for containing europe's debt crisis the r.t.s. is gaining over three percent and the noise exit is two point seven percent this hour let's have a look at some individual samples from our six most of the blue chips are trading in the black quits burbank story over five percent the lender has announced it's going to increase the sheriff for an activity and its profit to seven percent of three years has jumped more than forty percent on a deal with unilever ross telecom has also hired the company may start
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a buyback of its shares holding a thirty percent decline in value in the last three months it's also reportedly interested in buying the only three g. operator crane the deal could be worth two hundred seventy million dollars. and the russian currency is trading at the highest. three weeks one dollar now costs just under thirty one roubles investors are expecting domestic enterprises to convert more export revenues into google's in order to pay taxes some support is also coming from a stronger all price however there is still a rise in financial foreign currencies among local consumers. the russian market is seen mergers and acquisitions grow close to their highest levels and take a research company deal logic says the total volume reached sixty billion dollars in the first and also the year only two thousand and seven saw more deals being
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done and analysts say that the majority were signed in the resource industries among them because i told thought seventy percent of policy called for six pretty dollars and francisco tal took a twelve percent stake in the russian company. but the number you can always find moscow is just log on to a website that can start. with . the.
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two thousand and ten special economic zones for industrial production was established in russia somalia with a total area of six hundred. sixty had to as. its investors are granted exclusive tax and customs benefits which includes a five year exemption from property lands and transport taxes as well as an income tax reduction to fifteen point five percent. the special economic zone operates as a free customs zone which enables manufacturers to market their products in russia free of intelligence in. the sim our region as he says is currently witnessing a sewage infrastructure construction.


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