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and it's time for governments to take the lead in saving the region's economy this comes as spain becomes the latest nation to take a hit from. relationship with the silver screen goes back decades now we explore the renowned film studios with actors and directors in moscow. he's telling. me. dynamic.
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for a. month. hello and welcome to moscow outside on this week's episode of exploring the subject of cinema from the soviet classics to today's modern russian and international that are played in the capital i would start off here at the home of the country's filmmaking industry. this impressive. destroyed street to its county being a new person feature film. the magic of movie making styrene would
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cost and paint. is now one of the largest and most of the fonts movie studios and indeed christian cinema has come a long way in the past one hundred years. much of the city is still content as a subject to censorship critics say to show many outstanding films were. made several gained international attention and praised for example the koreans are fly literally pound. nine hundred fifty eight autoconf skis one hundred seventy two phil saleratus such films have a cult following today and still watch and loved by millions around the world. back to modern day most film and movie making in russia is now free from any restrictions technology has greatly improved the cinematic experience too and here you can see a film in post-production. moving to the film studios museum now and here you can see famous cars costumes carriages and
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a whole assortment of fascinating movie memorabilia. all exhibits that are displayed in our museum can be used for shooting movies any filming crew can come to a museum choose their tents they need and take them for the period of filmmaking. the museum is a great showcase for those with a nostalgic love of the soviet silver screen. note over the museum is open to the public you must come here as part of an organized tour as. a trip here is not just a cinematic blast in the past but it's also for many a detailed look into the kids' passionate and often epic world of soviet cinema. travelling three hours south of the russian capital and we've arrived at our next destination. a simple field in the moscow region has been turned into a backdrop featuring several tanks army vehicles dummies and muddy trenches. we're
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at the outside location of a new film called white tiger headed up by the famous soviet and russian director second is that often it's an adaptation of a story but. today over one hundred people are involved in a twenty second battle sequence the movie recreates the events of nine hundred forty three and this is the. largest collection of such working tanks in the entire world russian and german actors are used in the film in the project as being given just a three month timeframe a bit of a problem this weekend as the crew needed it to be rainy and cloudy and lights camera action after several rehearsals it's time for recording black dark smoke has been ordered to make the background gloomy and postproduction will alter the blue sky line later on. to many of the actors it's the first foray into the world of russian cinema others are seasoned veterans and take all the waiting around long hours in a comfortable costumes stright. safety is
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crucial when dealing with large explosions fire a moving machinery the whole scene has been choreographed and timed piece by piece nothing can go wrong. everyone in the place is cameras ready cop aboard mocked and action. the director of his one very special and international film awards during his career as a successful filmmaker producer and screenwriter second as an elf has also been the director general of the muslim studios since nine hundred ninety eight his dedication to cinema is profound let's meet the man in question great to meet you. thanks for your time now your first film was in one nine hundred seventy nine how has filmmaking changed over the past few decades. it was.
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those. pools and seeds. during that period. and the. film industry of the. film in the stores. i think about the money ok but the minus so the system was censorship and it was an off tough censorship soul especially for young for america so that was the problem to find the theme. when the. say something what you want to see. for instance i began from the beginning from shooting from musical films is called gone with this it was much easier. if you made such freedom censorship didn't mind a lot to mobilise through because i believe the film you're currently working on is
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the first one about war is that correct the a swarm of this one is its water from the first of all through the used one for free but maybe i should like to direct that it's it's a venture to say clumsy make the film better for anyone to say. that was sold to seems really good but if you have failed banks it's bad because they feel they have them driving the. billowy and so it's made it can help the canola gee it can help if you have something to really. shout about good luck or bad and thank you very much that's all i'm here and the best of luck with the project go to your marketing. moving on and what other cinematic experience he's alright cities with mentioning in moscow. one of the most secret city experiences system go is distinct an imax cinema which offers
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some of the most up to date technologies films integration resolution is shown on a huge screen several stories high quality special movies on science and nature whole show the dynamic cinemas many hollywood blockbusters are now also adapted to be i'm extremely. pleased another musical experience is watching. films in the so-called secular cinema. exhibition center. built in nine hundred fifty nine it still functions as a three hundred and sixty degree cinema with eleven screens and stereo sound not as popular as it was in the city times cinema is still an interesting place to visit and watch one of its special twenty minute movies. and finally the russian state university of cinematography. also known as piggy is the country's oldest and largest cinema school for higher education founded in one
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nine hundred ninety and was the first education establishment in the world now graduates of its various faculties include directing script writing acting and producing work in a cinema and television industry all around the world. cinema would be the same without special effects spectacular fights or dramatic sequences . that in mind of travel to an area just outside the center of moscow the houses start school and training academy. here experts work in sequences that are rigged so they look hazardous bustle having a full range of safety precautions and mechanisms the sword fighting here is in some ways nothing more than a car a craft dance sequence i didn't ask but i like to try out two stops today first involving fire.
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now on with the five protection suit why are they using tape instead of velcro buttons all seems well i'm told worryingly enough that it's faster to cut open in an emergency now i'm beginning to be concerned. i'm told to walk in a certain way and. to make any sudden movements all floppy. will fuel the flames with everything ready petrol is slowly put onto the back of my suits and the flame just. telling. them what. it was. an experience and all controlled by fully trained experts i could even feel the flames heat. and the movies like night and day watch and how i ended the
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summer make an impact on the international scene many film projects continue to storm. and when various political needs. pap's money freedom and technology will bring a new golden age to russian cinema i think a russian you know russian film industry has enormous future because you know. russian content will always russian language content will always appeal to the audience so the local audience is just the way it is it's not not going to change no matter what anybody says. plus i think the government's really helping out in terms of you know making bigger budget patriotic films as. these the quality of these films in terms of what the west on the audience would like to see. doesn't match. the russian the russian film is
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more or less. it's something which appeals to so but not to the box office opinions just well at least i knew the stuff here first class. well unfortunately that's all we have left on this program on the subject. i'll see you again at the same time next week and tell them for me on the rest of the current. scary. stuff may be.
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great. but. you need. some to. go. and discover it. communicate with. test yourself and become free. nature can give you.
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the headlines on the syrian activists claim a security forces opened fire on protesters killing seven people all of this while the death toll now reaches. three. number of months. the opposition says it's been joined by army defectors and dismissed by the government as just armed gangs. occupy wall street protesters wind first battle after new york city councils a massive cleanup operation in the park where they've been camping. demonstrators say they won't give up because the occupy movement looks set to go global. and the european central bank says it's now done enough it's time for governments to take the lead in saving the region's economy. spain becomes the latest nation to take a hit from ratings giant standard and. other headlines like this hour here on r.t.
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time now for dimitri sports. the sports thanks for joining us in the sports. and then there were four preview this weekend semifinals at the rugby world cup. closer and closer to the title in most. cases. fastest time in practice for his home grand prix as for the parliament. and into the david ferrer advances into the last four of the shanghai masters following a three set win over and baltic. so it kind of rugby lies ahead with time to live in a world cup finalists in new zealand outright favorites the all blacks will battle
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australia on sunday but not before well stick to the field against france on. reports. wales were far from favorites going into the tournament and took advantage of their low profile with gruelling preparations the side widely credited in their pre world cup training camp and poland as the reason for the players support fitness throughout their campaign it's that kind of practice making for a near perfect run so far including a twenty two to ten win against ireland in the quarterfinals rhys priestland the one battle casualty event great victory thirty his shoulder laden again coach warren gatland now putting his confidence in james hope will be filling in for his agent teammate at flyhalf that move will put all time caps leader stephen jones into the backup role for saturday's clash with me is. that we have too many injuries in this competition but having. someone to come in.
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on the bench just. good position. that. the french will also be bringing in a different body to fill that number ten spot morgan para who is also in line to take over kicking duties regular man dimitri yes really is likely to start the clash though it's unlikely he'll be kickin after picking up a thigh injury in their quarter final battle between france a few reasons to be short on confidence after that nineteen of twelve when especially given their record against the welsh look blue at one six of their previous seven meetings against their upcoming opponents. overall favorites the all blacks won the inaugural rugby world cup back in one nine hundred eighty seven which also took place in new zealand they've had a world title drought since then despite being one of the world's top teams the whole time the kiwis met argentina in the quarter finals who despite
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a goal on display just couldn't stay with the home team with thirty three to ten wins sending a strong. message to upcoming rivals australia. good news is that captain richie mccaw will play again for the all blacks despite a foot injury the wallabies are well aware they've beaten new zealand in both the ninety ninety one in the two thousand and three world cup semifinals none of those wins came in eden park though with the all blacks having lost to australia since ninety six the aussies may need to load up on that scoring points after beating south africa eleven nine in the quarterfinals there i've come in opponents putting up three times as many points obeyed against a weaker side the team's high performance director thinks he's got the winning recipe after recall your twenty five to twenty home win over new zealand in august with a from the wake in the now first forty minutes in brisbane you guys the key ways and reeling cause the point to get
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a pretty good performance culture drive the deans emphasizing team chemistry to be the main ingredient with the line up unchanged from their last outing so all eyes and pressure on the all blacks as they work hard to turn even park into rugby title paradise for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven uganda gorski r t. and football england's euro trying to twelve hopes have been dealt a massive blow star striker when roy and erode out for the entire group stages after receiving a three match ban for his sending off against montenegro in his side's final qualifier last week the big decision for england manager fabio capello is whether it should give one of the tentative three score places to man and that turned out to be just a tourist at the final ruin it getting so much in all this on friday for kicking what's now going to fend of it seventeen minutes from time when anglin were living again when they did to draw. staying with football the two most successful english
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clubs liverpool and. preparing for saturday's clash and felt that message club bates and the last five league matches against the old rivals but their boss kennedale wish says it's always a challenge against the red devils. any might. be good to be that's not too often that. you're going to have that much good force in the game to be an eighty so you have to be good you have to be there in a money day and hopefully a bit more force in israel. there's a lot that we have to do that we can we can control as things we can but as far as we can control what we are doing we'll do our best. and other premier league top teams chelsea will continue their title chase at stamford bridge and travelers beauchemin will have tough opposition in the form of everton everton were on a very good run in my opinion. the last of course against the against the liverpool
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but they won that game they will be up there challenging for them for the top we won game in hand so it still is to get beyond the point eventually when one of what happens on the bottom everton. so the good situation and they are once again proving that. the david moyes is work is something you. big spending manchester city will play their set of their fixture against in-form side aston villa and scar blues manager roberto mancini is taking to opposed to where thinking despite having ongoing issues with his roberto striker color status . these moment is important. for these we. don't want to dig enemies for tomorrow. if we only for us when we learn we play a. game the bridge with me but it's important to have all the players already.
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in formula one mclaren's lewis hamilton has set the fastest time in practice ahead of the korean grand prix which takes place on sunday his fastest lap was equal to one minutes fifty point eight eight seconds frame his career international circuit that mclaren driver was almost one second faster than competitor jenson button knows that other picture finish the day in a level position while new world champ red ball. was third quickest. is obviously a big difference i think last year you know we did a last minute and we always kept believing in you know got it done in the very end of the championship never let the ship it should be for this year has been a different story related from start to finish so it's obviously a different year and you know even though it was a likely. you know the championship because closer and closer the last couple races
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we always try to focus on that particular race. timo to be now where casey stoner has shown a hunger for claiming his fifth success when at those struggling grand prix as he dominated the practice session at phillip island they wrestle honda rider put three tenths of a second clear of horse in the combined times of morning and evening sessions remember. the no to japan title if he calls ten points then defending champion the renter in sunday's race which will also be stoners twenty sixth birthday raja explained afterwards why the morning times were better than those recalled it to. distinguish weather conditions nobody really went quicker than it did this morning so. you know i think it's tied. to a little bit warmer this afternoon they were this morning and just with a little bit more wind and a little bit more to to sort of deal with on the track. yeah it was just more difficult to get to the time so we'll see what happens tomorrow when we you know
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should be a little bit colder conditions but we'll see what the weather does. hopefully progress from there. intel is dead fear is through to the semifinals of the shanghai. beating and in the last eight the open it turned out to be very tight with american taking a tie break spend it turned the game this way in the second set claiming with a convincing six two and the decider also going to tie breaker well luck was on fairest side this time we won. japan also joined the final four following a straight sets win over ukranian world number eighteen alexandra de paul of the player from the land of the rising sun had no difficulties against opponents six three six four finished in favor of the ship or. so the japanese will take on and to morrow in the last four as the brit easily outlast australian qualifier met fear in straight sets the match ended six three six two while the fairest semifinal
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opponent is now phillips on a little piece of spain also faced little resistance from the german foreign man. ok that's all the sport for the moment i'll be back in two hours time with more. culture is that so much i'm afraid we're going to be made into a lot of people over there are you know in our blood the fear of crisis is a high noon moment for a euro zone looking for to stave off another recession call juggling indebted sovereigns flew. observe nature and discover its beauty. communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you the.
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key is to be used to its. to food. to eat.
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in some pieces books available in grant to tell you a grand total emerald. full of the club school who turned so close toto olympic gold. corinthian the ski pundits reticent s.a.'s roy kempinski twenty two look you talk of sky talk in sky now so to.
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syria not commission's report but more victims of the regime a crackdown on plame opposition forces are being joined by all means defectors these being dismissed by the government as a. boat. goes up among the new york anti corporate protesters who win the right to continue camping with the occupy movement set to go global. artists here in zuccotti park in downtown new york city whether or not the conflicts with the new york city police department will continue remains to be seen as the occupation grows. and the european central bank says it's done all it can and now it's time for governments to take the lead in saving the region's economy. and our business books in this.


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